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Caught in the Web: Reactions to Lakers' 120-106 loss to Oklahoma City


Game stories

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan breaks down the Lakers' late-game turnovers in their 120-106 loss to Oklahoma City on Sunday.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding notes that Kobe Bryant avoided his teammates following the Lakers' loss to the Thunder. 

--The Riverside Press-Enterprise's David Lassen faults the Lakers' defense. 

--The Oklahoman's Darnell Mayberry mentions how this is the first time the Thunder won at Staples Center. 

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford praises the Lakers' effort but notes that the loss significantly affects the team's playoff seeding. 


--The Times' Broderick Turner talks to Thunder center Kendrick Perkins about his critical remarks concerning Pau Gasol, Phil Jackson and Bryant.

--The Riverside Press-Enterprise's Lassen explains why Jackson is unsatisfied with Shannon Brown's play. 

--The Daily News' Teaford highlights Jackson's concerns about the Lakers' sense of urgency entering the Thunder game.


--The Times' Mark Heisler criticizes the Lakers' lack of "urgency."

--Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick argues the Lakers are lacking toughness. 

--The Orange County Register's Ding lists five things the Lakers need to fix before the playoffs begin.

--Fox Sports' Mark Kriegal explains how Kendrick Perkins' presence softened up the champs. 

--Yahoo! Sports' Johnny Ludden credits Perkins' toughness against the Lakers. 

--The Oklahoman's Mayberry argues the Thunder will be a dangerous team in the playoffs. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin looks at how the Lakers' fifth consecutive loss changes their playoff positioning. 

--The Riverside Press-Enterprise's Gregg Patton expects the Lakers to increase their intensity come playoff time, but believes the team's poor play is coming at the wrong time. 


--Ball Don't Lie's Dan Devine explains Ron Artest's planned comedy tour this summer. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky breaks down the Lakers' loss to Oklahoma City. 

--Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin analyzes how the Western Conference standings shape up.'s Mike Trudell details the Lakers' loss in a running diary. 

--Silver Screen and Rolls' DexterFishmore feels more disturbed about the Lakers' loss to the Thunder than the team's previous four losses. 

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano lists the positives and negatives from the Lakers' losses.

--The Daily Thunder's Royce Young credits OKC's effort in crunch time.

Television appearances: Lakers forward Pau Gasol will appear on in the final episode Univision's "Eva Luna" tonight at 8 p.m. As far as we know, he won't be saving people's lives from a car accident like he did in "CSI: Miami." Speaking of Gasol, he appeared in a "Where's Pau Now" online game connected with Children's Hospital Los Angeles. 

Tweet of the Day: "If the Lakers do not win the title, it will be because their bench let them down." -- lazenby (Lakers author Roland Lazenby)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day: "No less than ten days ago a large swath of Laker fans were giddy and gushing about the playoff run they saw coming just around the corner. 17-1 record since All-star game. Best ever since the break. Unstoppable! Today, a large swath of Laker fans are weeping and gnashing their teeth about the playoff crash they see coming just around the corner. Five game losing streak. Worst since the arrival of Pau in '08. First-round crash! How do we explain this? I double-checked the NBA transactions wire. Nope, no franchise altering, team-identity swaps were made. Free agents? No recent additions. Injuries? Discounting bumps and bruises, nothing to speak of.

Feuds? Othering than the seasonal onset of black mamba venom, nothing newsworthy or unexpected. Coaching changes? Ownership turbulence? No and no again. Chicken Little screams, "bauk-bauk-bauk... the sky is falling!" The Hare laughs, "What, ME worry!?" And somewhere between the extremes lies future reality. Welcome to the E-Ticket ride known as the Los Angeles Lakers! Enjoy the ride until it comes to a full and complete stop. Resist the temptation to declare your judgments until it is over. Both Chicken-Little and the Hare wish they had done so!" -- LakerMike

-- Mark Medina

Photo: Kobe Bryant loses control of the ball as he's defended by Thunder guards Thabo Sefolosha and Russell Westbrook late in the game Sunday night at Staples Center. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Congrats Laker Mike, we have to change the story of the Hare and Tortoise into Hare and the Chicken Little.

Well, reality bites, 17-1 suddenly 0-5 how do you distinguish the two? Well, maybe sh*t happens as Allnet said but how long will this last? Does the Hare or the Chicken Little have a forecast of the future? As long timed fans, we don't appreciate unpredictability or inconsistency. Well, kids nowadays can't distinguish which to use the I-pod or I-pad or do more multi-tasking. It is hard to keep up with their wild adventures.

I am just a bit concerned, but I am still on board with our Laker train. Can't make many changes now, but perhaps we'll need a few next season. For now, get on board Laker fans!

Practice Season Over
The Sky is not fallling
The only thing falling should be Shannon Brown out of the rotation. For here on out until we rid ourselfs of Brown I will make a negative post about him every time I post. He sucks period. I'm feeling like Dfish about him and all those who hate Walton. Hated him last year, have no patience this year. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!


Police here; the PSP has been following the yellofever dvr philosophy so haven't seen the last 5 or so games. Might as well skip the rest and wait till the playoffs start.

The PSP feel bad for the fans that spend all that money to come watch the Lakers play ( and for that matter, league pass subscribers like me too) only to see them put in half efforts and lay goose sized eggs.

Let us not delude ourselves with nonsense yammering such as 'we will flip the switch come playoffs' and 'ehh its only a practice season game'. As a fan it is insulting to us that they don't come out and give effort every game. The PSP would have been released from the force long ago if I didn't come to work guns blazing 24/7.

PSP Intern

@S Perkins

Brown is a "big buffoon" not Fisher.

Can you issue a ticket to Shannon Brown and his supporters for being clueless?

I have never seen such a fundamentally flawed basketball player at this level. Horrible mechanics and atrocius footwork on both offense and defense. On offense, he cannot dribble, shoot or pass the basketball for someone getting paid to do it. His defense is non-existent and we always lose leads when he is on the floor. He could not guard me and both my knees are shot. The occasional highlight reel dunk does not make a good basketball player. The guy is not pulling his weight. I read somewhere he could opt out after this year, well if he does that he will disappear basketball wise off the face of the earth. Of all the Lakers he is the most annoying to watch so much physical talent and very little output.

Posted by: Sam | April 11, 2011 at 07:01

What an interesting year this is.

How predictable writers and "fans" are when reacting to this teams ups and downs.

LO, Ron and Pau need to start worrying about their job now and not their extracurricular activities. Kobe and Bynum are the unlikely leadership duo.

Crazy year, let's just enjoy it. This team is writing their own history and it is not looking like other years.

On point article by Ding...also enjoyed BT's chat with Perkins.

@Laker Mike - congrats on the Friedman. It's been quite the rollercoaster ride indeed.

@NBA4ever - Shannon has been "horrible" lately...said in my best Bill Walton impersonation. But don't go to the darkside and make a negative post about him everytime you post. I'm assuming if/when he plays good you won't make a negative post about him.

@PSP - As a League Pass subscriber I have no problem with the Lakers overall effort thru 80 games. Of course, I wish they've would've played harder some games and executed better other games...but all in all I'm good. Hopefully that is no violation.

This team lacks everything this year, intensity, ingenuity, versatility, and leadership.
The one year that PJ needed to be his absolute best he mails it in. But what the hay, he can always blame Kobe, it's a win win proposition. Win it all and he's God, lose and it's Kobe's fault and another book tour promoting his latest book "Why Kobe isn't Michael"
Of course there is plenty of blame to go around....
1. Kobe- in a year Kobe could have shared the ball a little more he took the team out of the offense too many times and was a liability on defense. Only this year he didn't have many moments to make people forget about his ballhog mentality.
2. Gasol- keep noticing he dislikes contact, his position IS power forward correct?
3. Fisher- His LACK OF IMPACT costs the Lakers so much. Take the blinkers off and look around people.
4. Lamar- Reality Show star. No NBA star.
5. Blake- another PJ blunder, he should have shared duties at PG this entire year. How demoralizing it must be to play behind one of the worst PG in the NBA.
6. Barnes- He was non-factor in last years playoffs with the Magic and has had little value this year, still like his toughness. Knee injury could be a viable excuse.
7. Artest- The only thing that saved him last year's was his playoff heroics and that's the only thing that will save him this year.
MITCH KUPCHAK- Should be fired, breaks up the second unit of a back to back champion and replaces them with over-the -hill bigs and aging unathletic journeymen.

My selection for the light of the ups and downs...

Ohio Player - Roller Coaster


He's taken me to the dark side, I can't help it. It feels so good to bash him; I now know what it is like to be inflicted with disdain for a player like no other since Travis Knight. There is no if or when I’m sure of that. I have never liked his game EVER! He had a stretch at the beginning of the year and I was excited and happy for him and the team. What happened? He is so fundamentally flawed and not the sharpest tool in the shed, there is no way he plays good this year.
A song for the mood:

"Since the dawn of time man has asked the question...

What makes Kobe Bryant, aka The Black "hole" Mamba, an unstoppable ballhog?
What makes his ballhoginess so unstoppable?
What makes his three-point ball hog shots so unstoppable?
What makes his overall ballhog unstoppableness unstoppable?
Is it possible to stop something that is so ballhogishy unstoppable?"

Actually, except for the last 3 minutes of the game (troubling in itself), the Lakers played pretty well. Not great. Well. Decent energy. Good ball movement and passing. Better than average shooting too. Some defense, but not intense or consistent. Just OK.

The difference was that OKC was shooting unconscious. Every single guy on that team was blazing hot from every position on the court...3s(ridiculous), runners, penetration dunks, mid-court jumpers (swish). Granted, the Lakers defense was infrequent and loose, but even warming up alone in a gym, their shooting was about as good as they can do.

The question is this: the next time they meet, will the Lakers be as relaxed in their defense, and will OKC be this blazing hot? No, and No. Furthermore, hardly anyone here or elsewhere has adequately accounted for Phil's stealth strategy going into the playoffs...his scam of keeping long and stretched rotations out there in spite of the problems the bench has been having. Sure it's frustrating to see them blow leads and give life and momentum to the other team's second unit, as well as pressure on our starters to halt the slide.

Well, here's a clue...that ain't gonna happen in the playoffs. Phil's going to shorten the rotations. Kobe and Pau are going to be playing major minutes. And any sub that isn't cutting it (cough***Shannon***cough) is going to feel a very short leash.

In short, we're going to find out if the Real Lakers, once unleashed for real by Phil, can still win The Big Dogfight.

This is for a prior thread titled
Poll: Will you watch Lamar Odom's reality show?

Commandment #12. Thou shall watch every episode of a reality TV show featuring any Laker.

Dedicated to the worse liking of the world.

He deserves something more respect. But you are right... he is not Mike Tyson.

PSP & yellofever,

Are you two related to each other?

Here comes Playoff time and, just like last year, the sky is falling in Lakerland. And when reminded of last year, the Chicken Littles of this blog reply with all the verve on how it's different this year. How the Lakers had the #1 Seed and home court in the Finals.

Now, I've pointed out that no team since the 1984 Playoffs has made it to the Conference Finals as the #4 Seed. As of today, they're still the #2 Seed. But, should they drop to #4 (which is unlikely), it doesn't mean it's over. In fact, it's just another feather to add to the cap.

Houston was the #5 Seed when they won their Back-to-Back Championship. I wonder what their fans would have been writing if they had a blog to post to back in 1995.

All I will say is that, as Yogi Berra so eloquently put it, "IT AIN't OVER 'TIL THE FAT LADY SINGS!" AND THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN UNTIL THE REAL SEASON BEGINS!

Here's my selections for this Gloom and Doom Monday in the Blogosphere:






Maybe you should get together with S Perkins.
You two might really hit it off.
You could debate through the wee hours, who's worse, Fish or Brown?

The RSP is isssuing a citation to Phil Jackson for the lack of perceived effort in his job duties of the LA Lakers this regular season.

Mr. Jackson may petition the court about the validity of the complaint after the playoffs are over for the Laker team.
Any reduction of fines will be directly related with the success of the Lakers in the playoffs.

It's gettin rough.

Gasol, I'm looking at you.

Laker Mike

Classic! Congrats. You know the old saying: "You want your team to wake up at exactly the right time." This has been the most mind boggling, fascinating "regular" season I have ever seen. Soon it will be over. Thank God.

Give me the PLAYOFFS already!

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

The RSP's wife would like me to present this question to the blog, granted she is not a basketball fan but she watched the end of the game last night.

How can the score be 103-103 with 2 minutes to go and lose 120-106. How can that happen?


What's up!

Yellofever is just havin fun and trying to incorporate PSP philosophy into my repertoire and referring to myself in 3rd person but related to PSP? Huh? You have me stumped.

Sometimes yellofever has borrowed hobbits philosophy and spoken in hobbit format too.. They are done out of respect for the writer.. i.e..

Firstly: Hola!

Secondlly: it has been said I am related to PSP

My response: Huh? I'm stumped.

There are people on here who have negative feelings towards certain players no matter what....and it is quite evident. Yes, Shannon did not play well last night, but gosh people the whole team played horrible. Yes, he needs to get back to how he played earlier this season, but Blake has NEVER shown up all season outside of the 3s he made last night...which I do not think warrants 4/mil a year for the next 3 years. Matt Barnes while bringing "toughness" has not been a huge factor all season either...and if you look at his record from last year's playoffs with the Magic...he did not do much there. Yes, the whole bench HAS to play better, esp Shannon since he is one of the highest scorers on the when he is not doing what he needs to do, it is evident. Phil stated they are hopeful that he will turn it around. But if blame is going to get thrown around..throw it around to everyone since NO one is really showing up at the moment...

Lastly, Lamar and Shannon have been in this situation before and they need to play BIG this post season.

Theres only one thing we all know for sure, just 2 more games till Fisher starts ballin. Rest assured.


The sky, the moon, etc.

Art hopes he can unstump you.

Lol, ok, Art gets it.

Art meant related as in writing in such similar styles, but now Art see's your point.

@LAKERMIKE … Congrats on the Friedman. Excellent post. Rick would have been proud of you. I am not sure what is going on but this season has had a lot of elite teams going into befuddling long losing streaks. It’s happened to the Heat, Celtics, Spurs, and now the Lakers. The timing could not be worse as this losing streak could cost us home court advantage, which is something we need in order for our bench to be a big contributor. It’s the ultimate test of the “practice” season.
@PSP … I’ve always believe that my rooting for my teams actually impacts whether we win or lose, even in the rooting is done watching the game on my DVR. Which brings to mind the thought that perhaps we are losing because our fans have lost faith and are not even watching the games. Never underestimate the power of karma. If we all watch the next two games, the Lakers will win. ;-)
@CORNERJ … I agree with you that the Thunder shot lights out last night and definitely had a mental edge by having Perkins in the post. His impact was much greater than his stats showed, although I was surprised that he did not react when Drew threw the ball into his chest for that technical. Couldn’t tell what led to that but it did appear that Kendrick did not want to get into any confrontation with Drew. Probably hasn’t forgotten how he got his knee injured.

I thought there were some good signs from the game. First, Pau definitely was aggressively attacking the rim. The dunk that he threw down on Perkins and Ibaka was exactly what we need him to do. Now, he needs to help Drew dominate the boards. I also thought Drew played well, his rebounding was again dominant and he did a good job scoring in the low post. The other Lakers missed several opportunities to get Drew the ball with great low post position. Drew was really moving around and sealing his man to no avail, especially when Kobe or Shannon were pounding the ball into the floor. Kobe did hit him with a good pass but only after he was more open earlier.

Did Phil force them to practice today, or do they get the day off for their
superb work last night? :)


you wrote: How can the score be 103-103 with 2 minutes to go and lose 120-106. How can that happen?

Posted by: Regular Season Police | April 11, 2011 at 12:26 PM

my response:

1. turnovers are a MOFO!
2. lousy long distance shooting.

Oddly enough both of these lead to poor transition defense and BAM!

you're looking at the "L" on your forehead.

"Did Phil force them to practice today, or do they get the day off for their
superb work last night? :)

Posted by: hobbitmage | April 11, 2011 at 12:40 PM


AND - hopefully Kobe is among those practicing! Not the time to rest the knee when the whole team is out of sync. He must be fully involved in Xs and Os part at least.


The PSP is not related to yello by blood, but by some philosophies and ways of reasoning ya dig?


That was funny! However the PSP will still issue you a citation; these are not times to laugh or joke around sir. We accept cash only, thanks. You can meet the PSP at Jon K's dark alley to drop it off.


Well, since you put it that way, the PSP will tune to league pass for the final two games and see how strong the karma generating from camp Police is. :-)

PSP Officer

Here's my reaction to the loss:
*Puking enormous amounts of guts, puss and items best left unnamed*

Did Phil force them to practice today...
Posted by: hobbitmage


Why would they need to practice?

They have had 80 practice games so far which has me wondering.

If this is just the practice season and these are all just practice games, what do they call practice between games, just pretend?

So we have pretend time between the practice games.

Does that clear it up?

There once was this thing called "Purple pride". Boy, are those days long gone...


is this: So we have pretend time between the practice games.

anything like when a 5 year old girl sets a table w/ her teddy bear and a barbi
doll and makes a cake in the pretend oven?

I feel the deepest empathy and sympathy for all you poor season ticket holders. It must be awful having been cheated out of big parts of the season. You expected to see basketball and got to witness a total display of retardation instead.

It's mindboggling how a team this stupid can win multiple championships. Wow... Take that, you Einsteins of the world!

@PSP … I’ve always believe that my rooting for my teams actually impacts whether we win or lose, even in the rooting is done watching the game on my DVR. Which brings to mind the thought that perhaps we are losing because our fans have lost faith and are not even watching the games. Never underestimate the power of karma. If we all watch the next two games, the Lakers will win.
Posted by: LakerTom

Laker Tom,

Please, please, please let me know where you get your drugs?


Maybe you should get together with S Perkins.
You two might really hit it off.
You could debate through the wee hours, who's worse, Fish or Brown?

Posted by: Art | April 11, 2011 at 12:11 PM

Not even a debate, not even close to one. S Perkins is just a troll that hates for the sake of hate. I gave Brown a chance all year, maybe taking a shot at him once or twice. I have hard evidence of the fundamental flaws in Brown’s game; I also have hard evidence of Fisher’s heroics to help win 5 NBA Championships. We have the PSP; do we have a judge and jury?

Yeah that's right, I'm angry! It's one thing being punked by a team and a whole different story LETTING yourself being punked - five times in a row!!! Shame on you, you numbskulled objects of my affection and loyalty!

@Art... Yellofever has been unstumped. Thanks for the clarification. I think more people should try speaking in 3rd person.

@MM...your thread count is very low today.. Having an offday?

@The Triangulator... Did I mention its nice to have you back?

@Lakertom. Do you really believe your rooting for your team projects a positive outcome to the final score? Wow. That's some powerful stuff there.
Are you a subscriber to Tony Robbins positive thinking program and think your thoughts and happiness determine how you live?



Ok, I see your point.
But at least Brown can leap tall buildings, so when he gets bounced out of the NBA he will at least have a fall back position...

anything like when a 5 year old girl sets a table w/ her teddy bear and a barbi
doll and makes a cake in the pretend oven?

Posted by: hobbitmage

Yeah, kinda just like that, except between games the Lakers pretend they are really good. They pretend to box out, rebound, not turn over the ball.
Brown and Blake pretend to hit all their shots, I could go on, you get the picture.

@Yellofever has been unstumped. Thanks for the clarification. I think more people should try speaking in 3rd person.



Art was actually thinking the same thing and even took it a step further. Art was thinking 'everyone' on the blog should start writing in the 3rd person.

And Art wonders if when new people, or people who don't come here a lot, come to the blog and read it through that if they post they would just automatically start referring to themselves in the 3rd person.

Art thinks it might be a fun experiment similar to the 5 monkeys in a room with a banana.


I was thinking Brown is perfect for the And1 tour or as a Harlem Globetrotter. Thats not even a dig, he just doesn't have the skill set and mind set for the NBA. I don't know, maybe he can make it work with a system like the Knicks where there isn't that much thinking involved and no defense to be played. He may be NBA talent, but he sure in the hell isn't Laker talent.


Geez you clearly can not stand Brown. Like some people don't like Fisher, Pau etc. I get it..but come on. "Not Laker talent" there are quite a few on this squad that could fall in that category then. Why don't you wish him and the whole team well for the post season and leave the personnel issues to after the season is coach will bring a lot of changes, so we will see what happens!

What a day...

I almost get eaten by a bear and I return to Los Angeles just in time to watch my Lakers play like crap.

After the game some douchebag contrarian bought shots for the bar in "celebration" of Oklahoma City's victory. I refused mine.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


It's hard to defend Shannon's play much lately. It's to the point that I am surprised when one of his shots goes in and he looks completely disoriented on offense with the overdribbling. This slump has been going on for months now and he doesn't have much time left to break it.

Ron Artest comedy tour? What's he going to do shoot 3ptrs and try and stop an 8-yr old white kid from scoring? Trevor come home.

The lakers are going to blow out San Antonio and sacremento! Bank on it! Then get their mojo back. And head in strong into the playoffs.

The Thunder are better than they get credit for. I hope to see the lakers play OKC in the playoffs.

How did Portland get Wallace for nothing. That one blows my mind. Not good for us. We need another marque player. Kobes getting old in the tooth.

I'm still a fan,


"How did Portland get Wallace for nothing. That one blows my mind. Not good for us. We need another marque player. Kobes getting old in the tooth.

I'm still a fan,


Posted by: CrzyFan | April 11, 2011 at 04:39 PM "

Wallace had a few years left on his deal and Charlotte wanted to trade him for an expiring. Wallace and Jackson were both rumored to be available and I'm not sure why more teams weren't interested.

Jon K - Ummm back up. What happened with this bear? Details please.

yellofever - Ahh I think one of my posts was being edited for a bit. I'm not having an off day by any means lol

Mark Medina,

I was hiking in a wilderness area between 29 Palms and Palm Springs up a desert canyon that has a creek flowing through it.

I was about four miles off trail up the canyon. I turned a corner and there was a 500 pound black bear staring at me about 15 yards away.

I quickly turned around, sprained my ankle, and got the heck out of there.

Kind of ruined the hike.

Now I've got to go buy pepper spray or bear mace or something.

Fricken stupid bear.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K - Wow. That sounds incredibly scary. If Stephen Colbert were with you on that hike, that bear wouldn't have had a chance



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