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Kobe Bryant injured ankle late

Lk6zstnc Kobe Bryant stumbled while trying to defend Willie Green and wound up twisting his left ankle.

Bryant was called for a foul on Green.

Bryant didn't want to leave, but did with 1:32 left while Green made one of two free throws for an 86-82 Hornets lead. Shannon Brown came in for Bryant.

But after Lakers Coach Phil  Jackson called a timeout, Bryant was back on the court.

Bryant drove to the basket and passed to Pau Gasol, who fumbled the ball way.

Chris Paul got the ball and was fouled.

Paul made both free throws for an 88-84 Hornets lead with 1:12 left.

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from New Orleans

Photo: Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant (24) tries to walk off an injured ankle during the fourth quarter in Game 4 of the first round of the 2011 NBA playoffs against the New Orleans Hornets at the New Orleans Arena Sunday. Credit: Derick E. Hingle / US Presswire

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Ugh, painful game.

Much of the team wasn't ready for the moment. We did a crappy job of getting the ball inside.

And our defense, we can't EVER allow CP3 to get open 3s. Unforgiveable. Too much honeyball, not enough staying home or rotating back to guys on the 3 point line, especially CP3.

We still have home court advantage. It's a bummer to have the series extended and to really be pressed.

I hope this makes us stronger. NOH is a much more formidable opponent than anyone anticipated.

We are four games into this series and it is abundantly clear that the Lakers defensive scheme against Chris Paul is not working. The Hornets have nobody who can shoot consistently make outside shots. It is high time to bring out the zone defense and stop leaving Pau and Andrew guarding Pau on the switch.

Pau Gasol! What a pile of molasses!

Chris Paul and Jarret Jack combined for 16 rebounds. Pau and Lamar combined for 8 rebounds. So much for the Lakers' advantage in the paint.

The Big 3? Maybe the Slightly Above Average .03? Pau Gasol must want out of LA the way he is playing. Too bad Phil is retiring, he deserves to be fired. Artest and Bynum carry them in the first half and hardly see the ball in the second? If Kobe's ankle ends up being bad then their total lack of effort in too many games will catch up with them as they are ousted in 6. If you layed under the basket on your back you could get 2 rebounds.

Where are all the Haters when we're kicking tail? You guys come out like vampires and try to suck the life ou tof the blog but when we win and the sun is out, you flee to your coffins. So why don't you guys head back there now, huh?

Although, I will say in the world did Gasol miss that pass? My lakers were stuffed with Easter food and thinking of family today because they clearly didn't have their head in the game today. I mean, we're still going to win the series but it's unfortunate that it has to go to game 6.

This is feeling like the infamous Houston series.

No earthly reason why this is dragging on yet it is and here comes another grind it out 6 probably 7 gamer.


The Round Mound of Rebound just called out Derek Fisher for his defense but in his defense what is the alternative? Derek has always had problems with these types of point guards.

Don't think Steve Blake is much of an improvement either and Kobe cannot defend him the whole game.

The hope is that Chris Paul cannot duplicate this for 3 more games. He was terrific in game 1 and 4. He's bound to come somewhat back to earth.

That play where Jarret Jack made that crucial shot near the end of the game the Lakers actually played great defense on Paul but Fisher played the 3 point man and let Jack cut to the free throw line, THAT WAS THE BALLGAME.
A poor decision on Derek's part considering how great the double team was on Paul. A backwards pass would have been nearly impossible, just don't know what Fisher was thinking.

"Where are all the Haters when we're kicking tail? You guys come out like vampires and try to suck the life ou tof the blog but when we win and the sun is out, you flee to your coffins. So why don't you guys head back there now, huh?

Posted by: alekesam | April 24, 2011 at 10:22 PM "

The same place the real fans are after games like tonight. Both sides don't spend a lot of time here when things aren't going their way.

alekesam, we're not haters, we're true fans who bleed when our team loses, even if we were up 3-0. It's the fake fare weather fans who chit chat or play with their phone while watching games instead of paying attention to the game with their heart aching every time the other team makes a basket. Or who say, oh well, when we lose. True fans don't do this. We HURT when we lose.

Patience, grasshoppers! Unless Kobe's ankle is broken, they will not lose again to the Hornets. Pau botched a big play, but will come back with a vengeance with the extra a$$hole that Kobe ripped him after the game. Remember last year when the Lakers were down 2 games with 2 to play against the hated Leprechauns? They had to win 2 out of 2 against the 2nd-best team in the NBA. Now, they have to win 2 out of 3 (with two at Staples) against the 11th best team in the NBA. Relax, chill, and enjoy the ride. Did you think they would just go 16-0 for the Three-peat? How boring would that be? This is why the NBA is the best of all the professional sports. The NFL and MLB, with their Wild Cards, and byes, and the NHL, well, need I say more - it's HOCKEY - soccer on ice! 1-0 or 3-2 just doesn't do it for me. Keep the faith - Lakers in 6!

I don’t understand why Phil didn’t play Artest sooner in the 4th quarter. He was terrific in the first half, and I think him not playing pulled the plug in his rhythm. Basketball is a rhythm game.

And Kobe was barely in rhythm the whole game. I thought Kobe was too unselfish in the first half, choosing to play facilitator. He made it up in the 3rd quarter with 14 points but I don’t care what others say, Kobe needs to shoot and he needs to score! As he said in Game 3, he is a scorer first. And that injury —– dang. It was like Bynum all over again – a collective holding of breath in the entire LakerNation.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


PJ played the NO's way which was a tactical moves by CP3. It nullified our height advantage. LO was inconsistent tonight and Kobe started late on his offense. Lakers should go back to Game 3 mojo, defend Paul by committee while striking on the post at all times. I saw LO and Shannon Brown jacking up shots at early possession on a low percentage shots. Another area that they should clean up are rebounds and 2nd chances points for NO.

Anyway, it goes back to LA on two of three series while the HCA goes back to LA. Have faith, we'll get this in 6.

Usually in the NBA no ONE player can beat a playoff contending team in a 7 game series, hopefully Chris Paul will not be the exception.
Fast point guards have always been the Lakers achilles heel and the Front Office has never addressed it. The fact is Mitch has made the situation worse with his moves this season.
The Lakers coaching staff will hopefully come up with either a defensive scheme to slow down Chris Paul or come up with an offensive game plan that the Hornets can't defend.

Hornets coach doing what Doc Rivers did last year.

Hornets coach talks to NBA about officiating

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Hornets coach Monty Williams says he put in calls to NBA headquarters to ask why game officials were allowing Lakers' big men to stand in the paint under the New Orleans basket for more than 3 seconds and aggressively bump defenders out of the way.

Williams says he has spoken to NBA Vice President Stu Jackson in particular about the way Los Angeles center Andrew Bynum slammed his shoulder into Emeka Okafor's chest to gain position for easy dunks in Game 3.

Williams says league officials were "gracious" and agreed with some of his criticism.

However, Williams also stresses that the officiating was by no means the reason for Hornets losses in Games 2 and 3 of the first-round series. He chalks that up to turnovers and poor rebounding.

Bynum, Gasol, DUNK THE BALL!!!!!!!!!

Pau may have deflected the momentum when he fumbled the pass but he regained it back by scoring 3 pts immediately. It was not only his fault, the game was lost in the inability of the Lakers to match the creativity of NO's PG, they could not stop Paul so as the game continued he gained confidence in finding ways how to stop the Lakers. Next game, Lakers should just go with their offense in the post.


"The Bulimic 1/2 Empty Glass" - aptly-named Band -Wagoner! Phil Jackson has five rings with the Lakes, and Pau has 2, and that's who you complain about? Bynum and Odom, steady in the two wins, were a combined 4-15 shooting tonight, and Lamar was 1-7. The two of them combined for 13 rebounds. The team as a whole had 9 offensive rebounds off of 62 misses. And it's all Pau and Phil's fault, and they should be fired? When Phil takes them to their Sixth NBA title under his leadership, and his twelfth overall, you will still be a wannabe Laker fan. You gotta have faith, brother.

Don't get to high or too low (something I have problems with)


home cooking always does wonders

everyone knows lakers are pampered by nba, just look at 02 king series and gm 7 vs Cs last year or gm 4 in 1987 when fakers shot 14 ft attempts in 4q to celtics 2...that was the majic jr sky hook game, just after bird stuck a 3 in mychal thompsons face

Lakers didnt win today coz their big man r wanted by the nba for camping under the rims wat a joke... I lov to say im glad wat they got watever happen in game 6 I jus glad NO stick it to them lol.

Uneven game all the way around. Typical Laker playoff run. They will make adjustments. Get their heads on straight and come out Tues with their best effort of the playoffs, go bach to NO and win a close game! Lakers in 6. There is no way the Lakeshow will win out, and I dont think even the staunchest supporter thought they would. But new flash! They dont have to. A .571 winning pct. will get it done. I dont see ANY team beating a PJ coached team in a 7 game series. 2 down, 14 to go for #17. Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monty Williams = total cry baby

I kno yall Faker fans think they can jus turn thinks around but com on last year is not this year...koby is getting hurt left n rite so as bynum Gasol its a joke ....well should I go on they already counting the 3peat b4 it gets here lol thts the problem be for real everybody in nba play for one thing they r not jus handed to them tht easy...

I thought I felt like crap after game 1, but I feel worse now.

Well, this is too close for comfort.

In 2 of 3, if Chris Paul plays the way he did in games 1 and 4, then the Lakers are gonna be ousted.

If Kobe is out or slower due to the ankle, then katie-bar-the-door. Jack and Paul are going to run circles around Fisher.

Its a best of three series now with 2 in LA. I like our chances. In fact there will be no 7th game. Lakers in 6. Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!

As much as I hate the Heat, I hope they beat the Celtics. I can't bear to see the Celtics win it again.

The stupidity that is the Lakers management and coaching staff. Every Laker is injured and the Celtics sweep the Knicks. Why? Because their coach had the brains to rest his players while the Lakers drove Gasol into the ground in the last few games. Good strategy PJ. I guess you really want to go coach the Knicks with Chris Paul and Dwight Howard sooner than later. What a mistake to bring PJ back.

The two-time defending World Champions played like crap tonight -- CRAP!!! -- the whole team played like CRAP (except for Artest), AND YET, unbelievably, the Lakers were only down one single basket with 10 seconds left in the game -- that tells you that the Los Angeles Lakers are a whole shit load better than the New Orleans Hornets, pure and simple.

Lakers in 6, possibly 7 (only because complacency routinely curses this team, ala Houston 2009).

Odom, 6th man of the year...PLEASE! While Jamaal Crawford and Jason Terry are having impact in their series, Odom has only been a difference maker in one game. Looks more like the invisible man than the 6thman.

Sonny and his tours begin early....

Never will the balloon not have enough hot air....

keep it up Sonny.

The haters took pleasure out of seeing angry replies to their bashing, why don't we take that pleasure away by ignoring their posts? Eventually they will get tired and leave because they are the only ones who read their non-sense w/o any shred of evidence of anybody else reading their petty, ignorant, jealous, uncivilized, hated, moronic messages. Frankly, you don't even want to give them any notion that their ugliness worth any of your time spending on posting your reply. I learn to completely ignoring their posts and feel much better, TRUST ME.

Maybe the Lakers should just forfeit all Holidays and Sunday 12:30 games...

Lakers are loosing it. Kobe has grey hair and a Hero or Zero attitude. Not a good mix at 32. D'fish finally IS over he hill on D'fense. RonRon was in the right place at the right time making baskets for the Lakers in the first half but where was that horse in the second-half. Ill tell you, he was on the bench while Kobe the "Hero or Zero" was out going 5 for 18 and not letting anyone else on the court get into any kind of rythum.

The games last night was a freaken imbarrasment to all laker fans.

I agree...have the balls to drop the triangle and shock the hornets...then play straight-up zone defense to contain Paul and free Kobe, Odom and Artest for an easier offensive flow...problem is, i don't think Jackson remembers how to play zone anymore...




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