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Chat: Lakers vs. Hornets, Game 3

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--Mark Medina

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Photo: A general view before game three of the first round of the 2011 NBA playoffs between the New Orleans Hornets and the Los Angeles Lakers at the New Orleans Arena. Credit: Derick E. Hingle / US Presswire

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Wild finish in Atlanta. The Hawks are gonna win game 3 to go up 2-1 on Orlando on a Crawford 3!

Good win tonight. Glad to see the real Pau return. Now let's take the next game, too.

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

That went down smooth (at least in the 4th quarter).

Someone needs to inform ESPN that Phil Jackson won the title last year.

They think he's still stuck at 10 rings as a coach

Good win tonight!!! You can't spell LouisianA wthout an LA..!!!!!!!!!

It's Good Friday, indeed!

I think the Lakers will win the next 2 games. I expect all other western conference games will go 7.

I bet Miami is getting nervous about how the Celtics are playing now. Miami/Boston will be a heck of series.

Great win guys. it goes to show you when bynum/gasol are the focus the lakers will dominate. Kobe's game was awite. I hope no one takes this as a kobe slight of the night but he has had 80 30 point playoff games but mj 109. By the way did you guys see the preview of the upcoming blockbuster Priest? I'm sure the writer saw my work on the blogs and was inspired to create this action hero Priest movie. People always think of priest(s) as pious and humble. But not me I'm cocky, arrogant and will at a drop of a dime lay the smackdown. There never will be a black mamba movie cause the name is forced and phony. Who will be inspired to watch a mamba flick? No one except the 3 kids eddie, sean and hobbit.

Lakers' D in 2nd Half made Chris Paul look like Rue Paul.

Pau stepped in the 2nd Half. Can't hit the mid-range or chippie, then why not bury the 3!

What's up with BSPN? That's the 2nd time they've listed Phil Jackson with 10 Rings.

Here's a clue BSPN, if Phil's going for his 4th 3Peat with this season's championship run, then 4 x 3 - 1 = 11!

Here's another clue, if Michael has 6 Rings and Kobe has 5, and Phil coached all of their championships, then 6+5=11!







We played right tonight. I'm so happy.

Andrew well he was... (wait for it... wait for it.. {Said in a Jimmy Walker tone of voice}) BYNUMITE!!!!!

When he went down I was terrified, but our-once-a-kid-now-a-man/manbeast is still got an injury phobia, but I'm okay with that, kind of, it's because he cares. And that's what Laker Nation wants.

Okay. I'm saying it...


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


this priest individual above me is a hater. no one, not even Kobe, will be as great as Jordan. Jordan is Jordan, and Kobe is Kobe.

Kobe's game was more than alright. 30 pts on 50% shooting, and his patience allowed them to focus on getting the ball down low (which they should do more often, but don't, for some odd reason). they come and go as their big men do, but their big men (and everyone else on the team, for that matter) come and go as Kobe allows them to. he passed the ball tonight, deferred when necessary. the man's a winner. and even though I think comparisons are futile among legendary players, it'll be a lot more viable to compare Jordan and Kobe once Kobe gets that 6th ring.

Where is everyone? Great win tonight. Lakers are just scratching the surface, just beginning to gel. Ive been on record, Lakers in 6. They are on their way. Improving every game and peeking at the right time. 2 down and 14 to go for #17. Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing like starting the weekend with a solid Lakers victory. Kobe was fantastic and showed all the doubters that he still has a lot of championship basketball left. Drew dominated the first half and survived another scary knock to the knee. Thank God for the brace. And who would have guessed it would take a desperate 3 against the shot clock to finally get Pau Gasol untracked. I loved how Pau took a few hard fouls tonight and fought valiantly on the boards. All while sick. Like the Thunder last year, the Hornets are doing an admirable job as fluffers getting the Lakers ready for the next round. The Hornets won Game 1 by playing a near perfect game against an overconfident and unchallenged champion. Now that they have the Lakers attention, it’s time for them to take their beating.

I thought the shot distribution tonight was perfect with the top six players in or near double figures. Kobe led everybody with 20 shots followed by Drew and Pau with 13, Ron and Lamar with 8, Fish, Barnes, and Brown with 4, and Blake with 1 shot. Great offensive execution and tough nosed defense, especially the second half against Chris Paul, It was nice to see every player contribute tonight. Kobe was quintessential Kobe, Drew was a beast, the real Pau came back, Lamar was smooth, Ron was everywhere again, Blake hit a clutch 3, Brown had another signature dunk, Barnes had a couple of nice steals. Overall, a great team victory. Lakers kicked the Hornets in the gut tonight, Sunday they stand them up with a fierce uppercut, setting up the sledgehammer knockout next Tuesday.

What we are witnessing is nothing new. Phil Jackson is a master of the 7 game series. Focusing on one team for a playoff series is completely different than that 82-game mess which I (and others who agree) so appropriately refer to as the "practice season" for these champions who we root for. It was interesting this season, but I barely remember it.

This IS the Real Season and we are watching it unfold before our eyes once again. Once again our GOAT candidate is getting a feel for the series and doing whatever it takes to get the job done from game to game. Once again our talented 4-5 trio is wearing teams down with their length and skill. 48 minutes of those three guys will wear you down even if one of them isn't playing particularly up to snuff.

Our opponents can muster up only so much to combat these advantages and when you throw in a former DPOY like Artest and a playoff seasoned veteran like D-Fish whose playoff resume is the envy of many superstars in the NBA, and for good measure add veterans like Blake and Barnes with a Shannon Brown who has 2 rings, all of a sudden you can see why the practice season has little meaning and why this is a whole new ballgame.

Thank God for the PLAYOFFS!

True that. The L is firing on all cylinders. I honestly believe they'll win Sunday and come home to close the series. This is exactly the way I've known throughout "the practice season" that they could play like. Friggin slackers. lol.

The Lakers played good last nite. Their defense was pretty good; only allowing 86 points. THE BIGGGEST THING IS THAT PAU GASOL FINALLY SHOWED UP!!!!!! When Bynum and Kobe went out of the game I saw Gasol getting offensive rebounds, dunking and making that little 13-17ft jumpshot that he is famous for. Pau played great in the 2nd half. One thing I dont understand is why everybody was worried about Kobe only having 11 points in game 2: first of all Lakers won second of all it was obvious that Kobe was trying to get others involved becuz he only attempted 10 shots, and guarding CP3 physically for 35+ minutes is not an easy task. I knew Kobe would answer; the best thing is that he did all of his scoring in the flow of the offense. The triangle looked perfect in game 3.

I know this has nothing to do with the topic but; Kobe can sky high. Everyone is saying Kobe has totally lost his athletism but I think Kobe may a have lost a little bit of his athletism but not a lot. L ast nite in game 3 I say Kobe come down outta nowhere and just dunk the ball with force on Aaron Gray's head, then he had a monsturous block where he got up in the air very high, and I say Kobe getting way up to get some rebounds. With that all being said I feel that Kobe is still very athletic but he is a smart player and doesn't want to break his body down always going to the basket becuz he doesn't have to get to the basket to be effective. Players like Lebron, Wade, and Rose don't have the best jumpshots sos for them to affect the game they must get to the basket. But Kobe is on another level, he can do it all and that is why he is the best player in the NBA.

Bynum was just about awesome.
Pau seemed more himself.
Kobe had his normal game 3 - great.
Odom continued his string of consistently excellent games
Fisher played very well and showed that he is a great asset
for LA as player and leader. No posts from those Fish
haters. mmm?
The killer bees showed up on the road.
Jackson did a masterful job. He seemed to play a lot more different groups of 5 than he has been and NO couldn't adjust.
But in a lot a ways our 3's were falling and their's were not. Let's hope that continues. The Lakers used their size to best effect.



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