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Bryant fined $100,000 by NBA for anti-gay slur

Kobe-bryant_300 The NBA fined Kobe Bryant $100,000 for directing an anti-gay slur at referee Bennie Adams during the Lakers' game Tuesday against San Antonio.

"Kobe Bryant's comment during last night’s game was offensive and inexcusable," NBA Commissioner David Stern said in a statement. "While I'm fully aware that basketball is an emotional game, such a distasteful term should never be tolerated. Accordingly, I have fined Kobe $100,000. Kobe and everyone associated with the NBA know that insensitive or derogatory comments are not acceptable and have no place in our game or society."

Bryant has been widely criticized Wednesday for his outburst.

The Human Rights Campaign, a national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization, said in a statement it was a "disgrace" for Bryant to "use such horribly offensive and distasteful language, especially when millions of people are watching."

Bryant was irritated in the game after receiving his 15th technical foul of the season. He pounded a chair on the bench before sitting, threw a towel and then yelled “Bennie!” before muttering the homophobic slur.

Bryant issued a statement Wednesday, saying his comment "should not be taken literally."

"My actions were out of frustration during the heat of the game, period," his statement read. "The words expressed do NOT reflect my feelings towards the gay and lesbian communities and were NOT meant to offend anyone."

The HRC said Bryant did not go far enough toward a formal apology and commended Stern's disciplinary action in a statement: "We hope such swift and decisive action will send a strong and universal message that this kind of hateful outburst is simply inexcusable no matter what the context."


GLAAD says it has talked to Lakers about Kobe Bryant's anti-gay slur

Kobe Bryant says his anti-gay slur should not be taken literally

Video: Kobe Bryant appears to direct anti-gay slug at referee

--Mike Bresnahan

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant reacts after making a three-point shot against the Spurs on Tuesday night at Staples Center. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

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Kobe Bryant is supposed to appear soon on 710 ESPN

Darth Stern strikes again!

Fricken troll.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



No suspension???

One-hundred thousand dollars is nothing to this slug.
I can see him smirking now.

Go Kings!


puddle and Fatty- nice to see you guys.


I guess the league doesn't want the Lakers
playing Portland in the first round either.

Do what ever it takes.
The rest of the league has grown accustomed
over the years.


might as well get some $$$ in now before the NBA lockout happens.

BAsketball in the 21st century, you don't have the right to be angry, you can smile once in a while the camera man gauges how you smile on the camera?

Next time, Kobe you should wear a mask that could only speak to itself. It does not see any evil foul, speak no evil foul and nobody will hear evil from you.

May we ask, where will that $ 100K go? Is there any body auditing the NBA on how fines are used or spent?


Of course calling somebody a ******* is offensive. That is the point. Saying **** is offensive, calling somebody a ***** is offensive, and saying **** is offensive. That is the point. If these words weren’t offensive, we wouldn’t use them when we were really really angry. The reason we have words is to communicate ideas effectively. Debating BS terms like ‘political correctness’ is therefore useless. The reason people use bad word is to make people upset. Saying these words shouldn’t make people upset simply makes the words useless. But whom do you want to make upset?

In my opinion, using words that are offensive to actual groups of people is a bad idea. It is a question of aim. I will accept Kobe’s statement that when he used this word he was not aiming it at homosexuals. The thing is, it is impossible to use these words without aiming them at particular groups of people, people with whom, allow me to emphasize- you are not angry at the moment.

Therefore, it is stupid to use these words. What you accomplish is not to tell the referee that you are angry at him, it accomplishes offending a bunch of people.

Now, I am sorry to anybody who feels differently, but whether Kobe apologizes and makes a decent gesture will not change whether or not these words are offensive or not, it will determine whether or not Kobe is an *******. That is up to him.

PS- this is also a question of the literal meanings of words. If I order pie in a restaurant, and they bring me pie, I do not have a right to complain that I didn’t get cake. Similary, ‘F******’ does not mean ‘I am angry at you for blowing that call.’ It means ‘I hate gay people.’ Maybe that is not what Kobe meant. I am fairly certain that is not what Kobe meant. However, that is what Kobe said.



Ridiculous!!! Such sensitivity has gotten us where? People curse and scream when frustrated. EVERYONE does it... Whatever

I am a lifelong Laker fan, but I would feel a lot better if Kobe apologized for this.

Just because he said it in heat of moment doesn't mean he meant it literally come on how about the tv director that let it get on he could have edited it or cut away.. grow up guys

@ Sonny Belfast -

Hi. The moving trucks are here.


It'd be interesting to see the Kings' fans reaction tonight. The King's potential last game at Sacramento, whose team might move to LA, against the LA's team. Will they chant "Beat L.A." even louder???

As usual, it's all about money. I wonder how much he'll need to "donate" to one of their causes or foundations.


He needs to be suspended for the entire playoffs.

Wow, what a hypocrite that Stern is.

He broadcasts hundreds of games a year where at any given moment a viewer can easily hear any number of profanities being picked up by all the microphones on the court - especially the ones on the rim.

I can't think of a single game where I haven't heard a swear word or deragotory term come through my TV speakers from one of the players or coaches, but Kobe is caught mouthing something and he has to pay $100,000 for it?

F'n hypocrite commissioner.

Nice to see Kobe own up for doing the wrong thing and even promising to get involved to make sure that everybody realizes that we still have a serious problem with intolerance, discrimination, and hate crimes. I thought his comments seemed sincere and heartfelt. Way to go, Kobe. I’m proud of you.

The Kings suck and Sacramento sucks. Basketball has foul language, if you dont like it, dont watch it. 100k is more then enough


It's not an "anti-gay" slur.

It's a term many in the homosexual community find offensive.

It's different.

I don't use the terms myself, but I have friends who do and THEY have gay friends and THEY aren't anti-gay per ce.

It's generally used to call someone an idiotic coward.

When words are made taboo, they are given artificial power. It's just plain stupid.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


A horrific injustice. If Kobe had degraded a Conservative, an Evangelical, a devout Christian or Catholic-- no fine... no foul. We have become a society afraid to speak the truth...

Darth Stern strikes again...

Thanks to Yellow Journalism...Kobe is painted as a villain again...

This is so LAME...Thanks to the SUCKERS who fell for it...


How many times have I lost my temper and said things, which hold none of my personal convictions, only in anger for one purpose - to hurt the intended party?

Apologies Yes!
$100,000 NO!


I had to go elsewhere to find out what it was Kobe allegedly mouthed during the game. I wanted to find out what kind of expression was worth a 100-thousand dollar fine. Please, LA Times, report the whole story even if you have to use asterisks in place of some of the letters in the "slur."


Get over it, everyone cusses or says derogatory things. They just want to get the money.

The PSP calculated how much of a fine that would be for the PSP based on the PSP's salary and while its not a fine that would cripple, it definitely means no cristal this weekend.

PSP Intern

Too much for so little...

Go, KOBE!!!!

OK, so how is it we are moderated and yet Scott's post seems to have made it through?

Does anyone think that Kobe would have been fined if the camera hadn't been close-up on him at that second? Seems like the broadcast was hoping for something happen. But then again, I'm just a conspiracy nutcase....


We love KOBE anyway...

We love KOBE no matter what!!!

I think this is over reacting and gives unnecessary power to ugly words. You know, 'stick and stones...' etc. JMHO

Isn't this the same Kobe Bryant who cheated on his wife?

Thought so.

When has the homosexual community become so obsessed with being offended, when they in fact, offend others with their television programs and movies in the entertainment industry? People in the homosexual community are hypocrites. I am glad to see their support dropping due to their constant whining about everything.


Glad to see Hipocrisy in action. Good job Darth Stern. you really saved the day!

michael g,

I'm okay with Conservatives, Christians, white males... being made fun of or degraded--there's plenty to go after--as long as EVERYBODY is open to being criticized/made fun of.

As a society we've been walking on eggshells for years in fear that the wrong "word" is going to offend someone at the wrong time.

It's profoundly unhealthy and it needs to stop.

Kobe made an insult in bad taste. He explained himself. Done.

A $100,000 fine is a travesty and this is going to backfire on Darth Stern.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


That was not enough of a apology or Fine ................... Kobe your such Trash from the past !

I can imagine what would happen if a high school basketball player said this and then said, "Well Bryant can say it, why can't I?"

Hey Sebaceous Perkins, do you like apples?

Derek Fisher, is going for championship #6, how do you like them apples!

South Park isn't always correct, but they did a great job on this one:

Well the Priest has been preaching that Kobe is not a nice guy from long time ago. Think about it, vanessa and kobe made their poor korean maid dig through dog feces to retrieve a trinket with her bare hands. The priest was attacked for speaking the truth but now the truth is out there for the world to see. Air jordan never made a racially, sexuality or a minority derisive term. Be like mike kobe.

......"sticks and stones......."

(Unretiring for the next 30 seconds)

If there's any hypocrite here, it's Sonny Belfast.

Lakers this. Kobe that. Laker fans are the scum of the earth for rooting for a homophobic rapist and on and on for the last 7 years (maybe more).

Yet you still post here. Weekly. Darn near daily.

If Kobe, the Lakers and us as fans are so EEEEVVVVIIILLL, than disappear. Show us how classy and dignified you are as a person by leaving this Blog. Forever.

Wishful thinking, I know.

(Now back to my retirement...)

The NBA just announced that 3 of the 4 Eastern Conference playoff series will start Saturday.

1. Indiana at Chicago, 12:00 pm Saturday (10:00 am PST)
2. Philly at Miami, 2:30 pm Saturday (12:30 pm PST)
3. Atlanta at Orlando, 6:00 pm Saturday (4:00 pm PST)
4. New York at Boston, 6:00 pm Sunday (4:00 pm PST)

I believe these times are CST. So in PST, we’re looking at 10:00 am, 12.30 pm, and 4:00 pm on Sat and 4:00 pm on Sunday taken. The only Saturday opening would be for a game at 8:30 pm CST or 6:30 pm PST.

Thus, it looks like the possible times for our game would be Sat at 6:30 pm PST or Sun at 10:00 am, 12:30 pm, or 6:30 pm PST. Since there will be games in Los Angeles, San Antonio, Dallas, and OKC, my guess is that we will not play until 6:30 pm PST on Sunday.

Bottom line, we will likely play at 6:30 pm PST on Sat or Sun. Let’s see if that works out to be true.

As a longtime LA sports fan, I am now a man without a team. First the tragedy at Dodger Stadium, and now this despicible outburst from a member of the Lakers. I can no longer support either team. The shame is too deep.
The Raiders are disloyal and the Rams pretty much sucked anyway.
Tennis anyone?

See, the safe way to insult somebody is to just keep it simple. Just call the offending party a Mo%#$ F&8)ker. Then you avoid all these moral dilemmas. There's little worse than watching a sports blog try address political issues. It's kind of like watching W try to speak in complete sentences. Amusing at some level maybe, but ultimately painful to witness.

Well....judging from the comments, it seems as if there are very few people who do linguistics, social psychology, or philosophy of language...not a lot of coherence here unfortunately.

And I think it's hilarious that all this 1st amendment stuff is being bantered about; Kobe made this utterance during company time, and Stern has a business to run - never forget that. If Kobe were on a street corner uttering things like that, sure, no problem (legally), but I'm pretty sure there are clauses in NBA contracts that deal with things like conduct etc. So please give the 1st amendment argument stuff a rest - he wasn't in a public forum, he was on private property and made this utterance while performing a work function (broadly construed).

I also find Kobe's statement hilarious (along with any other athlete/politician/publicly known figure) when they say that they didn't mean the term "literally". Did they mean it metaphorically? Did they mean it indexically? Inquiring minds want to know (well, just mine really).

Glad Andrew is doing better - when I saw the replay of the injury on, and I saw him walk off on his own power, I had a feeling that he might be ok. Get better Andrew, Matt, and Steve!


Personally, I find this a little offensive, especially if I had little kids around:

Where's my $100,000 for being offended?

Political correctness is morally wrong.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


So, this is okay...

But blurting out a non-politically correct word results in a $100,000 fine?

People have had enough.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Supposing Kobe says on 710 that Stern is a nincompoop who is partial to the gay and lesbian community. How much more fine? Do players have any rights against the NBA? So Stern could do anything and there is no appealate of a supreme body to review his decision. That's dictatorship per se. Is there a similarity between David Stern to dictators in Middle East based on how he governs his domain? Where is the right of redress by the accused?

Please! Kobe was just bumming a smoke from the ref.


Stop being such a troll. Why don't you go find a Kings blog to go whine on. You are one of those fans that are so weak minded that they couldn't possibly believe that their team lost because they weren't as good as the other team. So it HAS to be that the league cheated to make the Lakers win. Never mind that there were a lot of anomalous plays that went in favor of the Kings as well, it HAS to be a conspiracy.


And your team has never been and never will be as good as the Lakers. Ever. The Kings will never ever win an NBA championship. The Lakers will win many more. Deal with it, troll.

Well you can take the boy out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of the boy.

A racial slur in the heat of the moment? So what! We should be more concerned with "Freedom of Speech." Condemning Kobe's actions is one thing, but fining him $100 grand is another.

Does the girl ref gett'em too ?

Hey, I'm neither Gay or Black, but here's my point:

Calling someone the F-word is as bad as calling someone the N-word.

If you don't understand that, then you just don't get it. Both terms are terms of hatred. Don't try to defend Kobe. As the NBA said, it's inexcusable.

I don't expect Kobe to be a role model. Heck, with all the trouble he got himself into in Colorado, he has proved that he is NOT a role-model. And that incident cost him a 4-million dollar ring just to smooth things over at home. I never put athletes on any pedestal whatsoever.

Hopefully this issue can be put to rest soon and we can get on with the business of winning another championship.

Can we move on now?
Isn't it game day?

I expect Kobe to go off on Sacto tonight for at least 40. You have now pissed off Mamba!

Cheers - PLG

Now Kobe is pissed. Watch out NBA.

About the best the Kings can hope for is that they'd catch the Lakers by surprise and knock them from the 2 seed to the 3 seed.

That would be an exceptionally good season for them. WOO HOO! WE MOVED THE LAKERS DOWN 1 SPOT IN THE SEEDINGS. WE'RE SO MIGHTY.

And if that happens, Sonnybelfast will be crowing here tomorrow that the Lakers need to hand over their rings for the last two seasons because the Lakers must have stolen them from the Kings noble, always politically correct, saintly roster of players.

Good Job! It should have been a million! Bigots @#$%@!

Does Herr Stern fine for use of the N-word? If not, he's a hypocritical naggot.

Unless that fine goes to Trevor Project, which works to prevent suicide for gay students who are gay bashed, then it's ridiculous for Kobe to pay a fine that just makes the NBA richer.

>>>>Darth Stern strikes again...
>>>>Thanks to Yellow Journalism...Kobe is painted as a villain again...

Disagree on this one. Kobe screwed up. He is a public figure and he made a remark that was insensitive to a group of people. He was wrong. That tarnishes the image of the league, so the league fined him a reasonable amount (taking into account how much he earns). It's a slap on the wrist for acting inappropriately in the heat of the moment. If he said something like that in a press conference or something, suspension would follow. But that's not the case.

He'll get over it. The people who objected to his slur will get over it. The league will get over it. His image will take a ding, but everybody will move on.

Bennie, I'm sorry - I meant to say you're a p***y.

J. Galt - The difference is you are not on national television throwing a temper tantrum. He is a grown man. He is also at work. When is it appropriate to speak that way when you are at work? Would anyone go in front of a large group of customers and start screaming offensive things. NO.
Your boss would fire you, not fine you...

Jon K - we get it... you don’t agree. But the world you live in doesn't exist. Many people find many words offensive. Using offensive language when you are in the spotlight is not appropriate. David Stern fined him because he made the NBA look bad. If you own a company would you want one your employee doing or saying things that make your company look bad? NO you wouldn’t. If a customer had complaints about one of your employees would you take action to correct it? I certainly hope so. Homosexuals are also basketball fans who spend money attending games. It would be stereotypical to assume they don’t watch or play sports.

People in the spotlight are held to a different standard because they can be seen by everyone. Children can see them as well. He is paid millions of dollar a year; he can learn to shut is mouth and play basketball. Had he used a racial or religious slur it would have been just as offensive.
Someone compared other offensive words to what he said saying they were far more offensive. That arguement is irrelevant. If it is offensive then it should not have been said. Who made you the judge of what is offensive? its all relative.

>>>May we ask, where will that $ 100K go?

Booze and hookers for a Stern party!

You know what I find lame? The fact that the LA Times won't tell us what the slur was.. If it's sufficiently newsworthy for the front page of the website, they ought to respect their readership's judgment enough to be able to deal with an epithet in a news article. In British newspapers they'll even use "eff-bombs" if it's a legitimate part of a quotation. The American media is overly sanitized.

"Supposing Kobe says on 710 that Stern is a nincompoop who is partial to the gay and lesbian community. How much more fine? Do players have any rights against the NBA? So Stern could do anything and there is no appealate of a supreme body to review his decision. That's dictatorship per se. Is there a similarity between David Stern to dictators in Middle East based on how he governs his domain? Where is the right of redress by the accused?

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | April 13, 2011 at 04:24 PM "

Is David Stern the only boss in America that has the ability to punish his employees for insubordination? I'm not getting the dictatorship references. It seems like standard practice to me. As long as Kobe is an employee of the NBA he has rules that he is expected to follow.

What don't you understand is that the F-word and the N-word don't mean anything anymore. It's just the way we Angelinos talk. Kobe is on one of us. Stop crucifying him. We need him to bring us another championship.

My song choice for the day: Bruce Springsteen, Streets of Philadelphia. For ALL Lakers fans:

Calisopher, I'm sorry to say that you don't need a public forum in order to apply the 1st amendment. A basketball game in front of a paying public is not a private affair. Kobe was talking to himself and angry at the technical foul. He was fined but NBA or Glaad could not bring him to court for defamation because there is no malice has been established. The First Amendment applies because of his words spoken which is similar to slander or oral defamation.

What a fraud, this whole thing.

The Mayor has it right...

"Wow, what a hypocrite that Stern is.

He broadcasts hundreds of games a year where at any given moment a viewer can easily hear any number of profanities being picked up by all the microphones on the court - especially the ones on the rim."

Well said Mayor of Kobe Town!

This is pure stupinsanity!

The man was in the red-hot heat of comptetition in a high-level professional sport, with so much riding on the line, with his team about to lose it's 6th in a row! SIXTH IN A ROW!!! A moment of weakness, is all it was, accentuated by massive frustration! Those of you who are perfect human beings 24/7 can take a big FAT juicy bite out of my lazy backside! Oh, no, now I've offended the porkers and the lazy twits amongst us! What's my fine? The deletion of my blog? What has happened to the freedom of speech in this country?!

What a fraud, the USA has turned into!

What do you expect from the Barry Oblabla crowd!

Good! It's an offensive and hateful term, and the NBA was right to fine him for using it.

@Nuggets - I like your playoff roster with Trey Johnson and Joe Smith filling the last two spots. If Theo was healthy and could play I would prefer him over DC. But info on Theo is guarded like Fort Knox.

@Lakerholic – Who knows maybe Trey will blow up like Mario Elie did. Only way to find out is to give him some run.

@Tri – Peppermint Twist…haha. Thanks for the education on Full Moon. You’re right, that Buzz Feiten can play.

It that with one g or 2 (gg)?
He could have got away with 'coke-smoker' or 'jeekers crumps.'
All profanity is regional!

I think everything is being done right here.

I do think he deserved the fine.

And as a gay guy, I accept his apology, b/c I know where he is coming from.

When I get ridiculously mad, I spit out every derogatory racial term I can think of. It usually doenst even match the race of the person. It just happens. Do I mean it? absolutely not. Is it wrong? Yes. And im working on it. but I do know where kobe’s coming from. I think if I was ever on a reality show, I know one day one of the words would slip, and id be hated for it. when really, I don’t mean it. which is why the fine is appropriate, since he is in the public, it will hopefully help him not say it again, and detract others from using it or any other bad word directed at a group of people.

The problem with too many people on this thread condoning such behavior is based on the fact that Kobe is held in such high regard simply because he brings NBA titles to Los Angeles. What if Kobe was an average Joe and he called your dad and f****** f*****? Would you feel the same way? No.

To condone such behavior is wrong and only feeds the self-entitlement attitude that too many Angelenos maintain. The same people that condone such behavior allow their children to bully others at school. The same people that condone such behavior cut people off in traffic and flip others the bird. The same people that condone such behavior have no self respect. "Since Kobe said it, he must have had a good reason." Bulls***!

Grow up Kobe. Get over yourself, do your job and shut up!

I love how Kobe Bryant blowhards are saying this is an issue of free speech and that the Comissioner of the NBA has no right to fine him. It was stated more than adequately that Kobe was at work in the commission of his professional duties when he had his little boy outburst. The League is well within its rights to impose penalities and/or sanctions against it.

What would happen if you were at your job cashiering at McDonald's and went off on a customer calling them an "effin' f***ot?" Would the restaurant's management be forced to take action? Hell yes!

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from its consequences (whether intended or unintended).

In year 15 of my Lakers boycott. Waiting until Kobe Bryant retires and I can have my team back.


@michael g, on a day filled with idiotic posts on this blog, you just took the cake.

@lc, see above.

Why is it so difficult for Laker fans to be objective here? What Kobe did was offensive. Period. Worse, his public statement after the fact was similar to Andrew Bynum's statement after he was suspended for his foul on Beasley. In neither case did the player apologize--and in BOTH cases, the failure to apologize was DUMB.

One of the reason Kobe doesn't get the benefit of calls is that he complains on virtually EVERY SINGLE POSSESSION. Refs don't go for that. With his incessant complaining and now his derogatory statements (on national tv) he is doing absolutely nothing to endear himself to refs. You think that's going to help him get calls in the playoffs?

If Laker fans can't seem to bring themselves to criticize the conduct of their players, can you at least criticize them for hurting the team by their actions? It doesn't make you "weak" to show the refs some respect, or to apologize after you do or say something that others take offense to; nor does it make you "strong" to refuse to apologize.

In Andrew's case, I can write it off to youth and inexperience. In Kobe's case it is simply indefensible. He plays the game with an anger that does nothing to increase the chance of getting calls. I love his basketball talent and his passion, but his attitude is crap and it always has been.

Hey Boochie, Kobe never grew up in the ghetto. He lived a priviledged life in Italy then in suburban Philadelphia.

Get your story straight before posting moronic comments.

Words slip out of mouths, from deep within. They lie there dormant, pushed back by reason, and then slide through, ofthe through emotion.

Kobe meant no offense, the words meant that, he did not have to.

I am a Lakers fan and a Kobe fan, and I think his use of the word was in terribly poor taste. To say he did not mean it "literally" is beside the point. True: I suppose he probably was not yelling at the ref that the ref is actually f*** gay. But: using the word as a figure of speech to put someone down is EXACTLY the problem with this usage: to use the word as a metaphor means that you think the word has certain connotations, in this case negative ones, like being contemptible, for example. So, using "f****" that way equates it with being contemptible. Do you see why it is a problem? And in this case, it's not just a neutral word, like "fool" or "jack***"; it refers to people who've been outcasts.

Now, can someone use a slur in the heat of the moment and not really believe that f**** are contemptible? I suppose it can happen. But it's too bad that that was the word that came to his mind.

Whether you think the "heat of the game" excuses the use of horrendous language, or whether punishment is appropriate, is a different question. I am just pointing out why using that word in that way is not benign.

There's an old mythology that in the heat of passion people say things they don't mean. Actually, that's when people are more likely to say things they do mean (they just don't mean to say them). It's harder to censor your mouth when the adrenaline is pumping.

Of course, it's really about unsportsmanlike conduct, not the specifics of the name-calling. Just the same, I bet if Bennie Adams had called Kobe Bryant the N word, $100,000 would barely make the down payment on the fine he'd have been given.

I'm just glad kobe and lakers are not scheduled to play at Golden State Warriors tonight.

What else do you expect from a big oaf?

Two of my close friends are homosexual.. One lesbian, one gay. BOTH use the word f****t in the term to call someone or something stupid/lame/unfavorable etc. Its a common slang word and a common phrase people use when upset. Not to mention "gay" means happy, homosexual, and slang for stupid/lame/etc. I'd say the term is more used in high school.. I used to say "f*g" in front of my gay friends as a joke in the term of being "lame" but I NEVER intended it towards the homosexual community when I was saying it.. I wouldn't ever say it to insult them. I wouldn't use it now though since I feel its immature and inappropriate to use it in that context.. It was popular for quite a while.. More so the word "gay". Sorry to the homosexual community that it probably started in the context to be towards them and most people now use it for slang terms. I really dont think Kobe's intentions were to insult or be against the homosexual community.. I think it was an outburst of anger.. Kind of like calling someone a "fat a**" you dont hate fat people (likely to have overweight people in your life, especially family) you just use something against them when you're angry and spur of the moment. Wrong.. But true, we've all done it.
So what Im saying is come on.. lets not get too personal or jump on the band wagon of drama like in high school.. It happened.. Cant take it back.. Just wait to see if he apologizes.. BUT dont wait for an apology if you're just planning on throwing it in the ground anyway..

On the note of being on tv.. Yes, come on Kobe.. You are on tv and there are viewers who wouldn't and shouldn't hear those things.. Keep it in mind the next time you're angry.. Along with the camera men please..


"Who made you the judge of what is offensive? its all relative."


And so who made YOU or DARTH STERN or GLAAD the objective judge of what is offensive?

Why is it that some have a right to define what is offensive and others have no rights to define what is or IS NOT offensive?

How is that fair?

How is that okay?

How is that reflective of a FREE and OPEN society?

It is simply not healthy for our society to constantly walk on eggshells in fear that we may offend some toolbag or over-sensitive git. It breeds dysfunction and rewards weakness.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Kobe proved it again. He has no Class!

You can't be too mad at Kobe for using a gay slur. I think he's a little bit gay. Did anyone catch him on the spread he did for the LA Times magazine? Enough said.

I expect Kobe to go off on Sacto tonight for at least 40. You have now pissed off Mamba!
Cheers - PLG
posted by: PsychedLakerGirl | April 13, 2011 at 04:28 PM

Ballhog will be in full effect, 40 points 40 shots.

I actually enjoy Sonny comments, he's a interesting troll.

Words are only as strong as the power you give them.

Jon K, you really need to STFU, theses words has no power.

EG- I though you were better then that.

Cali- your one smart Lakerholic, good insight and on point.

Laker Tom- Man your Creepy.

I actually don't think Kobe hate Gay's, he hate's anyone that he can't control...ask his team and coach's. Their afraid of him.

Unacceptable for Kobe, unacceptable in sports. My son was shocked and since it's happened to him when his team beat another team it was a childish act, but Kobe's a man. Grow up and be a MAN.

Bay to LA,

David Stern may be the commissioner of NBA but he's not the immediate boss of any player. Supposing he is the boss as you alluded to, can Kobe not ask for appeal to a higher boss to review such unfair actions. Now if there is nobody higher than David Stern, then it is dictatorship. Can't say anything, do anything but pay for the consequences as determined by the Commissioner.

BTW, are you a subservient follower and always agree to what the boss says?

Just like in '03-'04, there is no way the Lakers are allowed to win the championship by Stern and his minion referees. Damn. Thank you TNT & Steve Kerr. Oh well we had a good run.

The wussification of America continues. Political correctness and the various special interest groups pontificating on their positions to shame others is growing old, very old. Too bad the Armenian group who protested Kobe's commercial support of Turkey doesn't get the same ink that GLAAD seems to get. The Armenians went through a genocide and GLAAD had its feelings hurt. Sooo sorry.

The idea you are going to take out derogatory comments from the heat of sport is absurd. What happened to actions speaking louder than words?

Breaking news: West Hollywood is building a stadium/spa complex and will be the new home of the Queens. There will be a cow bell bar and peep show suites for the corporate sponsors!
It will be fun watching the short handed Laker's beat the Queens in their "last" home game will be epic.

I'm very happy for Drew that it doesn't look to serious, hope he recovers quickly! Kobe was wrong and he knows better. 100K, even for him, is a serious OUCH!!! Thanks Napoleon!

The lakers will not get the benefit of calls during the playoffs, sounds like an early exit. Thanks Kobe, well stated you told him.

I'm just glad kobe and lakers are not scheduled to play at Golden State Warriors tonight.

Posted by: LakerPeace | April 13, 2011 at 04:58 PM

Now that's FUNNY.

I'm gay and don't think what Kobe did was a slur at all. Is this the black folks can say the n word and gay folks can say the other f word? At any rate, has any white guy been fined a $100,000 for using either word? This is stupid. Kobe apologized, I believe him. Let's go on.

Moderation makes no sense and is censorship. Mike you said it succintly in your post. Mel was universally condemned for using anti jewish remarks in his angered and alcohol induced state. Jimmy the greek was fired from cbs for using racial terms. Imus was fired from msnbc for describing the rutger women's basketball team as nappy headed...Listen the priest loves the ladies and often visit havana for some r and r twice a year but kobe remaks were bigoted and he should have been fined $250 thousand.

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