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L.A. Times' Mark Medina on Lakers' 109-100 Game 1 loss to New Orleans Hornets

--Mark Medina

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It was a good loss. We needed to wake up. That is all.

On the same day that his baby brother, Marc, scores 24 points and 9 rebounds while holding a future HOF'er Tim Duncan to 16 points, Pau scores 8 points and 6 rebounds while letting a scrub named Landry score 17 points.

Shame on you, Pau!

We should have kept Marc.

yes, i like marc's game a lot better. forget this finesse girly stuff - give us a banger who can hold his own.


how many wake up calls does this pathetic team need? it's past wake up time - this team doesn't have what it takes to EARN the 16 wins.,it's also funny that this is the grizzlies 1st playoff win.They never won one with pau.Yet pau got two chips with kobe,but people still bash kobe.go figure....

The Lakers defensive scheme against New Orleans was horrible. Leaving Fisher, the worst defender in the league, against Chris Paul??? Double him and get the ball out of his hands, especially on pick/screen and rolls. How to you play Carl Landry? Let him try to shoot over you, don't let him go around you! When playing against Jarret Jack, don't bite on this fakes. Doesn't the Lakers watch any game film? That's his only game. How many Lakers defenders fall for that??? If he makes a shot with a hand in his face, then good for him. Just defend the paint, block out and rebound, run the floor! Frustrating. Watching this Lakers team is like having a kid with a high IQ, athletic talent, artistic ability, just sitting at home smoking weed all day.

Why our guys continue to go away from what makes us so great.Instead of taking advantage of our size and pound the ball in the post,they rather jack up jumpers. And as a result of that,game one of the playoff Lakers down 0-1.Memo to Pau Gasol, the playoffs have started time to wake up and play hard.

The way New Orleans bench played out off their minds today,i will chalk that up as an type of flukey game.Game two they should come down to their reg scoring adverage,and the Lakers should be able to tie it u

Go Lakers!

Nice theory oclezy but NO missed half their foul shots otherwise this is a 20 point win on home court. Pau 8 points and LO 1 rebound. Must have been another late night reality show.

Kobe shot 50% on 26 shots, 5 assts, 5 rbs and 5 of the team's 13 TOs. When was the last time Gasol shot 2-9 in successive games? The team missed another golden opportunity to put away a weak team: No David West and at one point, late in the contest, they were shooting a little over 50% at the FT line.

Wednesday will be different. This could be over in 5 games. The Lakers had their wake up call. This team really has only two consistent problems: that lazy transitional D and getting back on offense . No more jogging to the opposite end of the court and that's after one of the "Bigs" has had a 5 minute consultation with an official over a "call." Get back on the D and for goodness sake, run back on offense.

It's no wonder this team has no "inside" game. By the time they get to the offensive side of the court, the opponent's D is already there waiting for them! Pau, Bynum and Odom are the biggest culprits. No streaking Bigs running down the court toward the cup demanding the ball.

Correctable? Yes but is the desire to do those so-called "little things" still within those guys or are they satisfied with what they’ve accomplished in their careers so far? Not everyone wants to chase records, be the best and win as many championships as they can. We all want to be rich but how many of us are willing to do the things to become rich? We know it’s hard to run up and down that court after offensive and defensive sets but as Phil told Pau one day at practice: of course it’s hard, that’s why you’re paid as a professional.

That's the mental problem with this team all season long. There's really only one person who has that mentality and he's the one considered a ball hog: 13-26, 5Rbs, 5Assts and an attitude that no one can match or dare exceed. Will Kobe be enough? This afternoon's game has answered that question for Lakers Nation.


You can't teach size and you can't teach desire. Spread the "venom" Kobe!

For Game 2, Lakers should play zone using the height advantage in covering the post. In 4th Q, go for triple towers punch and let Kobe guard CP3. In offense, Gasol and Bynum should also stay in the post, use again the height advantage for rebounds and follow-ups. Artest should never be assigned to Paul, he's slow for the foxy PG instead he should be assigned to block the energetic hornets like Okafor or Landry keep them away from the post for those rebounds or follow-ups. For the 2nd unit, Lakers should play Barnes for CP3, it has to be a physical player guarding Paul than going with Fisher who's smart but slow and Trey who's faster but too fresh in NBA.

It is just Game 1, I'm not ready to listen for the eulogy but the performance the last 8 games is just lethargic and pathetic. We lost all our inherent advantages in the 1st game such: HCA, best coach, best player, defending Champs and the triple towers. It is again the old disease of being lackadaisical, over confidence and absence of new tactics.

Refs hand Celts game one. Calling an O foul on Melo at a critical time in the last of the 4th Q.

Great summary MM. No more lessons, just play basketball.

We know these guys are great. Now's the time.

GO LAKERS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Well the Celtics trailed at the end of the game, yet won on a 3-pt shot by Allen, just like the Bulls, Heat, and Mavs all rallied for their wins.

All the home teams have had trouble in the first round, but why is it only the LAKERS that got blown out at the end of their game? Even the Spurs could have forced overtime if Jefferson had made a wide-open 3 as time expired. But the Lakers had no chance, you could tell they were completely falling apart, just like in the Thunder loss.

This is getting pathetic.

I am astounded at the amount of blind loyalty this team inspires in its fans. All week people on this blog complained about the negativity directed towards Kobe and suggested that "real" fans wouldn't be critical. Well, this real fan is disgusted by what he has seen from this team. Other good teams lost today, but all of them played harder than the Lakers. These guys suck.

I still believe we can win this series, as the series progress the LAKERS will get back to their A game. Pau tends to stay outside the shaded lane, Bynum did not established his inside game, they allow Paul to play his game. This loss does not call to wake them up, its past that already. Something is missing to their game and they need to exert more effort both ends of the floor. One step back to step forward, that's all there is to this loss.....Lakers 3 peat and beyond....

I will post some Positivity

-its only 1 game
-its not the finals (where 2-3-2) affects home team the most
-u still have length (bynum, gasol, odom dont shrink unless a curse is put on em)
-these orlean hornets.. they will loose at home..
-cp3 can't keep it up .. never has.. unless he turns it around like olajuwon in old age like old wine.. i see him turning more into vinegar

that said i do see some beer turning into vinegar in lakers too but that i will say to keep u all positive.. this series is all but over after things r set str8 in tomorrows elsegundo practice sessions..

they will have assignments.. blake and barnes .. 2b's will enforce some gaurd play.. fisher will be used less.. brown will step up more..

kobe more or less same.. less turnovers.. gasoft will be not be soft..

its over for hornets.. they just peaked.. good season.. things to build on next year.

correction...One step back, two step forward....

Posted by: Ken from Newport

Nice theory oclezy but NO missed half their foul shots otherwise this is a 20 point win on home court. Pau 8 points and LO 1 rebound. Must have been another late night reality show.

Lol! your right.

Lakers, Phil is gone after this season. Think about it. He deserves to be sent out the right way. WAKE the F*CK up and PLAY. JUST PLAY. STOP TALKING AND PLAY. IT's NOT THAT HARD. USE UR SIZE AND STOP TRYING 2 LOOK COOL. LOSSES HAPPEN, BUT WHEN U DON'T GIVE IT UR ALL,,, THATS WHAT PISSES ME OFF.


Wake the F UP!!!!!!

You guys need a whooping!!!!!

Pau Gasol, you did not show up to class!!!! Where were you? Where was your head? Are you soft or what????

Wake up!!!!

Play as a TEAM.

Play with FIRE in your belly!!!!

You guys need to be slappeddddd real hard several times.

FSCK. You guys are playing like a BUNCH-OF-STICKS!!!!!

I agree with you. I was pissed off about the game . I think its hard for a team who wins back to back to have the desire in them to try to win again. I think we need more hungry players . I feel that the LAKERS will do it they always find a way and once they do its going to hard to for other teams to win. Just be patient and I am sure they will start to play the way they should.

Keep your faith and heart with the LAKERS.

Pau-gasoft should have been traded long time back, now they're reaping for his soft plays.



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