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Caught in the Web: Phil Jackson adamant about retiring


--The Times' Broderick Turner explains Andrew Bynum's belief that the Lakers are playing with negative energy.

--Among the interesting nuggets The Times' Mike Bresnahan highlights from Phil Jackson's 80-minute talk with the Lakers' traveling reporters: He's adamant about retiring after this season, a chance to three-peat and calls from Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher convinced Jackson to stay, he'll split his time in Montana and L.A., he considered his 1998, 2000 and 2001 titles most memorable and he recalls a meeting Bryant had with Michael Jordan where the Black Mamba boasted he could beat Jordan one-on-one.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding observes Jackson's driven to coach by his "communal sentiment."

--The Daily News' Tom Hoffarth mentions the Lakers' play-by-play job is Spero Dedes' job assuming he wants it.'s Scott Howard-Cooper reports that union president Derek Fisher is keeping open the possibility that the National Basketball Players Association is considering staging a charity game or even a series of games should a lockout eat into the 2011-2012 schedule. Howard-Cooper also argues Lakers forward Lamar Odom should win the NBA's sixth man of the year award

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky breaks down the Lakers' remaining schedule.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's Gregg Patton highlights the Lakers' belief that securing home court advantage isn't the top priority.

--Hoopsworld's Eric Pincus looks at how both the Lakers and Mavericks are limping into the playoffs. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Stephen A. Smith argues Lakers guard Derek Fisher remains underappreciated.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford explains why Jackson is retiring and why Bynum feels plenty of negative energy.'s Mike Trudell provides the main highlights of Jackson's extended conversation. 

--Fox Sports Billy Witz delves into Jackson's plans after retirement. 

--Shaky Ankles' Michael Pina debates whether Odom or Glen Davis is worthy of the NBA's sixth man of the year award. 

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano maintains a fine line between confidence and concern about the Lakers' play. 

Tweet of the Day: "No need to worry Lakers fans. They will be ready come playoff time." -- MagicJohnson (Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day:" If Rick F. was still here, I'm sure he would express his doubt or concern as he used to express it in his post in the recent past. During the playoffs, a team may be bad offensively but they cannot afford to be also bad defensively. We won last year and the year before that because of defense. We lost in '08 because we have no defense and let the Celtics dictated the game.

As fans, we always have faith with our team but as a long time b asketball fan I just hate their attitude this year. It has been a wild ride and it is not pleasant to be a fan if you are always being put up w/ highs and lows of emotions. These guys are cocky in playing on a balancing beam and trying to impress us what they can do. They put up two persona: intentionally tanking games or dominating games. It has been a wild ride from Nov to April. It is like dealing with the student who is an genius but absentminded, don't do homework, don't come to class, then just try to show up during Finals. As a typical fan, I prefer to deal with a honest hard worker trending towards excellence. Of course, by playoffs time, we all start w/ zero opinion and 100% allegiance with reseolve that history will repeat itself. Which history, hopefully the most recent Championships." -- Edwin Gueco

Radio Interviews

--I talk with The Lakers Nation's David Brickley and Kevin Figgers in the audio file below.

Lakers Nation's David Brickley and Kevin Figgers with Mark Medina

I also speak with George and Chris Papouilias ESPN Radio: WGAM The Game's "Green Machine" in New Hampshire


Mark Medina on WGAM The Game's "Green Machine"


--Mark Medina

E-mail the Lakers blog at

Photo: Lakers Coach Phil Jackson understands that it's almost time for him to walk away from his remarkable coaching career. Credit: Kirby Lee/U.S. Presswire/April 3, 2011.

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@Edwin - congrats on the Friedman.

Good to see Phil is making a stand about retiring. It'll give the team a little extra umph to send him out in style.

Also good to see Magic finally come to the light. I was surprised by his mid-season worries.

Feeling a little dance vibe today...with the playoffs around the corner its almost time for EVERYBODY to bring a focused effort.

Blackbox - Everybody Everybody (feat Martha Wash)

When Magic Johnson says not to worry about the Lakers, I won't. He has been overly concerned about the Lakers recently, but when he said the Lakers would be OK, I feel very optimistic about the the Lakers.

I expect a strong outing tonight.

I am starting to like Bynum's interview...I am not sure if he is the most polished interviewee, but he is sure the most honest one among the Lakers players. He says how he feels and what he feels. So sometimes, he would say the stupid things, but we would get the most accurate information from him, unlike others who just want to say politically correct things.

Since the 1988 Lakers, the record of teams trying to repeat who reached the NBA Finals without HCA is 2-0, both Phil Jackson coached teams ('93 Bulls; '98 Bulls). Interestingly, they were both three-peat teams. The other teams who reached the NBA Finals and repeated all had HCA. It means nothing, but it's interesting.


you wrote: hobbitmage,

I think PJ already tried that, at least, that's what PJ says:


"He (PJ) also shared a vignette about Jordan and Bryant, two of the best ever.

"I wanted Michael to get Kobe to understand that he didn't have to stray outside the offense," Jackson said of the meeting he arranged in 2000. "I prepped Michael a little bit that this kid was just learning the offense. They sat down and talked and the first thing Kobe said to Mike was, 'I can take you one on one.'

"Mike said, 'You probably can. I'm 39 and you're 21,' or something like that. He [then] just conveyed to Kobe that there was a time in the game to do that and how to wait 'til the game presents itself."

my response: Great! He did that 11 years ago and ~ 5 championships later ...
it looks like Kobe learned the lesson. Or was the lesson to *NOT* do your
best, & to *NOT* win championships?

this was written:

The Chicago bulls with Jordan,Pippen and Phil Jacskon never really had a bad slump,I cant remember if they had a 3 game loosing streak much less than a 4 game loosing streak under Phil Jackson,this was unthinkable by Michael Jordan's standards.This present Laker team had many a loosing slump,we even lost to Celtics and Detroit in two Nba finals.Jordan nerver lost in an Nba finals.Yes before Phil became Bulls head coach they lost in the playoff to Detroit,but this change when PJ took the helm.So some Lakers fan who wants to compare anyone with MJ got to be joking,lts like they had never followed the game of basket ball.

my response:

lost the first 3 games.

76ers, bullets, celtics

jazz, sonics, blazers

bucks, pistons, pacers

rockets, spurs,nuggets, lakers

I wish Kobe had had a chance to play w/ one of the greatest defensive
SF's ever. Just imagine what he could have done....

win championships? Oh, wait. He's done that.

win consecutive championships? Oh, wait. He's done that.

win consecutive championships multiple times? Oh, wait. He's done that.

shoot the ball 35 times in one game? Oh, wait. He's done that.

get less than 3 assists in one game? Oh, wait. He's done that.....

When Lakers lost to Boston in 2008, i wrote on this blog, i want Lakers to hire Boston assistant coach Tom Thibodeau for the next Lakers coach, he was just one year with Boston but he helped Boston Celtics to become very good defensive team .

The games in LA against Oklahoma and SA are important games for the Lakers. Lakers shoul beat these two teams and give them no hope in the playoffs. I think Phil sent a message to Lakers, you guys want me to come back, now it's time to play good, no more next season.

Since the 1988 Lakers, the record of teams trying to repeat who reached the NBA Finals without HCA is 2-0, both Phil Jackson coached teams ('93 Bulls; '98 Bulls). Interestingly, they were both three-peat teams. The other teams who reached the NBA Finals and repeated all had HCA. It means nothing, but it's interesting.

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | April 08, 2011 at 09:32 AM


OK, I completed my research. In NBA history, teams who were trying to repeat and reached the NBA Finals without HCA have a record of 5-1 (with the exception of the aforementioned teams, ONLY the 1950 Lakers, the 1969 Celtics, the 1983 Lakers and the 1995 Rockets fit that category and, as we know well, the hobbled 1983 Lakers got swept by the 76ers). Interestingly, 4 teams who were trying to repeat and had HCA lost in the NBA Finals: '58 Celtics, '73 Lakers, '79 Bullets and '85 Celtics. 16 teams who had HCA in the NBA Finals did repeat, according to my count.

In the final analysis, with or without HCA, it's tough to beat the defending champs in the NBA Finals should the defending champs get there!

Very interesting stat:

Regular season records for Lakers recent championships years:
2000: 67-15 2009: 65-17
2001: 56-26 2010: 57-25
2002: 58-24 2011: 55-23 ???

In 2002, Sacramento Kings had the best overall record as 61-21 (SA now 60-19) but lost to the Lakers in the 7th game at Sacramento. History repeat??? I certainly hope so......


April 8, 2011
Game #78
Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trailblazers
Venue: Rose Garden Arena
Record: 55-23
Standings: Clinched Pacific Division
Western Conference: #2
League Record: #3
Current Streak: Lost 3


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No one can beat us but ourselves, and we say to all, bring it on!




Congratulations on winning The Friedman.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


By the way, absolutely LOVED Andrew Bynum's comments.

No excuses. That's the way to go.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@TODD ... You make a good point that Drew needs more than just 5 touches a game, especially if it is physical game where Pau doesn’t attack the rim. You can see from the last few games that Phil is giving Drew more minutes than Pau because we need him on the floor for defensive purposes. The Lakers need to make sure that these additional minutes translate into additional touches.
It’s hard to play inside-out basketball if you don’t have an inside game but we sometimes forget that inside-out basketball does not necessarily mean just feeding the ball to Drew and Pau. One of the unnoticed strengths of this Lakers team is the number of players on the roster who have great post up games, including Drew, Pau, Kobe, Lamar, and Ron. That gives the Lakers many options.
Unlike previous seasons where he was often a black hole on offense, Drew now does an excellent job hitting the open man or passing the ball back out while he reposts deeper in the paint. This is another fine adjustment Drew has made in his game. Now that he’s not as concerned with scoring, he is looking for cutters or other players who are open as well as for opportunities to score.
@LROB ... I agree with you that Drew’s offense is one of the wild cards that the Lakers hopefully will be able to take advantage of during the playoffs. I would like to see the Lakers look for Drew on right side of the floor like they did with Shaq rather than always giving him the ball on the block on the left side of the basket. Drew has better moves from that side and much as we do with Kobe on the pinch post, feeding Drew from the weak side after swinging the ball would reduce doubles.
One of the problems in the last few games has been poor spacing on offense, partly caused by teams not fearing our outside shooters and partly by our players being stagnant rather than constantly moving and cutting without the ball. This allows multiple defenders to slash and strip the ball when Drew makes his move. I look for the Lakers to really work on running the Triangle Offense more efficiently so that Drew gets some genuine 1-on-1 opportunities to score.
The bench is the main reason why HCA is important to the Lakers. If we end up playing the Spurs or the Bulls, we will be handicapped by not having as strong a performance from our bench if we do not have home court. I think we can still overcome that but only if all of my other concerns don’t show their ugly heads too. Assuming Shaq can play, I still think the Celtics to win the East.
@KOBEMVP888 ... Yes, I am sure also that Phil is looking at the same exact concerns. I just hope that the refs give us a fair break so we do not have to work up hill. That’s my big concern. We need to be hitting on all cylinders beginning tonight. Don’t want to let any of these potential playoff opponents believe they can stay with us. Like I said, time to be the big bad bully Lakers.
Kenny, I’m really getting excited about the playoffs and coming down to LA with iheartkb24 to watch Game 1 next weekend and get together with you and other Lakers bloggers. Looking forward to enjoying my first game at Staples and my first playoff game ever. Can’t wait for the practice season to end but I think we need to win out the next four games.
@ART ... It has been perplexing how the Lakers have been outrebounded in several of the recent games despite Drew dominating the boards. I think a lot of it has been losing long boards because of our guards leaking out on the shot expecting Drew to take care of the boards. Everybody needs to rebound during the playoffs. One thing we know for sure is that if we dominate the boards, we usually will dominate the game. I want to see Drew, Pau, and Lamar with double-digit boards every single playoff game – unless we shoot so well from the field that there aren’t any rebounds.
@TOM DANIELS ... Outstanding post, Tom. You have to love Andrew Bynum’s intelligence and attitude. Focus on rebounding and defense. Focus on keeping the ball moving on offense. This kid has grown into a man this season and I think his game has grown so much that he has an honest opportunity to eclipse Kobe Bryant in the playoffs and even to win the Finals MVP.

Good to see some regular Laker Bloggers today! Good job Lew!

@MM ... Wow. Some great links today, Mark. You’re in playoff mode already.
@EDWIN ... Smoking guns, Gueco. Another Friedman. Way to go. Excellent post.
@LEWSTERS ... Thanks for handling Roll Call, Lew. Can’t wait until you come up in May.

... I think we need to win out the next four games.

Posted by: LakerTom | April 08, 2011 at 10:23 AM


Why? I think they mean nothing.

Kenny, I’m really getting excited about the playoffs and coming down to LA with iheartkb24 to watch Game 1 next weekend and get together with you and other Lakers bloggers. Looking forward to enjoying my first game at Staples and my first playoff game ever.

Posted by: LakerTom | April 08, 2011 at 10:23 AM


I will try my hardest to get Game 1. I don't get all the playoff games, but like I told iheart, the people I share with are pretty cool about that. The only problem is that it's a weekend game and the 2 guys I share seats with are producers on prime time major network television shows, so they prefer to get weekend games. I think my chances are good though.

Good for Andrew. Frankly, I have more respect for his comments than I do for Kobe's comments about not caring about home court advantage. Moreover, how refreshing to see a Laker big man express criticism of the team's effort INCLUDING HIS OWN (critiques on free throw shooting after he shoots poorly). That is something Shaquille was never able to do. With Shaq, it was either "everything's cool" (even when it wasn't) or throwing his teammates under the buss for "not feeding the big dog".

For all the development we've seen with Andrew so far, he seems to have made more progress just since the all star break than in the prior 5 years. Love the attitude; love the effort; and love the leadership.

Reading Breshanan's (sp?) article on Kobe meeting Jordan was priceless.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"By the way, absolutely LOVED Andrew Bynum's comments.

No excuses. That's the way to go.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posted by: Jon K. | April 08, 2011 at 10:18 AM "

Agreed. Taking full responsibility for the less than desirable results is the quickest way to turn things around.

I wish Kobe had had a chance to play w/ one of the greatest defensive
SF's ever. Just imagine what he could have done....

Norcal: Just imagine if Dwade or LBJ had this current lakers team

Posted by: hobbitmage | April 08, 2011 at 09:46 AM

Spreaking of DWade and LeBron, they had a chance to join DRoss and the Chicago Bulls in the summer. What if they'd have signed with Chicago? Would it have been something? The Bulls would have MJ era dynasty like periods for years to come.

@ Lewsters - nice job, as usual, on the roll call!
@ Edwin - congrats on the RFRCOTD award - I've come to expect the up-and-down / come-as-they-may approach that the Lakers have towards the regular season as part and parcel with their greater identity - which is that of a veteran, been-there-done-that, championship level team that's built for one thing and one thing only - performance during the postseason.
@ MM, as previously acknowledged, great links today - there's some pretty relevant stuff out there in Lakers cyberspace today. BT's piece on Phil was sobering, to say the least. All the more reason for the Lakers not to fumble the ball during these playoffs - it really has become Championship-Or-Bust!
Gotta send Phil off in style!
"I'm like a stepping razor
Don't you watch my size
I'm dangerous, dangerous"

Kobe needs a reality check,come on Jordan may be now he may have a chance but in his prime Jordan would eat Kobe alive. How do you beat some one,that kept coming back when he got injured and made an impact in most of his games. Kobe I give you credit but lets see what you can do this year and prove me wrong Jordan the best in his time you got competition lets go bring on the heat, I know you have it but I have not seen it in a while. Think about it.

OMG, a Friedman award excuse me for all the errors, I just mentioned the name of an old friend Rick F. and I got one. I think there are more other deserving posts out there like that of my good friend, LakerTom. Anyway, thank you MM and others for this incidental honors.

What will happen tonight? Which Laker team will show up? It is about time to get back to winning. First, they need to secure the 2nd position; Second, they need to get back to the habit of winning to establish momentum all the way to the playoffs; Third, they have to strike fear on their future opponents like a boxer who'd finish the job quick before being hit by a lucky punch and Fourth, for the sake of their fans who have weak hearts and quick temper, the players may not care about these last few games but the fans do.


Yes, Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!


@Edwin- Congrats on the Friedman. It was well written in the spirit of Rick Friedman.

LEWSTRS Roll Call ... Checking In!!!

We are right where we were when our most recent 82-game mess concluded, sitting with the third best overall record in the NBA. It would be nice to stay there, but is it really that important? Here's the simple answer: NO!

As I previously posted, teams defending their championship that reached the NBA Finals without HCA are 5-1, while defending teams that reached it with HCA are 16-4. Not much of a difference percentage-wise, is there? But we have to get there first, so the ONLY thing that is important right now is staying HEALTHY. The playoff prep is over and the Lakers are ready to defend their back-to-back championships.

Which brings us to tonight's game. There is no doubt in my mind that a fourth consecutive loss will bring an uproar to Lakers Nation. Relax folks! We have the second seed in the West locked up and if we make it to the NBA Finals, look at our odds to three-peat! Phil is 2-0 in three-peats when his team went to the Finals without HCA ('93 Bulls and '98 Bulls).

Yes, of course I hope we win tonight. I always do. But the reality is that the players' minds are elsewhere right now .. where they SHOULD be. They are ready for and WANT the playoffs!

Give ME the playoffs already, too!

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

@KOBEMVP888 .... LOL. While I do realize that the last four games of the practice season are merely practice, the next three games are perfect opportunities to send a message to potential playoff opponents and winning out the season will lock up HCA against either Boston or Miami. That’s also what I believe will be on the minds of the Lakers players as they head for the playoffs.

Compadre Edwin - Great job on the Friedman...congratulations...well deserved, don't short sale yourself...

I'm not really worried about Lakers but they better secure that #2 spot. I think they're playing bad maybe because they know they dont have a chance to catch San Antonio after losing 3 strait. Tonight's game don't get no easier as they play Portland at Portland! A possible first round matchup, so Lakers need to bring their A game because for some reason they struggle to win at Rose garden. They won there this year but it took overtime and for them to overcome an 8 point deficit in 4th quarter, and a Kobe takeover. But I feel Lakers will be ready come playoff time, becuz they played awful the last 10 games of the season last year. Also when u have the Black Mamba Lakers will get it together and Kobe will takeover when he needs to. Against Golden State on Wed. Kobe was just too passive and he decided to takeover the game when it was too late.



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