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Kobe Bryant appears in Smart Car China commercial

April 2, 2011 | 10:51 am

Never can Kobe Bryant appear in a commercial, simply hold up the product and then walk away with his money.

No, he has to go all out like he does in games and do things that require lots of creativity. He has to pretend to jump over cars or a pool of snakes, jam like he's at a rock concert or act like he's fighting in the battlefield. He acts like he cooks even if it could lead his finger to further injury. He stars in a six-minute Nike video knowing the concept and humor behind it enhanced it, even if his presence alone in a 30-second spot financially would've still done the trick. And in the latest commercial with Smart Car China, he drives through a traffic jam and successfully chases an art thief.

That's what made Bryant's commercials over the years so enjoyable. They're creative and entertaining and they push the envelope. Bryant easily could go the cookie-cutter route, which would save him time and energy, but that's not how he rolls. He doesn't mail it in when he steps on the court, so there's no reason why he'd do that during commercial shoots (via Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin and Ball Don't Lie's Kelly Dwyer)

-- Mark Medina

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