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Gasol listed as day-to-day after MRI exam reveals bone bruise in knee

It didn't seem like Pau Gasol was hurting too much.

He even tried to hide a smile as a couple dozen media members quickly descended upon him Monday after Lakers' practice. Yes, it was that big of a deal to see how his right knee was feeling.

An MRI exam Monday afternoon showed that Gasol had sustained a bone bruise in the knee. He is listed as day-to-day. The Lakers play Utah on Tuesday at Staples Center.

Gasol’s right knee buckled Sunday against Denver after an off-balance landing when he was fouled by Nene. Gasol went to the locker room for a few minutes before returning to the game.

"I feel actually a little better than I did [Sunday] night, which is a good sign," Gasol said Monday before knowing the results of the exam.

--Mike Bresnahan

Photo: Lakers Pau Gasol grabs his knee after being fouled by Nuggtes Nene at the Staples Center April 3, 2011. Gasol returned to the game. Credit: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times

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The NCAA Championship game looks like a bad Lakers game: UConn clearly has the size advantage but is unable to exploit it due to swarming defense and an inability to knock down outside shots.

@KOBEMVP888 … You know, I ought to preview and edit those things better but I’ve found that I still miss things so it must be senioritis. Michael Jackson, wow, where did I pull that one from. Watching a pretty ugly NCAA championship game. I kind of like the idea of the NBA changing and allowing kids to come out straight from high school or wait until after their junior year. It would be better for the league as well as the college game. Anyway, I think it’s the championship game but it got so boring I put it on mute and starting reading a book and score watching the game.

Let me start by saying I actually played the Triangle Offense as a point guard in high school. I also am probably one of the few people who actually own a copy of Tex Winter’s Triple Post Offense. So I do
know more about the Triangle Offense than the usual Lakers fan or my good friend Jon K.

Posted by: LakerTom | April 04, 2011 at 06:34 PM

Do you have the updated 2011 edition that has an extra chapter called:

"Addendum: Triangle Defense", written by a specialist under the sobriquet ChamberlainTom?

22-19 Halftime score... this a High School JV Game...

Bring me the playoffs already...

I was reading comments earlier this week where some bloggers were insinuating that Mamba24 was the JAMF stalker.
Has JAMF refuted these accusations so it can be put to rest?

UConn's size advantage finally showing itself but seriously... This is like the worst BBall game I've seen in a while, College or NBA...

Get well Pau and be a beast around the paint.

Trivia Question:

What year did Travis Knight get a championship ring with the Lakers?

He was a cool dude from UConn. LOL.

Can we not mention Mamba 24 and Justa again, unless it's something nice?

Unfortunately, the stalker was none other than Wes Nixon, and he's sorry for the misunderstanding. We all make mistakes, and mine was a big one.

Go Lakers!


Hay Laker Phil,

It's been a while, right? I remember you hanging around a bit more.

Do I have to post another cheesy song to improve the mood around here? I'll do it. Don't make me...

Don't make me...


No game tonight. Not good...


Hay Laker Phil,

It's been a while, right? I remember you hanging around a bit more.



Yes, I lurk all the time. Been very busy and hoping for the Finals showdown with the Celtics again.

Phil, I too have become a lurker. I visit the sight several times a day, but I don't post too often. Too much work these days, but I still love reading the posts (when the trolls aren't here).


Congrats to the UCONN Huskies!


Congrats also go out to Tex on being voted into the HOF!


Now about yesterday's game, I disagree that LO 'failed' to box out on the missed FT. The way I saw it, it was the refs who 'failed' to call K-Mart for the double shove in LO's back. Damn, I hate K-Mart even more than before...didn't think that was even possible. No worries tho', let's just start a new win streak.:-)


@LRob: Yeah, I'm a Lupe fan as well. How many hip-hop artists do you know who have never smoked or drunk you can count 'em on one hand.(LOL)


For today's musical contribution, I think this tune would probably describe how UCONN is 'feelin' right about now...enjoy!


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!


Just asking a question

I must have missed your prior confession

Ok... We know that Pau is no Kobe when it comes to "injuries" so it's all about being healthy now. It's time to sit Pau down for a while - he looks tired anyway. LO will have to start in his place and it will be time to give Joe and Theo those minutes off the bench.

HCA is nice but it's not worth compromising the health of Pau to achieve it. What good will it be if he comes limping into the playoffs. If that's the case, then it will be time to cut back minutes on most of the starters so the team can be fresh after April 13th.

You knew Pau was hurt because after that awkward fall, he was responsible for 3 sloppy plays before being taken out of the game. When Kobe banged knees with Fesenko, I was sure Kobe would be out but that kid just keeps on ticking. With Pau, I hope he doesn't feel compelled to be like Kobe and rush himself back to the court because if he does, he can simply "worsen" his condition and won't be 100% for the playoffs. You see, this team can win with Kobe at 70% but the rest of the team has to be at 95% or better come playoff time or they will not make the Finals.

I will say this about Pau's injury though: he went up weak and tired when he got fouled and fell the same way. That's why you got to be 100% mentally which means strong because that in itself will help a player avoid injuries. You have to keep your head in the game at all times while you're on the court. It's as simple as that.

I have to agree with "Scott's" post regarding the NCAA game tonight: The Bulldogs did look like the Lakers team settling for outside shots throughout the contest. It really did look like a bad Lakers game.

"We're worried about our execution. That's all we did then and that's all we'll do now." #24 K. Bryant

"Everything about the Lakers is geared toward winning playoff games. It's what they do." J.A. Adande

"Even when we didn’t make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Bus

"...they're shaking like virgins on prom night."
viewer comment by faithdalakerfan @ 10:03 pm

Go Lakers & In Buss We Trust!!

I had to post this because Terry (laker hater La-Bra-n lover) posted that La-Bra-n is better than Kobe
To all the Laker haters, you need to realize, before you can be EFFECTIVE in your COMPARISON.....have CONCRETE EVIDENCE to back it up!!! Kobe has 5 Rings and he didn't join another Man's team to do it!!!

Just like the Olympics...they didn't win until they had KOBE....Your La-Bra-n couldn't do it without him the previous year!!!!!

David Stern may Love and Treasure La-Bra-n just like you and other people., but he has yet to see him in October of any year presenting a NBA Ring!!!!!!!

So keep living and maybe when Kobe retires, La-Bra-n may win one, but then again, D. Rose and K. Durant may be next in line...... :-)

What do we play for RINGS!!!!!!
And start your own La-Bra-n loving blog somewhere else!

Great to see our bigs are good to go.

- - -

Not a big NCAA hoops fan, I feel it's an inferior product to the NBA - been that way since the '80s in my book, too watered down. But with no pro ball on tonight figured I'd tune in to the second half of the Championship game, being the title game it couldn't be that bad.

Not only was it pretty much unbearable to watch, it was painfully so.

Give me the Cavaliers at Raptors over this. Give me the D-Fenders play the Red Claws over this. Heck, I'd even take Barca vs Panathinaikos or any one of those weekend morning NBA TV games over this! But to think that this is our top-level college teams? Yikes...

The college game is too watered down, there are too many teams. The talent level is too diluted. Oh well, definitely not the glory days anymore. It's too bad, but why change a thing when there are so many people into the whole college thing and the tourney still makes boatloads of money for the NCAA?

Speaking of which, Coach-K loses a bit of respect in my eyes. It's one thing to dominate a lesser level, quite another thing to do it big-time, in the pro's. Perhaps had he won a title, and a couple more games in the process, passing ahead of his mentor Bobby Knight in all-time wins, then he might have jumped at the NBA and possibly even come to L.A. to coach the Lakers, something I bet Kobe would have pushed for if PJ leaves. Guess we will never know...

- - -

Tom, 888: It's amazing how some people try to detract from all that Phil Jackson has accomplished. I have no doubt that if Larry Brown, Doc Rivers, Jerry Sloan, Greg Popovich and a handful of other coaches would have won with MJ/Shaq-Kobe. No doubt that they would have won some titles - but NO WAY those guys win 11 rings. No way at all.

Phil has maximized the players he's coached and managed them better moreso than any other coach in history not named Auerbach or Wooden. But, neither Wooden nor Auerbach had to deal with the modern player or modern distractions. Winning back-to-back titles nowadays is pretty much a dynasty, but to seek four three-peats? Undisputed greatest ever level in my book.

Those that say that the players make the system have it wrong, the system enhances the players. There is no doubt the triangle enhanced MJ, who never won with a great coach in Doug Collins. Shaq never won in Orlando, Shaq/Kobe never won under Del Harris.

Phil secretly advocating Pau be 'the man' - what can I say other than some people should be writing comedy novels on the blog...


Comparing LeBron to Kobe is like comparing Charlie Sheen to Stephen Hawking...

wesjoenixon-Dude..I appreciate what your doing, but I must confess I'm the NIGHT STAKER. Now let's give it a BREAK.

Wes(talker) Joe Nixon = psycho
I saw it coming a mile away.
I's aways the guy who always pronunciate their middle names! They're all crazy as hell.

@Wes - wait, you mean to tell me that the Bee Gees are "cheesy"???
Please say it isn't so!
I have 1975's "Main Course" down as one of the top soul/R&B albums ever recorded
...that is by a trio of white dudes from Australia. : )

@FRMKT … Excellent points about Pau. We definitely need an aggressive, healthy, confident Pau for the playoffs. And I agree with your analysis that Pau looks tired and that contributed to his terrible play at the end of the game. I hesitate to say it but what the hell, I also think Drew’s success bothers Pau a little bit and he seems at times to become passive on the boards and in his all-around game. When you’re an NBA player, even a guy as team oriented as Pau is, you still have to have a large ego. Anyway, Pau would not be human or competitive as he to not have it bother him a little. Hopefully, it will motivate him to take his own game to another level like Kobe has challenged him to do.

On the subject of hard fouls, I have a little different take. First, I personally don’t like hard fouls that are so hard they could easily cause injury, It really doesn’t matter to me that the player making those kind of hard fouls disguises his intent to rough up another player by going for the ball or just lets him have it as Drew did to Beasley. Bottom line, the players are too vulnerable to allow plays where they could get injured. The hard fouls by the Russian swinging down on Kobe’s shoulder in an apparent attempt to go for the ball should have been flagrant fouls. In the end, you protect the players and control the physicality of the game to prevent injury. Anything else is incredibly stupid business.

Listen, I’m as old school as any blogger here. Well, I’m probably at least as old. The game today is played at a pace and so far above the rim and the players are so much bigger, faster, and stronger that old school rules are a joke, sort of like when you got old enough to realize that punching somebody out could end up killing them and sending you to jail. The game is dangerous enough to not have to worry about getting killed when you go into the paint, I would guess part of the blame for the Russian’s play could have been the physicality of the Lakers and Drew since the all-star break. The Lakers are the new Celtics and every team now knows they have to stand up and be men.

Anyway, we would have been screwed if one of the downswings from the Russian dislocated Kobe’s shoulder and we had to go through the playoffs without him. Talk about trying to win without Drew? We would have little chance if any at all without Kobe. In the end, the game is basketball, though the way the refs allow players to guard Kobe makes you wonder if you’re watching rugby or football. It seems as if the only way Kobe can get to the rim these days is to tuck the ball under his arm like a fullback and stride into the paint. It’s a freaking miracle he is still playing with the beating he takes.

all the lakeshow needs to do is go 3-3 over the next 6 to clinch the 2 seed, assuming dallas runs the table the rest of the way. so it's time to really rest the starters, if the dallas softies even lose one game, lakers only need two wins to clinch # 2. unless they plan on having a better record than the miami beat and old celtics, that's a different story.

I don't know why it is so hard for the refs to get it thru their thick heads that a foul is a foul whether for or against home team, 3 secs into the game or 3 secs from game end. This is something the NBA could, at least, try to enforce for the game integrity instead of giving players a T for questioning a call. NBA is where amazingly unfairness happens. There was no question Kmart pushed LO right in fron of the ref, yet no call. Having said that, the Lakers deserved to lose this one for sleepwalking thru most of the game. They should not have put themselves at the mercy of the inconsistent refs. But on the bright side, this loss will be a good reminder going into the playoffs, that they simply cannot flip the switch when needed. At the end of the day, a record of 17-2 since All-Star weekend is not too shabby. Hopefully they learned a good lesson from that loss.

Not too high and not too low... Banner 17.. here we come!!!

Drew succes bothers Pau?? You have no idea about the real Pau.

Pau works for the team and knows that without the best of each one the rings will not arrive.

The wife's an OT, so I learned this word the second time my knee went south.
Proprioception. Your brain's awareness of where your body is in space. While many injuries are caused by torque, impact, etc. many are caused by a lack of awareness of where your body is when you are tired.
Tired means low glucose in the brain, as we diabetics know. And when tired, there is only so much your brain can deal with.
Thus, often injuries are caused simply by being tired.
All this is to say that I agree with many of the sentiments noted above. Pau looks tired, as I imagine many on our team are at this time of year. So less playing time, more bench time, and let's go for our run.
Laker Tom, I appreciate your comments.
Now I'm going to find that Tex Winter book...



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