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Kobe Bryant appears to direct gay slur toward referee during Lakers-Spurs game [Updated]

After receiving his 15th technical foul of the season, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant sat down on the bench and appeared to direct a gay slur toward referee Bennie Adams.

The TNT telecast captured Bryant's outburst during the Lakers' 102-93 victory Tuesday over the San Antonio Spurs. He hit his seat before sitting, threw a towel and then yelled "Bennie!" before appearing to mutter the homophobic slur. That prompted TNT announcer Steve Kerr to say, "You might want to take the cameras off of him right now, for the children watching from home."

[Updated at 11:02 a.m.: An NBA spokesman said the league would review the incident, which prompted Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization, to release a statement calling on Bryant and the Lakers to publicly address the issue.

"What a disgrace for Kobe Bryant to use such horribly offensive and distasteful language, especially when millions of people are watching," the HRC said in a statement. " Hopefully Mr. Bryant will recognize that as a person with such fame and influence, the use of such language not only offends millions of LGBT people around the world, but also perpetuates a culture of discrimination and hate that all of us, most notably Mr. Bryant, should be working to eradicate. Bryant and the Lakers have a responsibility to speak up on this issue immediately. America is watching.”]

A Lakers spokesman didn't offer any official comment, but said Bryant planned to release a statement soon. Lakers Coach Phil Jackson spoke in general terms regarding Bryant's technical foul after the game.

Read Kobe Bryant's statement here.

"I think he's frustrated and it's normal he would be frustrated. He didn't shoot the ball particularly well tonight," Jackson said of Bryant's 27-point effort on eight-of-21 shooting. "He was aggressive and got a foul call he disputed later and was rung up for. Now he's against the edge."

Should Bryant pick up his 16th technical Wednesday in the Lakers' season finale at Sacramento he would be suspended for the first game of the 2011-12 season. Technical counts reset for the playoffs.


-- Mark Medina and Broderick Turner

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Mitch Strikes Back!

Lakers sign Trey Johnson!!!!

Who needs Sasha?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Political correctness is the Devil.

If people want to make an issue of this, well, then I may have to make an issue of the utter offensiveness of their over-sensitivity.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Well, Kobe will not get any love from the ref's, that's the nail in the coffin. I don't see any three peat in this group, maybe a second round flameout.

Jon K - Understand though that I need to report the news. I'll offer commentary once all the news developments shape up. But I have to be fair to the story.

What DID he say? I can't read lips, well, ....except for my wifes lips, but let's not go there right now.

Mark Medina,

That wasn't a slight directed at you. I know this is your job, but it seems a big chunk of the media works to turn non-issues into issues that create division in society based upon reactionary, emotionally-driven responses over whether or not something is offensive.

Don't we have better things to worry about right now than whether or not something is offensive? If I think about it hard enough, 80% of life is offensive in some small way or another. It's ridiculous.

Watch MSNBC. I'd say that approximately 33% of their "news" is about whether or not someone "Crossed The Line" by mis-speaking, thoughtlessly thinking or being "too" direct.


It's practically Orwellian.

Someone says "the wrong thing" and it's a scandal. Really? Is that what an open and free society is about?

It's not.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


This is not important news ... what's the word on Bynum?

Hey Fatty. Welcome back.

Kobe said the word "fa**ot".

It's pretty clear he yells "Bennie!" then mutters two words that both start with the 6th letter of the alphabet and neither can be used here. Is there any precedent for this happening in the past and what the punishment was?

Who Cares? It doesn't mean anything, doesn't make him a bigot because he was frustrated.

Waiting like a crack head for Bynum’s status, which is all that really matters in Laker Nation.

You know what REALLY OFFENDS ME?

Over-sensitive people who block emotionally honest direct communication through passive-aggressive control of every dialog.

When is political correctness going to be used to inhibit these toolbags who feel they need to passive-aggressively control all aspects of public discourse?

THIS is what I find offensive!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Kobe should have just called him "Justin Bieber". That's a far more profound insult.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Who cares about this? And who knows, maybe what Kobe said is accurate?

@Jon K.
I agree 100@!!!! I'm so sick of this double standard horsecrap!

I've seen and heard much more offensive statements at games and watching games on tv than Kobe uttered.

Laker Truth - Thanks and thanks...

Found the valium. Got the bourbon by the designated Laker rooting chair. After 25 some games without a rooting t-shirt or hat, tonight I'll put them all on. Wife is ready to ride her rooting poise to 2nd seed tonight.

After that, it will be need to be miracle time. Time enough to get?:
AB back to 90%.
KB shooting >45%.
PG psyched enough to be an inside force.
LO focused on basketball instead of whatever outside.
Shannon finding his shot.
Shannon passing instead of dribbling.
DFish finding that magical outside stroke >45%.
Blake getting back by game 5 of first round.
No other Lakers getting chicken pox.
RA random drives to the trees gone.
KB taking a breath when his teammates actually provide help.
PJ actually coaching and running some plays several times a game.
Joe Smith and Theo getting some quality run (may take PJ getting chicken pox for this one).
Trey actually contributing (may take PJ getting chicken pox for this one).
Lakers running Chuck Person's defense that worked so well for 17-1 streak.

Other than those miracles, nothing else to report, except hopefully I make it through the playoffs without more ER visits!


Yes - PC is killing this society!

WHO CARES!!!!!!!

@Jon K
I heart Ozzy:

You want offensive? Listen to Obama trying to justify his attempt to pick my pockets even further!!!

We should all band together and help Jon find a new life...even the old one will do

meh...alls I know is if he really said what he's being accused of wouldn't he have been slapped with a second technical and tossed from the game?

That is all.

Really, who cares? If we had cameras on us average joe's when we lost our temper the freaking word police would be all over us. So sick of these self righteous folks who think everything is a slur against them and defaming their character. Grow the bleep up and get over it.

the assault on the best player in the nba is obviously neverending, maybe queen lebron got word of this and went crying to his boyfriend, david stern. and last time i checked, we are all protected under the United States Constitution under article two, which gives us the RIGHT to freedom of speech, despite what wanda sykes says in her stupid commercial. so unless the nba operates outside of the republic which we live in, this should not be an issue. this reminds me of the cancer patient comments that pile of crap garnett made directed at villanueva, which was 1,000 times more offensive. kg was not punished for that, neither should black mamba.

I wonder what Kobe, or Phil, or the NBA , or sports-talk radio, or the national media's reaction would be this morning if the referee has called Kobe the "N" word ??? Just wondering. But I believe the response wouldn't be "so what" or "that's just Kobe being Kobe". We have a giant double standard went it comes to our so called "sports heroes".

Non issue..Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeext. Btw growing up we used the "offensive" term all the time at each other. the term itself wasn't the insult as much as what it represented was. Now "the community" has taken ownership of the phrase and is trying to eliminate it out of the culture. I'm sure Kobe didn't mean the term as a "slur" as it has deemed to be the last 5-10 years or so.

MM - I was PC'd... Yo Comprendo :-)

As I was reading the children's book Something Queer is Going On by Elizabeth Levy and smoking my filtered fag, I saw the shocking video and then the homo-milk I was drinking came out my nose.

I'm no lip reader, but it looks like he said the other F-word, followed by "it." Which, considering the way the refs were busting him for offensive fouls, is justifiable.

TO BE BLUNT, I CARE. While my main concern is Andrew’s health, I personally found Kobe’s comments to be very disappointing and completely unacceptable no matter how great a Kobe fan I am. I know he was distraught with anger but that does not justify making hateful comments like that. Insults like that, which go far beyond simple political correctness. They are mean and spiteful comments that should not be glossed over by Lakers fans of any sexual or political persuasion. Kobe was wrong. He knows better and I am sure he’ll apologize for his inappropriate comments.

Stay on subject at least if you are going to get political.

For a large number of Americans, calling someone a homosexual is still considered a valid put-down. Those who don't like Kobe using such a phrase likely aren't contributing to his paycheck in the first place.

Maybe the tooth fairy left him a three dollar bill?


"I'm so sick of this double standard horsecrap!"

You, me, and every other rational person I know.

I declare today "The First Day In The Eventual Death Of Political Correctness."

People are done. We're tired of it. And we're not going to accept this nonsense anymore.

It was a relatively well-intended idea that is utterly harmful for society.

Over-sensitivity is a disease that cannot be cured by political correctness. In fact, political correctness just makes it worse by feeding into a person's obsessive need to control through shame without accepting personal responsibility for their condition (over-sensitivity and control freakitude.)

Enough is enough.

Political correctness is the Devil and if you can't see that right now, well, you're a toolbag and I hope you get over your toolbagitis soon.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Stay on subject at least if you are going to get political.

Posted by: NBA4ever | April 13, 2011 at 11:39 AM


I tried but my comment was removed.. I'm going to try again, so here goes:

"What a disgrace for Kobe Bryant to use such horribly offensive and distasteful language, especially when millions of people are watching," the HRC said in a statement.

That comment is so "g..!" Its sports darn it. The "f.." word is thrown around all the time. Are we going to ban that word too and reduce it to the "N" word status?

This is no time for the country to get softer darn it! Everyone in their right mind knows he wasn't insulting the gay community and if that's what they think, then boo-hoo!

Besides, what were they doing watching a m… game anyway??? All joking aside, there's much more to worry about with this team than what some organization believes what he may have said via "lip reading."

If they were really watching the game, they would be more concerned about Andrew going down, Matt sitting out the game and Steve ailing from Chicken Pox. This team's chances for a 3-peat have been greatly compromised. FOCUS HRC... FOCUS!!!

- Jon K, completely agree. Excellent take on how we are becoming (have become?) an Orwellian society.

- Their is an open strategy now in the league to be overly physical with Kobe because teams know the refs will not blow the whistle. Kobe is constantly being slapped on the arms and body when driving, is handchecked from the front (a violation), and is continually being hit on his wrist and elbow in his follow through on his outside shots, WITH NO FRICKIN CALLS. It's almost become a defensive strategy to tap Kobe on the wrist or elbow on his jumpers, because refs will rarely make the call, and defenders KNOW IT. Boston was the only team that could get away with these type of fouls without a whistle, but now, EVERY TEAM has a license to foul Kobe. The officiating on Kobe changed after Colorado, but this is getting ridiculous. I can only imagine Kobe's frustrations at this point.

- If Bynum is back and healthy by the second round, the team should be fine, assuming they don't play Portland in the first round. Tonight's game might be the biggest regular season game of the year, and the Kings are going to be pumped up.

- If Blake can return healthy, I am fairly confident that he will perform well in the playoffs. He is tough minded, and his decision making is fun to watch. He just needs to hit his shots. Shannon, on the other hand, almost seems like a lost cause at this point. When Shannon first became a Laker, I was shocked at how quickly he picked up the Triangle. Now, he is completely clueless out there. He rarely makes the quick pass to the open man, and takes too long to survey the defense. His decision making has been absolutely atrocious. By the way, putting your head down and running past an open shooter does NOT work with NBA players!

- OK, I just needed to vent. The future of Bynum as a Laker might depend on the news following his MRI today. This afternoon will be a pivotal moment for Bynum (and the Lakers). Fingers crossed.

frmkt, Get a clue, bro. YOUR welfare and food stamps are probably going to go up. It's companies like GE and B of A who pay NOTHING in taxes who are going to finally have to pay their fair share. But this is about basketball, OK?

Now, getting back to the topic at hand: Kobe is a grown man. He can say whatever he wants. However, as an employee of the NBA he is going to have to pay for it. I expect the NBA to dish out a fine and put it behind them—as they should.


There's nothing wrong with being gay.

But there's plenty to disrespect in people who act like self-absorbed histrionic exhibitionistic lametards when it has nothing in a real sense to do with their sexual inclination.

That's just how it is.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Kobe, so you like to call people names huh? Well here is a few for you to chew on.

You are an overpaid, uncivilized, immature, narcissistic, misogynist, rapist, POS.

No Kobe will have to suffer the wrath of the pro-gay Gestapo and the gay thought police!

trust me.....i have seen MUCH WORSE on tv! ever watch jersey shore or
2 1/2 men or family guy? or.. or... ..or ...or... or.... i can go on and on and on and on.... oh puleeeeeeeeez..... GO LAKERS!!!!!

Stay on subject at least if you are going to get political.

Posted by: NBA4ever | April 13, 2011 at 11:39 AM

I've tried to post a comment twice already but it keeps getting removed. I'll try one more time.

I've seen 2nd graders take insults better than the "sensitive" community when they catch wind of someone using the word. Again for most Americans growing up it was considered slang not a slur. Then the gays "red flagged" the word deeming it "offensive" to them. SMH Our society is becoming a bunch of pansies. If you care and get offended what an athlete says in the heat of battle you have much bigger concerns on your plate. GROW UP!!!!!! this isn't 2nd grade..."ooooooo I'm gonna teeeeeeeeell!"

This was obviously a "hot-button" because comments are being moderated again. OK.

IF he did say that, I say, come on Kobe, you're better than that, or should be!

And to frm, since you brought politics into this, you have selectively forgotten that it took the BuSh liars 8 years to get us into this mess & for Obama, or anyone to get out of this in 2 years, well, you know nowt what you speak. And yes, it was BuSh & his cronies that created this financial mess - they took the largest surplus in U.S. history & turned it into the largest debt AND deficit this nation has ever known - that & 2 wars, the mortgage mess, joblessness & constant lying is what they gave us!

Now, back to Sports....

"I declare today "The First Day In The Eventual Death Of Political Correctness."

People are done. We're tired of it. And we're not going to accept this nonsense anymore.

It was a relatively well-intended idea that is utterly harmful for society."
-Jon K

AMEN to that brother!

SNORES'ville. Google 'Koch brothers'. Refocus priorities, America or LOSE IT...


I know you and I share the same political believes and living in the bay area we are somewhat more sensitive to the issue because we are actually exposed to this community on a daily basis. I for one have good close friends and co-workers who are homosexual.

However I don’t think him uttering that in his frustration constitute him as being hateful or that he even meant it in that way. I myself have slipped among a friend when describing the bowtie wearing clown that did crossfire on CNN. He completely understood the context of which I meant by calling him that and by no means was it a dig at that community.

I believe it is a word we were brought up with that describes a person who is oversensitive, ironically.

Total agreement that the media makes too many Big Deals out of nothing, and not just in sports. Plus, this whole disrespecting BS has simply gone too far. It's only words, people, get a life, buck up and move on to something important. The referees incite these incidents by believing they are above reproach, but I have seen too many badly blown calls to believe, as they do, that they are infallible. Let's just play ball and leave the rest of this stuff out of the picture.

You want offensive? Listen to Obama trying to justify his attempt to pick my pockets even further!!!

Posted by: frmkt | April 13, 2011 at 11:27 AM


now to important news, any word on drews MRI?

Hey yes we are having comments on moderation. Please exercise good taste in refraining from profanity or other slurs

@JON K ... I do not disagree with you that political correctness does get carried away to extremes but to me calling somebody the “f” word is just as bad as calling them the “n” word. I not only find it offensive but also find people glossing over it to be callously insensitive. There is no excuse. Kobe’s comments were socially unacceptable and I lose respect for anybody who does not understand this. A sincere apology is in order and I am sure that Kobe will rightfully own up and make such as apology.

It is what it is.

In case anyone likes to hear when the so called "experts" count our team out of the running for the title:

"6. Los Angeles: This is the second time this season I’ve written off Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. I called Kobe “thirsty” after the All-Star Game and swore he was done. The Lake Show ripped off 17 victories in 18 games. What to believe? Andrew Bynum hyperextended his knee in Tuesday’s game. I believe the Lakers are too old to get through what will be a very difficult Western Conference playoffs. No way"
-Whitlock, Fox Sports

link to the article:

Wait a second...If it wasn't for Steve Kerr (former Spur and Suns GM) interpreting the situation, we wouldn't have a clue as to what was said, no? Just that Kobe was mad and uttered an 'expletive'.

MM - Could you hear it from the press area?

Laker tom,

You just made what I suspect will be an unpopular statement here as from the other comments it seems most disagree with you.
FWIW, I agree with you completely.

Kobes control of his emotions seems to be in decline, which may be having an effect on his game. Too much arguing calls, disputing fouls, whatever.
What happened to his ability to stay steely focused on the game?

What he said isn't an issue of free speech.
It was an example of losing control and inappropriate behavior.
Would you want your kids or grand-kids emulating that behavior?
Who would want their son/daughter to go to school today and get angry and say the same thing to a teacher or another student?

There's something to be said about leading by example and it involves more than just work ethic.

I don't get this... Kobe Bryant now on fire because of a so-called "gay" slur that was caught on tape. HRC of America and NBA, WTH... sorry but I guess this is so blown out of proportion. Guy's frustrated and upset, I mean come on, when did we have control of our emotions?! It's so darn stupid to make an example out of the guy. Aren't others doing the same thing?

Nobody's disputing the KB has the right to say what he wants under the 1st Amendment. That's not the point. The point is he and his team are lionized as role models and leaders in society, and he's encouraging the use of "f*ing f*ggot" as a put-down when you're mad something doesn't go your way. I don't think it's right to marginalize millions of people by saying they're the lowest of the low. He and the Lakers should know better... otherwise he's no better than Mel Gibson, et al.

So good for HRC for holding his feet to the fire on this, and exercising their 1st Amendment rights to rebut defamation . He should apologize to those he offended, do a PSA, move on, and try not to do it again.

according to you (the "slimes" er-times), only 9 million people in this country identify themselves as lgbt, 9 million out of 300 million! 3% of the population! and they (the lgbters) want to push through this agenda that deems them part of a "normal" lifestyle? give me a break! i know that number is relative, let's say there are twice as many of them as previously posted, that's still only 6% of the population! when is the other 94% gonna grow some b---s and stand up to this obviously pompous section of the population?! besides, the so-called slur is mostly used in "fun" anyway! they need to get over this and concentrate on issues that affect us all, not just them...

S Perkins,

There's nothing politically correct about defending an individual.

The delusion of political correctness is that any generalization is evil--which is just plain stupid.

Generalizations, even emotionally charged positive or negative generalizations, have their place and beneficial functionality in discourse. They are just not intellectually valid to utilize in analysis of any given individual nor specific event.

No individual should be categorized by a generalization.

And an exception does not undo the validity of a generalization.

These rules apply to everyone equally independent of what generalization (religion, ethnic group, class, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) someone else might throw you into.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


jerseylakerfan, freedom of speech only comes into play when it is being denied by governmental conduct. Not by a private person. If you are going to quote the Constitution at least know how it's applied.

Many of you people are just plain wrong. If Kobe would have used a racial slur that ethnic group would have been rightfully outraged. Many of you don't care because you are a bigot as well or just dont care because it isnt something you find offensive. Well someone does. Those words have been used to spread hate and violence throughout history. A person with such a high profile and visablity needs to be aware of what they do and say. What he does and says in private is different, but in the public eye and on national TV it is unacceptable. He is paid millions it comes with the territory.

Jon K,

Congratulations. I have just lost all respect for you.

I completely agree with Jon K., and I do understand it must be reported on the news to be fair and all, but is it right? No! I hate those stupid organizations that believe they hold the power to someones future because they demand them to appologies or "spek aout the issue" screw them and there self proclaimed thought that they are to be listned to. California has gotten bad over the years about things like this. its a competitive sport! slurs in an intense stressful game only makes the game better. stop crying people. and yes ill say it, no matter what gender you are or what sexual preference you have, grow a pair of something, anything that'll make you stop being so dam sensetive.

I'm a Laker fan and I am offended. If a white player called Kobe (or a ref) the n-word (or any other derogatory slur) it would be news just like this. Everybody says things in anger that they wouldn't normally say but you still have to own up to it, whatever the excuse.

Jon K = Hypocrite.

Laker Tom,

Like I said, if he REALLY wanted to offend the ref, he should have called him "Justin Bieber." Not THAT is a real insult.

Words have power when we give them artificial power. Artificial power comes from making words (WORDS! Not actions! WORDS!!! It's crazy.) taboo.

Seriously, how insane is it to make a work or a dialog taboo?

What kind of crazy, dysfunctional, control freak makes that a priority?


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I watched that moment. I was sure he said something which rhymed with tucker.

I believe Tim Hardaway's comments were much more inflammatory due to the personal nature of him expressing his individual feelings rather than his competitive fire-fueled frustrations. Albeit his right to do that, Hardaway should've kept his feelings to himself to avoid any potential (or guaranteed, in his case) firestorm. I'm more concerened with the use of the first F-word since it encompasses everything and everyone, and not just a select group or section.

Let the attacks begin...


We resort to violence when we run out of ideas. Same for inflammatory language. Kobe is a bright guy and professional athlete. He should be raising the bar and inspiring with admirable leadership and poise under pressure. This outburst will cost him way more than it was worth. He let his temper do the talking. Bad move. Another ding in the Laker's cocky veneer.

I may have to by a Lakers t-shirt after this.

Laker Tom,

I meant "NOW THAT is a real insult."

In fact, there is no greater insult within the breadth of human language and even potential human experience than calling someone Justin Bieber.

If words could kill, those two abhorrent words when linked together would eviscerate the soul of any human with a modicum of dignity.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Mayor of Kobe Town,

My self-worth is not contingent upon your respect.

Political correctness is for psychological dysfunctional passive-aggressive control freak toolbags.

And it is SO... 1992.

It's over.

Go cry before your collection of Justin Bieber posters.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I bet Steve Kerr is robbing his hands making a big deal about this, probably no one else noticed what Kobe might have said if he said it, this has turned into a WHITCH HUNT that is totally out of place and exaggerated just get on with the play offs and stop belly aching for every little thing that happens in the court the day Kobe throws a beer glass to the head of a referee then make news out of it, Sensationalism is what is called.

The bigger issue is really that our athletes are looked up to as heroes by many children in America. And if this is the example they are setting for our youth, well then I weep for the future. Hate speech should never be tolerated. Do you think Kobe would be okay with someone yelling n*gger at him? I highly doubt it. So why should this be any different? Acceptance and/or glossing over this kind of behavior as not a big deal sends a message that discrimination and hate is acceptable when it most certainly is not. It's not about being PC, it's about not allowing our public figures to reinforce discrimination and hatred.

Oh NO world stop what you are doing.
Oh NO now the federal deficit is going to triple because of this.
Oh NO he said the word maggot and now he just caused global warming!

Some of you have used the excuse that this is a competitive sport and people get fustrated. That is exactly the problem. It is calls sportsmanship. Whether a ref is right or wrong it is uncalled for to speak that way on the court. It is uncalled for to fight with an opposing team on the field. Is that the way you want your kids to behave? Do you think its okay for your kids to see negative things and hear swearing? Many of you are tired of the political correctness because you dont have to deal with the issues yourself. Political correctness is there for a reason. I agree that there are times it is overdone, but this is not an example of PC running a muck.

Wow. The lengths to which homers will go to support "their guy" is just astonishing. What Kobe did was reprehensible, and the fact that jerks like Kevin Garnett engage in this kind of banter on a nightly basis does not make it "ok".

Kobe is one of the most remarkable basketball players I have ever had the pleasure of watching. But I tell you what, Kobe seems to exhibit so much less enjoyment while playing the game than my own personal favorite Laker (Magic). He sneers and complains virtually all game long, and it is quite easy for this Laker fan to see why he is so easy for non-Laker fans to hate. He's basically the same personality type as KG--a guy many of us would have loved to have seen suit up in blue and gold, but a guy who is especially distateful now that he's wearing green.

Being a fan does not have to mean that you lose all semblance of objectivity. Kobe's behavior last night was atrocious, and to label such criticism as "PC" is as pathetic as Jon K's posts on this thread....

@Drdro, yeah, it's pompous gays who are the problem. Their lives are just so easy. They never face any discrimination or violence. In fact, they deserve being beat up for being gay, right? Maybe killed like in the Middle East or Africa?

Do you have any idea how many gay teens kill themselves because they are marginalized for being gay? And do you really think none of those millions are in your family? I feel bad for your gay son or daughter... they're gonna grow up hating their father and probably hating themselves. You're clearly part of the problem.

Mark Medina,

It is your responsibility to "report the news" only when there is news to report, as opposed to a controversy manufactured by ESPN designed to create a firestorm of endless chatter in the lull between the regular season and the playoffs.

I watched last night's game on local TV (not TNT, which I can't stand), and neither Joel nor Stu, nor any of the post-game or court-side commentators even so much as alluded to the alleged slur. But ESPN, as the world's largest and most obvious beneficiary of sports controversy, dug a story out of the mud in the hope that it would gain traction and become yet another topic of over-analysis brought to you by its army of arrogant blowhards.

Do you remember, back during the 2008 presidential campaign, when some idiot suddenly decided to question whether Barack Obama was born in the United States and demanded to see his birth certificate? Remember when Fox News decided to conveniently ignore the fact that the State of Hawaii confirmed Obama's birth numerous times and even published a copy of the birth certificate online? Didn't matter. The false narrative was born, and Fox ran with it. That was three years ago, and they're still running with it, and a whole lot of ignorant news consumers are still trying to question the president's citizenship.

Why doesn't Fox stop perpetuating this myth? Because ignorant news consumers consume news. That's what they do, and Fox is in the business of gaining viewers and selling ads. That is how manufactured controversy works. It doesn't matter if it's true, or if it's newsworthy. If you can plant an idea that creates controversy about a highly polarizing figure, you've struck news gold.

That is how ESPN operates. Sports fans the world over have come to expect this kind of idiocy from them. It should not, however, be how the L.A. Times operates. Part of me was hoping the L.A. Times blog wouldn't stoop so low as to lend ESPN's fake narrative credence by repeating it. In the future, please show us you understand the difference between news and manufactured controversy by refraining to run with stories of the character-assassination variety.


for some reason my post gets "lost". Interesting.
I said Kobe is a warrior and should man up and make some recognition.
He has done so and case closed, live and learn.
The NBA is a product and Kobe works for the NBA. He represents the Lakers and by default a huge metropolis.
Kobe's remarks by themselves are not the end of the world. Its the ignorants who take things like it further and accept them as to demean others.
Its not Orweillian. And its not a big deal. But glad he manned up.

i'm a little surprised at some fans' reactions to this. i'm not trying to go all charles barkeley i'm not a role model, but we are aware that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of kids try to emulate kobe. in an ideal world, their parents would teach them right from wrong, but in lieu of that, i don't see what's wrong with kobe being held responsible for the slur.

in general, i'm not even remotely politically correct. i do, however, think that there must be lines in the sand. as a high school teacher, i can speak firsthand about the horrible prejudices, both subtle and explicit, that lgbtq youth face. there's no empathy from some of you for these kids. these youth are 4 times more likely to commit suicide than their peers. over 40% of boys report bullying specific to their sexual identity and 1 in 4 lgbtq youths drop out of high school because of harassment.

out of curiosity, are those of us who think that what kobe said is not a big deal also people who are against the idea of stricter punishment for hate crimes? i'm not trying to crucify kobe or say that he committed a hate crime, but let's not pretend that there are no effects from what a superstar, who has heaps of idolizing and impressionable young fans, says on television.

and to be clear, i'm not gay. not literally, anyway.

To Jon K.

unfortunately you don't get the big picture.
its a teachable moment and I hope you have learned something today.

Who the heck cares??!! Only in this country do people create a storm in a shotglass about the things professional athletes say. He was mad, as would any member of the LGBQT community be after receiving a technical foul. Get over it. "Angry, distatasteful' language is call for a public apology? If that's the case then get every Cheney, Palin and Romney on the bullhorn dosing out apology after apology bc everything THEY say is offensive to any breathing, literate person in the U.S.

Michael, you're living in your own bubble. Calling someone a "F*G" is unacceptable in any part of the country. although it might be tolerated because people are so afraid to stand up to those type of insults.

What next the animals at the zoo don't want to be called caged, how about "openly enclosed beings, don't we have a constitution that protect's speech, even the word's I write here have to approved before they will be posted......don't we have soldiers in a war we should concentrating on, what about our boarder's, our budget, homelessness, geeeze people lighten up


I won't defend Kobe as I am offended more by the first F word than the second. But oh my goodness...really? I have some advice for the male gay community...wait for it...Man up.
Try listening to the music your kids are listening to on the radio these days if you really want to be offended.

First of all it's a sh** storm over something he ALLEGEDLY said.. notice the article says APPEARS to have said. 2nd the bigger issue is the fact that the majority of society doesn't see this term as a slur as it has been so labeled. I'm sure Buss would bet his franchise Kobe wasn't thinking about the gay community when he allegedly said f*gg*t. Most don't. But they want to be so sensitive and claim a word as "offensive". F*gg*t CANNOT be compared to the N word. Not even in the same class.


I and you are responsible for your own emotions. PERIOD.

I cannot ever fully control your emotions, nor you can mine.

If you do something which "offends" me, it is my responsibility to deal with it. It is not my responsibility to control you.

This is what we should be teaching our kids, not that the only acceptable dialog is an Orwellian one.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K. wrote:

"If you do something which 'offends' me, it is my responsibility to deal with it. It is not my responsibility to control you."

Really? Try and tell that to Blacks who are called the "N" word. We both know that Blacks, and society in general, consider the use of that word to be an instant license to go mid-evil.

"Is that the way you want your kids to behave?"

I believe these apologists wouldn't would care what kind of human being their kids were, so long as they were great ball-players.

Also, "Political Correctness" is upsetting to a lot of people because they're bigots and have to watch their mouths in public.

>>>You want offensive? Listen to Obama trying to justify his attempt to pick my
>>>pockets even further!!!

You want offensive? How about ditto-heads who will take any opportunity to spew a political message into a blog that's not about politics?

Huh? How about those jerks?

>>>we are all protected under the United States Constitution under article two,
>>>which gives us the RIGHT to freedom of speech, despite what wanda sykes
>>>says in her stupid commercial. so unless the nba operates outside of the
>>>republic which we live in, this should not be an issue.

While you are correct that the U.S. Constitution guarantees that the NBA can't SEND KOBE TO JAIL for making inappropriate statements, Kobe does have a contract with the NBA to uphold certain standards. When he signed his contract, I'm positive it included clauses about personal conduct and agreeing to accept punishment from the league when he doesn't uphold the standards of the league.

You know that they can fine a player for NOT WEARING A SUIT to a game when they're not playing, right?

People are way too sensitive! Get over it people. If we were in England he just called the ref. a cigarette!

Please hear me out. I'm a Lakers and NBA fan and have been watching the league since 1982, but Kobe has crossed the line here. It is NEVER OK for anyone to use slurs against homosexuals, ethnic groups, genders, religions, or any one group. Out of context? If this were the case of a white person using the "N" word, I think we would be nearly unanimous in our outrage. Ethnic, Racial, Sexual, Gender-based insults ARE NEVER OK!!! Yesterday, I went to a shopping mall, got out of my car, and some dude yelled "Queer" at me from his pick-up truck. I'm not even gay. What are we becoming?

This has to stop! The disrespectful nature of our popular culture is out of control. Anger towards ANYONE different from you - just ask that SF Giants fan now sitting in a coma. There is a correlation here.

The NBA needs to take a strong stand against bigotry no matter who the perpetrator. Kobe has acknowledged the statement, but yet to apologize for it -- a sad commentary on his sense of entitlement.

This is NOT the first time Kobe has shown a lack of judgement and been less than contrite in his explanations of his behavior. He has stained the Laker legacy that Dr. Buss, Magic, Kareem, and Jerry West built.

Can't you see this where this culture is leading us? It's OK to say slurs on the court? Seriously? Enough!

For those of you defending Kobe, consider a parallel hypothetical example.

What if Pau had gotten pissed off after a non-call (which he FREQUENTLY does), and had gone to the bench and called the ref a n*****r.

Would you still be defending him?

Kobe screwed up - this is on the same level as the Kevin Garnet cancer comment. Kobe should have been practicing using non-specific curses for years (call the guy and a**hole or a d*****bag, and this is almost a non-story)

But I will agree with the "ESPN Ruins Sports" poster. All too frequently, ESPN stays focused too long on a guy sitting on the bench or on someone they're interviewing and misses part of the game. I tuned in to watch A BASKETBALL GAME. Not to watch you interview Justin Bieber or to watch Kobe curse at the refs.

jerseylakerfan, freedom of speech only comes into play when it is being denied by governmental conduct. Not by a private person. If you are going to quote the Constitution at least know how it's applied.

Posted by: lost in windy | April 13, 2011 at 12:04 PM

freedom of speech is allowed everywhere, so are you telling me you have never said anything offensive in your place of work? stop being a hypocrite, lost in windy. the nba arena is a place where american citizens gather to watch a game, and they FREELY exercise freedom of speech. kobe was doing the same exact thing, and now they want to punish him. your hate of black mamba, along with all these other trolls is stupid.

This whole thread is so gay.

(sorry, couldn't resist... and yes, I'm being ironic)

Amazing how many responses about this. Yes he was wrong, just as anyone else would be. But most of all, all this response about a bunch of grown men with really wierd bodies running up and down a court. And we pay teachers low salaries ? The ones that have to parent and teach American and illegal kids.
Police Officers who have to protect you and put themselves in danger. Then get charged for doing so ? Idiots ! Lakers.. stupid, stupid, crap !

kobe is getting ready to make a statement but one thing i seen was that the players and ref had went down to the other end of the court leave it on the court what we always say

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