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Kobe Bryant likely will end his career as the NBA's all-time playoff scoring leader

61093894The numbers that mostly consume Kobe Bryant at this stage of his 15-year career are five and six, the former marking the number of NBA championships he currently has and the latter the number he wants after the 2011 playoffs. Bryant could acquire even more rings before his career ends, but for now the quest for another Larry O'Brien trophy involves reaching championship No. 6.

No. 6 would bring further comparisons with Michael Jordan, who also compiled six championships, and -- because Bryant's ring total would then surpass Magic Johnson's five -- undoubtedly stir further debate about who is the all-time greatest Laker. Even if Bryant wanted to finish his career as the best basketball player both in his own mind and in the court of public opinion, he'd likely never admit that; he's said before that he wants his accomplishments to be viewed without all the comparisons.

Still, as Bryant climbed the NBA's all-time-scoring list, I couldn't help but ask Lakers Coach Phil Jackson during a pregame interview if there were one particular player on that NBA list that Bryant would want to surpass. Jackson didn't hesitate: "Michael Jordan." Jackson wouldn't really say why, but the reasons are fairly obvious. Jordan is the only other guard on the league's top 5 scoring list, and the two players -- and how they performed under Jackson -- are continually the subject of comparison.

Whether Bryant can surpass Jordan remains unclear. Bryant, who's sixth on the all-time list, currently has 27,868 points; Jordan ranks third with 32,292 points. I've already looked at where Bryant can finish on that list. This post focuses on whether Bryant could match Jordan in playoff performances beyond getting a sixth ring. Bryant's 30 points on 10-for-20 shooting in the Lakers' 100-86 Game 3 victory Friday over the New Orleans Hornets marked the 80th time he'd scored at least 30 points in a playoff game, trailing only Jordan's 109. His double-digit effort also marked the 152st consecutive playoff game in which Bryant scored at least 10 points, a streak that dates to Game 3 of the 2004 NBA Finals against Detroit on June 10, 2004, and a mark that only falls short of Jordan's run of 179 consecutive games dating from April 19, 1985, to June 14, 1998.

And then there's the all-time playoff scoring list. Among Bryant's motivations: His 5,127 career playoff points mean he's only 121 points shy of surpassing Shaquille O'Neal's third-place mark (5,248), a record that surely be broken in the 2011 NBA playoffs. Bryant also trails Abdul-Jabbar (5,762) and Jordan (5,987). I find the following scenario highly unlikely, but should the Lakers sweep their way through the 2011 NBA Finals and were Bryant to maintain his current 25 points-a-game average, he will have finished with 425 playoff points this season, increasing his total to 5,477. Should the Lakers go through seven games in every playoff series this season while Bryant maintains his 25 points per game average average, he would finish with 700 points this season, increasing his total to 5,752.

Those satisfy the short and long scenarios but don't include the possibility that Bryant may have games where he facilitates and other games where he has 40-plus points -- or series that last five or six games. But the numbers make it clear that it's likely Bryant will surpass both Shaq and Abdul-Jabbar on the scoring list this postseason. It's unlikely he'll eclipse Jordan; I'm still uncertain they could beat Oklahoma City in a Western Conference Finals matchup, but Bryant will surely take the throne over Jordan in next year's playoffs. It's not the main motivation for Bryant right now, but it's a carrot he's certainly aware he could pursue.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant lets out a yell as he dunks against the Hornets during the second quarter of Game 3 on April 22, 2011, at New Orleans Arena. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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"He's a monster!"

My wife said that after watching Bynum play last night. Its the first time this year, she's seen Bynum play. "He's like a whole nother player out there. When did he start playimg like this? He's so confident, and dominant. He could score 40 points easily if it wasn't for Kobe and the other Lakers."

Posted by: Fatty | April 23, 2011 at 08:09 AM

"......A fan made a half-court shot during a timeout to win a year's supply of 7UP." - ESPN, Lakers/Hornets game

Are you kidding me? That's all he got?! For me, a years supply would be a six pack. What happened to the old $1,000,000 or at least a free Kia? Even if it came with a couple cases of Jack Daniels, I would be seriously disappointed.

I could picture the Hornets PR man, surrounded by the 'Hornets Girls' giving this lucky shooter a giant cardboard coupon 'Good for 'ONE CASE of 7UP' at your local Kroger's store.

Sorry to disrespect my new favorite city New Orleans, but that's just too cheap.

Now people think Adrian is Tarugo? I thought Tarugo was an anti-kobe, Miami Cheat-Shaq loving jerk


I think your numbers are off a little. According to NBA reference Kobe has scored 5,127 pts. And he's averaging 25pts this postseason not 35. Either way he'll pass both Kareem and MJ next year (health & lockout permitting)

Might want to check your numbers again. Everywhere else has Kobe at 80 career 30+ point playoff games (not 89) and his scoring average is at 25 ppg right now (not 35).


I think your numbers are off a little. According to NBA reference Kobe has scored 5,127 pts. And he's averaging 25pts this postseason not 35. Either way he'll pass both Kareem and MJ next year (health & lockout permitting)


Noticed that too LRob. Is Basketball Reference updated daily?

There were two plays I liked a lot in last nights game.

One was Fish blocking CP3's shot from behind in the lane.

The other was Fish driving past CP3 like he was standing still and making a layup.

Good game by Fish.

Good to see Pau get his shooting touch back.

I was a little worried about Lamar - he made a few O-dumb plays in last night's game. But overall he acquitted himself well.

Nice win last night. Kobe was outstanding, Drew dominated in the 1st half, Pau had a good bounce back game, Fish had a solid all around game and the Lakers limited NO's bench to 9pts on 4-17 shooting. Give NO props for taking the first game, but hustle and grit can only take you so far when you're facing a significant talent deficit.

I still don't understand the critics who say Phil doesn't make adjustments. His teams always seem to be more effective as s series goes on. They close games and series out with remarkable efficiency. They get better the deeper they advance in the post season.

What does all this say? It says the Lakers adjust over course of a game, a series and a post-season as they learn how to dismantle other teams. And PJs teams seem to do it year in and year out.

*Thank goodness for that brace The Beast wears on his knee.

*Next game, a fan will have the opportunity to win a years supply of Pledge by making a half court shot.

Go Lakers!

Another good offensive game by Artest as well. If the Lakers can get 10 or 12 points out of Ron on efficient shooting, AND have Pau effective AND have Bynum the Beast AND have the fourth highest playoff scorer in the history of the NBA, it's almost unfair.

Noticed that too LRob. Is Basketball Reference updated daily?

Posted by: Bert | April 23, 2011 at 08:47 AM

Yes, I look at it frequently and it's always updated. You can tell by checking Kobe stats under his name and that shows thru 3 playoff games this season.


It is indeed intriguing if we trade Bynum, a hard decision from the current events manifesting in our eyes. How much is Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Drew Bynum will cost? Say 60M all in all plus Kobe + Artest, another 30M, so that's 90M total from the marquee players alone. Allocate another 15M for the supporting cast minus Walton and other bench warmers which totals to 105M. Pay luxury taxes of 25M that's about 130M payroll for players alone.

How much is the Time?Warner contract? 3 billion Don't you think my figures a doable for the Lakers to maintain 4 towers plus Kobe and Artest? Perhaps, how to get Howard without releasing Bynum will be the first hurdle? If Miami could get three stars from a Laker-trained Riles, what more of the premiere team in the West. Just like in this playoffs where height is our advantage, then use the Laker power of Buss-word as an enticing offer. If you have those four towers in your line up, it will be a dynasty for unprecedented 4 Championship or even 5 in-a-row. Surely, we will be hated by other fans for many years, it just business Fatty baby. Don't stop acquiring if you have the money/market advantage, plain and simple marketing sense.

Great team effort last night. That is how this team should play. Look at the points/rebounds for the three bigs: Drew 14/11. Pau 17/10. LO 13/9. How do you stop a team with that kind of balance? Kobe had a beautiful 30 points on 20 shots. Team D was suffocating.

It felt like the Lakers played game one with regular season intensity. They have geared up to a playoff level now.

You're right. Sorry for those mistakes. I fixed the #s

LRob & Bert, what u said is really true on that record breaking for the highest playoff scorer. If Kobe wins that category, it is another * on his resume but no big deal. What is a big deal would be 6 rings, two three-peat or surpassing Kareem's season record at 38K mark. Another thing, we know what Kobe can do, I just think Kobe should be a different Kobe in this playoffs. He could switch roles like Kobe in Games 1,2 &3, keep everybody guessing who would be the Kobe showing up in every game? Well, the Lakers have been fully scouted by all teams so there has to be some chess style of moves in coaching.

1/2 man 1/2 BEAST!!!!!!!!!Bynum is maturing right before our eyes!! He is playing with a passion that I haven't seen before. The whole team played well. Glad Pau got his confidence back..players do get in slumps and just have to play their way out of them. I remember Kobe to have a few of those too. But, Kobe being Kobe finds other ways to step up. Game 7 of last years finals is an example.
We're on a roll, let's keep it going!! Was proud of Fish last nite too. He did a fine job on CP3. Glad were done with Bennet and Joey for a few games...too many stupid calls, feel they can swallow that whistle once in awhile and let them play PLAYOFF basketball!!


Fisher really did have a solid game last night. More please :)

@Edwin - Kobe will do whatever it takes to win. People can call him whatever they want long as they call him "winner" also.

@LTLF/NewMexicoLL - I agree that Fish was solid last night. He got several deflections and did a got job setting up the big guys.

Edwin, funny you brought up a potential Howard/Bynum trade.

I mentioned to my wife, the NBA rumors(she watches one game and thinks she's an expert? She belongs on this blog, no?)

Her opinion? "I would pull the trigger" Trigger? Trigger? This is coming from my wife who never reads these blogs. Where did she hear that term before?

"Howard would make the Lakers almost impossible to score on. Plus, he doesn't get hurt, so you could rely on him for the playoffs" She asked how old was Howard? I said, he's 25. "Oh, I would definately do it then. The Lakers would be the team to beat for many years"

35 years of marriage and she still surprises me.

It is in the news today that NBA might decide to go with Mayor Keven Johnson offer to retain Sacto Kings with a new arena to be constructed. However, Anaheim is NBA ready and welcomes any team with the support of Henry Samueli, owner of Anaheim Ducks & Honda Center. Be it as it may, don't u think Clippers should grab this opportunity of moving to Honda Center. As a team, they have to create their own identity, own their Hall of Fame rafters, extend their market in OC and SD and not too far from Los Angeles. Why continue sharing home with the Lakers? Will they ever surpass the Lakers marketing-wise?

In another news, Steve Garvey and Ron Burkle are bidding for the Dodgers. that's really a welcoming news for LA fans. The McCourts are going for divorce, they might split also their association with the Dodgers. They are businessmen from Boston who brought ambitious fortune with a great franchise the Dodgers. Now they have no more in poker lingo time to fold and get out of the table.

"I was a little worried about Lamar - he made a few O-dumb plays in last night's game. But overall he acquitted himself well.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | April 23, 2011 at 08:51 AM

Same here. LO did not have his mind in the game when he came in, which has nothing to do with a tweaked knee! I was very concerned initially, but he seemed to right the ship later in the game.......mostly.

STILL, we need more out of Pau and LO as our other bigs (that PJ plays, anyway) that need to take some pressure off AB, who is dinged up and not having the lift he had earlier.

I'm going to have comments on moderation for now on

Drew and Dwight have both been playing great and neither are going anywhere right can we table trade talks until the offseason? Let's talk about how the Lakers are going to get the 3peat for now. I'm just saying...

it was nice to watched game like that.
celtics, now afraid of how lakers play last night.
especially, kobe is on the roll.
kobe is absolutely comparable to mj.
shaq will shut his mouth after kobe surpass him on scoring list.

Sonnybelfast - Stop coming here just to instigate. This is a warning

Fatty, my proposal on the table was not to trade but grab Dwight Howard from the make-believe Magic and lock him with the Lakers together with Bynum, Gasol and Odom. How can we do it? Set up some goals and clearing up on current waste in the team.

Good strategy Fatty by involving wifey in the playoffs, it lessens some problem areas on chatters about household chores. Fatty is genius.

This is why I'm conflicted on Drew. Last night we saw how effective he could be, then all cringed when he fell and held his knee. How much can we depend on Drew's knees as he takes playoff-type abuse, especially since we need him to keep the wear-and-tear off of Kobe as he ages? We all know Pau does not handle rough post play well.

But otherwise, Drew has many advantages over Howard: A more refined post game, less technicals, better FT percentage, and he won't demand the high salary that Howard would (call it an "injury worry discount"). If they get Howard, they won't have any money left over to hire a decent PG. If Mitch works some salary magic, they might be able to resign Drew and attract someone like DWill.

Of course, if Drew demonstrated during the playoffs and next season (if there is one) that he can be injury-free, the choice becomes somewhat easier.


I have a suggestion for Drew. This off-season, he should go to Walter Reed Army Hospital. He should investigate how to reinforce those knees with prosthetic or bionic knees. lol! That's the only solution to go high tech or consult his blog patron, LakerTom I think he has a bright solution on this apparent recurring problem, another lol!

LRob - I didn't bring up the trade talk, my wife did. I'm just the messenger.

Her further quote, "I would rather have a full-time Howard than a part-time Bynum. If Bynum was full-time, then I would keep him"

Edwin - You are so right in involving the spouse in the playoffs. She is making time to watch the games which is great. As long as there is no 'American Idol' or 'Dancing with Stars' on, she will watch. Now, if only I can get her into some Lakers gear like me for the game. Can we say, 'Laker Girls' outfit? I can only dream....

- Phil Jackson said, "We talked about doing that the right way and establishing Kobe as an offensive threat tonight." Kobe will follow the game plan (especially in the playoffs), so Laker fans need to stop worrying about his shot attempts. The Lakers cannot win it all if Kobe does not remain an "offensive threat". There will be games where he will need to facilitate more, and there will be games where he will need to shoot more, but in order to maximize his abilities to facilitate, he will have to remain an offensive threat to attract the defense. Phil knows it, Kobe knows it, it's time for the Kobe haters to know it.

- That was the best game from Fish in quite some time. He was efficient and played in control on offense, and was a pest on the defensive side. I would much prefer this type of performance over playing poorly all game and making a clutch shot at the end. A game like this may be less memorable than the games where he hits those clutch shots, but he contributes far more to a win in these type of games. If Fish can continue to play like this, LOOK OUT.

- The game was turning into a blowout, but Phil was still somehow able to overcome his addictive urges to play his son, Luke. In fact, Joe Smith came into the game before Luke. Good job Phil! This is Phil's last stand, and he ain't messin' around.

Nothing like starting the weekend with a solid Lakers victory. Kobe was fantastic and showed all the doubters that he still has a lot of championship basketball left. Drew dominated the first half and survived another scary knock to the knee. Thank God for the brace. And who would have guessed it would take a desperate 3 against the shot clock to finally get Pau Gasol untracked. I loved how Pau took a few hard fouls tonight and fought valiantly on the boards. All while sick. Like the Thunder last year, the Hornets are doing an admirable job as fluffers g--etting the Lakers ready for the next round. The Hornets won Game 1 by playing a near perfect game against an overconfident and unchallenged champion. Now that they have the Lakers attention, it’s time for them to take their beating.

I thought the shot distribution tonight was perfect with the top six players in or near double figures. Kobe led everybody with 20 shots followed by Drew and Pau with 13, Ron and Lamar with 8, Fish, Barnes, and Brown with 4, and Blake with 1 shot. Great offensive execution and tough nosed defense, especially the second half against Chris Paul, It was nice to see every player contribute tonight. Kobe was quintessential Kobe, Drew was a beast, the real Pau came back, Lamar was smooth, Ron was everywhere again, Blake hit a clutch 3, Brown had another signature dunk, Barnes had a couple of nice steals. Overall, a great team victory. Lakers kicked the Hornets in the gut tonight, Sunday they stand them up with a fierce uppercut, setting up the sledgehammer knockout next Tuesday.

Your wife is very insightful. Her few comments that you've shared are more intelligent than many of the mindless paragraphs I've read here during the past two and half years here.

The only way we're getting Howard next year is if Orlando agrees to a trade for Bynum plus other throw ins. There's just not enough money to go around.

As for the game, the NBA and it's "referees" did everything in their power to keep the Hornets in the game. Kobe and others would be mauled while going to the rim and the whistles would be swallowed. If anyone came close enough to blow on CP3, a whistle would suddenly appear! I don't remember cursing so much during one quarter(3rd) of a game in a long time...
... it had to have been game 7 of the Finals last year.

So happy to see Pau regain his mojo.

Lamar was excellent and redeemed himself from game one.

Vintage game by Kobe- still buzzing from that monster jam that big oaffey didn't want any part of.

Why is Trey in street clothes? Did Joe Smith and the Mineral Man actually beat him out of a roster spot?


Actually I posted my comment BEFORE I saw your post about your wife. I wasn't referring to any one poster specifically, but just in general because every time Drew has an injury scare it's a common theme.

BTW...It sounds like your wifey knows her bball. I think she's a

Aloha Everyone,

Great game last night. That was like the model for winning it all. Great D, with an inside out, offensive attack.

Concerning Drew's knees. What happened last night, we will probably see it from time to time for the rest of his career. Vitti said that while the brace protects the inner workings of the knee, it also bangs the outer bone, causing some pain when it happens. Considering he was already playing with a bone bruise it probably really hurt. But the bottom line bone bruises are not serious and can be played through. Vitti is the best when it comes to coming up with contraptions to guard against injury. Hopefully he can devise something in the future that will have a little cushion to protect that outer bone from the brace.


Lakers look like the team to beat this post season. Very interested in what
goes down this offseason.


sorry you need to do moderation. I think you're doing a good job.

How about those Lakers!!!

After 2 forgettable games, Welcome back Fish !!! The irony was Pau regained his touch after a nothin'-but-net-3, and so welcome back Pau also. The only wrinkle was Bynum stepped on Landry's foot (this guy literally hurt the Lakers even when he was not shooting) and clutched his knee. Other than that, the Lakers played like the real Lakers again. GO LAKERS!!!!!

That’s what this Lakers team is doing right now. Forget about what happened in the regular season or the first couple games of this series. Focus on the now. Don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow. Relish the opportunity you have now to make history and don’t dilute it with regrets and anxieties. We are on the verge of making basketball history in a season for the ages. Carpe Diem!

You can see that in the way that Andrew Bynum is playing. As Phil said, he is playing without any fear or hesitation. He trusts his body and the brace that protects his knee. He wanted a way to regain his importance as the second best player on this team and is well on his way towards accomplishing that. He won’t win Finals MVP because that deservedly will go to Kobe but he could win co-MVP.

We are in the heart of what may be one of the greatest playoffs in the history of the franchise. The team to a man are focused on sending Phil out with this fourth three-peat, earning Kobe his MJ-tying 6th ring, and posting their Celtics tying 17th NBA championship. Their focus is on the greatness of today, not the struggles of yesterday, or the challenges of tomorrow. Living in the moment.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Now is not the time to be worrying about the moves we are going to make next summer – much less hyping fantasy trades that could not even happen until after the end of next year. Why not listen to what Mitch Kupchak said. If Drew remains healthy and plays at this level, the Lakers will not trade him for anybody, including Dwight Howard. It’s really a shame all Lakers fans can’t do what this team is doing and just focus on the greatness that is happening.

Yeah, Fatty's wife knows what's going on.

My wife tries, and I appreciate that.

Last night I had to run to the kitchen to grab something, but told her I couldn't see the action. So she starts doing play by play; it was funny "uh, Kobe has the ball at the top, passes to, uh... who is that? number 15, he's dribbling, he's dribbling..."

LOL. It was even worse when the Hornets had the ball because she didn't know ANYONE "number 33 with the rebound, over to number 3, he's dribbling..."

"Why is Trey in street clothes? Did Joe Smith and the Mineral Man actually beat him out of a roster spot?

Posted by: mclyne | April 23, 2011 at 10:21 AM

MM: Can you or some media type ask this of PJ!? How does he justify having two bigs he will never ever play on the active 12, when we could have at least one of them inactive and an energy guy like Trey to come in for a few minutes to spell our aged DF or even Blake!?


It is not "or" but it is "and" Howard. It can be done, go to hoopshype and investigate the salary structure. What I proposed is very close to their actual salaries next season. It is just a matter of clearing some salaries and let DH get out of his contract voluntarily if not next season, the following season wherein he has player's option. It should be a back loaded offer like what they're doing with Wade, Lebron and Bosh. I think it is feasible to have them 4 in one team, a matter of ramifications of contracts.

As the Lakers are advancing in the playoffs, they will face plenty of good guards, such as Kidd, Terry, Westbrook or Parker, and DRose or Rondo. I hope the Lakers include Trey Johnson on the active roster and have him some playoffs experience "sooner than later."

"If Drew remains healthy and plays at this level, the Lakers will not trade him for anybody, including Dwight Howard" -LakerTom

That's a hug IF that is on very shakey ground. Drew has already gone down twice since coming back and it only takes one major fall to put the Lakers out of contention for the title. I really like Drew, but his health is something that I would not be willing to place the future of my franchise on.

"MM: Can you or some media type ask this of PJ!?" -NuggetsCountry

Howard is still under contract through next season, and I'm sure that Orlando is not just going to let his contract run out. He will be traded before that happens since they aren't going to get close to making it to the Finals this year- remember: Howard has already said that if Orlando can't win it all, he will be on his way out.

I agree 100%. Good point!

Well to start of, I would say this by the end of next season, D howard will be a free agent. If Mich Kup can pull this deal and acquire Howard via free agency the same way his mentor did with Shaq, that would be the ideal scinerio for the Lakers. But since they can't really keep all the core players Mich would have to trade Bynum for few draft picks although i would love to have CP3 along side D howard , Kobe, Pau, LO... not to mention D Howard is more durable than Bynum.
I would think this will keep the Lakers in contention for next decade, and will ease the load on kobe.
Btw I would keep Artest, Barnes and blake.
besides D Howard always wanted to play alongside kobe and the lure of LA would definitely entice him to do so.
Anyhow that's my take on this whole thing :next Laker dynasty.
I believe it should work cap wise too.

Oh someone was mentioning that PJ has included 2 extra bigs on the playoff roster that he would not use, and should've included trey johnson instead.
As we all know, In the playoffs on any given night most coaches would prefer to go 8 deep Max 9 players, and as the playoffs move further along it becomes more intense and coaches prefer to play the veterans although as little as 3 minutes a game to spell the starters to eliminate mistakes done by rookies. As we all know mistakes or turnovers down the stretch of games would kill a team's momentum and jeopardize their chances to win games.

One point to mention here, everyone is writing off the Celtics in advancing to the finals, I agree it is much harder this year to advance than in years past. but they are still a very dangerous team to be reckoned with and they have the recipes for success. Also I would love to meet the Boston one last time in the finals and beat them for # 17.


>>>Fatty, my proposal on the table was not to trade but grab Dwight Howard
>>>from the make-believe Magic and lock him with the Lakers together with
>>>Bynum, Gasol and Odom. How can we do it? Set up some goals and clearing
>>>up on current waste in the team.

Okay, let's think about the numbers for that...

Howard becomes a free agent in the summer of 2012. If the Lakers manage to dump off every other player than Bynum, Gasol, and Odom (including dumping Kobe) for expiring contracts or trade exceptions, then they'll still be paying their 3 players just under 44 million.

Currently, the NBA salary cap is at 58 million. With the new CBA, it may go down, but let's assume that it creeps up like it historically has. So the CBA will be in the neighborhood of 60 million.

That would allow the Lakers to offer Dwight Howard a contract starting in the neighborhood of 16 million. That would actually be a pay cut of 3 million from just staying with his player option in Orlando (not to mention a couple million more in saved taxes, since Florida has no income tax).

So if the Lakers are willing to dump off Kobe Bryant for nothing and if Dwight Howard is willing to take a 20% pay cut, and if the CBA stays about the same as it is, then they'd be able to add Howard to their already large front court.

If you want to keep Kobe as well (which you didn't state), then the only way it could happen is if the CBA stays about the same and Dwight Howard is willing to accept the MLE (a 70% pay cut) to play with the Lakers.

Possible? yes.

Realistic? no.


The key flaw in your plan is your concept of "cleaning up waste". You seem to think that if the Lakers could manage to dump off Luke and Derek Fisher (or something like that), they'd suddenly have enough money to offer Dwight Howard a max contract.

It's just not the case. None of the secondary or tertiary players makes enough money to matter in terms of cap space. It's Kobe/Pau/Drew/Lamar that take up all the cap space. Basically, to offer max money, you'd have to dump off at least two of those four players.

Let me provide a simple analogy. Let's say you've got a two car garage. Currently you park your Maserati and your 2-ton Truck in the garage. Some people are suggesting that you trade in your truck and buy a Hummer. You're saying, no - I want to buy a Hummer and park it in my garage with both of my other cars.... I'll just get rid of the garden tools I'm storing in there and then there'll be room.

First of all , great game by the Lakers last night. they paid attention to detail and sustained good games from the NOH's starters. While the Hornets starters played well, the Lakers severely limited the reserves. That was the key to an easy victory, IMO.

Loved the way the ball was shared and the good decision making on the second unit. Does Lamar have an extremely LOOOONG first step, or what??!!

Kobe never ceases to amaze me. He's a MONSTER! What a joy to watch.

I love Andrew Bynum. But if I were the Laker GM and the opportunity arose to trade Andrew for Dwight Howard straight up, I would find Howard's speed, athleticism AND durability hard to resist. I know that Mitch is on record as saying that he wouldn't trade Andrew for anyone, but I don't believe it. JOMO....Just One Man's Opinion.

I don't like Pau shooting 3's. I love that he has the versatility and skill to shoot and make them. But the fact that he's shooting further and further from the basket shows a lack of willingness to do the dirty, tough things that establishing better position requires. I'm glad that he emerged from his schneid last night, but would like to see his head under the basket more. That's where championships are won.

Thought that the Lakers, in particular Kobe, survived a very biased game by the refs. Bennett (the Italion Scallion) Salvatore would not have called a foul for Kobe if one of the courtside patrons had hit the Mamba with a a chair, WWF style. I would attribute this to a backlash on Kobe due to his recent "FF" comments except for the fact that I've seen this too many times from the "Scallion" in the past.

Game 4 will determine if this is a relatively easy series or not. The Lakers need to come out with focus and take the Hornets' heart and then close it out back in LA on Tuesday.

17 IN '11!!!

I don't think that he will beat it because Kobe isn't what he was he's lost alot. The lakers arn't the team they were and there dynasty is slipping away which will give kobe less games to get the record. Even if he does his avrage which is what I go with is alot lower then Jordans

good luck KObe



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