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Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson, Pau Gasol and Derek Fisher discuss Lakers' 102-93 victory over San Antonio Spurs

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant on win over Spurs

Lakers forward Pau Gasol on win over Spurs

Lakers guard Derek Fisher on win over Spurs

--Mark Medina

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Hmmmm...why can't I see it? And having a hard time hearing it, too.

I apologize in advance. I had some technical issues with my camera last night. My video with Phil's worked but then some technical issues happened in the locker room. I'l have them fixed for next game

Can someone teach your sports reporters how to hold a damn voice recorder. my gosh

@NBA4EVER ... I did the same thing you did. Stopped the DVR and went outside and just stood there smoking and praying that Drew was going to be OK. I just cannot believe the rotten luck poor Drew has had. The entire incident just brought me to the brink of tears, the injustice and unfairness of it all. Thankfully, I do think the brace may have saved the day again. I’m just hoping and praying that it ends up just being a tweak and like LTLF said, Drew will feel fine after a couple of days.
Meanwhile, I came back in and changed channels and watched Eminem in 8 Mile. I then fast forwarded until I came to them interviewing Phil and him saying Drew told him at the half that he would be fine and it was just a tweak. That gave me some hope and after replaying the injury in slow motion and seeing that the hyperextension was not very much, I remain hopeful that the MRI will show no damage and Drew will be back in full health after a couple of days. That’s what we need, Lakerholics, so let’s send all the good karma and power to heal we can to Drew and the Lakers.

No worries MM. I thought it was my computer!!

I must say I'm much more confident about the playoffs now that the Lakers have beat the best team in the league, playing against all-stars like Matt Bonner and Steve Novak and Tiago Splitter. Nothing like beating a great team to reinstill confidence.


LT - the key here was that Bynum walked off on his own power, and it looked closer to walking than severely limping.

When you tear your cartilage it hurts like hell, and if you can walk at all, then you're limping pretty bad.

That's why I think this is just a tweak and Drew will be back for the playoffs.

@LTLF ... Damn, I hope you’re as right about this as you are about the great stats you always post. I watched the injury in slow motion on my DVR and it did not look like the hyperextension was bad so I am hoping you are right. Bottom line, it’s all on the MRI right now. Pray to the basketball gods.

Hopefully, Laker-world is praying.

If it is a tweak - I just don't want him to be hobbled mentally. The biggest compliment I could have given him over the last couple weeks was that his mental strength was as strong as his physical strength seemed to be.

AB is no good to us when he's tentative and not confident.


@LTLF – Thanks for the encouraging info on your injury similar to Drew’s.

@Peace – Let’s not forget in game 5 (right before Bibby hit the game winner) Sac was awarded the ball in the last 20 seconds when replays showed it clearly went out of bounds off Webber.

@LT – At least you got in a good movie out of the deal :-)

@ LakerTom,

I was on the RC last night and mentioned that I could almost hear your heart explode when Drew went down. Dude's got some bad mojo working there, man. Let's hope things heal up quick, and he can resume his beast-like romp into the postseason.

My jump channel had "Unthinkable" with Trinity, Lucian, and Jules. Having 3 of my favorite actors in one movie nearly made last night's game watchable.


Matt Barnes too, walked off the court on his own when he tweaked his knee. Heck Barnes finished the first half injured before not returning in the 2nd half.

Bynum is a tough kid - I think he'll rise above this minor setback in a big way. I also don't think people give Drew enough credit for being as tough and as resilient as he is.


Why spread negative vibe among the blog community who are already shell-shocked and scared? Lets be +ve that Drew being able to walk himself means he's fine, and not like it could be worse.


Also, everyone of us seem to be assuming Dallas in the 2nd round and are we going to get HCA. I would say thats somewhat a big assumption. Blazers are a dangerous team, and they do have what it takes to beat the Mavericks. So, we gotta be prepared for Blazers as well, given the struggles we have had at Rose Garden.

I would say I am more worried about facing the Blazers than the Mavericks, HCA or not.


Ruud van Nistelrooy,

You're right, my bad.

ConrnerJ- Hope you're right.

@LARRY OF LA ... Thanks for the outstanding post about Jim Buss. Superb points about what a great pick Jim made the only time the Lakers had a lottery pick in the last decade. Look at all the teams that get lottery picks EVERY year and still can’t come up with a superstar player. We had just one shot and we nailed it thanks to Jim. He is following in his father’s wise footsteps on how to run an NBA franchise. He, Jerry, and Mitch have been on the same page regarding Drew and it is a great tribute to their judgment that they resisted all the trade offers, including Melo. This latest injury notwithstanding, Andrew Bynum was the draft pick that every team wishes they had gotten.
@DBDH ... My heart didn’t explode but it threatened to break. Definitely threw a bummer on the game and clearly showed why health and playing well rank well above ANY home court advantage. Like you, I always DVR the game and have a “jump” channel to switch to when I catch up to real time. I watched Unthinkable a couple of months ago. Really puts the question of what is justified when questioning terrorists while trying to save American lives and avoid a major disaster. I’ve always considered myself to be extremely liberal but sometimes I think we need to fight fire with fire.

"Looks like I picked a bad time to quit smoking" - Loyd 'Fatty' Bridges, from the movie 'Airplane'

I'm surprised MM hasn't put a post up about Kobe's alleged homophobic slur yet.

Damn it! yellofever is absolutely horrified at the moment... yellofever said this many times before... the key to our championship hopes will be keeping bynum healthy and with his injury history he shouldve been played sparingly only 2 freakin days away. Damn it!

Let us all collectively hold our breath and hope for very good news... And I never understood why MRIs couldn't be done right away and always have to be done the next day.. Is there a medical reason for this? Is it because you can't get an accurate reading due to swelling? Is it because hospitals are freakin closed??!! This is an emergency!! WTH this waiting makes no sense.

Yeah, didn't feel great about last night... at all.

Another freak injury.

I've hyperextended my knee before. Hurts like crazy. Makes one feel very vulnerable. Heals relatively quickly.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


How come all of Bynum's injuries are tagged as freak?
I'm sure theres numerous players in the NBA who step on other players feet, toes, elbows, whatever and keep rolling without missing games or half seasons. Lets just face it, Bynum should be tagged Injury prone.
Damn, right before The Run :(

@FATTY ... Was that really you? Welcome back. How are you doing? It’s great to have the whole gang back ready for the playoffs. I always worry when one of the longtime regulars disappear. We’ve missed your great wit and eye for the game. Try and hang around more. We need some laughes.

Posted by: Jon K. | April 13, 2011 at 10:25 AM

Lets hope and pray that Drew will be okay. Without Drew it will be extremely difficult to 3peat!

I don't remember feeling so bad about a win ever before- in my 25 years of watching Lakers ball.

Another very uninspired win over a sqaud that should have been blown out by 20.

What has happened to Shamwow? I started off with so much confidence early on and now hw has regressed into a very poor jump shooter.

Socks better be available for the second round. I think we will have no problems with either the Grizz or the Hornets without him-since Lamar has been playing at an All Star level all year.

If he misses most of the playoffs, his future seems like it will played out in Orlando.

My first selection of the day:

Laker Tom, thanks....

We had moved to Cave Creek, Az for the winter and unfortunately our internet didn't really work at our home. Now, I'm back in Flagstaff where the internet works great.

Fatty - "Internet working and computer is 'locked and loaded' for the Lakers Championship run"

Was wondering when Fatty was going to show up.

All Aboard !!!


Prayer already sent.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Fatty- just wondering if you have any TONIC?

Found the valium. Got the bourbon by the designated Laker rooting chair. After 25 some games without a rooting t-shirt or hat, tonight I'll put them all on. Wife is ready to ride her rooting poise to 2nd seed tonight.

After that, it will be need to be miracle time. Time enough to get?:
AB back to 90%.
KB shooting >45%.
PG psyched enough to be an inside force.
LO focused on basketball instead of whatever outside.
Shannon finding his shot.
Shannon passing instead of dribbling.
DFish finding that magical outside stroke >45%.
Blake getting back by game 5 of first round.
No other Lakers getting chicken pox.
RA random drives to the trees gone.
KB taking a breath when his teammates actually provide help.
PJ actually coaching and running some plays several times a game.
Joe Smith and Theo getting some quality run (may take PJ getting chicken pox for this one).
Trey actually contributing (may take PJ getting chicken pox for this one).
Lakers running Chuck Person's defense that worked so well for 17-1 streak.

Other than those miracles, nothing else to report, except hopefully I make it through the playoffs without more ER visits!


And this happens ALL on one fateful day, Tuesday....MM's camera malfunctions in the lockeroom, Blake comes down with Chicken Pox(WTH, who gets Ch P?), Barnes knee is acting up, Bynum tweaks HIS knee, and this is the really big one, the Lakers, on an emergency basis, worried about our depth, go sign Trey Johnson from the Bakerfield Jam for the playoffs. I don't even want think about Kobe's slur.

Can you imagine what Chick would say if he was still here?

Well we won, but I still have a sick feeling about Drew and just feel so darn bad for the kid. He is having such a great year and then this. All positive thoughts and Karma to Drew and to our team!! We know they are a very resilient team and they will be there when the real season starts on Sat or Sun.
Wow,A big howdy to Fatty for showing up at just the right time. Happy to hear you're hooked up and ready to go.

Can you imagine what Chick would say if he was still here? - Posted by: Fatty

Chick might say, "The Lakers won't be able to beat the Sisters of Mercy at this rate."

I used to love it when he said, "My grandmother could make that shot and she can't go to her left!"

The only topic any Laker should have had on his mind is Bynum. Kobe goes on about defense and this and that. Cut that we're ok, it's all about us, cliche drivel Kobe. You are too old and far along to pass us that mealy mouth jock talk. As a leader you should know what is most important and have a focus on others. The other who is key now is Drew. Show you get it.

In fact other than Pau everyone fell down in post interviews understanding and emphasizing how important and concerned they are. Without Bynum this very shallow and declining team goes no where. Whether they even would have the will to pass the first round knowing slaughter lies ahead is a question.

what happened to my long post that took awhile to write ? i saw it listed as awaiting approval, but now it's gone!



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