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L.A. Times' Mark Medina on Lakers' 106-90 Game 5 victory over New Orleans Hornets

--Mark Medina

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he's played on worse ankles.

i'm glad that Kobe was able to be himself on the court, and even happier that the rest of the team decided to show up.

way to man up and admit that Kobe knew better, this time, MM. yes, we're fortunate to see him play. he may be no MJ, but on the other hand, there'll never be another Kobe either.

that was just one more win. there are still quite a few to go.



way to go MM.. you're a good man!

Why is everyone hating on Shannon? From what I saw he played a great game in the 2nd and brought us cloe as well as totally energized the bench and stadium. Tonight was an all around efficent game btween the bench and starters which is key to this threepeat. Derek Fisher was playing like he was 30, Kobe like he was 25 and Pau Gasol was playing like it was last season.
Has the "switch" finally been switched?

Only game 6 will tell.

Ugh, why the heck is there moderation on? Seriously.

Great Win! Great Game! Looked Like Championship Basketball!

Lakers Back on the Road, So It's Time for Some Wes Montgomery, "Road Song":


The whole purpose of securing an MRI and/or an X-Ray was to determine the extent of the injury; it wasn't going to be used to keep him out of the game. Regardless of the results, he would've taken the court but it would've made his treatment a bit more targeted had the staff knew more. In any case, it's a moot point. Lakers in 6 and then some much needed "down time" and some good practices. Pau will have an easier time with Dallas; He and Dirk have a similar game so they will both get their points. Lakers have more firepower and better defense than Dallas. Lakers in 5!!

from JJ Adande

No one looked more youthful than Bryant, who also had something for Landry when he dunked left-handed over him in the third quarter.

"It was like he had his Afro back," said Shannon Brown.

Thats funny

@ Mark Medina, good analysis, and for the first time, I actually agree with you on something, in terms of Kobe's non-MRI !

Now, on the road again back to The Big Easy, where we need to close this out tomorrow night.

Lest we forget what is the goal, we need a repetition of this below in mid-June:




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