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Hornets update: Aaron Gray's ankle


Reserve big man Aaron Gray was putting on a brave face and a sore foot forward before reporters and cameras on Monday. That is, a sore right ankle, which leaves him questionable for Game 2 on Wednesday.

Gray said his sprained right ankle had improved range of motion since Sunday, when he suffered the injury late in the Hornets’ Game 1 victory against the Lakers. He was spotted on crutches while wearing a walking boot as he left Staples Center and said it felt like there was a softball lodged in his ankle.

“The biggest thought in my mind was Game 2 is going to be so much more intense,” he said Monday at Hornets practice, via video posted at “[The Lakers] are going to bring it even more. That was kind of my mind-set. I just want to be at 100 percent because it’s going to be a fight and I want to be in there with the rest of my teammates.”

That won’t be his call alone for Wednesday. The medical staff and coach Monty Williams get votes, of course.

“I know what my decision is -- you’ve got to ask our coach and trainer for that,” Gray said.

 --Lisa Dillman

Photo: New Orleans center Aaron Gray fouls Lakers forward Lamar Odom during Game 1 on Sunday. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Lakers will be lucky to escape 1st round. Celtic's waiting for you(if luck works then we'll see you on the Finals).

The Lakers need to forge steel and they require NO to be as full strength as they can for this to happen... so I suppose in that mind state, hopefully he feels up to it by Wed

I hope Gray is ready for game 2. I hate to see anyone miss games due to injury.

@Tri – Classic Chick/Return to Forever. I wonder where Joe Farrell was for the live performance! Also like Jarreau’s version.

@mclyne – checking in with Seger is always good.

@Justa – since you’re back, I’ll be expecting a lil something every once in awhile :-)

Wilma Deering: “[The Lakers] are going to bring it even more."

News Flash! Except for Kobe, Ron Ron and Drew (when he was on the floor), that game can't be considered "Bringing It" by the Lakers!

Good Luck if Pau and LO decide to play up to their level!


Was that "" sitting next to that (AEG guy) Leiweke on that earlier thread?

Check the photo...he didn't exactly help out either!

Does anyone know what's up now with Trey Johnson?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


News Flash! Except for Kobe, Ron Ron and Drew (when he was on the floor), that game can't be considered "Bringing It" by the Lakers!

Posted by: The Triangulator | April 18, 2011 at 05:02 PM
What about Shannon? I thought he brought it also!

Jon K. is a childish fan. LoL. It's annoying, stop that "Lakers for tomorrow blah blah yadah yadah"
Man! It's childish.

LRob, at times Shannon was Shannon and at other times he resembled Shannon Daugherty on the floor...


Jon K. is a childish fan. LoL. It's annoying, stop that "Lakers for tomorrow blah blah yadah yadah"
Man! It's childish.



What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I don't know how can anybody watching the Lakers playing defense, especially against the pick-n-roll and NOT come to the conclusion that it is one of the WORST-COACHED teams in basketball. The players for the most parts look CLUELESS and sometimes downright MORONIC.

Time and time again I was apalled how EASY it was for NO to dictate Lakers defense, namely making Pau Gasol guarding CP3. Sure it started with a high screen but why on earth did Derek Fisher not ever try to SCAMPER or SCURRY back as soon as possible to switch back with Pau?

And is anybody else also tired of the Fisher-futilely-fighting-through-screen act? God gave him two legs so he can RUN around the screen, either over it or under it. Why does he always insist on running smack onto the screen, which usually involve a player at least 6 inch taller and 50 lbs heavier, and try to move this immovable screen out of the way? Downright asinine...

I can't wait for Jeff Van Gundy, who happened to share my view regarding Lakers defense, especially Fisher's to take over.

Now there is a REAL coach who is SMART for real and knows basketball -that is the TRADITIONAL PROVEN way to coach and play basketball!

Expect the Lakers to blow this team out tomorrow night. They have the weapons. They will be locked & loaded.

Well, make that Wed night...

@TOM DANIELS … “Pau has to operate in the low post. With Drew’s emergence Pau/the Lakers have decided he should stand 15 feet out and hit open jumpers. Not entirely a bad idea. Except it takes him out of rebounding positioning AND gets him out of the fray, he doesn’t get into the intensity and physicality of the game.”

Excellent points, Tom. The Lakers defensive game plan obviously calls for Drew to stay near the rim to intimidate, change, and block shots and dominate the boards. And that makes perfect sense since Drew is the biggest, longest, and toughest of the Lakers big men as well as the slowest. The issue of whether the Lakers are a better team with Pau at center has long been settled without question.

When Drew is in the game and posting up, balanced floor spacing in the Triangle Offense will put Pau on the opposite low block or pinch post. In fact, his cuts in and out should involve those two positions. Thus when Pau receives the ball, he is facing the basket, giving him options to pull up and shoot or put the ball on the floor and drive. And that is good because that takes advantage of Pau’s strengths.

The problem comes when Pau just stands there because his man can then double down or under Drew. Drew is no longer a black hole where ball and player movement ceases the minute he catches the ball. He now realizes that the ball can’t stop because that is usually followed by the players stopping. Thus, Drew is now looking for cutters and open shooters as much as he is looking for his own shot.

Yesterday when Drew had the ball down low, Pau just stood there instead of cutting to get position in the low post or popping up from the opposite low post to get a easy jumper. Combine that with Kobe having to pick up the scoring slack due to Pau’s and Lamar’s no shows and you get what we saw against the Hornets yesterday – a stale, poorly balanced, inefficient, one-on-one offense with few assists.

My other issue is that Pau played center for almost half the game without Drew because of the latter’s foul difficulties. Pau had plenty of opportunities to post up down low but opted again to float on the perimeter and, when challenged even by a mediocre defender, to settle for an unconfident midrange jumper, which is a sign of some serious personal issues or a lack of competitive fire and resolve.

Bottom line, my take is that Pau’s problems are not related to any change in his role. They reflect some dissatisfaction with the team or issue in his personal life. This not showing up for the start of the playoffs literally as well as emotionally has me worried more than any other Lakers issue at this time. Yes, it was only one game but any fool can see the pattern and the deteriorated play like I can.

Okay I take the worst coach anytime, as long as he won at least 11 championships.

@BAKO… No sweat. I like Pau, too, but I fear something’s going on right now that is impacting how he is playing. It’s something that has been lingering all season. Oddly, Ricky – Pau’s personal troll from Spain – may be onto something when he surmised that Pau has lost his desire to be a champion. It kind of makes sense because Pau is nowhere near as consumed by basketball as Kobe and others are. It was and is not his only way of making his mark in life. He might be tiring of what is really a game.

Anyway, let me make a distinction that I think is important and which I may at times forget myself. Soft in my opinion is really slang for the adverb “softly” as in “he played softly.” To me, it’s really not an adjective that describes a person. The adjective that relates to soft is my opinion is “finesse” as in “Pau’s a finesse player.” Pau is thus a finesse player (as opposed to power player) who will often play soft (as opposed to tough) when he has a physical matchup. Thus, I don’t think Pau is a soft player but push come to shove, he is a finesse player who can be taken out of his game with physicality.

That’s what I think about Pau. I still believe in him and would not look to trade him but I also am not blind to the fact that his zeal for the game has never been what I like. Kobe and Phil and a chance for the Lakers has helped change that but there will come a time I think when Pau will easily hang ‘em up whereas you will have to drag Kobe off the hardwood in my opinion. Ironically, Kobe and Pau may represent the end to the spectrum of players obsession with the game and winning championships.

"...Okay I take the worst coach anytime, as long as he won at least 11 championships"

Sorry to bust the bubble, he didn't win those 11 championships. They were given to him through the blood, sweat and tear of Jordan, Shaq, Kobe and their supporting cast.

Yeah, sure then tell me before Jackson showed up, how many championships Kobe, Shaq and supporting cast blood, sweat and tears bring? Same in Chicago with Jordan. It is a team game, coaching staff included. I guess Jackson has to win every game to be considered a good coach. In that sense yeah he bursted my bubble, but I started to use my brain to think a little and get by with 5 championships, so far.

And how many championship did Jackson win before Jordan, Shaq and Kobe showed up on his team?

Jackson does NOT have to win every game to be considered a good coach. He just needs to take a mediocre or bad team WITHOUT a superstar to win a championship. Then I'll admit he's a good coach.

His Bulls did not win the year Jordan sat out.

His Lakers did not win even though they had FOUR Hall-of-Famers: Shaq, Kobe, Malone and Payton

His Lakers did not win even though they had Kobe -and not until they also had Pau Gasol.

A truly GREAT coach could have taken the LA Clippers to win the Championship.


No one did that. So there's no GREAT coach in your standard. lolz.

-- If Pau will accept his role again, then we will get back on track. I saw the pick n roll of Kobe and Pau, and it was not like before that Pau was running with kobe to the basket, he is just waiting in the side for the J. Pau should be aggressive for us to win!


No one did that. So there's no GREAT coach in your standard. lolz.

-- If Pau will accept his role again, then we will get back on track. I saw the pick n roll of Kobe and Pau, and it was not like before that Pau was running with kobe to the basket, he is just waiting in the side for the J. Pau should be aggressive for us to win!

Can you name ANY coach that has one a title without a "superstar"? The CLOSEST anyone can say is the Pistons in 2004. They beat a Laker team minus Karl Malone and had 4 VERY good players in Billups, Hamilton, Wallace, Wallace , and Prince. Phil made it to the finals with those 4 Hall of Famers. He also made the conference finals without MJ and won 55 games. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE expected them to win 55 games after MJ was replaced by Pete Myers

I did say basketball is a team game and certainly you need good coaching staff as well as great players. Obviously PJ was smart to pick his horses, can you blame him for that? Oh I forgot you think he is the worst coach, for whatever reason you dislike him, I have no qualm about it as long as the resaon makes some sense, and "the worst coach" makes no sense at all. I sincerely hope J Buss did not read these blogs otherwise he realizes he has been throwing money away to hire PJ. I think I am going to chat with my dogs, they certainly make more sense than some of the posts here.

i think it is not a fixable problem. as un fortunate as it is there simply isnt enough time for it to be resolved. heres why. first off gasol doesnt want to play in the american(nba) anymore. he isnt used to being attacked by classless athletes that dont have nearly the skill and talent as him. he doesnt understand it. in europe people respect each other. here its trash talk and intimidation. perkins and all the other babboons that have attacked him publicly use intimidation to make up for thier lack of talent. gasol simply isnt that way and he cant deal with it. its obvious. as much as kobe and the rest of the team has tried. he just cant do it. next is bynum, he isnt a consistant threat and is very soft. he doesnt have the mental toughness along with the physical . next is desire, see artest is mentaly unstable, meaning he is terrified of phil and kobe, he is bi-polar and is nervous and afraid of failing his team, it is effecting his defensive greatness. now i know it all seems like excuses, but its the truth, that is why if we get past the hornets, we will likely be an early out to our next opponents. i love the lakers but i know when its over, i have been a fan for 28 yrs and i know my team. they are not together and that is fatal. so now my solution.( you all are gonna hate this one). first you TRUE lakers fans need to ask yourselfs if you are laker fans or kobe fans. there is a huge difference. i love kobe and what he has done for the show, to me he is the greatest laker and maybe player in the history of our world. but we have to trade him, he still has 3-4 good yrs left and we can get a country for him, he is high value and we need that for d.howard. pau and bynum go as well. chris paul will join howard and we win within the next yr. we keep artest, his defense is pricless( when he isnt timid), odom stays as well, he is and should hav e been our starting pf. we keep brown, blake , and barnes and walton are gone. its time lakeshow, it is hard to accept but we as a family have to move on, the hardest thing sports wise in my life was losing magic, was devastated, but we regrouped as we will now.

Pat Riley is a great coach:

Turned sorry a$$ knicks into a championshipish team .. too bad those butterfingers could not put a layup on da bulls

Turned Miami heat into a winning franchise also

- plus he got a better hairdo den da Vulture
- more class
- style

lol now he got lebron and wade and bosh + 3 pt shooters -- check the game out last night? like a highlight reel for 48 minutes

This is how horrible the Lakers bigs played... They made a guy like Aaron Gray relevant. The fact that whether or not he plays is a big deal is a direct insult to Gasol, Bynum, and Odom.

Psycorp: Wow you're really delusional...discredit PJ all you want, but how did you come up with your "good coach formula"? Apparently all coaches are bad coaches then because there hasn't been a team without stars to win a championship.

that's like telling micahel schumacher that his ferrari won all those races and unless he wins racing a corolla he isn't a great driver.

btw: You do realize that PJ started his NBA career with MJ already on the Bulls right? MJ's teams before that couldn't win it.

CaptainJackSparrow: According to Psycorp, Pat Riley couldn't possibly be a great coach because by his definition, Pat Riley isn't even a good coach. To be a good coach you need to take a team without any stars and make them into a championship team.



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