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Caught in the Web: Lakers prepare for Game 6 against New Orleans

--The Times' Mark Heisler explains the "Kobe rules."

--The Times' Lisa Dillman notes the changed optimism among the Lakers after their Game 5 victory over New Orleans.

--The Times' Broderick Turner talks to Lakers assistant Jim Cleamons about the keys to closing the series out in Game 6.

--The Daily News' Vincent Bonsignore highlights Monty Williams' complaints about the Lakers' physical play.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr details Trey Johnson's journey from the D-League to the Lakers.

--The Times-Picayune's John DeShazier argues the Hornets need to play more aggressive in Game 6.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding believes Kobe Bryant's killer instinct will come through in Game 6.

--Ball Don't Lie's Eric Freeman loved Kobe Bryant's dunk over Emeka Okafor. Didn't we all.'s Scott Howard-Cooper notes the irony in Ron Artest winning the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's David Lassen expresses amusement over Williams' gripes about the Lakers being a physical team.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Arash Markazi highlights the improved play from Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin argues the Lakers' physical play in Game 5 sent a message to the NBA that they're not going to get pushed around.

--The Times-Picayune's John Reid highlights Okafor's struggles.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Ramona Shelburne mentions Kobe Bryant may play more minutes in Game 6.

--The Times-Picayune's Jimmy Smith focuses on the Hornets' need to improve in reducing turnovers and maximizing on second-chance points

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz explains the Lakers' sentiments toward Trevor Ariza.

--Silver Screen and Roll's Actuarially Sound credits Artest's playoff performances thus far.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano provides additional thoughts on The Lakers' Game 5 victory over New Orleans.

--Lakers Nation's Gary Lee looks back at Bryant's dunks.

--At the Hive's LSUHornet17 previews Game 6.

Tweet of the Day: "Our first close out game tonight, cant wait to get on the court!" -- AndrewBynum (Lakers center Andrew Bynum)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day:The game is won and lost inside. We need to keep making a concerted effort to get the ball inside to Bynum and Gasol, but also Kobe, and Ron. There are mismatches everywhere! On another note, I really cannot wait to see MIA and BOS. I hate BOS, but I just think that they will plow through the MIA Hype Machine. My pick is BOS in 5. Yep, in 5! I am also gonna call an early Finals (barring injuries), Bulls and Lakers. PJ will ironically beat the team that he started with, and LA will get revenge for '91!" -- TNTLakerFan

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MM finally wilts under pressure from the PSP and turns moderation off!! Back to BAU.

PSP Officer

Hello Laker fans!

PLG reporting present and ready for another beatdown. I don't care wherre this game is or how early in the day. This is the game for the real Laker team to show up. Let's give Dallas something to think about!

Cheers all - PLG





April 28, 2011 Round 1 - Game 6
Venue: New Orleans Arena
Series: LA 3 - NO 2
Game Time: 5:00 PST

|____ LAKERS 3 PEAT BUS _\__\__

Rick Friedman – This Season is Dedicated to You!

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96ws6lsx - I don't understand why people call lebron James a king... Kings have rings.
NBA4ever - We already have seen we can win with a limited Bynum, but we can’t without Gasol.
Dave Weinstein - Come on Lakers - it's the homestretch - now go kick ass!!!!!
Lakeshowinphx - memo to L.O., stop hurting your teammates and block out when the game is on the LINE!
billy in slo - Like Kobe said, we are right where we want to be.
OCLEZY - I can exhale now wooo;sigh of relieve. The boys are alright now. Go Lakers!
Bako Laker Fan - I hope to see this blog in postseason form soon so I can get my needed Lakers fix while toiling away at work.
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Ganapia - Like a friend says, I don’t know where is the limit but I know where is not!! GO LAKERS!!!!
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michael H - Pau and Drew are usually more involved in the offense. We have to get back to that.
Joe_Corad - If you don't like Kobe, just come out and say it without mentioning Jordan.
Ludgwig - this is America after all, not Lybia --
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PNoy News - shaq will shut his mouth after kobe surpass him on scoring list.
Lonestar - Lakers look like the team to beat this post season.
lakers_coop - I would love to meet the Boston one last time in the finals and beat them for # 17.
Ruud van Nistelrooy - He must be one of the most pathetic souls on the planet - calling out the team's/league's best player who has delivered us to the promised land time and time again.
Benjamin - And SA, wow, major oops. Ginobli couldn't flop his way out of that one.
Mikey - The trick is to pickup one or two potential franchise players at the start of their careers rather than to try to buy a championship right out of the box, like say this years Knicks or Heat.
Cornell - Kobe is a warrior. He knows if he can play or not.
teamn - I always expect the best from the Lakers, so here's to the threepeat!


All together now...May we stay focused and have the inner strength to reach our goal of ultimate victory. Keep us free from injuries and injustice.
Keep us strong, determined and give us the will and stamina to overwhelm any and all obstacles.
We are the Los Angeles Lakers, and we spread the FEAR.
No one can beat us but ourselves, and we say to all, bring it on!



#17 cOMING UP!!!

Why the hell would the NBA put a Laker game on at 5:00 p.m. local time?

Why, why, why?

This makes no sense whatsoever. The west coast games are supposed to be LATER. Everyone is still working or getting out of work at 5:00 on a Thursday! I myself won't leave work until 6:00, so I'll only get to watch the 4th quarter on live TV.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid !

Somebody tell me - Why is the NBA so Stupid ????

Posted by: Rob in L.A. | April 27, 2011 at 10:23 PM

Good thinkg I read this, I wouldn't have had a chance to have Mrs. NBA4ever set the DVR and I would of been one unhappy camper. Thank God for DVR or I might have got sick today and had to work from home.

Posted by: NBA4ever | April 28, 2011 at 09:19 AM


The LAL-NOH (5:00 PM) and DAL-POR (7:30) are both on TNT. Something had to give and unfortunately it happened to our game.

Referees for tonight:

Mike Callahan
Ron Garretson
Tom Washington
Courtney Kirkland (alternate)

"The LAL-NOH (5:00 PM) and DAL-POR (7:30) are both on TNT. Something had to give and unfortunately it happened to our game.

Posted by: The Snake | April 28, 2011 at 09:37 AM"

Besides this, I think it also just comes down to a difference in time zones: New Orleans is on Central Standard Time so although it's a 5 p.m. game for us, it's really 7 p.m. for them. Dallas is playing in Portland so a 7:30 p.m. game is really a 7:30 p.m. game for us. If the Lakers were playing the latter time slot, it would be 9:30 p.m. in New Orleans and ending around midnight (not counting either those watching in Eastern Standard Time which is even an hour later). So, I guess it's just the way it has to be for today to appease all the viewers, even if it does stink for us locals who work 9-5 p.m. and are probably missing most, if not all, of the game live.

I was listening to Colin Cowherd, a long time Kobe and Lakers hater in my opinion, this morning on the way to work and he had a couple of interesting and surprising observations during an interview with P.J. Carlesimo. I should add that I usually do not agree with most of Colin’s NBA takes.
First, he and P. J. both agreed that it was looking more and more like the Lakers vs. the Celtics in the Finals. Colin finally acknowledges that the Heat have problems because of two players who basically play the same and need the ball in their hands and that the Celtics experience is likely to prevail. Same with the Lakers. As for the Lakers, Colin and P.J. both think the Spurs are in real trouble and the Thunder are far too young and inexperienced to make it past the Lakers to the Finals.
Second, Colin brought up Kobe’s dunk over Okafor as proof Kobe deserves to be in the same league as MJ, noting that MJ after 15 years in the league played far below the rim compared to his earlier years or compared to what Kobe can do. Colin was really blown away by Kobe’s dunk and overall play and basically conceded that Kobe and MJ were a lot closer to being equal than he thought before. Some good praise from a long-time Kobe doubter and detractor. The dunk that changed the world.

@TNTLAKERFAN ... Congrats for an excellent Friedman. I originally picked the Celtics out of the East but then waffled after the Perkins trade and switched my pick to the Heat. After the first round, I now am going to return to the Celtics since they are playing so well. I don’t know about 5 games but nothing could be sweeter in my opinion than seeing Miami get their butts handed to them.
@LEWSTERS ... Thanks for taking over the Game Day Roll Calls. I’ll have your back throughout the playoffs so don’t worry if you miss a game as I will cover for you to make sure we keep the roll calls up. Looks like the Lakers will still be playing when you and Cora come north next month. Could be the West Finals. Rose and I are both looking forward to meeting you guys and sharing some Lakers love.
@MM ... Thanks for your response. Tough situation and appreciate your efforts. Guess the Times saved some money since there is only one of you compared to two Kamenetzky brothers. Anyway, my vote definitely goes to Instant Post. Everybody just needs to scroll by the rude or crude stuff until you get a chance to delete it. That has to be the best solution for the blog considering constraints. Why not run a poll with the options of (1) instant post with bloggers ignoring rude or crude comments until you delete them or (2) moderation with you doing the best you can as one person to approve and post comments. I would bet you 90% of the blog posters would agree that option 1 is the way to go.


I've listened to Colin Cowherd for several months, but haven't gotten the impression from him that he's either a Kobe or a Lakers hater. I think he's quite refreshing actually, but clearly not quite as knowledgeable as Lakers fans who follow the team and watch Kobe every game. I was listening to him when he came on the air at 7:00 a.m. and the first thing out of his mouth was "The Dunk" and how Kobe must be viewed as #2 to MJ, but that the difference isn't that great. I didn't realize that Kobe will tie MJ for 31 playoff series wins when we beat the Hornets. What he didn't mention was that Kobe's been to the NBA Finals one more time than MJ.

Never mind that, here's what Philip Douglas Jackson said yesterday:

"I wouldn't compare them," said Jackson, who coached both. "I think Kobe's as good as Michael."

As the cliche goes, 'Nuff said!


Great post my friend, let's end this tonight guys!

@LakerTom- I feel the same way about Cowherd, glad to see he is finally rational.

Roll call ... checking in!!!

2008, Round 2: Lakers defeat Utah, 4-2.

2009, Western Conference Finals: Lakers defeat Denver, 4-2.

2010, Round 1: Lakers defeat OKC, 4-2.

2010, Western Conference Finals: Lakers defeat Phoenix, 4-2.

What do these playoff series all have in common? The Lakers won their close out Game 6 on the road.

2009, Round 2: Lakers defeat Houston, 4-3. The Lakers lost Game 6 in Houston and closed out at Staples Center.

So which scenario is it going to be? Or will the unthinkable happen? The odds are 4-1 based on recent history that we will close out tonight.

HAVING SAID ALL THAT, I'm not one for predictions, but I am one for faith. The Lakers "close out on the road streak in Game 6" is currently at 3. Let's extend that to 4.

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!


LOL ... A dunk over Okafor is proof that Kobe belongs in the same league as MJ! While Im not saying that Kobe belongs or doesnt belong, I just need more proof than a dunk over Okafor.

I know, he was playing on a broken ankle ... and Pierce had a broken knee!!

As Mark Jackson would say, Come on Pompous ... You're better than that!

BTW, I know how much you hate the Celtics for cheating, are the Yankees still relaying signs for the stands??


The only reason that Kobe is not universally described as "at least as good as Jordan" is because Kobe will often play out of the offense and take ridiculously stupid shots.

However, since Kobe is a much better shooter than Jordan, sometimes those ridiculously stupid shots go in.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"I wouldn't compare them," said Jackson, who coached both. "I think Kobe's as good as Michael."
"Michael was used to coaching, and used to coaching that he trusted, so a lot of times, in conferring with him, he could execute what the game plan was."

Bryant coaches himself as much as he allows himself to be coached.

If he does something Jackson doesn't like, Phil can dare to take him out or let him find his own way.

Noted Jackson before Game 5, when he would, indeed, have to get Bryant off the court quickly:

"Can we get that hook from the Apollo Theater that I can use?"

Not that Phil won 11 titles taking his best players out of games.

Let's Go Lake Show! Finish off the Hornets tonight. I feel an agressive team coming out in our Lakers.


Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

Kobe has never had the luxury of being defended by the likes of Craig Ehlo in a playoff series. The overall level of Kobe's competition is significantly higher than what MJ routinely faced. Jordan was the best player I've ever seen, but you have to at least attribute a little of his dominance to the fact that he almost always had more favorable matchups than what Kobe faces....

Nice job on the game day Roll Call Lew, as always!
Congrats on the Friedman TNTLakerFan - totally agree - I wanna see a steady diet of Lakers post-ups tonight, be it Drew, Pau, Kobe, Ron or Lamar - post those ****ers up!
I Love Lakers Close-Out Opportunities - best TV in sports!
I Love that Kobe still never fails to amaze us.
I Loved Heisler's "Kobe Rules" piece and this little byte from Kobe:
As for his tomahawk dunk over Emeka Okafor, Bryant said, "It looked like he was going to challenge me at the rim, so I accepted the challenge."
Challenge Accepted! Time To Close-Out! Winning Time!

What if you read this - "What has been frustrating about this series is the maddening inconsistency of the Hornets fomr game to game."

Reading the coverage of this series is amusing. It is as though the Hornets don't matter. The only variable is whether the Lakers play hard, or "flip the switch" or are in "playoff mode." The hard play of the Hornets' big men is dismissed. As is the fact that Landry has consistently played well against the Lakers. Or that Chris Paul is a great player, Ariza is dangerous and athletic, Jack can be a knockdown shooter....

It always sounds like the Lakers are playing the Washington Generals, and if they just try a little, they should win by 20.

It is insulting to the Hornets. It underestimates the difficulty of winning ANY playoff series, much less marching to an NBA title. The reason a three-peat is a big deal is because it is damn hard. The Lakers deserve credit when they win and NOLA deserves a lot more respect.


"I wouldn't compare them," said Jackson, who coached both. "I think Kobe's as good as Michael."

Posted by: Shivalingam | April 28, 2011 at 11:02 AM "

Was this quote written down wrong? The second part seems to contradict the first. I'm confused.


"The Blogger Who Refers To Himself As" God,


Also, Jordan was a true innovator of the game. The game had to adjust and evolve to counter him.

So Kobe is playing against players who grew up expecting what Jordan could bring while Jordan did not.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



NOLA is going down tonight!


Bay to LA,

Translation: They're different players who are equally good in their own way.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Posted by: Tom Daniels | April 28, 2011 at 12:05 PM

Kudos on a great and truthful comment.



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