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Doling out Easter candy to the Lakers

Photo: Molded light and dark chocolate bunnies from Chocolate Maya, a Santa Barbara shop. Credit: Chocolate Maya

By this time, kids have either devoured their Easter candy or parents have hidden away the baskets to avoid Easter Sunday bellyaches. Maybe they'd like to sneak a bite of chocolate bunny themselves. Plenty of Lakers -- namely Lamar Odom -- would likely feel the same way. Below, we've whipped up an imaginary Easter basket for a few of the Lakers, with something appropriate for each.

Kobe Bryant -- Marshmallow Peeps. It'd be tempting to go with jellybeans in honor of Kobe's dad, Joe "Jellybean" Bryant. But Marshmallow Peeps are more fitting. Two doctors, doing some silly science, reportedly tried to destroy Peeps using several methods and found them to be virtually indestructible. The same can be said for Bryant, who has nursed injuries to a knee, right index finger, left ankle and left elbow, among others. Yet, he still finds a way to stay on top of his game.

Pau Gasol -- Spain, Gasol's native country, isn't big on the bunny like the United States is, though there's often a big celebratory meal. So we'd have to make room in the basket for arroz con leche -- a rice pudding. The popular Spanish dessert consists of milk, rice, cinnamon, salt, raisins, sugar, butter and vanilla.

Ron Artest -- Peanut butter eggs. It would make a great promotional tool for his rap single "Peanut Butta."

Andrew Bynum -- chocolate bunny. It'd remind him of hanging out with Playboy bunnies two seasons ago.

Lamar Odom -- jellybeans. You really could give any Easter candy to Odom and he'd eat it. But he's mentioned in earlier interviews that he loves those sugary and addictive jellybeans, so let's just go with his favorite.

Derek Fisher -- Instead of a basket, Fisher can just go to the White House Easter Egg Roll. He is a president, after all -- of the NBA Players Assn. Plus, he's known for making eloquent speeches to his team. So it'd only be fitting that he take part in the annual ritual. Besides, Fisher would be setting a bad example if he actually ate Easter candy. So settling for a boiled egg would provide the perfect alternative.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Molded light and dark chocolate bunnies from Chocolate Maya, a Santa Barbara shop. Credit: Chocolate Maya

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Actually, they need to invent Easter Skittles. Then Lamar could become a spokesman or something




April 24, 2011 Round 1 - Game 4
Venue: New Orleans Arena
Series: LA 2 - NO 1
Game Time: 6:30 PST


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PNoy News - shaq will shut his mouth after kobe surpass him on scoring list.
Lonestar - Lakers look like the team to beat this post season.
lakers_coop - I would love to meet the Boston one last time in the finals and beat them for # 17.
Ruud van Nistelrooy - He must be one of the most pathetic souls on the planet - calling out the team's/league's best player who has delivered us to the promised land time and time again.
Benjamin - And SA, wow, major oops. Ginobli couldn't flop his way out of that one.
Mikey - The trick is to pickup one or two potential franchise players at the start of their careers rather than to try to buy a championship right out of the box, like say this years Knicks or Heat.
CTran - The number of Pau's good games heavily outnumbered the bad ones.


All together now...May we stay focused and have the inner strength to reach our goal of ultimate victory. Keep us free from injuries and injustice.
Keep us strong, determined and give us the will and stamina to overwhelm any and all obstacles.
We are the Los Angeles Lakers, and we spread the FEAR.
No one can beat us but ourselves, and we say to all, bring it on!



#17 cOMING UP!!!

the hornets will be L.A.'s nice, easter basket present for the day! we're going back to L.A. 3 - 1. the Lakers need to pay attention to details, remember how they closed out game 3. TAKE NO PRISONERS! the playoffs are turning great for L.A. dallas will need to go at least 6 games, same with san antonio, meanwhile, denver can't seem to buy a win. let's go LAKERS!

Order restored,

when we win today, they should call the series on account of inevitability.

Game Day Haiku:

Hornets In The House?

No,Just Sweet Easter Bunnies.

Purple And Gold Treats.

Signed: Jack Rabbit, Chris Paul.


MM, I'm not sure why "Gasol has more work to do to prove it isn't a fluke." You seem to be privileging Gasol's marginal performance in this series over his track record of being an essential part of 2 championships. Shouldn't it be the other way around? It seems to me that his shaky performance in this series should be seen as as the fluke, esp given the fact that Landry has given Gasol trouble since that Houston series a couple of years ago.

You also state that a number of possible future opponents would give Gasol even more trouble. Whats the basis of this statement? With the exception of Perkins, I don't think any of the players you list are more physical than Landry. Landry gives Gasol problems because he has a strong lower body, and a low center of gravity. You throw in the respiratory infection and I don't think Gasol's performance against NO gives much of an indication how he will do in future series.

Mark G.: Excellent post. I couldn't agree with you more.

The Lakers are waking up. They also happen to be a great road team with a penchant for getting wins when they need 'em. I expect to see a hard-fought battle today... with the Lakers emerging victorious.

Go Lake Show!

LRob - I can't really make any other selection but this for today...

Thanks for the roll call Lewsters, and awesome musical selection with Carl Anderson and his take on the Rice/Lloyd-Webber JCS classic!
I'll chip in with Murray Head's version from the original cast recording
Happy Easter everyone!

@LEWSTERS - I saw Ted Neely perform his farewell tour of JCS a couple of years ago at the OC Performing Arts Center. At 66 years old, he could still hit those high raspy falsetto's...

Time to start nailing the coffin down Lake Show...GO LAKERS!

Posted by: Sonnybelfast | April 24, 2011 at 11:38 AM



on a different note: what happened with the California Royals?! no eggs in that basket for the Aloof brothers?

hey everyone.For those who celebrate it, I hope everyone has a Happy Easter. I just returned home from service, so I should get a links post up shortly.

So, Blake gets only chicken and no eggs?


I'm sure in his hotel room in NO Caracter will love some eggs too.

Looks like the Mark Medina Mansion is discriminating.

MM, destroy Peeps? Go to Fattyanswers!

Fattyanswers! A site to learn all sorts of things....

Dear Fattyanswers,

Is it possible to destroy peeps, those cute little bunny thingys we see at Easter time? MM, LA Times Lakers Blog

Dear MM,

Yes, its not only possible but fun AND messy. (Boys and girls, DO NOT try this at home while your parents are there)

Place a peep, two would be better, in the microwave. Set to high, and the timer to 2 minutes, then run for cover. Do not open the microwave door until the peeps have exploded. That should do it.

Thanks for submitting your question to Fattyanswers and be sure to view the ads on the side of the page, 'Microwave Exploded Peeps Cleaner'.

Ahh...Sonnyboy had his feelings hurt. too bad! Why don't you watch some old Kings/Lakers playoff game film? Especially the game seven where the Lakers shot 27 free throws, it will make you feel better.

>>>>when we win today, they should call the series on account of inevitability.


If it wasn't for the fact that there are still some good series going on and that I want to see LeBron's disappointment again, I'd say let's just skip forward to the Lakers versus the Celtics in the finals.

Speaking of cheezy headlines to get someone (Hint: Lakers fan) to pay for the ESPN Insider's article of the day?

"Player X: Boston's Kevin Garnett is a punk."

If someone, who has insider would like to share the jist of it, some of us would like to know what it says....

LTLF - Lakers/Celtics Finals?

I still feel that's where we are headed. The road may be rocky, but it leads to LA where we hold the home court advantage.

Hoping the later start to the game on this Easter Sunday signals that the guys come out firing and don't let up in this Game 4...WIN AND GO HOME TO WIN AGAIN!!




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