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What if Tommy Hilfiger designed the Lakers uniform?

March 12, 2011 |  7:24 am


In the latest style issue of ESPN The Magazine, Tommy Hilfiger was asked to come up with new looks for professional sports uniforms.

Hilfiger drew on his brand's nautical inspirations to come up with a version of an NBA uniform for the Lakers. He also redesigned uniforms for the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys and Montreal Canadiens. Each uniform looks more old-school fashion than futuristic frock.

"I've always come from a fundamental mind-set of mixing fashion with function," Hilfiger told the magazine. "It's important to create a design that both represents a team and has a lasting impression."

Here is how Hilfiger explained the concept for the Lakers uniform:

"The influence for this design came from reaching deep into the heritage of our brand, and our love of sailing. We love the authentic signal flags that sailors use to communicate with each other on the sea, and the one we liked the best we infused into the uniform. Regarding the length of the shorts, we looked back in history to what Kareem and Bird wore and thought, 'Could we ever get the players to accept this again?' In the end we felt no, but I wanted to go just above the knee for a cleaner, more modern look."

What do you think of the Lakers uniform that Hilfiger designed?

-- Dan Loumena

Photos: A Tommy Hilfiger-designed Lakers uniform for Kobe Bryant. Credit: ESPN The Magazine