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Caught in the Web: Lakers prepare for Dallas Mavericks

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant dishes off in the middle of the Mavericks' swarming defense. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times.-- The Times' Mike Bresnahan notes how the Lakers and Mavericks don't have much of a playoff history. Bresnahan also reports that the Lakers have given Assistant Coach Brian Shaw permission to interview with the Houston Rockets for their vacant head coaching position.

-- ESPN Dallas' Jeff Caplan sizes up the Mavericks' and Lakers' bench units.

-- The Orange County Register's Janis Carr reports that the Maloofs sent an attorney asking for her tape recorder that featured Phil Jackson's critical comments of the Kings possibly moving to Anaheim.

-- The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding lists three keys to the Lakers-Mavericks series.

-- Ball Don't Lie's Kelly Dwyer provides a humorous take on the Maloofs' reaction to Jackson's dig at them.

-- ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky shares his gripe with Jackson playing his starters late in Game 6 against New Orleans.

-- Sports Illustrated's Zach Lowe analyzes the Lakers-Mavericks series.

ESPN analyst Chris Mullin breaks down the Lakers-Mavericks series in the video below

-- ESPN Dallas' Tim MacMahon highlights Rick Carlisle's comments that Caron Butler won't play in the second-round series against the Lakers.

-- Lakers.coms' Ty Nowell posted on his Twitter page a must-see video featuring Andrew Bynum and Lakers spokesman John Black hooping it up.

-- ESPN The Magazine's Chis Palmer hands out grades for first-round performances, including Bryant and Pau Gasol.

-- The Daily News' Elliott Teaford features the strong personalities of Jackson and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

--'s David Thorpe ranks Kobe Bryant as the 10th best player so far this postseason (insider subscription).

-- The Dallas Morning News' Eddie Sefko believes the Mavericks' physical series against Portland will help prepare them for the Lakers.

--'s Mike Trudell has a comprehensive position-by-position breakdown of the Lakers-Mavericks series.

-- Fox Sports' Billy Witz lists five things to watch in the Lakers-Mavericks series.

-- Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano previews the Lakers-Mavericks series.

Tweet of the Day: "Lakers were never concerned about Spurs being No. 1 seed. I didn't think they'd lose in 1st round but didn't think they'd make it past OKC." -- ArashMarkazi (ESPN Los Angeles' Arash Markazi)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day:"The Mavericks are consummate chokers. Although they're undoubtedly fired up by their victory over Portland, they will wilt under the Lakers dominance. I won't be surprised if this series is over in 6. I won't be surprised if this series is over in 5. I don't think the Lakers will be sleeping on any teams from here on out. This will be a chippy series, no question. There will be multiple technicals, hard fouls, some ejections, and lots of trash-talking" -- The Outlaw

--Mark Medina

[email protected]

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant dishes off in the middle of the Mavericks' swarming defense. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times.

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@MM & YELLOWFEVER … You both missed the biggest story from the Lakers and Hornets series – Andrew Bynum making it out of the first round healthy and with a team-top EFF rating. If defense wins championships, then Drew was at worst co-MVP of the Lakers first round triumph.
@LROB … I find it hard to believe that the Lakers would hire a coach from outside since that would likely mean a change in offensive systems which I don’t think makes sense for a veteran team that knows the Triangle Offense and has just won its third straight NBA championship. It’s BShaw.
@THE OUTLAW … Congrats on the Friedman. I agree with you about the Mavs lack of true heart. The next 4 wins will be the easiest to get. I now expect the Grizzlies to show the Thunder that even with Perkins they now don’t match up with the Lakers AND the Grizzlies.

Coaching theory.

I was thinking about how the Lakers sorta swapped Ariza to Houston for Artest from Houston.

So, Houston releases Coach Adelman and now B Shaw is interviewing with Houston.

Just a coincidence or is something more in the works here?

@Outlaw - congrats on the Friedman. I projected at the beginning of the season the Mavs would be the Lakers toughest comp in the west, but that was before Caron went down. I think they have more heart than previous Dallas teams, but I'm with you...Lakers in 6.

@MVP - Thanks for the predictions...I know how much it pained you :-)

My song for today is for the Spurs. 61 regular season wins and now they’re fishing. Could it officially be the end of the Tim Duncan era? Me thinks so….

Now you must wake up, all dreams must end
Take off your makeup, the party's over
It's all over, my friend

Nat – The Party’s Over


I don't think Coach K will be an option. Just several weeks ago he was asked about coaching in the NBA, and asked specifically about coaching the Lakers and he confirmed he is not interested.

@MVP - Thanks for the predictions...I know how much it pained you :-)

Posted by: LRob | April 30, 2011 at 11:22 AM


You have no idea. Now MM, will you kindly delete that post now that LRob has seen it?

Forget Coach K.

1---Coaching: It's total posturing to say that you never reach the top as a coach unless you go in the NBA. So Wooden isn't at the top? If you say no, then you know nothing of coaching. Coach K would still be taking a team in flux, as the Lakers have som vital moves to make in the off-season. Shaw is the logical choice. Sloan? Please. Adelman? Will never get the team in his pocket.
2---Predictions: Lakers over Mavs in 6 (due to lack of motivation; they own Dallas), Thunder over Grizz in 5, Bulls over Hawks in 5, Celts over Heat in 6, Lakers over Thunder in 6, Bulls over Celts in 7, Lakers over Bulls in 6.

Posted by: Desi | April 30, 2011 at 11:28 AM
Excellent post on the coaching situation. Interesting predictions. On this blog it seems like Boston and Chicago are slight favorites to come out of the east with Miami garnering about 25% of the votes.

A coveted Friedman award? Well, this has turned out to be a pretty good Saturday, considering there's no basketball to watch.

Go Lake Show!


The Outlaw

Congrats on a well-deserved Friedman. Way to tell it like it is!

I have just been to the Spurs blog and I was amazed at their fans’ demeanor. Expressions of sadness, followed by calm discussion on what needs to be done to fix the team. This is all without moderator intervention.

This blog, on the other hand, we lose one game and all the vitriol starts spewing all over the place – trade Bynum, Pau is soft, Kobe is a ballhog, Phil does not know how to coach, etc…. And all this happening despite efforts at moderating the blog.

hey snake, i'm as guilty as they come when we lose a game. me and my Lakers bretheren NEVER EVER want to lose a game PERIOD! so, at times we can get a little schizo or be chicken little, "the sky is falling", then afterwards we laugh at ourselves for doubting the LAKERS! threepeat baby! L.A. in 6!

This will be a great series (Lakers-Mavericks), but if Lakers don't give up any home games like they did to the Hornets in game 1 then the Lakers should be fine becuz it is not that difficult to win in Dallas. Dallas is nowhere near as difficult as playing at Portland or at Boston, or at OKC. Lakers have the talent, size, depth,and Kobe Bryant to sweep Dallas but even as a devout Laker fan I don't think L.A will sweep Dallas becuz of Dirk and Dallas is kinda fiesty. Matt Barnes will do anything to beat the Mavs after wat happened in L.A when the Lakers blew out the Mavs by 28 becuz Jason Terry was tryin' to fight Matt Barnes and Steve Blake. Also Lakers have KOBE BEAN BRYANT, which is the most obvious advantage (also Lakers size obviously); but Mavericks have Dirk Nowitzki, but if Pau Gasol finally starts playing better, Pau and Dirk matchup great and Pau could make Dirk work. Also when Odom comes off the bench he can guard Dirk. I think L.A just has too many weapons. All Lakers must do is watch the shooters (Peja Stoujakavic, Jason Terry, Stevenson, Jason Kidd) and watch Dirk and L.A should be fine. Kobe should average 26-30ppg and 6apg and Bynum should dominate, Pau should be around 18 and 10, the bench should do well.


I think Shaw probably has a 85% chance of being the next coach. If we were going a different direction with our personell, then it would propbably be someone else.

If it is someone else, I would take Adelman or Sloan. I love what Adelman did with those Houston squads- talk about overacheiving!

I've always loved that Sloan demands intense focus of his teams for 48 minutes, but after being coached by one of the most laid back dudes in coaching history, this might be too much of a polarizing change.

I'm not sure if Coach K is down with all of the pressure of holding the reigns of the most beloved and scrutenized teams in all of sportsdom.

I couldn't agree any more with Andy K's take on Phil playing his starters at the ends of blowout wins. I just don't get it either. Why risk your entire championship run by toying with fate?

As for the Celts vs. Heat series, this is going to be a seven gamer.

I'm impressed with the Grizz, but I think the Thunder will crush them in 5.

The Hawks will be lucky to get one win out of the Bulls. I predict they will eek one out and go down 1-4.

Celts will beat the Bulls in 6.

We will beat OKC in 6.

We will THREE PEAT in 6 over the Celts.

thank drew i remember last week everyone was talking about how the lakers would be better with howard. I'm still laughing howards at home after the first round it not the player it the team i still dont think howard would fit with this team;but however for all Mr.D.Howard fans i think the nets is the best team for howard.the net has shooter and a defense coach. lakers will 3peat against the ..................i would love to see the bulls where phil started the 3peats and where he will end the his 3peat in l.a. go lakers. thank drew great job artest,odom,brown,barnes,blakes.

Coach K would still be taking a team in flux, as the Lakers have som vital moves to make in the off-season.



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