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Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum and Derek Fisher Lakers' 109-100 Game 1 loss to New Orleans

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers forward Pau Gasol on loss to Hornets

Lakers forward Lamar Odom

Lakers center Andrew Bynum

Lakers guard Derek Fisher on loss to Hornets

--Mark Medina

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Worst game Pau's played as a Laker... enough said.

CPaul can get anywhere he wants on the floor while we fire from the perimeter. They have no answer for our front court so we gave them one.

Phil looks like he's ready for his walkabout. We'll find out who this team is on WEdnesday. I hope they're still the Lakers.



Sorry I forgot to tell everyone
Carry on


Can one of y'all please tell Pau that the playoffs have started? I don't think
he got the memo.

I missed the game and it looks like I didn't miss too much. 3 minutes into the game our power went out and stayed out for 5 hours. No TV, no internet, and no results.

Yes, it was a frustrating day for me as well....

I may have my facts a bit incorrect but i don't think the lakers scare any team now. in the last game of the season for memphis, they were playing the clippers and getting blown out in the first half. Once they found out the lakers had secured the 2nd seed - then they really tried to beat the clippers. they could have just gave up and then know they were going to play the spurs...but no...they WANTED to play the lakers. they charged back and nearly took the game away from the clippers which would have put them in the 7th spot to play the lakers in the first round.

not positive i have all my facts straight but it sure appeared like they wanted to play the lakers since no team fears them anymore.

pretty sure lakers will get past the hornets but don't think they will have it in them to get past 2nd round and definitely not past okc if that's how it plays out.

Did Gasol have a cameo in the "Keeping up with the Kardashians"?

I wonder if the Grizzlies will trade us back - Pau for his brother and some guard...............

I too am worn thin of hearing the tired cliches like "learning experience/lesson"! Hell play the game like you are getting paid a million dollars a year! 4 billion other people in this world would at least put in 100% effort every time they had to put in 48 minutes of work every few days for 1/20-1/100 of that money!!!

You learned all you needed to know about effort when you were born, but are now lazy, except for a very few on this team.

Refs handed Okla the game over Denver with a non-call on a goaltend violation in the net by Okla. Cost Denver big time. NBA Refs, worst in pro sports!

If this team can't turn this thing around soon, expect another 2007 off-season from Kobe! He knows his window is almost closed and will have no tolerance for MK keeping slackers, and that means anybody and everybody who fits that definition!



Can't blame the loss on the refs, but... Hornets played pretty rough, especially on the post guys, lots of reach ins, which usually get called, especially that one on Ariza in the 4th period that was not called, yet little touches on Chris Paul gets called??? Three huge calls that went Hornets way turned the game. The clean block on Landry that got called a foul, the CP charge on Fisher, and the Belinelli flop. Replays clearly show that Artest didn't even touch him. Granted there was one play that Bynum charged that was called a block, but even that play, his defender was hanging all over him. As physical as Hornets played, it's amazing that the fouls were equal on both sides since the Lakers are not a fouling team.

There were a couple of lousy calls in the Celtics game too. Pierce was all over Carmelo before Carmelo threw Pierce off of him, and that should have been called on Pierce.

Denver got robbed too. I don't care for either team, but Ibaka reached through the net while the ball still had not cleared the rim, clearly goaltending, but no call.

The quality of the reffing, which is an oxymoron, is going down the toilet.

What I want to know is why everyone is always harping on our size advantage!? NO has 3 legitimate 7+ footers another 6'11" and another 6'10" player. That is way more size than the Lakers have!!!

As well as Bibby has been playing for the Heat, why the heck didn't he try to get Bibby to come to the Lakers??? They could use his outside shooting considering how poorly Fisher and Blake were playing.

As I said last week, the best player in the NBA on any given night is the guy Fisher is guarding. He needs to retire.

Watching Denver, these guys play so much above the rim, like Nene, their ball movement so crisp, although they lost, they're playing the best team ball right now. It won't be enough to win the championship since they have no stars to help them win in close games, and their defense isn't like the 2004 Pistons.

Just imagine how scary OKC will be if Howard signs with them???

Although it is true that Pau did not play well, what about the decision to switch screen and roles leaving him on an island against Chris Paul?!!! Or how about the sixth man of the year candidate Lamar Odom? Truth is, the Lakers better learn how to defend the 1-5/1-4 screen and roll better, because they will see it from here on out from EVERY team in the west. Pau did not play well, but the Lakers haven't played defense since March.

Perkins is really like 6-8, 6-9 at best. Gray is their only legitimate 7 footer.

Hornets bench shot 70% from the field. I want to say that I dare them to play like that for the next 4 games, but their starters, except for Paul, didn't play very well, so it was a wash.

Hate to say it, but this year is looking a lot like the year Lakers lost to the Suns in the 80s when the Lakers made Mark West look like the 2nd coming of Wilt.

Makes me sick to say it, but I think the Heat are going to take it all. I think it's going to be a tough series between the Heat and the Celtics, but adding Bibby was the extra edge that they needed. I doubt that the Bulls can win it all. They're like the Knicks teams of the 90s. They played the regular season, especially in the last few weeks, like they were playoff games. Now that everyone is playing playoff ball, their weakness is showing.

This is my ranking of the most likely teams to win it all:
Heat, Celtics, OKC, Bulls, Mavs, San Antonio, Portland, Lakers, Orlando.

Indy, Philly, Denver, New Orleans, New York, Atlanta, Memphis have zero chance. It's true that New Orleans may beat the Lakers, I say 50-50 chance now, but they ain't getting past Dallas. No way, no how.

To hear that not all Lakers players were in the stadium AT LEAST 90 minutes before the game is totally ridiculous!!! They should be there at least 3 hours before, getting themselves mentally prepared for the game. WTH do the Lakers players do on Saturday nights that they can't be at the game by 9-10 in the morning working on shots?????? Odom has been playing like garbage since his stupid Kardashian show. Gasol should stop coming out on TV and focus on his game. Brown should be shooting 1000 shots every off day. So should Artest.

This is the most pissed off at the Lakers since the year they were swept by Philly in the 80s. Lack of effort, lack of heart, the Lakers need a new coach.

Maybe Lakers fans shouldn't watch the 1st round of the playoffs. Most of the favorites were taken to the wire or went down over the weekend. Most of the lower seeds know that winning the first game is the best chance they have of extending the series past five games.

Everything that's being said about LA's performance today rings true. But I wasn't watching the game. I am saving my energy for the 2d round and beyond. If there is no second round for LA, I will be glad not to have ruined my summer before it begins by watching a classic playoff choke job.

Point guard must be a priority for the Lakers in the long term. This may be the last year they can even think of contending without one. I'll take D-Laker any day, but he can't save the day forever.

I'm not sure you anyone noticed, but NOH's back-up center wrecked his ankle in a classicly bad inversion sprain. He will absolutely not be there in game 2, possibly not for the rest of the series.

I think he makes a bit of difference.

Message to Pau:

Time to throw the switch. Someone must have forgotten to tell you.

You people thinking the Lakers are already done need mood stabilizing medications. The Lakers are still the Lakers, trying to figure out the least effortful way to win it all. Nothing has changed.

New Orleans has NO chance against us. NONE. CP3 is the second coming of Isiah Thomas. Don't care.

The playoffs will challenge us and our bad habits. We may not win it all. But, it's WAY, WAY, WAY too early to put a fork in us. We're the defending champions with better personnel than the previous year. We have the best player, the best coach and the most talent of any NBA team.

If you ever discount the power of pride on NBA teams, you'll certainly be disappointed. No NBA player ever wants to be embarrassed. Case in point, no one shoots underhand free throws, not even the Biedrins and Ben Wallaces of the world.

We lost the first game in the 2001 Finals too. I believe if you look back, that ended up going okay for us.

I'm not typing any of this out of self-delusion, hyper-optimism, argumentativeness or to try to make anyone feel better. It's the simple truth. Deep down, you all know it.

I guarantee we get to the Conference Finals. Health good, I suspect we go further than that.

It amazes me how much a loss like this bothers me. It literally ruined my day. I fell into a deep funk and had to sleep it off.

A few observations...

1. Mark, nice analysis.

2. We lost the game because of Pau's lack of effort. Period. He wasn't the sole factor, but he was certainly the deciding factor.

3. In Pau's career as a Laker, I can't recall a single moment in which I have criticized him. I repeatedly refer to him as "the most skilled big man in the game" which he is; however, Pau truly disappointed me today. All those terms that others have thrown upon Pau over the years, they're not true, but they were today.

4. Now that "Pau Killer" Gray is hurt we should be fine.

5. The Hornets played well. Three turnovers is obviously historic.

6. The Lakers are still trying to figure out the pick and roll. It's crazy. The Hornets played off of this and CONSTANTLY picked Derek (which has been the key offensive strategy of many teams), Chris rolled off, faced a one-on-one situation with a languid, sleepy Pau Gasol and took him to town. This has to be corrected.

7. Taken in context, Trey Johnson continue to impress. If this continues, Steve Blake will be traded before the pox diminishes and Trey will be our new backup. I like the kid.

8. SOME of our players (KOBE!!!) are playing like it's actually the playoffs (which it is). Some are not. We can't win a Championship unless EVERYONE plays like this is their last game. EVERYONE!!!! When we play like that, a synergy happens and we become unbeatable. When we don't, we open ourselves up to heartbreak. I fricken hate heartbreak.

9. I strongly dislike this about our team, but its our collective personality. We are arrogant. We need for a team (be they Houston, Oklahoma City, Portland, Sacramento) to put a knife to our throats to wake up and activate our superpowers. I don't get it, but it's the way it is. As such, we should embrace the Hornets' competition. They played exceedingly well and they deserve our respect for that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Re-posting this:

Put down the razors and hide the knives in the kitchen,
Step off the ledge and come back inside.

Lakeshow doing it the hard way by losing Game 1, but remember last year's series vs. OKC when they appeared to be going through the motions before they woke up and then let go of this loss.

Pau won't play this poorly again, LO will get his head back in the game rather than worry about his goofy reality show (the K-curse) and Drew will be more active in the paint.

They'll get Game 2.

"Perkins is really like 6-8, 6-9 at best. Gray is their only legitimate 7 footer. "

Since he was a Laker, we know Mbenga is 7' and.......
From the official NBA team listings:

Hornets Roster

2010-11 Roster
11 David Andersen C 6-11 247 06/23/1980 Frankston, Australia 1
1 Trevor Ariza F 6-8 210 06/30/1985 UCLA 6
15 Marcus Banks G 6-2 205 11/19/1981 Nevada-Las Vegas 7
8 Marco Belinelli G 6-5 200 03/25/1986 Bologna, Italy 3
22 Patrick Ewing Jr. F 6-8 235 05/20/1984 Georgetown R
34 Aaron Gray C 7-0 270 12/07/1984 Pittsburgh 3
33 Willie Green G 6-3 201 07/28/1981 Detroit Mercy 7
28 Didier Ilunga-Mbenga C 7-0 255 12/30/1980 Kinshasa, DRC 6
2 Jarrett Jack G 6-3 197 10/28/1983 Georgia Tech 5
24 Carl Landry F 6-9 248 09/19/1983 Purdue 3
50 Emeka Okafor C 6-10 255 09/28/1982 Connecticut 6
3 Chris Paul - C G 6-0 175 05/06/1985 Wake Forest 5
20 Quincy Pondexter F 6-6 225 03/10/1988 Washington R
14 Jason Smith C-F 7-0 240 03/02/1986 Colorado State 2
30 David West - C F 6-9 240 08/29/1980 Xavier (Ohio) 7

so, 3 legit 7 footers on NO + one 6'11" and one 6'10" who outplays Pau and even sometimes AB........

The more games played the better.

Landry will be next game's hero.

Go Kings!


Aloha Jon K

I agree with everything you said about Pau but it was more then just him. Lamar wasn't any better. And Andrew was mediocre. If just one of them had stepped up, we probably would have won. Those 3 guys are our greatest advantage over most teams but today, they kind of sleep walked. This team always seems to play down to their competition. I really was afraid of a game like this. This reminds me a little of the Houston series a few years ago. Yao went down and we should have blown through them, instead we had to fight for our lives. Hopefully this one won't go 7.


Fish is the problem i have said it all year.and pj is to stubborn to acknowledge it,the sooner he retire you will
see a better playing team.and i hope the team bring a coach
from the out side who want let kobe distate who plays ,and
for pete sake trade pau he is a wuzzy.once you push him around a few time he is through for the night.

the way i see it is you have a coach problem who cant get
the team prepaired for a game,that why he let fish play instead of benching him fish talks a good game and that about
it he cant shoot or guard anybody

@Benjamin Yes, I am a Boston Celtics fan, but I am not here to throw salt on wounds. I just want to correct or insert some facts you may not have considered. In 2001 you may have lost the first game in the Finals, but never before in the regular season of the Lakers have they ever made a Finals in which they lost five (5) consecutive games. That just happened about two weeks ago.

As well, whomever you lost to was probably a very good team. There is no earthly reason why the Lakers, two-time defending champs, should've lost to a David West-less Hornets team.

I hear people talking about pride, being humbled, flipping a switch. Whatever... It's time to stop making excuses.

I want the Lakers to lose as much as the next Celtics fan, but at least lose without making excuses. No switch needs to be pulled. No lesson needs to be learned either (s/o to Mark Medina for saying that). Y'all simply need to realize you're in the playoffs and start playing like it, or you will certainly lose to the Hornets. Upsets certainly happen in sports, and it can happen with the Lakers. No-one even thought the Hornets would win a single game. Not even me. Boy was the whole world wrong! Whoever placed a bet on the Hornets made a fortune yesterday!

Bottomline, Lakers need to wake up, and even the fans if they want to keep making excuses for their poor play. Perhaps that's part of the problem - you're making excuses for them. "Oh, he hit me in the face, but I know he loves me. I will never leave him. Deep down inside I know he's a good person." And then he beats you again.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

So, I just did Bio-Chrono readings on all our players that I have not done readings on in the past.

Good news, for the most part.

An interesting thing, most of these players have polarities which is an odd characteristic that few people have, but many Lakers do have; Kobe having the "mother of all polarities" in his reading. Literally.

I'm thinking about it and I'll have the readings soon, but, we've got a good team.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Bottom line, the teams that beat the lower seeds showed their true mettle, Bulls, Heat, Mavs, Celtics, Thunder, on the other hand the Lakers and the Magic looked overrated and showed nothing but a one-man team on offense and nothing on defense. The Spurs at least have a real excuse with Manu out.
Those that were able to hold court have a great chance to advance, the Lakers looked like chumps. In fact they have looked like chumps all season, other than that 17-1 run, they looked like that 2-7 team that closed the season.

Soft Gasol and Odom, and no defense from any of the guards, including Kobe. Fisher can't be on the same floor as CP3.
Major factor and telltale sign of Jackson trademark defense, when Gasol got burned by CP3, and it was all Kobe and Fisher's responsibility, but it's Jackson's scheme.
Kobe needs to look in the mirror and see what the problem is: 34 points on 26 shots, 5 TOs, and no defense. When was the last time Kobe played any defense?
Gasol can't handle the power forward position, hell DJ Benga and Aaron Gray schooled him today. Ever since he was taken on by Perkins about his softness Gasol has turned into mush.

Now Jackson is in uncharted waters, possibly his first loss at home in the opening game of the first round. We'll see if his lame duck coat that is something he'll have to shed.

mh - good analysis

Lets hope David Sern can't fine me. The refs helped to give that game to the Hornets. Stern probably hopes every series goes 6 games to make more revenue from us cash strapped fans. Some of those fouls called on the Lakers were bad. I never liked the jump into the chest of the defender to get some free throws play. The refs are protecting CP3, but so what.

The NBA wanted the Hornets to win today. Whatever.

Hornets shot out of their mind (except for Ariza). Good for them, lets see them do it again. Landry is way undersized at the 4. If Pau does not shoot over him then at least swing him around and play in in pick and roll with Kobe.

What do players say to Pau that get him rilled? He needs to take some Karate classes. Maybe this summer Pau can vistit Hakem for footwork drills, and DJ Mbenga for karate practice.

Positives = Artest is getting snarly, Kobe is fine, Shannon is showing some life, Bynum and Barnes seemed to play w/o pain. Bynum took some time to warm up tho'

Negatives = Pau & Bynum gets tired from not getting any rest and then the other team is suddenly amazing at the fast break or high tempo offense. Phile why the heck did you pick up 2 old guys that you don't let play? Take Bynum out after 6 min for a 3 min breather (just tell caracter to rebound). We need Blake back.

The new gaurd is fitting in pretty well, but shooting too much, I gues true PG's are hard to find.

With that effort from our bigs I see an agonizing May ahead.

I am so Sadly to hear that. What happens with the Lakers...The Chamption is so easy,..why you do so bad...Come on...The Next Game!!! WIN !!!!!!


While I'm certainly not into excuse-making, and feel that the Lakers just may have reached the end of their Championship runs and are simply burned out now through the attrition of having to play so many games at high level over the past three seasons.

As a professing Boston Celtics fan your post about "making excuses" couldn't be more hypocritical, as your team fandom personifies it. In '09 there was literally no end to the tired "Well, we didn't have Kevin Garnet" mantra. In '10 "Oh, we didn't have Kendrick Perkins" in game 6 and 7 of the Championship series. And in '08 CS had Paul Pierce really suffered a serious knee injury in his infamous wheelchair comeback, no doubt you would have forever used that as an excuse as well.

So please spare us all with the moral lesson in "excuse-making" coming from a fanbase that literally wreaks of it. ....

LA Lakers,

You guys should hire me next season. You need shooters. I can certainly fill that role.

Sincerely yours,



Shooting percentage of LeBron James (0-for-9) in the "clutch" moments of Miami's Game 1 win.

Just saying....

It's a broken record, our team hold us fans in contempt by not earning its salary. I told you they'd sleepwalk through this 1st round and in this game the arrogance bit them in the @ss. This team could use one of those "Pulp Fiction"-shots in the heart, that is if they have a heart...

I think Peace is on to something, staying away from the 1st round. Unfortunately most of us are to neurotic and obsessive to do that.

I usually hate the members of the opposing team but wow what a player CP3 is! Some of you may whine about this being the result of him being guarded by Fish but I tell ya, dude was in da zone. Btw, Fish will make you eat your words. We haven't seen his last big shot...

Do you know what I love about sports?

There is this thing called truth. Sooner or later the truth does come out, and
no I'm not talking about Mr. Pierce and his sexual orientation. :)

Where are all of the song birds who say that the stats don't matter?

Yesterday, Pau got punked on international TV. And his brother has
bragging rights.

Maybe the stitches will be a gentle reminder to play w/ heart, w/ desire?

Glad to read Bynum's words. It would be better to *see* him play like he

LO, who told you doing a reality TV show was good for your basketball game?

Fwiw, he's had a good regular season.

Does anyone know if Charles Oakley is planning a special visit?

Anyhow, can't wait for the next game.

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!!

I remember when the Lakers lost Game One of The Finals in 2001.

That series seemed to have worked itself out, no?


Secondly, I cheered when Paul got shanked by Mbenga's chin. Spill some blood, and get down to business! That Monday morning black eye will remind him that the playoffs just started without him. Kobe may give him one to match if he doesn't show up again.

(an admitted Pau Gasol fan, yet continuously enraged with his pansy-ness)

Secondly, I cheered when Paul got shanked by Mbenga's chin. Spill some blood, and get down to business! That Monday morning black eye will remind him that the playoffs just started without him. Kobe may give him one to match if he doesn't show up again.

(an admitted Pau Gasol fan, yet continuously enraged with his pansy-ness)

There is this thing called truth. Sooner or later the truth does come out, and
no I'm not talking about Mr. Pierce and his sexual orientation. :)


Is he really???LOL!!!

I think Pau has already realized that its the Playoffs already. I'm guessing a 20-10 effort from him on Game 2. Hope I'm right.

Yes, can't wait for the next game either.


Relax guys... first round is just a practice series

Can't wait for the roll call of excuses.
Of course, Gasol, Odom and Bynum don't get touches inside, the lane is plugged up. That's basic defense against the Lakers that don't have a penetrating guard to cut into that zone.
Teams will leave Fish, Artest, and Brown open, not afraid of them. And with Kobe hogging shots, it's a sure sign of disaster.
The NBA now is a game of point guards. The Lakers don't have one, Fish is a sorry excuse for a point guard, and can't stop any of the other guards in the league.
None of the Laker guards plays any defense, including Kobe. And the vaunted Jackson defensive scheme is suspect, and has been suspect all season long.
This is the most overrated Laker team in recent history, they've never looked like defending champions, all season long. No way they get far.

Give credit to the Hornets. They beat the Lakers. But if you think they won because "the NBA wanted them to," why even watch professional basketball?



Huge over-reactions here.

It's the first game of a long second season.

No biggie.

Lakers bigs-Gasol 7feet, Bynum 7feet, Odom 6ft 10 can't outplay Okafor, Gray, Landry, and a guy who couldn't even get off our bench in DJ.
Lakers, Phil deserves a much better effort. U are SO much better than what u show.
Pick and roll d in this series needs to be better. Pau guarding chris paul won't work.


Yes relax guys! Like Tim-4-Show said its just the first game of a practice 'meaningless' series. Therefore even if we lose 4 games in it no problem, we move on to the next round since its just practice! Whats all the worry about?

Sincerely Yours'
PSP Intern

"Of course, Gasol, Odom and Bynum don't get touches inside, the lane is plugged up. That's basic defense against the Lakers that don't have a penetrating guard to cut into that zone.
Teams will leave Fish, Artest, and Brown open, not afraid of them. And with Kobe hogging shots, it's a sure sign of disaster."

Posted by: zopi | April 18, 2011 at 07:36 AM


Valid points but I disagree with the "ball hog" observation. Kobe does a lot of penetrating in the paint and when the lanes are clogged, it's very difficult to get inside effective play especially when one of your 7 footers is "soft" and the other is still "nursing" a bad knee.

The "pecking" order has been confirmed: Kobe 1st, Pau 2nd and so -on. I personally don't like it but that's the way it is and as such, then the "Bigs" have to realize that they have to be ready for the offensive rebounds instead of pouting and complaining that they're not getting enough touches.

It seems that the team's touted "height advantage" is not used to its fullest extent. It should play a larger role in the offense and Kobe doesn't have to be the 1st option especially if they're relying on his outside shot.

Yesterday, to Kobe's credit, he only attempted two 3 pointers in the entire game and hit 1 of them so his game was on while Pau's was off. I don't think anyone expects Pau to have another bad game in a row. Lakers take this series in 6. Hornets will win one more on their home court and that's it. Series over. Next!

BTW: this will be the "flow" of the entire championship run for this team. They're going to make it hard on themselves but in the end, they'll be the ones hoisting the trophy.


Dude...I read a comment that this is a practice series, get your fishing poles. If you believe this practice BS, Lake Tahoe here they come. Arrogant coach and arrogant team and ARROGANT FANS. As I been saying all along, the HEAT will be there not so sure about YOU.

In all honesty, the Hornets came out to take this game and went all in and it shows. To the last man, they played hard. My Lakers, half and half. SOme played like it was the playoffs, some not so. And I don't want to single players out but Gasol really earned the Gasoft label yesterday. I don't want to label him that but he was yesterday. As someone said, maybe those stitches will piss him off and play like the Gasol we know he can be.

As far as Fisher goes, it's somewhat unfair to call him out on being burned by CP3 seeing as Chris Paul is the best point guard in the game today (with all due respect to Deron Williams and overated Rondo). Almost anyone in the league would be hard pressed to guard CP3 so it's not really fair to say Fisher sucks because he's getting burned by CP3: everyone gets burned by him, he's that good.

I'm not quite sure what the deal was with Phil leaving Gasol to guard CP3 by himself so far out from the rim. I can only think this is head games Phil is playing w/ Gasol by trying to embarass him into playing harder. Otherwise, it makes no sense whatsoever. It bugs me too because you know other teams are looking at us, especially when someone like Perkins mouths off about soft Gasol is. So it's important that Gasol play hard to keep the opposing teams from thinking that's true so that they don't think they can punk him into being irrelevant (like yesterday).

All in all, I don't expect the Lakers to lose this series, not by a mile. The L should blast the Hornets next game and take that momentum into NO and get one more. They'll tie it and we close it out with the remainder. Of course, I'll happily take The L running off four straight simply because they can but I predicting them based off of their current tendencies. Really, if they would just shut down everyone else and let/make Paul more or less try to beat us on his own, they could take the next four games because CP3 couldn't beat us by himself.

What up with the "pecking order"?

Shouldn't it be:

open guy 1st,
open guy 2nd
open guy 3rd,

No open guy, then Kobe.

Well that sucked.

Flush it and move on - NEXT.

Good news - the "Pau-killer" has a bum ankle now....

What up with the "pecking order"?

Shouldn't it be:

open guy 1st,
open guy 2nd
open guy 3rd,

No open guy, then Kobe.

Posted by: Art | April 18, 2011 at 08:53 AM

No, that should not be the pecking order.

Why? Because the individual shooters don't have the same
skills/shots. i.e. Ron Artest will *ALWAYS* be open. That's what
*we* did to him on the Rockets.

You have Kobe shoot first/most because he causes the opposing team
to double/triple team him.

Once the opposing defense is "keyed" on Kobe, his passing picks up and
you have LO, D-Fish & Artest wide-open for jump shots.

You run the offense through Pau second, because he's the best passing
big man we have. His 15-footer is $$. He can play the high passes w/
Bynum & he's good at the stripe.

You're taking the 'pecking order' out of context. It's not, "If Kobe's not open, then give it to Gasol, etc". What they mean by that is the offense has two or three different guys that they can run the offense through. As the number one and two being Kobe and Gasol, that makes it their responsibility to get it done based off of what they're capable of. But by no means does this mean that if someone's open they're not going to get to shoot because that's just dumb. If you're in your sweet spot and you're open, if anything, you BETTER take the shot (something the Dark Ages of Kwame and Smush was defined one could hit the broad side of a barn but it was still encouraged to take the shot whether you miss or not because it takes pressure off of your main offense). Every team has a one, two or three option (Celtics with KG, Ray and ol' Turtle in a Wheelchair, Miami with Wade and The Queen, Thunder with Durant/WEstbrook etc). It helps divvy up touches and such and makes the offense more focused/organized. If your 1 is being stopped you focus on your 2, and so on and so forth.

My last comment was @Art btw, not Hobbitmage, who knows what he's talking about and explained it much more clearer (and shorter) than I did.

NOthing to worry about....NBA is a business and more games play means more revenue for the league. Lakers three-peat will happen and next year will be given to the heat. Bynum (possibly with artest) will be traded to orlando and superman 2 will arrive in LA within two years. Then Lakers will win there next title.

This better be the last game Pau plays like this. I expect beginning of season Pau to return. Derek Fisher dude I know your skills are on the decline, but at least try to play defense.

Don't panic: In Da Fridge is here with some prozac for all the TRUE Lakers fans in the house!

Can I just opine that a Game 1 loss can actually be GOOD for these Lakers? Think about it:

1. By losing right off the bat, everyone talks junk about the Lakers all over the NBA. They're too old, too soft, too lazy, too...whatever! (These media-saavy Lakers are listening to said pap meanwhile and should be getting good and pissed: think Bill Bixby in the Incredible Hulk warning CP3: "Don't make me wouldn't like me when I'm angry....ROAR!!")

2. If you have to lose, better to get the losing over early rather than later in a multi-game series, right? After playing so well on Sunday, the Hornets will be unlikely to repeat the performance, and this can only dampen rather than encourage ideas about an upset as the series grinds on...(and grind is the correct word...just ask last year's Celtics who were up 3-1 with 3 more games to go!)

3. By drawing out the first round series a bit, the Lakers are doing what they did last year against the Thunder: getting challenged early by a team that are supposedly younger, faster and who want it more, rising to that challenge and then when they make it through, having to make fewer fundamental adjustments come the second round (remember the cake-walk last year with Utah after the bruising six-game series vs. Durant et all?)

4. This team will HAVE to come together to win, have to 'flip it on' much earlier than they themselves would probably like to...lazy bastards.

And 5. (bonus round) Losing Game 1 just gives Jackson a new point to finesse and work through as a coach...first time in his career, right? Can he pull it off (and make himself yet another new record to take with him into retirement? If he can't, no one can!)

Don't get me wrong, the partisan Lakers fan in me wants to see a four-game sweep through each and every series, even though fans of basketball as a sport get more out of watching a tougher series (and in the end, so do I.)

Still, all those 'fans' who are ready, even willing, to throw the LakeShow under the bus with just one loss in a seven-game series are, in my opinion, Weak As Water!

Conclusion: Lakers Have Done, Lakers Can, Lakers WILL DO AGAIN! Second Three-Peat and sixth Ring for KB6! And you can take that to the bank!!

And if you're wondering why I'm always so late in posting, I'm not, silly, I'm early! Here in Tokyo Tomorrow Is Today, even if my night is your LA day!

Go Lakers!~

Long time Laker fan... have long been of the opinion their biggest obstacle is PHIL, the er..."coach".

Sits on his butt ignoring devastating point swings that leave the Lakers from being ahead to a double-digit losing hole that they usually can't climb out of. That "let them play it out" philosophical crap doesn't exist in sports, only in Phil's head. If players could figure out the problems and "work it out", why even have a coach? The Lakers don't have a coach. They have a guy daydreaming while the ship is sinking into the Lake and he's humming the Beatles's "Let it be".

Someone should've slapped Phil over the head to remind him that some short guy from the other team was beatin them all by himself and he had Pau way out near the 3 pt line trying to guard him, instead of near the paint to rebound.

Phil has been the luckiest guy in sports, having good players at the right times to win gold. And those guys, Jordan and Pippin, Magic and Kareem, Shaq and Kobe and Kobe and Pau won the games and "coached themselves" AND coached the team too, (except for Pau). DUMP PHIL, now.



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