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Kobe Bryant misguided for refusing diagnostic tests

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant kept shaking his head.

He had just spent the past minute trying to walk off a sprained left ankle that he turned while guarding New Orleans guard Willie Green. But with Bryant initially on the ground wincing in pain and showing continuous signs of discomfort afterwards, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson sent in Shannon Brown to replace Bryant in the final minute of Sunday's Game 4 loss to New Orleans. Bryant initially refused to come out, indicating in some variation that he felt fine.

While Green shot his pair of free throws, Lakers trainer Gary Vitti attended to Bryant on the sideline, but he continued standing up. Finally, an agitated Jackson could be seen on the telecast telling Bryant to "sit down." A timeout helped alleviate the pain enough in Bryant's ankle to play him for the rest of the game, with exception to Brown playing in one defensive sequence. But that appeared to be just the beginning of Bryant stubbornly doing things on his own accord.

Despite the Lakers' insistence that he get an MRI and X-rays for precautionary reasons on Monday, the team has said Bryant refused taking such tests. He didn't talk to the media after Monday's practice to explain why, but Jackson's sarcasm and clear agitation suggested he wasn't budging on the issue. "We're trying to convince him it might be a good idea to do that," Jackson said.

It's a shame because Bryant knows his body really well and can play through most pain, a reason why Jackson and the team's medical training staff defers to him when it comes to determining his playing status. It's unfathomable he can't extend the same courtesy to the staff for willing to have precautionary tests. The rationale that perhaps that would force Bryant to sit out Tuesday when the Lakers host Game 5 against New Orleans simply doesn't fly.

"It doesn't matter," Jackson said of whether Bryant may be afraid that the test results would indicate his ankle sprain is more seriously hurt than he believes it might be. "He's going to play anyway. That's his answer."

This isn't even a debate on whether he should sit or should he play. Given the stakes of a 2-2 series, Bryant's clearly doing everything possible to make sure he's in the best shape to walk onto Staples Center court Tuesday night. After using crutches to leave New Orleans Arena and onto the team bus, Bryant spent the four-hour flight receiving various treatment, including icing, electronic stimulation and massage therapy. As Bryant told reporters after Game 4, "It's going to take a lot to stop me to play. We'll make sure we stay on top of it."

Part of staying on top of it should involve taking some test for pretty obvious reasons. The Lakers' medical staff will have a better idea of the severity of it and how to treat it, and Bryant, in turn, will know as well. This is more of a trust issue. For all the round the clock treatment and rehabilitation, Vitti, physical therapist Judy Seto, massage therapist Marko Yrjovuori and athletic performance coordinator Alex McKechnie provide for Bryant, the least he could do is return the favor. For someone who's fixated on knowing every single detail surrounding his body, Bryant's refusal to take the diagnostic tests only makes it harder for the Lakers' medical staff to determine exactly what treatment he needs to keep his ankle healthy throughout the postseason.

It's possible Bryant may decide to have one privately without the team disclosing any information. But there's no indication that has happened. As much as Bryant clearly doesn't want anything to get in the way of him playing to pursue a sixth ring, his stubbornness is making it harder for both himself and his teammates.

Said Jackson about Bryant: "He won't let them deal with it."

--Mark Medina

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The hardest thing for kobe to accept is that the team could win without him. When he isn't on the floor, they play as a team and everyone gets a chance to shoot. I do admire the fact, though, that he tries to play through his injury.

I find this story hard to swallow. Kobe is the employee. Dr. Buss has a significant investment in Kobe. If anything were to put that investment at risk, Dr. Buss as OWNER would tell his employee to comply. Kobe is fine. watch him go off Tues and Lakers win in a laugher. 2 down, 14 to go for #17. Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an interesting development in light of some recent comments to the last post about getting rid of guaranteed contracts.

It is not my nature to side with a bunch of old, white billionaires over athletes, but if Kobe is free to reject ownership's desire to have him undergo a diagnostic test that would help determine the extent of his injury (and therefore the necessary remedial measures), then ownership ought to be free to void his guaranteed contract if the injury proves to be serious. Not that they would or should, but ought to have that right.

If anyone thinks that Kobe is unable to ascertain the need for an internal scan of one of his limbs....

RSP's Lakers/Hornets series synopsis

Game 1 - LOSS
Lakers not prepared, lose embarrassingly. Chris Paul monster game.
Likely cause for loss -
1. Coaching
2. Pau 8 and 6
3. Odom 10 pts(6 in last minute of garbage time) 1 reb

Game 2 - WIN
Must win, Laker barely prevail. Lamar Odom's only good game after receiving 6th man award day before. Has not been seen before or since.
Likely cause for win -
1. Kobe's defense on Paul
2. Lamar Odom's efficient play
3. Bynum 17 and 11

Game 3 - WIN
Lakers in control most of the game. Pau Gasol sighting. excellent team performance
Likely cause for win
1. Kobe shoots 50% for the first time in 10 years (just kidding, 5 years)
2. All starters +/-, +double digits. Lamar only +1

Game 4 - LOSS
Trevor Ariza goes off in first half, Chris Paul just goes crazy.
Likely cause for Loss
1. Kobe, despite having 7 assists in first half, has a goose egg in scoring
2. Odom really stinks it up once again 6 pts 4 reb 2 TO
3. Chris Paul has as many rebounds as Bynum and Gasol combined.
4. Gasol's lack of focus

Game 5 prediction - WIN.
Likely cause for win -
1. Hornets can not reproduce effort and performance of game 4 at Staples.
2. Hornets have yet to prove they can win 2 games in a row against Lakers.
3. Gasol should have a breakout game. He showed fight after missing that Kobe pass.
4. Lamar shows up to play 40% of the time 2/5 = 40%

kobe is a selfish fool.

Ahh this is great ...Kendrick 'im a tough guy' Perkins just got his ass punked by Nene. So only New York is gonna get swept eh? tsk tsk

PSP Officer

In poker, there are times when you know an action "polarizes" an opponent's holding: they are either super strong or super weak. Kobe refusing to get the MRI or x-rays is definitely a polarizing behavior. Either Kobe is totally fine and knows it or he's not fine and knows it.

Since he had to use crutches to leave the arena, I'm guessing "super weak" in this instance.

Let's just hope Kobe gets better soon, or else these playoffs will not end with a parade down Figueroa.

To all those who speak of Kobe being selfish I think they live on a different planet!!! or they know nothing about basketball! go back to statistics and see how many assists he has per game. look how he gave up his offensive role to guarantee their first win. but yes when all your team members cant score the easy baskets and cant even catch a pass, there is nothing else to do but doing the job yourself!!!

In all reality, if Phil doesn't want to play him, he doesn't have to. Just has to have the guts to tell Kobe to sit this one out. Don't get me wrong, I hope Kobe plays and plays well, just saying.

Believe what you want. Enjoy your fantasy basketball dreams. But when the Lakers three-peat and Drew shares Finals MVP honors with Kobe, your mouth will start to get dry. Then this summer, you’ll choke on cold crow for not respecting or appreciating Drew as you watch Dwight get traded to another NBA team and Drew rewarded with a multi-year extension to keep him in purple and gold.

Here’s the question for the Drew for Dwight supporters, would you finally accept Drew as the Next Great Lakers Center if he remained healthy and we not only win the championship this year but also next year? I would like to hear some of your answers to that. Frankly, in two or three years, Dwight will be to Drew like LeBron is to Kobe. And his fans will suffer the same sad fate as LeBron’s admirers.

Kobe being Kobe, pretty stubborn guy if you ask me. But the best players are usually pretty stubborn. Watch Kobe's best games in full here.

It seems like he's acting guilty. Kobe played willynilly basketball near the end of his coaches last year- the best coach in NBA history. Now that he is injured he wants to try to get serious. He is just as bogged down with physical issues as we was with image issues in 04.

Its a shame to see a laker get a second chance and unscrew it all apart.

He is fine, nothing wrong with him.. Just an act to appear heroic in the next game.. It is all about himself.. He was fine the last 2 mins of the game. If he was hurt, he would not been able to play. I guess Paul Pierce should give him his best actor trophy..

Ok why the heck does KD have a huge ass backpack in his post game interview!!!

Wow, high basketball IQ, but NO common sense. Go figure

I could only wish this CREEP was gone forever, but he's back spouting this Drew $hit again. Drew is not Howard and we can only HOPE that Mitch and Jim come to their collected minds and pull the trigger before another INJURY. Now PLEASE go away, AGAIN.

If Kobe is not really injured as the post from JJ said, you can just watch the replay and look how Kobe's ankle twisted.

Enough of that Kobe hatred.

This is an interesting development in light of some recent comments to the last post about getting rid of guaranteed contracts.

It is not my nature to side with a bunch of old, white billionaires over athletes, but if Kobe is free to reject ownership's desire to have him undergo a diagnostic test that would help determine the extent of his injury (and therefore the necessary remedial measures), then ownership ought to be free to void his guaranteed contract if the injury proves to be serious. Not that they would or should, but ought to have that right.

Posted by: That's just WRONG | April 25, 2011 at 09:29 PM

Agree with you're comment, but what is up with you're HANDLE?

It is harder and harder to continue my Kobe worship, when this medical advice refusal seems odd to selfish, at least.............. I guess there is a ME in TEAM somewhere.

I'm not even in the mood to be gung-ho about 'game day' anymore. Almost to the point of TiVo experiment in post season, which is very bad sign.............. I almost never have a celebratory feeling when they win recently.....just a sigh of relief when the barely enough effort travesty is over and the Lakers have a W. Not a fun way to be a fan these days.........

Fan since 1957 (Minneapolis) here.

'worship' = admiration for the work ethic and take-no-prisoners drive for excellence


Laker Blog host Mark Medina may have overstepped his boundary second guessing the Lakers decorated star this afternoon. Details are sketchy but Medina believes his journalism degree along with his experience at various YMCA rec leagues qualifies him to speak on medical issues involving all Lakers and specifically Bryant.

Apparently Medina spoke before doing any research himself which is of no surprise to anyone that reads his blog entries. This however did not stop Medina from going on another ill-informed rant.....

"This is more of a trust issue. For all the round the clock treatment and rehabilitation, Vitti, physical therapist Judy Seto, massage therapist Marko Yrjovuori and athletic performance coordinator Alex McKechnie provide for Bryant, the least he could do is return the favor. For someone who's fixated on knowing every single detail surrounding his body, Bryant's refusal to take the diagnostic tests only makes it harder for the Lakers' medical staff to determine exactly what treatment he needs to keep his ankle healthy throughout the postseason" said Medina

Medina who has no medical degree to speak of rambled on........."As much as Bryant clearly doesn't want anything to get in the way of him playing to pursue a sixth ring, his stubbornness is making it harder for both himself and his teammates"

I took the liberty to read the last quote by Medina to Dr. Mayada Akil, MD of Georgetown University Psychiatric ward who has experience with failed journalism students with mood and anxiety disorders. "Unless he's clairvoyant........How could he know Kobe's stubborness is making it harder for himself and his teammates"? "How does he know Kobe's valiant effort doesn't inspire his teammates"?

I had no answers to these questions but if I had Medina's foresight to look into the future I would be at the blackjack tables in Vegas instead of writing Kobe articles.............but that's me

I spoke to other Doctors and they all spoke of "Pain Threshold"..........I inquired further.............Can X-Rays or MRIs determine pain threshold?

This is the response......."The threshold of pain is the point at which pain begins to be felt. It is an entirely SUBJECTIVE phenomenon".........they went on......."The intensity at which a stimulus begins to evoke pain varies from individual to individual and for a given individual over time"

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm..............interesting. Maybe we should just trust is his body.

In unrelated news Mark Medina may give his opinion on the exact date the big earthquake will hit California..............He has about the same knowledge of earthquakes as he does Kobe's body.........this should be good.

Kobe will be fine tonight Lakers will rout the hornets.To all the doubters and haters you better shut up and just watch the game...

This is a shameless attempt at stoic grandstanding by Kobe. The insatiable desire of a narcissist craving for attention is nothing new.

Kobe's ankle sprain will be seen to be nothing, yet he'll hobble a bit, probably play more minutes than most, and if victorious will bloviate how tough it is not to let his brain do what his heart does not want, and how competitive he is.

Hey guys.. if Spurs get knocked out by GRizzlies then Lakers will play the Grizzlies next round right? assuming they get past the bees.

ummm, even if he's got some serious injury, the injury's done now. this is do or die time. if it's not too swollen or painful, he's certainly going to play, and i wouldn't respect him otherwise.

MM, it's your opinion, and that's fine. my question to you, pot stirrer, is how many ankle sprains do you think Kobe's had?

The only logic to this is, if the test is done, the media will insist on having the results disclosed. This information will then be publicly available to everyone, including the Hornets coaching staff (and everyone else the Lakers might play farther down the line).

The best course of action is to have the test done privately, then have Kobe inform Gary Viti about it secretly, all while publicly announcing that Kobe refused team medical tests.

CP3 could dominate the games or any Laker defender all he wants, he is still not going to win the series for the Hornets.
Tell me what garbage would you be talking about Kobe if he decided to sit out Game 5? Would you take the high road and say that he is doing the right thing?

Exactly how is CP3 more injured than Kobe? Any player guarding him can't even breathe down his neck without him falling to the floor and the officials calling it a foul. I would admit that Kobe complains and whines a lot, but at least he doesn't do the theatrics like a real man that CP3 is.

Top Team stars´

Celtics: Rondo, Allen, Pierce, KG (2 O´neal)
Heat: Wade, James, Bosch
Chicago: Rose, Noah, Boozer and others really good players.
OKC: Weestbrock, Durant, Ibaka and others....
S.Antonio: Parker, Ginobilli, Duncan

Lakers stars:

Kobe and Pau.

What you can see in this lineups???????

Lakers have only 2 superstars. The rest are pure garbage (Odom and his inconsistency, Andrew "injuries" Bynum, Artest (only defense), Fisher (old), Barnes (buffff) Walton (without words) Ratliff and Smith (a joke)

Lakers are a "two man team". Kobe and Pau are exhausted, tired (to many minutes every game) Lakers have a "bad" rotation. In terms of depth, Lakers is the worst elite team. This year we can´t win. Impossible. Pau Gasol, the Key player, is tired, and maybe, injured (knee), kobe, too.

I apologize to this blog for engaging with trolls and haters. Thank you Sonny for making me realize that it's a waste of time responding to your comments. It is evident that you will never respond to a question directly without promoting your hate.
Enjoy vomiting your disgust with LA as the Lakers hang their 17th banner as a franchise next season.
P.S the 17th banner with an asterisk right?


Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Now it has become the best of 3 series. Looking for comfort after the G#4 loss to NO is few, far and inbetween for most angry, disgusted fans.

I really felt that this year was going to be a challenge for the Lakers as a group regardless on any situation it would face.

Remember, your talking about a team that has been to the Finals THREE CONSECUTIVE years, winning TWO straight and looking for ANOTHER one. Think about that feat for a moment....attempting FOUR straight Finals appearances. Heck, I can't even comprehend what it takes to get to a higher level of play FOUR times!

Lets' not kid ourselves. Every veteran team is going to be challenged in the playoffs. The Lakers are no different. EVERY team wants what the Lakers have, which are CHAMPIONSHIPS. Why not?

I felt coming into this season that if they were to go for the 3-peat, two things had to happen for them this year. the GROWTH and PRODUCTIVITY of the bench and their collective HEALTH past 30 years of age. So far, both have somewhat failed them at certain times throughout the season.

Keep in mind that KB24 for the last few years has dealt with a mangled shooting hand, sore ankles, and a killer bum knee that no question require major surgery on all counts. Hey, despite his health issues, he still played and won TWO consecutive CHAMPIONSHIPS. Also, Bynum and his knees have robbed him of any consistency on the court each and every year. For Pau, his issues have always been physical associated with sore hamstrings and suspect immunity illnesses. Last year was probably the best Ive seen him physically (quite bulky) out of the three years since 2008. The list goes on and on....HEALTH is EVERYTHING!

Also, the bench has not jelled all season, particulary when confronted by long absences by Barnes and Shannon's mysterious play the last three months. Lamar practically had to do double duty for long stretches with guys struggling. Heck, even Blake was dealt a child's disease....Just has not worked out thus far. I suspect that PJ has cut down hard, long practices this year (check Bynum). Also, he surprisingly has not cracked the whip with a fevor up till this point. Hmmm.... However, with all the issues, the Lakers have kept afloat. I can't imagine what its like for this team to stay on TOP EVERY YEAR since 2009.

Whoever thinks that CHAMPIONSHIPs are easy to win, might want to reference HofF John Stocton, Karl Malone, and Charles Barkley who are some examples of great players who never got over the hump. Just THINK about that for a moment....

Furthermore, whatever is plaguing the Lakers at this moment must keep in mind that through ADVERSITY, comes success. Until ALL the Lakers players understand SACRIFICE as a unit, they w ill find themselves STILL finding their games within the game. This team is too smart to ignore opponents weaknesses. But hey, you still gotta PLAY the GAME by playing to your STRENGTHS!

Regardless of what happens in the NO series, which they will win, there is no doubt that the Lakers will continue to get the BEST of ALL teams it faces NOW and in the near FUTURE. That, my friends, is the result of their SUCCESS. BTW, you don't think that the Celtics are hungry this time around (NY Knicks anyone)? Take a look at the 2009 and 2010 Lakers...

I still believe that the Lakers will take care of business on the way towards the 3-peat, but have to be mindful of their HEALTH and BENCH PLAY moving forward. The beauty about their situation is that they can only get better, not worse. It's all about taking care of business on the court. The question is, "Are they still up for the 3-peat?" That, no one can sugurcoat.

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

Sonny belyas idiot shut up you moron...

THE LAKERS HAVE NO ONE TO BLAME BUT THEMSELVES, FOR BEING IN THE PREDICAMENT THEY'RE IN! just shameful their performance last night, NO FREAKING EXCUSES! please show up tonight at the staples centers if you feel like it!

Joe Corad & Adrian Palomar,

I too have already quit reading this non-sense by Sonnyboy 'aka instigator' belfast... He is no use, his posts are no use... all he does is instigate. He hates Kobe Bryant to death. He may actually hurt Kobe if he is near him, no doubt about that.

Hey Sonnyboy, here's some facts to chew on....

-Lakers all time regular season Win-Loss record versus your "Kings of Basketball" is 240-160. Who's King?

- Lakers all time Playoffs record versus your "Kings of Basketball" is...

2002 Western Conference Finals L.A. Lakers 4 - 3 Sacramento Kings
2001 Western Conference Semis L.A. Lakers 4 - 0 Sacramento Kings
2000 Western Conference 1st Rd L.A. Lakers 3 - 2 Sacramento Kings
1984 Western Conference 1st Rd L.A. Lakers 3 - 0 Kansas City Kings
1955 Western Division Semis Minneapolis Lakers 2 - 1 Rochester Royals
1954 Western Division Finals Minneapolis Lakers 2 - 1 Rochester Royals
1954 Round Robin Minneapolis Lakers 1 - 0 Rochester Royals
1952 Western Division Finals Minneapolis Lakers 3 - 1 Rochester Royals
1951 Western Division Finals Minneapolis Lakers 1 - 3 Rochester Royals
1950 Central Division Tie Minneapolis Lakers 1 - 0 Rochester Royals
1949 Western Division Finals Minneapolis Lakers 2 - 0 Rochester Royals

Series Won:
Lakers: 10
Kings: 1

And you Sonnyboy call that "KINGS OF BASKETBALL" ?????? Who's King?

And when you said you might not actually come back... I was HOPING its true. Yes, don't bother addressing me any comment. As I've said, I won't read sh*t anyway.



Kobe is selfish and inconsiderate. He needs to listen to his coach and the team. If he goes out there and play and break his ankle while its already damaged, then he will be screwed for the rest of the playoffs.

Ok why the heck does KD have a huge ass backpack in his post game interview!!! Posted by: Practice Season Police | April 25, 2011 at 11:06 PM

According to KD, "I wore a bookbag during the press conference cuz I wanted to."

Cute. :)


Agreed. Right now Kobe should have been able to rest... but because of lousy defense, complacency, whatever the Lakers have to play more games. It's just too bad.

im from chicago and obviously a bulls fan and obviously a jordan fan which kobe cant come close to touching and that isnt because i am bias i am a honest dude kobe is hands down the best of his generation and hands down the best in the league and will probably go down as hands down the SECOND best to ever play but thats a whole other arguments but i read these la times articles from time to time after a game to read the comments below you clowns from LA crack me up DAM you guys are off the rails about that punk btch kobe ya straight btch that punks attitude alone sets him behind michael what surprises me is nobody has tuned his ass up i have ben watching basketball for a long time since michael hit the floor and i have never seen another mthafka with a attitude like this btch and i know there will be some fkn clown out there who will say he has a attitude because he is so great thats some bullsht he has a attitude because he is a fkn punk not just a punk a btch like i said im a honest dude he will absolutely go down as probably second best of all time unless someone like lebron takes off but i doubt it people in chicago obviously love michael like most people who love basketball do but thats not only because of the amazing shit he did on the floor but because he had that good personallity which was amazing because he was off the charts good now im sure some fkn clown will try to pull some story out of his ass saying michael was a dick or make something up which is bllsht bottom line we love michael but you clowns are off the charts about that btch kobe it makes someone shake there head and say dam do you guys swallow if you are a real basketball fan a honest basketball fan apreciate what this clown does on the floor and be willing to critize what he does also and theres alot of that but dont act like you want to drop to your knees and open up stay on your feet LA

From Yahoo! Sports:

"Scottie Pippen played through back spasms in a finals-deciding game back in 1998 that saw a team trainer literally punching his lower back to drive the discs and muscles and sinew back where it was nearly supposed to go..."

These kind of players know 'when not to' and 'when to' play.... it doesn't matter if they have one leg or they have a broken spine.

With that, my prediction for Game 5 is....

Lakers win by 10 points +. Kobe will have a double-double in points and assists, probably can't get enough Rebounds due to ankle issue.





April 24, 2011 Round 1 - Game 5
Venue: Staples Center
Series: LA 2 - NO 2
Game Time: 7:30 PST


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YRM - NBA effectively set up what happened with Kobe tonight in that everyone knows it's open season on L.A.
soshibo - Tex Winter in the HOF...about time!
Annanotherthing - can't we all just show a little more love?
Lakerholic - Go Killer B's...Go Lakers...I am a Lakerholic...
E! - At least Kobe is the MVP financially! And Phil as MVCoach financially.
Laker Fan in Seattle - As long as Bynum is healthy and Lamar is putting up 15 points a game, 3 peat sounds ensuring.
Doug from ME - The Lakers are the freakin' Borg! Resistance is futile!
Oregon Wade - Ah yes. Life is good...
NuggetsCountry - Kobe's 81 brought tears to my eyes to watch it live.
Stockton Showtime - Does the bus stop in Stockton???? I'm on it man....GO LAKERS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Jack Bauer - Kobe and co. will be OK. Go Lakers!
DOC4DaLakeShow - Lets count your nugget titles...done...go away
desertlaker - 2nd seed in the west is a good draw. Go Lakers
dan the man - The fact that Kobe isn't the runaway favorite for M.V.P. is a disgrace to basketball.
Lakersfan91 - LETS GOOOOOOOOOO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
96ws6lsx - I don't understand why people call lebron James a king... Kings have rings.
NBA4ever - We already have seen we can win with a limited Bynum, but we can’t without Gasol.
Dave Weinstein - Come on Lakers - it's the homestretch - now go kick ass!!!!!
Lakeshowinphx - memo to L.O., stop hurting your teammates and block out when the game is on the LINE!
billy in slo - Like Kobe said, we are right where we want to be.
OCLEZY - I can exhale now wooo;sigh of relieve. The boys are alright now. Go Lakers!
Bako Laker Fan - I hope to see this blog in postseason form soon so I can get my needed Lakers fix while toiling away at work.
Steve - We play for rings not regular season rewards... the MVP award is a joke and a curse.
Ganapia - Like a friend says, I don’t know where is the limit but I know where is not!! GO LAKERS!!!!
Lake Show - The check is in the mail...
michael H - Pau and Drew are usually more involved in the offense. We have to get back to that.
Joe_Corad - If you don't like Kobe, just come out and say it without mentioning Jordan.
Ludgwig - this is America after all, not Lybia --
willie charger - I hope Trey makes it in the NBA.
rickbrad - Simple. FEED THE BEAST the beast has risen LONG LIVE THE BEAST
Shivalingam Ramanatham - basketball is not a one on one game — it's a team game."
Lakerlady - Let's go get it, Lakers!!
millie - Good win tonight!!! You can't spell LouisianA wthout an LA..!!!!!!!!!
PNoy News - shaq will shut his mouth after kobe surpass him on scoring list.
Lonestar - Lakers look like the team to beat this post season.
lakers_coop - I would love to meet the Boston one last time in the finals and beat them for # 17.
Ruud van Nistelrooy - He must be one of the most pathetic souls on the planet - calling out the team's/league's best player who has delivered us to the promised land time and time again.
Benjamin - And SA, wow, major oops. Ginobli couldn't flop his way out of that one.
Mikey - The trick is to pickup one or two potential franchise players at the start of their careers rather than to try to buy a championship right out of the box, like say this years Knicks or Heat.
Cornell - Kobe is a warrior. He knows if he can play or not.


All together now...May we stay focused and have the inner strength to reach our goal of ultimate victory. Keep us free from injuries and injustice.
Keep us strong, determined and give us the will and stamina to overwhelm any and all obstacles.
We are the Los Angeles Lakers, and we spread the FEAR.
No one can beat us but ourselves, and we say to all, bring it on!











"Here’s the question for the Drew for Dwight supporters, would you finally accept Drew as the Next Great Lakers Center if he remained healthy and we not only win the championship this year but also next year?"

I would like to hear some of your answers to that. Frankly, in two or three years, Dwight will be to Drew like LeBron is to Kobe. And his fans will suffer the same sad fate as LeBron’s admirers.


The simple answer is yes...

"...if he remained healthy..."

Don't you see Tom? That phrase has always been the question. We all know that "IF" is a huge word. Drew will always be in danger of missing games due to an injury just as any other player who takes the court, but with Drew, it's all about his genetics - Q Angle - his past surgeries - beginning since he was 12 - thus his propensity for injuries each and every season.

Andrew has the ability to be THE top center in the league but unfortunately, his career - however long it may last - will be riddled with knee injuries. In the end, Drew is an investment which will begin returning diminished dividends. If you can "sell," then you do so.

He has been well compensated for his services so the organization can never be accused of "using" him. If Dwight wants to become a Laker and "IF" Andrew can remain "HEALTHY" through the end of the season, I believe the swap will be made. Dwight is in complete control of his future.

Checking In!!!

Thanks for the Roll, Lewstrs!


Posted by: pfunk36 | April 25, 2011 at 11:33 PM


You really are a funny guy!

Let's Go L's,

That is a really great post and, unfortunately, probably too rational for any internet blog! I am so impressed at what this team has accomplished the past few years and, although like any fan I want more, it is good sometimes to step back and realize what the past three years mean and what they have taken out of these guys.

I always expect the best from the Lakers, so here's to the threepeat!

Posted by: Greg Diaz | April 26, 2011 at 06:14 AM

MM, PLEASE delete this guys post. It is profanity ridden and disgusting. The whole rant is one continuous sentance! He asks if we swallow? LOL. YEOW! Come on MM, let's clean this up!

The best thing about Sonny's posts? I can tell it's him within the first two lines, which makes scrolling past so easy.

Starve the trolls, folks.

Go Lake Show!

The best thing about Sonny's posts? I can tell it's him within the first two lines, which makes scrolling past so easy. Starve the trolls, folks.
Posted by: The Outlaw | April 26, 2011 at 06:45 AM

I'm Sorry.... but sometimes I just can't resist the urge to feed this troll named sonnyboybelfast. Besides I won't read his reply(if there is any) anyway. So, it's basically a WIN-WIN for me. :)


Lakers in 6 - with our without #24. The Lakers have allowed - that's the keyword here: "allowed" - the Hornets to overachieve.

Play time is over. Hornets are going down.


Matt - it isn't like hockey. Once the brackets are set in the first round, it stays that way. The winner of 1-8 plays the winner of 4-5 and 2-7 plays 3-6. We play Dallas or Portland if we get out of first round.

Knowledge is power. I would get the MRI.

I don't know if they will wake up or not. It has been a very strange season. They all seem to have aged quite a bit in one year – or the rest of the league just got younger… Age doesn’t seem to be hurting our nemesis. Of course, they got Rondo and we traded away our young guys… Also, they rested for the last part of the season and we may have peaked early. I have heard it said that a playoff series doesn't really begin until one team faces elimination. Any night that Kobe and Lamar have bad games and Pau fails to take over is going to be a rough night. They will bounce back tonight. If Kobe is really hurt, he will play decoy. If not, watch out!

Guys - it may be time to put Kobe on your shoulders. Pau, Lamar, Drew, Ron, Fish, Shannon, Steve, Matt... You have to step into this moment. Championships are not easily won. They are won with heart. We got out-rebounded by a bunch of little dudes... Pau and Lamar each had 4. Chris Paul had 13. He is 6’ tall. Ouch…

I would try Trey on Chris. Nothing else has worked. We have a guard that is hurt. Some may think I am crazy, but I have a weird feeling about this. He is young and he shoots a high percentage. Maybe he would be a spark? It makes no sense that Joe and Theo are active and Trey is inactive. Play Trey.

Trevor is certainly making a strong case for those who wished we had kept him. I love Ron, but hated to see Trevor go. Before the trade, I thought he showed signs of filling Kobe’s shoes at some point. I didn’t think it would be in the first round of the playoffs with him on another team of course… ;-)

Things will look a lot different tomorrow if we play the way we should and romp them.

It is game day baby! We got this!

Go Lakers!

I am a Lakerholic.

All I hope is that the rest of the team cares about tonight's game and the quest for another championship as much as Kobe and the fans do. After this season, Kobe needs to be surrounded by younger, hungrier athletes. It's going to be time to get "Overhauled!"

refs for tonight:

New Orleans @ L.A. Lakers Derrick Stafford Ed Malloy Rodney Mott Violet Palmer

except for Violet, not bad

refs for tonight:
New Orleans @ L.A. Lakers Derrick Stafford Ed Malloy Rodney Mott Violet Palmer
except for Violet, not bad
Posted by: NuggetsCountry | April 26, 2011 at 07:06 AM

Good thing Bennie isn't in the line-up :)


Sonny idiot belyas you should be the one taking english classes because your post has always the same.Your insanity and hatred about the Lakers makes me think that probably before you lost everything in your life betting against the Lakers and you became deppressed and promised to destroy everything about the Lakers.Grow up dude move on and dont forget to take your medicine you psychotic fool...

Thanks LEWSTRS!!! We need to get the positive energy going. This one is on our court! In the past, Lamar has stepped up when Kobe has been hurt. Lamar is a winner. It is winning time. Pau needs to have a great game eventually in this series. Tonight is the night. They should feed the ball inside to Drew and he needs to go strong to the basket. Who do they have that can stop him? We need a few bicep plays from Ron to turn the momentum. Fish will hit some key heart crushing threes that get written about for years to come. The B's will come in and make them wish the starters would come back. We can't just beat them. Then, it is still a series. We need to destroy them. Tonight is the night. Tonight, we got Jack.

Go Lakers!

Sonny is banned. I'm tired of the personal back and forth

PLG - game day ready!!!

JovBatz24 - totally agree with you. Kobe will be going off tonight - nothing like a mental transfer for him to focus on his game. And since his team knows he's hurting, they will be way more focused as well. It's all good!

I am so ready to watch this one!

Laker drama coming full force, buckle up friends!

Cheers - PLG

It was clear in the first half that Kobe's ankle was already bothering him. He was passive on offense and was being torched on defense by both Paul and Ariza.

Kobe may "know his body" but it is possible he is abusing it. He has not been healthy in the playoffs in a long time. Between his knees, his ankles and his hands, Kobe has had a lot of problems over the last 3 years or so and the idea of a fully healthy Kobe seems like it may be a thing of the past.

He has been driven, and tough as nails. But the wear and tear has started to show.

nihow from shanghai, prc. the Lakers game come on at 10:30am wednesday here in shanghai. i'll be wearing my Lakers trifeca championship, gray tshirt. 2000,2001,2002. i'm doing my it's up to L.A. PLEASE SHOW UP LAKERS, PLEASE!

"Here’s the question for the Drew for Dwight supporters, would you finally accept Drew as the Next Great Lakers Center if he remained healthy and we not only win the championship this year but also next year?"

I would like to hear some of your answers to that.
Posted by Laker Tom



If Drew reamins healthy all next season and plays every game and the Lakers win it all, then I repeat, no, I still would not consider him to be the next great Lakers center. He's never even been an all-star.

Playing one year without injury does not catapult him to the top of the heap.

If by the time Drew is in his mid 20's and continues to play each season like an all-star, and isn't out injured, and leads the Lakers to the Finals (win or lose, just get them there), then I will.

This doesn't mean I don't like him or appreciate his role on the team and it doesn't mean I don't want him to do well, I just want him to prove it.
Play a few seasons for the entire year, become an all-star, dominate, that would be awesome.

But I don't think he will even be in the NBA when he gets to be 30 yrs old.
His heart may be willing, but the knees won't be able to handle the pounding and stress after 7-8 more years.

Very very good job. With the sonny ban, I mean.

He's a diva! not hurt at all, if you ever had a bad sprain, you can't walk much less run and turn as he did, if he plays well (he's a warrior !) if he plays as bad as he's been doing (He's hurt). If jackson had any cojones left he would bench him!

Kobe doesn't need to rebound, he just needs to pass the ball. He shouldn't have 15 to 20 more shot attempts than the other players. Artest shot 70% the first half so why didn't he get the ball in the second half? Kobe cost them the first and fourth games with his silliness. If he wants to play in pain let him, BUT, if Jackson sees that his injury is hurting the team, and makes him come out, he needs to listen. The inmates do not run the asylum. It is kind of amusing though, that this seems to be 2004 all over again.

R.I.P. Ms. Phoebe Snow

After countless years, Sonny gets banned? This is the one troll that had his name in an official headline thread... but Sonny, your rantings were getting over the top; it was worse than the "brokeback" days. I do not understand why he was here so much seeing the kings aren't in it. whatever. Back to business

Roll call ... checking in!!!

Tonight we find out how gimpy Kobe truly is. Everyone knows that he has received round the clock therapy and will be "ready" .. whatever that means. Lost in all this is the fact that Bynum is now 2 games removed from his most recent tweak, so look for him to dominate. Also, look for Pau to regain his mojo and a strong effort from LO. It's Game 5, which has typically been a "statement" game in these 2-2 series at home. It was against OKC last year, it sort of was against Phoenix and it certainly was against Denver in 2009. Regardless, it seems to be the game where the Lakers figure everything out about their opponent. I'm looking forward to some excellent execution, limited second chance opportunities and few turnovers, regardless of Kobe's health tonight.

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

Lakers fans... FEELIN' YOU!

We must now flex our collective muscle and destroy any opponent's will, hope, and desire to defeat us!

The Black Mamba will slitheraround the court, ignoring the immense pain in his ankle and foot. How, you ask? Black Mamba's do not have ankles or feet! RAWR! The Hornets will sting, and the Mamba will strike! The Lakers will dine on the stingers like a Staples Center churro!

Laker Venom will fill the hearts of the Hornettes, and their demise will be swift and deadly! RAWR! Bitter is the taste of defeat, Chris Paul!

GAME 5 awaits! Destiny will prevail!



Is the blog on lockdown or just eating posts?

Believe what you want. Enjoy your fantasy basketball dreams. But when the Lakers three-peat and Drew shares Finals MVP honors with Kobe, your mouth will start to get dry.

Posted by: LakerTom | April 25, 2011 at 10:48 PM


pretty bold.

i've always loved (emphasize on loved) your posts and your optimistic stance on drew, but that was a little too much. if drew can't step up and carry the burden for kobe in the first round (now), there's no chance he even gets considered for finals mvp (assuming they make it that far). i'm one of the people banking on drew to have a 50/30 game tonight, but we know that won't happen. i can't even recall if he's had a 20/20 game.

if anyone is to be mentioned in the same breath as kobe for finals mvp (again, assuming they make it that far), it would be pau... only because he has more to prove. until black mamba/swan age into their late 30's or leave this team, drew is just a role player with a huge role. he was fulfilling that role after the all star break. hell, the whole team was fulfilling their roles. and until he does that consistently, he really can't be mentioned.

we'll see how it goes tonight. i won suite tickets.


Once again...the blog has proven it can't run properly without moderation...

It's a bummer...but I feel necessary...

"JovBatz24 - totally agree with you. Kobe will be going off tonight - nothing like a mental transfer for him to focus on his game. And since his team knows he's hurting, they will be way more focused as well. It's all good!

Posted by: PsychedLakerGirl | April 26, 2011 at 07:37 AM

Love the positive outlook, but the only problem I have with this is that Trevor knows Kobe like the back of his hand, which when uninjured makes this a hard matchup on O for Kobe. With him obviously injured, it will make it nearly impossible to put up big numbers. The other thing is that they weren't necessarily doubling on Kobe anyway, but they will definitely not do it now. That means they will double up on whomever gets going, like Pau, LO............. I guess those are realistically the only potential 20+ threats we have. AB not so much. So, I don't like those odds for a big Kobe game without jacking up 30+ contested shots! I would love to be wrong and see an instant classic Kobe performance, but, I am looking at the glass half full side.

LA you are impossible to please you were complaining that the Hornets were not a good enough opponent to get the Lakers in Play off mode and now that they are giving us a fight you whine! The road to success is supposed to be hard and on the way the heart of a Champion will be tested. Dig deep Lakers and play some D and grab every rebound and second chance point and we will be on to the second round!
Fans unite in good thoughts for the Lakers on this hard road to 3peat

It’s game day!! Let’s kick some hornet hiney tonight. I don’t want these punks thinking they’ve got a shot at winning this thing.

I want egos and backsides bruised tonight – GO LAKERS!!

Oh - and MM - I don't like you insinuating Kobe is misguided in this instance. Your Kobe bias is shining like a beacon in a dark place, my friend. Maybe you - like some of us - should trust his judgement. The dude is a cyborg - he knows what he can and cannot play through. Give it a rest.

I hope the ankle holds up. If it gives again it is over. The 1989 Finals were over when BS and MJ tore their hammies. There are some things you can do with a bad ankle. Write, play chess, talk. Basketball, the way it needs to be played at this level for another 2 games, and then another 3 series? With Kobe not wanting get checked out this tells me he knows but does not want to know. The man knows his body and will use his will to push on but at what point does will get to move an ankle that is injured.

Sonny is banned. I'm tired of the personal back and forth

Posted by: Mark Medina | April 26, 2011 at 07:36 AM

Thank you.

Sonny Belslow banned? 'tear ... the PSP will miss you soo much son, i know you are skulking somewhere reading this; well if you decide to come back with a different IP and new name leave some hints so we know it is you .... or not.

PSP Intern


Thanks for the roll call Lew - great job keepin' it together!

Thanks MM now lets go Lakers...

Moderation? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ...

MM, the PSP is finally sick of this and ready to fight you. Meet the PSP either at Jon K's dark alley or hobbit's dojo; you have to answer for Sonny!

PSP Officer

Come on people, that is like saying that your boss can make you go to the doctor when you get sick... Jeez, he know what he is capable of doing and every team faces rough patches... Same thing was said when they lost the first game and then came back and won the next two. Relax

One troll down who's next???Hope the regular bloggers will comeback we miss you guys...

You know once apon a time a guy by the name Greg popavich complained about a guy named Pau Gasol being traded to the lakers and said that if he was on an NBA trade commitie he would have blocked the trade.... Well well well... Cry baby pop just got another dose of Gasol .... Marc is causing pop alot of's almost like the boy who cried wolf...If we are knocked out I'm all for the Grizz...He seems much more physical than Pau and it would make me sick if Perkins,DURANT and Westbrook advanced to the finals.. Those guys are to cocky for my liking..anywho..


JAMF - There's no Kobe bias. It's a circumstantial criticism. The Lakers medical staff wants these tests and he's refusing. He knows his body and the team gives him that authority. The least Kobe can do in return is take the tests so they have a better understanding of the injury

MM - you said it yourself - "the team gives him that authority".

If he's got it, he can use it - no? The least he can do is not to have the test - the least he can do is focus on getting treatment so if he can go tonight he'll be as ready as possible.

Thanks for the roll call Lewster...Gameday baby...Lets go Lakers.Kobe the greatest player of all time...

Wow, Kobe is being defiant to the team that has given in to all his demands. That's a shocker.

Next thing they'll do is have all the players line-up and videotape their support for his refusal to follow the team's medical orders.

Or maybe they'll make room on the floor for his own personal physician during games.

Martha: Actually in the real world, he would be required to see a doctor if he got injured at work. Its called liability. In fact, unless otherwise noted, he would be required to go see the organization's doctor, and not his own.

Thus, the team can force him to seek medical treatment and whatever else the team's doctor orders.

I will admid that I am the most advid Lakers hater. if the team was playing against Crenshaw I would root against them. However, their fans are even more delusional than the reporters and beat writers. This team nor does any other have a right of passage to play in June. They have to earn it! I am sick and tiered of hearing when the Lakers lose a game that it is something they didn't do. Lack of effort or as Phil would describe desperation. This just isn't a great Lakers team. They are good in the 30 and over NBA league, but far from great. I am not who who will say the Lakers will win this series against the Hornets and I hope they don't. So then the lollipop Laker lickers can start their chant toward their next right to passage in June 2012. Folks its over, the whole damn thing is over!!!

I can imagine what Dr. Vitti is thinking:

"I've been the team's athletic trainer for over 27 years, I've had extensive experience in dealing with all sorts of injuries, and I'm well respected by my fellow-peers and throughout the world. But hey, what do I know."


If the Lakers get knocked out, I would have rooted for OKC, but now that they have that no talent big mouth Perkins(typical yapper no talent on a good team who will do nothing now that he's off that team just like Rondo will be when the Garnett, Allen, and Pierce retires just like what happened to Avery Johnson) I would rather see the Spurs win it all than OKC. Teams I hate the most: Celtics, Heat, OKC, Dallas(because of Cuban), Hornets, Bulls. If the Hornets beat the Lakers, they will be crushed by Dallas or OKC. Especially OKC. If they try to play that physical against OKC, the entire team to will foul out in the 1st period.

KDIDDY, get a life.

How come I smell a big time upset tonight? Another tripple-double maybe. And the whole staples center will be reduced to silence before the final horn gets off.

Everyone is always saying Kobe is a ballhog. Look at his shot attempts last game; only 18 fg attempts. Also obviously those people ain't true Laker fans and don't actually watch the games. Obviously no one can guard Kobe one on one so when he has those one on one opprutunities he'll take advantage but if Kobe gets doubled of pick n rolls he always gladly gives up the ball and normally finds the open man. OF COURSE WHEN L.A IS STRUGGLING ALL THESE KOBE HATERS ALWAYS BLAME IT ON KOBE! Here is teh reason L.A is struggling to beat New Orleans: Pau Gasol is VERY inconsitent rite now, in game 4 Odom or Bynum did not even show up, Shannon Brown is an idiot with not basketball smarts (If Shannon is so atheltic which he is, why is he always on the perimeter taking jumpshots which is wat the opposing teams want him to do), Ron Artest was SCORELSS in the 2nd half (I wish Artest would focus all of his attention on defense trying to shut down his man and only shoot if he is wide open and not try to create his own shot), and the main reason is because Fisher should not be starting in this series because everytime the Hornets win look at CP3's stats he basically has a perfect game and controls the game from start to finish. If the Lakers are smart they should look to take the ball out of the only offensive threat on the Hornet's Chris Paul get the ball out of his hands. And don't give the Hornets role players any confidence.
I agree if Kobe is easily getting beat off the dribble because of his ankle then Lakers should limit his minutes and the bench needs to step it up. The bigs from L.A should get a double-double every game because the Hornets are so small. PAU GASOL IS 7 FEET TALL GETTING 4 REBOUNDS ON 36 MINUTES THAT IS A JOKE. Also if nearly every one who read this article is a Kobe hater why are you even reading!!?? Kobe is still the best player in the NBA, the Hornets are just looking to take Bynum and Kobe out of the game and force people like Odom, Gasol, Barnes, Blake, and Brown to beat them. Which is smart because Kobe and Bynum dominate if Hornets play them one on one. When Kobe tries to drive there is always a second defender, and when Bynum is deep in the paint he gets doubled often.
So L.A needs to try to shut down CP3 and go down low to Bynum and Gasol since Kobe is not 100% rite now.

@KDIDDY. GET A LIFE!!!!! If you're a Laker hater get outta here. People always worry about L.A but they turn it on latee like in 2009 when the sorry Rockets beat them the first game at home and took them to 7 games, and even blew the Lakers out a few times in Houston.

As much as I admire Kobe's tanacity and drive, his actions now show just how pathetically egotistical and pig-headed he truly is, and why the Lakers always have trouble playing as a team! If he's going to overrule the medical staff anyway, why not just let them do their job, and as mentioned, find the proper remedy/long term solution to his injury? What a moron!


You are truly pathetic and nothing but a Kobe fanboy. I've watched every Laker game since I moved to this country and I've never seen a more selfish player in the game. It's one thing to take over a game or even take the decisive shot, but with team basketball and the talent the Lakers have, that should not be necessary. They should win by 10-20 points EVERY game. How come they do not? Kobe. I can't count how many times 1, 2, sometimes 3 Laker players are wide open but Kobe doesn't see them or probably chose not to pass to them. Whoever keeps saying he has "High basketball IQ" (WTF that means) have obviously never watched Nash, Stockton, Magic, or even Jason Kidd play; these players find players when they are open (or sometimes not even open!) for the easy basket, and they also help plays develop so that eventually their teams get an easy hoop. It is never like that with Kobe...everything is forced, dramatic, overly complicated, or just plain terrible shot selection. But fanboys continue to drool and worship him. I'll celebrate when he retires and the Lake show gets Dwight Howard and Chris Paul.

GG: What took you so long on this Kobe revelation?

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