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Gasol, Bynum will play Tuesday night against Utah

Lg2ylanc The starting seven-footers for the Lakers, limping two days ago after a 95-90 loss to Denver, are healthy enough to play tonight against Utah.

A day ago, Gasol wasn't as certain as Bynum to play, but that changed overnight.

"He came in this morning and, you know, is feeling fine and ready to go," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said Tuesday. "Obviously, we'll watch him closely but right now he says he feels okay."

An MRI exam Monday revealed that Gasol had a bone bruise on his right knee. Gasol's right kne buckled after he was fouled by Nuggets center Nene.

Bynum was hit on his right knee by a tumbling Lamar Odom in the fourth quarter against Denver.

As an insurance policy, rookie Derrick Caracter was recalled from the Bakersfield Jam of the Development League. He will be sent back down later this week, in time for the Development League playoffs, Jackson said.

--Mike Bresnahan

Photo: Andrew Bynum #17, Derek Fisher #2, Kobe Bryant #24, and Pau Gasol #16 of the Los Angeles Lakers head to the bench after a time out trailing the San Antonio Spurs during the second half at Staples Center Feb. 3, 2011 in L.A. Credit: Harry How / Getty Images

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what could better. you KNOW that drew would not play if there was any question about his fitness. now pau is the one i think everyone had a concern about (especially if you saw it) i thought for sure a strained ligament. i think that drew proved himself to his mates that he was no wuss, and could be counted with two more big men ready, well, all i can say jazz watch out!

"...they're shaking like virgins on prom night."
viewer comment by faithdalakerfan @ 10:03 pm

Dude...there's no VIRGINS on prom night, That's FUNNY. lol

The fact that Kobe isn't the runaway favorite for M.V.P. is a disgrace to basketball.
Posted by: dan the man | April 05, 2011 at 12:19 PM

Dude...Kobe's NOT,let me repeat NOT the MVP. In the conversation...YES, run away, NO WAY. Either Rose or the KING or Superman. Just one man's opinion.

@NBA4EVER... Thanks for your response. To me, the real tragedy would be if we lost two excellent posters due to this conflict. I hope both you and Mike can re-consider and both come back and post. Now is a wonderful time that should be gloriously shared by all Lakers fans. I really appreciate your extending an apology to Mike and hope he responds likewise. Peace.
@THE TRIANGULATOR ... We’re losing good bloggers like flies, Mike. NBA4EVER has made an apology for any misunderstandings and I hope you will reconsider and do the same. Sometimes, having conflicts with somebody does lead to better understanding and even friendships. Come on back for the playoffs and help us root and will our team to victory in this season for the ages.
@MM... Excellent interview with Devin. I hope the young man can really develop his game because the Lakers are going to need their draft picks to make enough progress to become solid contributors down the road. With Drew breaking through and staying healthy, the Lakers are going to face another salary cap/luxury tax situation in a couple of years. Big 4’s are expensive.
Great news that both Drew and Pau are going to start tonight. You know that the Jazz are going to be hell bound to make up for their loss last week. I’m taking my grandson to the Lakers game tomorrow night. Got excellent seats directly across from the Lakers bench. Looking for the Lakers to really put on a show and obliterate the Warriors. We’ll be leading the MVP chants for Kobe.

The RSP is thankful that the latest drama on this blog has been officially closed. There were obvious lines being drawn because both bloggers have a long history and following. The RSP truly believes that time heals all wounds.

However, the RSP would be derelict in his duties if he didn't hand out a citation to these two icons. The RSP does not discriminate, so for breaking commandment #26. "Thou shall not be drama queens or kings"...The RSP requests that both parties think before they blog in the future.


G. Money,
I can tell you aren't a Lakers fan because you don't understand what Championship basketball really is. Rose, Queen and Howard do not make their teams good enough to win a Championship.


'nuff said


folks, we are blessed to be able to enjoy the lakers and they bring us. so please remember what we got here and to supportive of our sisters and brothers in this our nation. besides it's just a game. this is the easy part of our lives. comedy is hard

Messi is like Magic while Cristiano Ronaldo is more like LeBron. What really taints Cristiano though is all his dives and such. He's too good a player to do that stuff. Messi may not have as much pure athleticism as Cristiano but is much more clever.

They are both excellent players, light years above the quality found in the MLS. At least we still have Landon Donovan in the league, he could be playing in Europe and look at how well Everton did during his time there, spurring them on to beat Chelsea and Manchester United no less and I believe win 9 of 11 games. Look at them this year compared to last, this is why their fans for praying Landy would return...

- - -

LakerTom: Have fun at the Warriors game tomorrow. It's an ESPN game, let us know what you'll be wearing and we can keep an eye out for you. Hope the Lakers bring their A-game and get you guys a win!

- - -

Loved the Ebanks interview. Also loved the Breen/JVG interview from yesterday, especially their thoughts about Drew and L.O.

Great job MM. Blog drama seems to be the perpetual topic du jour, we all get caught up in the childish stuff but you always do excellent work that sometimes goes unnoticed because of the never-ending dramas.

Appreciate all the hard work you put in, the timely news updates throughout the day and night, the interviews and breakdowns. If there were a way to separate the blog into drama section and isolate all the bickering nonsense it would be ideal, but I know I speak for all in saying we appreciate what you do on the blog, satisfying our Lakerholism.


now that the case is closed, we can move on to cheering, rooting, cajoling our beloved Lakers to their 17th nba title. it's good to know 'drew and pau are shaking off their knee injuries by playing tonight. let's get that "bad taste" from sundays game out of our mouths with a win over the jazz. one thing the Lakers have to do is defend the "3" much better. i don't know if it's arrogance on their part or daring them to shoot the "3" or just laziness to run out to the shooter.....but, whatever it is, L.A. has been burned enough this year against teams that like to shoot the "3"!



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