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Andrew Bynum's knee brace not just holding up his knee but also hopes of keeping injury at bay

61092568Lakers center Andrew Bynum was down and clutching his right knee.

He had just tangled with Hornets forward Carl Landry and was wincing in pain. The Lakers and their fans have witnessed this scene before and dread it because it cements the feeling that any sign of Bynum emerging as a dominant center will always be fleeting.

But after staying on the floor for a minute, Bynum got up on his own and remained in the game. The Lakers' 100-86 Game 3 victory Friday raised hopes that the defending champions were in playoff form. It also allowed fans a moment of relief about the state of Bynum's knee. And the credit goes to Bynum's knee brace.

He's been wearing the black 18-inch contraption since he returned to the lineup after missing the first 24 games of the season while rehabbing from offseason surgery. The device, with its metal, padding and Velcro, has proved instrumental in keeping him in the game. Bynum's renewed focus on defense, which led the Lakers to a 17-1 mark after the All-Star break and his 17-point, 11-rebound performance in the Lakers' 87-78 Game 2 victory over New Orleans, wouldn't have happened if not for the brace.

It seems to have eased the psychological burden, allowing Bynum to play at full intensity without worrying so much about the risk of further injury -- one more way for him to maintain a positive outlook. Also helping on the positive-outlook front: talks with sports psychologist George Mumford, and Bynum is reading the book "The New Psycho-Cybernetics," which stresses positive thinking and tells how to achieve goals faster with more efficiency.

The brace is helping to stave off further significant injury.  And Bynum's had some injuries to deal with: He missed 46 games in the 2007-08 season because of a left-knee injury, 32 games in the 2008-09 season because of a right-knee injury, 13 games last season because of a strained left Achilles' tendon and was limited during the 2010 NBA playoffs because of a lateral meniscus tear in his right knee.

There are more examples, though, of the effectiveness of the brace. Bynum hyperextended his right knee in the Lakers' 102-93 victory April 12 against the San Antonio Spurs after losing his balance, an injury that turned out to be a bone bruise and caused him to sit out the Lakers' season finale. Had Bynum not worn the brace, it's conceivable there would've been more pain, swelling and soreness on the knee, resulting in a prolonged absence. The same could've happened only a week earlier. In the Lakers' 99-95 loss April 3 to the Denver Nuggets, Bynum collided knees with Lakers forward Lamar Odom in the fourth quarter, a play that prompted Jackson to remove him for the final 7:15 as a precaution. The play appeared eerily similar to the one two years ago when Kobe Bryant knocked into Bynum's knee, causing a torn medial collateral ligament.

But this time Bynum was wearing the brace.

"It's crazy," Bynum said a day after the Lakers' loss to the Nuggets. "I had the brace on. That's what saved it."

Bynum's come to realize it's saved his knee plenty of times, but just like Laker fans, he's also refusing to hold his breath. "I have to make it out of the first round," Bynum told reporters Thursday before the Lakers left for New Orleans. But in the meantime, he can come to rely on that 18 inches of metal, padding and Velcro to keep him on the court and away from the sidelines.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum powers down a dunk against Hornets center Emeka Okafor in the first half of Game 3, April 22, 2011,  in New Orleans. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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LOL @ Pacers. Almost blowing a double-digit lead with 2 minutes left--AGAIN.

Oh, and they're also being booed by Bulls fans on their own home floor.

@MM.. Did it ever occur to u stern may be behind this? Don't u think its not in the leagues best interest to have a sweep but to extend the series??? Pls see tim donaghy.

First of all , great game by the Lakers last night. they paid attention to detail and sustained good games from the NOH's starters. While the Hornets starters played well, the Lakers severely limited the reserves. That was the key to an easy victory, IMO.

Loved the way the ball was shared and the good decision making on the second unit. Does Lamar have an extremely LOOOONG first step, or what??!!

Kobe never ceases to amaze me. He's a MONSTER! What a joy to watch.

I love Andrew Bynum. But if I were the Laker GM and the opportunity arose to trade Andrew for Dwight Howard straight up, I would find Howard's speed, athleticism AND durability hard to resist. I know that Mitch is on record as saying that he wouldn't trade Andrew for anyone, but I don't believe it. JOMO....Just One Man's Opinion.

I don't like Pau shooting 3's. I love that he has the versatility and skill to shoot and make them. But the fact that he's shooting further and further from the basket shows a lack of willingness to do the dirty, tough things that establishing better position requires. I'm glad that he emerged from his schneid last night, but would like to see his head under the basket more. That's where championships are won.

Thought that the Lakers, in particular Kobe, survived a very biased game by the refs. Bennett (the Italion Scallion) Salvatore would not have called a foul for Kobe if one of the courtside patrons had hit the Mamba with a a chair, WWF style. I would attribute this to a backlash on Kobe due to his recent "FF" comments except for the fact that I've seen this too many times from the "Scallion" in the past.

Game 4 will determine if this is a relatively easy series or not. The Lakers need to come out with focus and take the Hornets' heart and then close it out back in LA on Tuesday.

17 IN '11!!!


I would hope that you stop taking any suggestion ot trading Drew for Dwight Howard as a sign of disrespect for Socks. I think it is quite the opposite. Dwight Howard is the best center on the planet TODAY! He's only a little older than Drew. Dwight is an MVP candidate every year. For Drew to be mentioned in a straight up trade for a player like Howard is a testament to Drew's skill and potential.

I'd hate to see you stop posting your excellent thoughts because of this issue. Very seldomly on this site do I read folks bashing Bynum. It's almost always a matter of them questioning his health.

If all goes well, the Hornets should be "FISHING" by Wednesday. I heard that the Gulf of Mexico is vastly recovered from the horrific BP oil spill of last year. Should make for some good fishing and shrimping for CP3 and company!!

17 IN '11!!!

I haven't been a big supporter of AB since he's hurt most of the time, but I do love how he has been a beast since the All star break. Obviously need him to go deep into the playoffs this year.

BUT - i seriously hope that they can get dhoward for AB. I cringe every time I watch bynum run the court or see him in the paint. It's a horrible accident waiting to happen and laker fans have that nagging concern every game. Never want to see any player get hurt but at this point he's like yao or oden - you just know in the long run his body can't take it. I don't want to have to hold my breath every minute he is on the court.

Hoping he can stay healthy and have a long basketball career even if he's not with the lakers. Seems like a good kid.


Agree with all those comments. Last might was more of what I expected. Even though I thought NO would win 1 game, I didn't expect it to be the first game.

I don't like the Pau 3's either. I can appreciate him trying to add another dimension to his game, but not experimenting with it during the playoffs.
He should master that over the summer. Maybe he's trying to make the defense force coverage on him out there to open things up a little, but they lose his rebounding when he's so far away.

Also agree with you on the D Howard thoughts. I don't believe Mitch either, I mean, what else is he going to say? I mean, Mitch can't admit who he would or wouldn't trade.

There may well be a backlash against Kobe when it comes to calling fouls. I wish he would stop complaining about any foul or no call and just play. I think the refs might respect that more.

Game 4 would be a big W for the good guys. I don't expect NO to just quit, but that would be a big psychological edge going back to LA up 3-1.

Talk about a grown man turning into a pouty 3 year old when discussing trade rumors involving Bynum.

BronxLF, Frmkt,

Let's give a chance for LakerTom to put up his thesis why it is not advisable to trade Drew. H e was saying let the playoffs preside first before talking about trades. In my case, I have a rosy scenario and I want them both because we are the Lakers. If Magic trades the rights of DH next season, I think Dwight has a no trade clause and he could refuse the trade. Let him come over on 2012 when he has the player's option. This team can afford both players, it is just a matter of clearing up some contracts. Before deciding on "or" try to think again the possibility in adding Dwight plus Drew. My coin word is DpD.

bynum is looking more and more confident with each passing day. be it his sports psycologist, or reading the new pyscho-cybernetics book. he just looks like he's in command when he's on the court. welcome back pau, i knew you would return to the fold. let's not dick around tomorrow, return to L.A. with a 3 - 1 lead!

"I still don't understand the critics who say Phil doesn't make adjustments. His teams always seem to be more effective as s series goes on. They close games and series out with remarkable efficiency. They get better the deeper they advance in the post season.

What does all this say? It says the Lakers adjust over course of a game, a series and a post-season as they learn how to dismantle other teams. And PJs teams seem to do it year in and year out.

Posted by: Tom Daniels | April 23, 2011 at 08:51 AM"

I don't expect him to get much credit for it in this series since they set the bar so low in the first couple games that they could only go up from there. Even though they won game 2, game 3 was the first good game they've had in the playoffs in that they had it in control for most of the 48 minutes.

The same things can be said about Boston so far even though they're 3-0.

Christmas games, statement games, losing streaks, scrub teams...

All this don't mean squat to this current team, and if not into it...will not play very well...

This we have witnessed numerous times, and have driven many fans MAD...

But when it counts, and you have their attention...This team is lethal when they put their minds to it...

Is it good or even healthy to have this attitude...WHO KNOWS...probably not...

But it works for this team...and they have been to 3 straight Finals, with 2 back-back rings...

So I just accept it...for you can't argue with the results...

Like a brand new bike a kid gets at Christmas...He is just happy to have something to ride...But then you will always have the kids, that want to take it apart, check all the moving parts, and try to figure out how it works...

Some might even feel changing some parts would make it better...(bigger sprocket - Howard, new handle bars - CP3)...

But me...I'm just happy I have a great bike that rides well...and I would make the best of that...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!


Thanks for the feedback. I actually thought that Kobe did a good job of not overreacting to Salvatore. I agree with you that he's at his best when he accepts the officiating and just plays through it.

Wow Mr. Belslow, you must not have a lot to do! Now thats one long post, had to scrooooooooooooooooooooollll

WOW, Just heard a interesting stat concerning Bynum only played two years of organized basketball before being drafted by the Lakers...Kareem


I have to agree with you on Howard and CP3 or perhaps, D-Williams. What a lineup:


I think we'd have to trade Paul to get CP3 or DWilliams (money)

Weak Bench:


LakerTom, I don't think anyone is trying to bash Bynum. The quote has always been "if he's healthy, there's no one else in the league we'd trade him for" or something to that effect. When he has a heartstopping injury scare every other game, it makes it harder and harder to envision putting all of the eggs in that basket and that "if he's healthy" part sounds more and more risky.

It's nothing personal against Andrew if people would like to have the best center in basketball instead of him. There are 28 other fanbases that would also love to trade their center for Dwight. It's great that the front office stands behind Bynum and says they wouldn't take anyone else for him but if Dwight Howard's name really came up in a deal, I'm 99.9% sure the Lakers do it.

ban them all.

@Edwin G...

I certainly appreciate Andrew and if he's the Lakers' starting center until the end of his career, I would say the team would be well served. He's a very good player. But, saying that I would consider trading him for Dwight Howard doesn't mean I don't value AB. I would consider it because Dwight has proven to be the more durable of the two and is a legitimate, MVP candidate style of a player in his own right.

Oops, I meant to get Paul or DWilliams, we'd have to trade Gasol.

More nonsense from Sonny.

Ok, well, as much as I don't like some of the things he writes, I agree with his right to write it.

All he does is try to trash the Lakers and their fans. He isn't the only one.

Besides, I can tell when its a Sonny post by the first few lines. I would say whether I even read his posts just depends on how much time I have. I often skip them, but admit I also read them sometimes.

Most of the time I just find them amusing. He's just trying to push some buttons and evidently it works.

Sonny isn't the only one here who writes stuff just to push other people buttons. What's good for the goose...

I do think he sometimes comes close to crossing the line, but it's a fine line, and the bottom line is, it doesn't much matter to me.

The biggest thing to me is, Sonny isn't the only one who comes close to crossing these imaginary lines and I just don't like singling people out for banning for doing something that others do and they don't ever get a warning.

Point is, if you ban Sonny, I don't really care.
But then start warning/banning the others also.

It's up to MM- The Decider!!

I'm in the Laker Tom faction when it comes to Bynumite...

Yes he questionable when it comes to durability and health...But there is no denying his skills and potential...

I look at it in a different angle...Going back to the 'bike' analogy...

So we have this bike with AB as our 'sprocket'...and the kid next door has his bike with Howard as their sprocket...

I think we beat them in a race every time...but unfortunately, our sprocket has a knack of slipping of the chain...

But when our sprocket is well oiled, maintained and assembled correctly...Our bike is the best working, fastest out there...

Yes in theory, a bigger sprocket or new handle bars might make us faster...but you have to make sure those new pieces 'fit' in well with all the other pieces...Unfortunately we won't know until we try to install them to see if they fit, and will be calibrated...

So why take the chance...why gamble on 'a VISION of a faster bike', when in reality you already have the FASTEST...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

I'm riding THIS BIKE to the finish line...

Wow, Sonnyboy threatening to leave? Like we would actually care?

Laker Tom, that's another story. He's helped shaped this blog into one of the best on the Web. He's one reason why I come here. I absolutely love his insight and analysis. Does Laker Tom get fixed on a point that he strongly believes in? Sure, just about as much as I can get fixed on some good yummm...Fatty like food...

I think I've quit five times, and each time I REALLY mean it! But I always come back and you can bank my Cayman Islands Bank account that Laker Tom has too much to offer, not to be around for the Lakers drive to number 17.

@Sonny Fastball....

That was certainly a blogful. I don't know what Kobe did to you personally for you to set yourself up as the moral police and judge of his life and career, but it certainly is tiresome reading about it. Enjoy rooting for Cousins and Reke, while you wait and hope that the Lakers' championship window closes. According to a lot of sources, Cousins is an angry, petulant , unprofessional young man who may turn out to be more trouble than he's worth.

We Laker fans will just have to muddle along rooting for one of the greatest franchises of all time in any sport. We'll never know the sting of being homeless and unwanted and searching for a new home like the Kings. I feel your pain at being beaten down time and time again by Kobe and the Lakers. But don't worry, Kobe won't play forever...another 5 0r 6 years of his excellence is all you'll have to endure.

Have a nice day!

bronxlakerfan - You stated that very nicely. It really showed the foolishness and immaturity of someone coming hear from a losing franchise and somehow try to say, we have it bad. How's that for twisted logic?

MM makes one simple statement that he's going to far and the guy completely blows it, loses his cool. It shows us more about his character flaws, doesn't it?

I promised the wife, who now wants MM's job, an evening out. So, I will say good night and wish everyone a Happy Easter! And for those who don't, enjoy your day off.

Let's go Lakers!


You and the missus enjoy all the good things of the holiday weekend!

I seldom respond to trolls, but you are right. This fellow really has issues.

As the leader of the blog everyone has a right to speak his or her mind. As long as there is no racial, profane, threaths of violence or sexists comments. There are too many fanatics on this blog.

@LakerTom....Are you serious? Get your hiney back on here....You can't leave now when it's getting down to crunch time. First Mamba24 and now you!! Come on you have to much to offer. DRose averages 16 free throws a game(I thought that's what they said), imagine if any Laker on our team would get that many?

Fatty are you fat? The Priest doesn't like fat people personally.I hope everyone saw that letter that was sent yesterday to have the priest banned from the lakers blog. The priest will have to thread carefully because medina is working feverishly to get it done. So if one medina's favorites call me a troll i will say no you are a troll. If one of his buddies say I am a low life I will say no you are a lowlife. Sonny I don't agree with everything you write but I defend your right to write it. Medina show some balance in your adjudication of fair comments and warnings. You appear to have the temperament of a lackey eager to please the fanatics.

Finally - the Show we have been waiting to see was ON!! Great game last night - all the way around for the most part. The scary thing for everyone else is that we still really aren't playing our best ball. afraid. Be very afraid.

Laker Tom - don't let this trade talk stuff chase you away. I also think it's somewhat disrespectful to a kid who's playing his AZZ off and making a huge difference in the games, but that's just me too. Everyone's entitled to their opinion - whether we agree or not. Personally, my scroll wheel needs replacing...

Sonny - you've always been the blog pet troll, for the most part. You used to be funny. Lately you've been irritating. Maybe you should go back to whatever you were doing before you started posting so much drivel. Just sayin...

MM??? Did he die??? Did he quit?? When did ip man take over leadership of the blog?? Oy vey..... Is this an alternate universe?? Did I collapse into a black hole??? Strange ish happening on here lately....

FOCUS people. FOCUS. We're 14 wins away from # 17. THIS is what matters.

Talking about trading Bynum for Howard is plain nonsense. Why some laker fans always want to stack the deck. We have a quality center but we want the best. then we want the best point guard in cp3 or williams. What next we want rose? Yet the same fans criticise LBJ.... Medina is just a puppet leader with his strings pulled by the likes of eddie, art etc. No one pulls The Priest strings as you all know. A true leader like me doesn't care what other people think.


KOBE - The GEARS...How fast we go, how we climb hills, how we dash for the finish line...It all starts with the gears...

FISH - The FRAME...What hold this whole team together...It has much mileage on it, and might not be the shiniest or the most streamlined...but in the bumps and grinds of the race can't find a better frame than this...

BYNUMITE - The SPROCKET...We have one of the biggest in the race...when our sprocket is well oiled, and correctly assembled...We are a monster in that department...

GASOL - The BEARINGS...a device that facilitates rotation by reducing friction...might look worn, and fatigued...but when called on in the last leg of the race...will come through as in previous races...

ARTEST - The FENDER...a device which catch and redirect road spray thrown up by the tires, allowing the rider to remain relatively clean. With this defensive shield, the rider is protected...

ODOM - The CHAIN...A system of interlinking pins, plates and rollers that transmits power from the front sprocket(s) to the rear sprocket(s). Such an important part, and we have the best winning, 6th Man of the Year...the best compliment a 'chain' can get...

SHANNON - The SHOCKS...a device that limits the rate at which suspension rebounds after absorbing an impact...Ours has the best hops in the race...

BLAKE/BARNES - The HUB GEARS...a gearbox mounted inside the hub, 3-speed is common, 5, 7 are available...Need to ease off the work from the main relief to the main parts...

PHIL JACKSON - The HANDLEBAR...a lever attached, usually using an intermediary stem, to the steerer tube of the fork. Allows steering and provides a point of attachment for controls and accessories...NO explanations neccesary...

LUKE - The LOCKRING...a ring, usually metal, of varying design, that serves to retain a component in place...a minor piece, but still part of the machine...

SMITH - The INNER TUBE...a bladder that contains air to inflate a for when we get a flat...

THEO - The KICK STAND...a folding attachment used to park a bicycle upright...we need something to hold us up while parked...

GARRY VITTI - The SAFETY LEVERS... extension levers, and interrupt brake levers...makes sure it all flows smoothly...

KUPCHACK - The SADDLE - What you sit on and steer and control the whole machine...

Still waiting for wifey to get ready.....

Island Priest, nice to meet you. Am I fat? Funny that you would ask that question. I get asked it all the time with my nick name.

But 'Fatty' came as a nickname when I was a kid. Its a play on my last name, Fatland, and the fact I was skinny. I'm currently 6'4" and weigh 240. Yeah, my doctor wants me to lose 15-20 lbs. And I come with cowboy good looks from working on my ranch. Of course, I could claim that I was Jack Nicholson on the blog and no one would be the wiser.

Are you a troll? I don't know, I'm sort of new here again.

Wow lot of drama today.. Yellofever takes:

-- yes sonnys a troll.. Yes he's a laker hater.. Yes I admit sometimes I get a chuckle reading his posts.. Yes he ruffles feathers.. Yes MM caved in to peer pressure again.. But why should he be warned or banished? On what grounds?? He's never used profanity toward another blogger (at least don't think so).. Sorry but I put this on MM again.. I know its a tough job but the rules have just never been laid out clearly on what is or isn't allowed.

-- and in defense of lakertom... Do bloggers have a right to talk trade this time of year?? By all means of course Is lakertom fooling anyone when he says kobe is his favorite player? Perhaps... but I do see his point and think there is something inappropriate about discussing trading bynum *during the playoffs* when he's layin it all on the line in the middle of a title run.. Just sayin!

The good thing about mamba24 and if laker tom decides to leave is that it was disputes with fellow kobe fanatics and not true laker fans like the priest. lew that's a cool summary and well thought out. Very original. Of course The Priest would have done a better job.

Fatty nice to meet you also. No I am not a troll but a laker since 1981. But I am critical of Kobe play sometimes having watched magic showtime lakers. I know kobe can't be magic but he can be a splendid passer and finisher.

Dallas with another classic collapse - delicious!

why do ya'll would trade bynum for howard ? i mean howard is a upgrade of tyson chandler at his best.dont get me wrong i would love to see howard in lakers colors,but not for bynum. the way the lakers do it they could get howard and keep the whole team. but i think bynum is going to the nets and deron williams coming to the lakers with howard instant problem resolve. kobe has 2 more season left on his contract ( KOBE,GASOL,HOWARD, WILLIAMS,ARTEST) if not howard ,(BYNUM) is still a great center in the west

I've posted the standards PLENTY of times. They're pretty simple.

-- We may at our discretion decide not to post or to remove already posted user-submitted content from the site, either for reasons that can include taste or to maintain the quality of the discussion. Our Terms of Service, posted on our site, make clear what the ground rules and expectations are for posting material. Reasons user-generated content could be excluded or removed from the site include, but are not limited to:
Contains abusive, hateful or objectionable language, threats, violence or inflammatory attacks.
Contains obscene or coarse language, pornographic material or nudity.
Is defamatory.
Harasses or personally attacks any individual.
Violates the privacy rights of any individual.
Promotes or encourages dangerous or illegal acts.
Includes copyrighted or other proprietary material.
Advertises any goods or services.
Is off-topic or “spam” (i.e., indiscriminate and repetitive posting).
Links to objectionable material.

Yellow your comments about sonny is well thought out and profound. medina banned the guy derek fisher which i didn't agree with because he always used to rag on fisher. I laugh at s.perkins single focus on derek fisher. That is comedic genius because it takes a lot of effort to do that. Difference of opinions add flavor man. How boring this blog would be if we all sang the same song and tone? If medina only want positive kobe and laker comments state that. The priest will be the first to leave.

LOL @ Mavericks

Maybe the Lakers prefer them as an opponent but it may not happen.

@ Dan Loumena - CONGRATS on your crazy win...Roy as fantastic as he was...shouldn't of taken that 3 with time left on the clock, which gave Terry a shot at winning the game...But you guys pulled it off...Dallas will always be the ultimate CHOKERS...

You people whining about Gasol "shooting 3 pointers", he shot one and made it. He had 17 points and 10 rebounds which is more points than the Beast had and only one less rebound in two less minutes. If the Beast gets hurt this year it's because of fans pulling him down if you know what I mean.

The Spurs, currently tied 1-1 with Memphis and trailing by 12 in game 3, will absolutely NOT beat Oklahoma City in the second round. If San Antonio makes it that far....

At my convenience, I may or may not be back.

Go Kings!
Go SF Giants!
Go SF Forty Niners!
Go San Jose Sharks!

Posted by: Sonnybelfast
Hey sonny, Do you have a mirror above your bed or do you just tape copies of your posts on your headboard when you need stimulation. Being from NOCal I respect the fact you definitely know something about cheaters, cough Bonds cough. But please share with us less well-spoken of your intimate knowlegde of losers, carpet-baggers and has-beens. The fact that you come to a Laker blog to belittle the Lakers and their loyal fan base suggests you are a closet Laker fan or a typical dysfunctional NoCal wannabe. Either way keep posting because you make me laugh.


Wow a ranch....

Not bad for a 6,4 guy married to a lovely lady from the most beautiful women making country in the world.....

OMG......A ranch....


Wow, that was a major fold by the Mavericks. Then again, who'd have thought the Blazers would shoot 25% for the first 36 minutes of the game?

I still like that Mavericks team for two reasons: deep, high-scoring bench and they always have at least three guys on the court at any one time that can score almost at will.

Mentally? Yep, Dallas might still be in choke mode when game's are on the line. Hard to believe with all that talent.

I said before the playoffs that I didn't see any of the top four Western Conference teams losing their series. Spurs with an ailing Manu Ginobili might be the only team in real trouble out West.

You Lakerholics play nice. It appears you're on the verge of derailing the train again, so toughen up like Andrew Bynum, Kobe and Co.

Take care.


No, Dwight does NOT have a no-trade clause in his contract. The only player in the NBA who had it in his contract until last season was Kobe. This season, Dirk also has added it to his.

So, if Orlando Magic agree to trade him to Indiana or Charlotte or Toronto, dude has to agree and go. But I think Otis Smith knows that getting Bynum is better than getting the other B's (Bogut or Bargnani) and he might go with it.


You said Howard is an upgrade of Tyson Chandler!! WHAT?? You REALLY said that and MEANT it? Dwight Howard is a beast, has got the 3-peat of DPOYs, and you're saying he is just an upgrade over Tyson Chandler at his "best".

Check with the 29 GMs in the league(other than Otis Smith of course), whether would they like to trade their starting center for Howard, and I am sure you'll see 29-Yes replies.

Bynum is very good. He has done lot of good for our championships. He is an elite player. For all that said and done, the undeniable fact is he is injury-prone.
Howard is a monster. If a proposal for Howard-for-Bynum comes, Lakers will take it for that reason. Would they however trade Bynum for Chris Paul or Bynum for Bosh - NO they would not, and they should not.

But Bynum for Howard - its a yes.

Btw MM, in the "link" article, why you had to give a reference to TJ Simers, of all people, HIM?? The entire Lakerland is happy about our win yesterday and Kobe's wonderful game, and the sorry moron is whining that Kobe has to grow up, he has to be consistent, he is still a ball hog and all that. He must be one of the most pathetic souls on the planet - calling out the team's/league's best player who has delivered us to the promised land time and time again.

What does that TJ want?? Kobe to score 30 pts and give 20 assists, but take only 15 shots?? I think he gets wet dreams of James and BSPN media!!

Spurs down 10 halfway into the 3rd qtr...and their Big 3 failing on the fundamentals...

Back to back turnovers by Ginobili and Parker...and Duncan missing free throws... reflects as the best record in the practice season as a mirage...


The Lakers are on verge of an historic season like you’ve said on many occasions. You can’t go bailing now. I don’t care for the trade talk either, but hey to each his/her own. Drew is ours and I’m loving him right now….But I’ll let the song speak for me…something about a rose in a fisted glove, and eagles fly with a dove.

@BronxLF /Art – IIRC the shot clocking was down to 3 seconds so Pau had to launch the 3pointer. It’s not something he’s looking to incorporate in his game.

@LondonLaker – Sounds like you had the perfect first date.

@Lew – You took the bicycle analogy and ran with it…nice. So this one’s for you!

It would be really nice up in your balloon Sonny...

Hot air world tours....Around the world in 82 games...

Have fun watching Cousins morph into Vin Baker.


>>>I think we'd have to trade Paul to get CP3 or DWilliams (money)

>>>Weak Bench:


Yeah, you're right. No way they could EVER win anything with that weak bench. They'll just have to go out and get these guys after they get Dwight and Chris Paul...


LeBron James
Derrick Rose
Blake Griffin
Eric Gordon
Kevin Love
Deron Williams
Steph Curry

Should be no problem. Get `er done Mitch.

(and of course, as soon as he acquires that roster, I'm sure we'll be hearing someone whining about how Eric Gordon's contract is a huge waste of money since he's such a stiff, or how Deron Williams is old and totally through and sould just retire already)

Look. Even forgetting the point that acquiring both Dwight Howard and Chris Paul while keeping Kobe is impossible, if you've already got a good enough roster to threepeat, then what are you whining about?

@Sonny - Woah woah. My grievance that I had was the intent of your comments seemed to solely just find things to say to irritate other people. I think there's a clear difference between that and bringing up points for debate, etc, etc.

@island - I think I've been pretty fair with Kobe, as with any player, so I don't have any problem with criticism so long as it doesn't get into the personal realm.

Wow the Spurs look really bad without Ginobili. Still a close game though

LRob - thanks for recognizing...I was just playing with the idea...and that ended up to be a 1 hour

Great selection to subsidize my post...Here is my response...

LOL @LongTimeLakerFan | April 23, 2011 at 06:40 PM

Congrats on the Friedman. Well deserved.

Loved the bike analogy. I especially enjoyed Theo as the Kickstand! LOL!

Nooooo! Please don't go! What will we to do without all of your Laker bashing and Kings pom-pom twirling?!

Simers is a notorious Laker hater and will never be satisfied with this version of the Lakers- especially Kobe.

" Maybe you should go back to whatever you were doing before you started posting so much drivel."-justa

Sonny, I think you should listen to someone who actually posts with intelligence and take Justa's advice.

"The fact that you come to a Laker blog to belittle the Lakers and their loyal fan base suggests you are a closet Laker fan or a typical dysfunctional NoCal wannabe."
I've been saying this as well since I've been here. Thanks for strengthening my position!

nice Queen selection!
the Red Hot's ode to the bicycle:


drivel?? what makes you tell my comments are childish/foolish dude??


OKC just beat Denver to go up 3-0. Dallas lost in historic fashion. I love this time of year.

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Remember you heard it here first. I believe Bynum will be the best center in basketball within the next two years. The versatility ie. footwork, quickness and growing variety of shots he's starting to hit is not something you normally see from a man of his size. I also see a tremendous increase in leaping ability. All this combined with what seems to be a strong desire to improve will make him something special in the very near future.. I agree with LakerTom. Two years from now Bynum will eat Howard's lunch.

Bynum is a phenomenal player when playing well, but his great games are just average games for Howard. With Bynum's history, I would feel a lot more comfortable paying a proven commodity(Howard) 20 million a year then Bynum. It is a no brainer if you can make that trade. I just doubt Orlando will do it.

No worries about Bynum today, Easter Sunday .

As far as D. Howard signing with the Lakers... Nada, it won't happen mostly because Bynum has been the mainstay for the Lakers in spite of this knee problems... once this season is over, I might add in "June", Bynum's rehabilitation will continue. It takes over a year for his knee to tighten up and be strong once again.



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