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Amare Stoudemire's criticisms on the Lakers have the opposite effect

This isn't going to be a post decrying Amare Stoudemire for making such an easy stereotype by proclaiming Pau Gasol "soft."

This also isn't going to lead into a nuanced analysis that Gasol has evolved to be more than just a European punching bag and into a player more capable of absorbing physical contact, maintains his skillset as a finesse mid-range jumpshooter and occasionally falls into lapses where he could toughen up a bit.

As tired as it is hearing this regurgitating talking point, it's tiring enough having to respond to it. I've already addressed it in detail during the 2010 NBA Finals, during certain moments of last season and when some players, such as Kendrick Perkins, cling to this wide-held belief. So there's no use plowing old ground. Lakers center Andrew Bynum already took care of that via Twitter: "The NBA is a weird place! How can a man that plays 0 defense call a 2 time champion soft?"

But here's one thing that will surely comfort Laker fans about Stoudemire besides Bynum's assessment. Whenever Stoudemire opines about a Lakers subject, it seems to have an opposite effect. That doesn't mean his take is always wrong. But Stoudemire's commentary often paints the issue as black and white.

Here's a brief rundown.

Stoudemire calls Gasol soft: At a Foot Locker event, Stoudemire recently shared this about Gasol: "He's still soft. He's a good player, but he also has help with Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum and those seven-footers down there. He has a supportive cast." Well, duh. But that's not a knock on Gasol. The Lakers are a pretty talented bunch. Gasol followed that up with 16 points on seven-of-10 shooting and 12 rebounds against Denver, but his early play surely featured him settling for too many jumpers despite the Nuggets giving him the space in the lane to drive. But after Nuggets center Nene committed a hard foul on Gasol in the third quarter, he returned to the game after a brief trip to the locker room. After receiving an MRI Monday that showed a bone bruise in his right knee, Gasol still pledged he's healthy enough to play Tuesday against Utah.

Stoudemire accuses Bryant of being a ballhog: After Bryant put posted 37 points and 14 rebounds and earned his 4th All-Star MVP in the 2011 game at Staples Center, the only praise Stoudemire could offer was a criticism fired at Bryant for his entire 15-year career. "You could tell he started out from the start, he wanted to get the MVP," Stoudemire said with a laugh. "He was not passing the ball at all . . . but that's Kobe." Umm, this is the All-Star game, you know, a game that features little defense, alley oop lobs and amazing theatrics. If Bryant was a ballhog (yes he was), his teammates didn't really seem to care since they passed him the ball in hopes it might break Wilt Chamberlain's All-Star record of 42 points in 1961.

Surely, Bryant's had a tendency to go on his scoring spree at the expense of balanced offense and team chemistry, a never-ending chicken-or-egg argument. But Bryant played the following four games in varying roles. He played facilitator against Atlanta, led a comeback charge against Portland, did the same against the Clippers despite an injured right elbow and then played facilitator again against the speedy Thunder.

Stoudemire argues Lamar Odom had a "lucky game" in Game 1 of the 2010 NBA Western Conference Finals: I have to thank Stoudemire for describing Odom's 19-point performance in the Lakers' Game 1 victory against Phoenix as simply a "lucky game." The media surely got mileage out of the comments, asking the Lakers for their reaction and using lucky jokes during Game 2 of the NBA Finals. The criticism at the time was wrong, but it spoke to a larger point.Odom entered the series averaging 8.5 points and 8.1 rebounds, which ranked below his regular-season average of 10.8 points and 9.8 rebounds per game, a clip that prompted even former Laker James Worthy to publicly question his effort. Too bad Odom followed that effort in Game 2 with 17 points and 11 rebounds.

--Mark Medina

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Stat and Perkins are idiots. 3 consecutive finals - 2 championships -- where can I buy soft like that. Win something Stoudemire or just shut it - as Redd Foxx would say "you big dummy."

And Perkins calling Kobe soft is certainly smart because he'll be watching the WCF when gets his A$@ bounced by San Anton and won't have to deal with Kobe. Stay dumb my friend.

See you in the playoffs Laker Nation.

I'll say this about Kobe: sometimes his offense can be quite irritating, but whenever it seems his injuries are enough to cost him a few games, the blood pressure rise, the heart sinks and the mind is overwhelmed with concern that the season and hopes for a championship is over. That's the kind of impact Kobe Bryant has on the team and if that isn't an MVP, then I guess...

And I agree with Amar'e statement that Lamar was lucky... Lamar was lucky that his game came against an offense minded non defensive team in the Suns led by no other than Amar'e himself. Now that's LUCK!

Anyway, that's old news. Tonight is not going to be that easy either. The Nuggets actually like to play defense and they have a real coach who knows what he's doing out there. All I care about tonight is that no one else gets injured. It's too close to the playoffs to begin an "injury bug."

Well, well, well... All my concern about the Nuggets and they're actually playing the Jazz tonight! I'm embarrassed and done for the day... Drinking, that is :-)

Anyone watching the Notre Dame ladies basketball game? I'm a fan, I must say. I know a lot of the players from my job, and I'm totally supporting them in this momentous game. This is the national championship game right here baby...

And I have the Suns / Chi game on local TV here, too. Come on Nash. I'm counting on you to do your magic against the Bullpuckies.

But I could use some food. Maybe some wild Alaskan smoked salmon with a nicely toasted piece of garlic naan and some roasted red pepper hummus--my old standby. I love that combination, even if it gets a bit pricy. One filet of the smoked salmmon plus hummus plus two naan pieces is over $15 after taxes. But man is it good, and no fried anything to let the cancer get it's foot in the door. Mmmmm.


Along with his other comments, just prior to the 2007-2008 season, Amare told people covering his team that they were "unifying unity."

I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to draw their own conclusions.

Oh, and it's not that Amar'e words tend to have the opposite effect. That's actually imparting some volitional power to his words. He was just wrong. His words have no effect.

Amare looks like Steve Urkel.

LMAO @ frmkt...

I saw you kept saying Denver, and I was tempted to correct you, but didn't want to draw attention to your mistake...

Please don't stop drinking...It's game day, and that's acceptable, as long as you don't jump in the car and start driving...

In fact I'm enjoying my first Absolut Cape Cod...and if justa was around, I would hit her up for a couple of percocets...lmao...

dan the man- Dude...c'mon Dan, I like the SHOW. I've paid BIG bucks to see Kobe play. It reminds me of watching a Lakers game at the Forum and Magic is not playing, their the Clippers. Watching the Lakers today and Kobe's not playing, it's the Clippers, there's no excitement. But as the MVP, its ROSE. I don't understand why Kobe has only one MVP, he's been the MAN for many years in the Association.

Posted by: frmkt | April 05, 2011 at 05:31 PM

Did Kobe shoot 10 of 27 in a loss to the Nuggets? As Phil Jackson sooooooooooooooo simply put it, "WHO IS OPEN?".

NBA4ever, Thanks. It seems you understand that my position was not about politics. Politicians on both sides of the fence get what they deserve and can fend for themselves. The Troops are a different story and that is what my complaint was about the actions of the owner that shall remain nameless. I left on their behalf.

I humbly apologize for pressing the issue with you. In all honesty, my last post was an attempt (albeit it zealous) to explain that my position was not political in nature. And to assure LRob that he wasn't at the center of this controversy.

FYI--This apology is to you, NBA4ever, and my friends on this blogosphere. But is NOT an apology to kobefan. As others have said, I will just ignore his posts in the future.

Hopefully, Mamba24 and Justa will soon follow and we can all get back to the task at hand. Good Kharma for the Lakers Quest to 3Peat!!!!!!

With that said, I extend this olive branch:




perkins and amare are stupid ass fuk wen the lakers play thunder perkins is goona wish he never said the and the lakers are goona go against the chicago bull for the finals and the lakers are goona have a 3 peat

ya i think kobe forces it in the clutch now because he is known as clutch player he thinks he needs to live up to the rep. that game against the nuggets there were much better shots in the last few possessions they could have taken. even so... kobe is pretty good..

---"After a glorious three-game stint with the Bakersfield Jam, "---

Where is the best place for Bakersfield Jam news??



Yeah baybee!!! Huge props to NBA4Ever and The Triangulator...

Like any family we have our spats...But Purple blood is thicker than water...

So happy we have you both for last leg of the race...

As Yoda would say:

Great examples you have set my young Padawans...

Marvin Gaye...excellent choice...and kobefan who???

Staudapunk---- you were worthless in Phoenix and haven proven to be useless in NYC...

Staudapunk a---- bit------- and Carmellotop (can't get it done) Anthony - had an interview and spoke about how great it's going to be to win the champioship in NYC. I'z cants waits toseez alda bannerz - and peeps screaming... itz gonna be great... you fools - check your soft record... your close to getting spanked by Indiana...

These pathetic players are killing the league... no class and stupidy will get you know where.... So all you big shot players with crappy additudes - remember the fans pay you... the more F---- you become, the less we want to watch you... and the less your overpayed contract will be worth when it comes time to renew....

Get some class and play like the game... or maybe all the fans will ban together and say F---- it! we don't need you - will watch college ball...

Staudapunk---- you were worthless in Phoenix and haven proven to be useless in NYC...

oh ya - perkins is a bit----- too.... he'll be traded in the next two years and in a wheel chair in 4 years... you old fart--- get over your self.... your a journey man with brief stardom...~!

G. Money,
To be perfectly honest, between our conversation and something I read in one of LRob's posts, I can say now that I'm starting to lean in Rose's direction. The kid IS having a special year.

Watching Kobe so closely, it's hard for me to imagine anyone doing any better.
But when I look at all of the facts objectively, I have no problem voting for Rose this year.

big up's G!!


The only logical reason why Amare says silly things like that is that HE WANTS TO BE A LAKER SO BADLY!

Terry I don't call you a are are very foolish...I apologize, but this is the only response that warrants your post...

Posted by: LEWSTRS | April 05, 2011 at 05:27 PM

Lewdsters, I take that as a complement given your brain power. Can we, you and I, have a constructive argument on who's a batter, athlete/sportsman/person/family-man/philanthropist/you-name-it, Kobe or King LeBron James? I assure the world, and bet my life, I can beat you hands-down, any day, any time, anywhere. You for for it, Lewdster?

Drum roll please.

ya i think kobe forces it in the clutch now because he is known as clutch player he thinks he needs to live up to the rep. that game against the nuggets there were much better shots in the last few possessions they could have taken. even so... kobe is pretty good..

Posted by: Michael | April 05, 2011 at 06:10 PM

Phil asked, "Who is open?"

Sorry Terry, I wasted a post on you, and this is the last for I'm breaking protocol by not 'staving the trolls'

drum rooooooooollll....

You aren't worth the waste of time...

Amare...Amare...Amare...let's see what you have to say in May. I'm guessing then you'll have a lot more time on your hands to comment.

@Lew & Jefe - I'll throw a little Parsons in to complement your mix from earlier cause I know the Lakers are going to Breakdown the Jazz tonight.

@NBA4ever - Such a positive song, but still kinda sad hearing Joey sing it since it was released after he died. I'll certainly remember and play it to celebrate.

@mclyne - I think that's the first appearance by!

Lakers @ Warriors on 6/6/2011, Warriors beat Lakers by 24 points.

My only response was that I didn’t think Cuban was an idiot and I had more respect for him knowing he was that deep (right or wrong- if I agree or not). To have my simple post and defense of Cuban turned into him leaving and vilifying Kobefan and I was very offending and self serving on his part. That is why I felt I too don’t want or need to be part of this.
Posted by: NBA4ever | April 05, 2011 at 11:58 AM

Must admit the rant was Oscar worthy, therefore, my choice for best acting in DRAMA category!!

As a Denver resident, Angelino native and LLLF I have to say Los Nugz been lights out since shipping the baggage out of town! Ty Lawson is my second favorite player (pick your 2nd fav non-Laker player). He just shredded OKC in the 2nd, and Nene just bumped heads with that tub-o-lard Perkins for a doubleT. I believe they will bump thunderclap in the first round.

Of course everyone who knows me knows I'm a LLLF!

Triangulator - Glad to see everythings all good with you and NBA4ever. What's Going On is certainly in the conversation for the GAOAT. Now lets get ready for the 3peat.

Amare's just keeping it real......real stupid

You ever notice the ongoing trend of players who haven't done or won anything talking the most crap? Even if the Lakers talked trash like this you wouldn't hear them over the sound of their own success.

Lakers are LOSERS. Utah at home please.

Three peat?? Guys you have a lot of work to do. Today u SUCKED.

Stoudemire can talk all the garbage he wants about any player he wants. Gasol is a superstar who has won back to back championships and Kobe has 5 NBA championships The lakers do there talking on the court with there performance. It is always plain to see when a player is jealous of another player. Amare is stuck in New York and between him and his teammates I doubt if they play any defense. The Management traded away David Lee and signed this guy.They traded away other good young player for Anthony. It looks as if unless Amare will not be winning anything soon.

stupidmire, STFU! gasol is a two-time nba time champ and you are a loud-mouth loser!. speaking of soft, that's you, plus you don't even play DEFENSE! stats for this year. gasol, 18.9 ppg, 10.20 rpg, 3.4 apg, eff. +25.5. stupidmire, 25.5 ppg, 8.3 rpg, 2.5 apg, eff. +24.84......2010 WCF, Lakers 4 - 2 over the suns. series stats: gasol, 19.6 ppg, 7.16 rpg, 3.16 apg. stupidmire, 25 ppg, 6 rpg, 0.5 apg. speaking of soft, stupidmire had 3 games in the series where we collected ONLY 3, 4, 4 rebounds. a real tower of strength on the boards, ha ha. he also had 4 games where he posted NO ASSISTS! i love it when guys talk trash about someone when they have NO BUSINESS talking trash!

Try winning something before you run your mouth Dumbare. Ron Ron got it, you can't talk smack to dudes with rings. Pigs will be flying when NY gets one.

Amare ain't even worth listening to. The guy's arrogance amazes me when he has won absolutely squat of significance for his career. No NBA titles, Conference titles, High School titles, scoring titles, records, NOTHING.

Pau Gasol is 10x a better defender than Amare and also more skilled offensively.

Next discussion please!!!

As for Perkins; extremely overrated and will get found out now that he doesn't have KG, Pierce and Rondo to cover for him defensively

I'd like to see Amare play in any other system than Mike D'Antonio's up-tempo cover up and look good. Let's see how he does in the half-court set where real skill and court awareness comes into play.

Anyone remember the days when he was crying about having to play centre and/or bang with guys like KG & Duncan. At least Perkins can claim to have actually showed an ounce of toughness over the course of his entire career

Gasol being soft isn't a news flash. And his coach coming to his defense (just like a little kid's mommy would do) doesn't help his image. I'm a longtime Laker fan (since '65), love these guys. But truth be told, Gasol is soft. Very skilled, just like fellow 7 foot Euro Dirk, but also soft. Guys who grow up playing physical ball, especially in the paint, consider tall guys that don't, soft.

So it really doesn't matter that his coach, fans, or the media want to discuss his positives (in which there are many). His PEERS, even teammate Kobe (remember his "Black Swan" reference) consider him & Dirk soft.

This is why the Mavs will NEVER win a title as long as Dirk is their best player. Opponents don't fear or respect his game. Yea, Gasol & Dirk can post nice stats, especially in the regular season. But in crunch time opponents know they can bully these guys on "D". Dirk's melt downs in the postseason vs. Miami & Golden State are proof of how to play Dirk.

As for Gasol. He lead the Grizz to 3 postseason appearences as his teams best player. Their record: 0-12. 3 sweeps. He couldn't win one game, not one. But as the #2 scoring option....he's fantastic. Simply the best power forward to ever wear a Laker uniform.

Euro bigs do better as the 2nd scoring option. Surprised a smart guy like Mark Cuban hasn't figured this formula out yet.

well said, Big City Sid!

Amare 'just keepin it real for his homies. You have to ingnore him and consider him an idiot. The rings prove Gason is the man (excuse me 'da man). The only opinion that counts is Grant Hill's or someone with that kind of intelligence. All them other clowns, forget about it. Bottom line is no one asked (sorry axed) Amare for his opinion.

Somebody wishes they were a Laker



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