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Ron Artest continues trash talk on Minnesota

There's always plenty of ways Ron Artest makes people laugh.

Sometimes he shares unfiltered thoughts, appearing nonchalant about the reaction his comments might cause.

Sometimes he just jokes around, knowing the logic behind them don't make any sense but still makes for great laughs.

Artest's session with reporters after Saturday's practice featured all of those types of comments. Instead of living up to the mantra in moving on to the next game, Artest sounded more than willing to hash out some of the details regarding the Lakers' chippy 106-98 victory Friday over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

It involved Andrew Bynum's flagrant foul 2 on Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley, who fell hard to the court after getting hit with Bynum's right forearm, jawed with Matt Barnes afterward and then limped to the sideline. "People say he didn't get hurt," Artest said. "But I think he really got hurt. He probably won't play next game."

It centered on Artest's never-ending trash talking with Beasley, a strategy Coach Phil Jackson thought was inappropriate at times. In one instance Artest kept yelling "airball" to Beasley after he missed everything on a three-pointer. Other times the two talked trash up and down the court, eventually earning Artest a technical foul with 1:20 left in the first quarter. "It was just basketball," Artest said. Unfortunately you can't do that here anymore in the NBA. But it was fun. Maybe me and him could play in streetball somewhere where we just talk trash. It's fun. It's fun. It'll be worth paying to see."

It focused on Artest's unspecified criticism on how the Timberwolves play defense. "They have a gimmick defense. It's hard to play them because they're a last place team and they're doing this gimmick defense. We're probably going to win anyway. They got this gimmick defense. I can't wait to get to the playoffs."

And it highlighted Artest's belief that Jackson and Timberwolves Coach Kurt Rambis, a former Lakers assistant, colluded and strategized how to get Artest a technical foul. "I think him and Phil set me up because they're friends," Artest said. "I think they say Ron is going to do this, so play him like this. I think he and Phil have dinner about me. I'm so happy I don't have to play against Minnesota this year. I hate playing against Minnesota. I'm happy I don't have to play against Minnesota anymore."

Always a good time.

--Mark Medina

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Hopefully the Lakers will pull NOH in the first round. NOH blew a 14-pt lead against the Cs by exclusively playing iso contested jump shots in the second half. I wonder if the concussion has affected CP3 a bit since he looked horrible.

As long as the Lakers play the D they have recently, they'll win 4-0 or 4-1

Dude..appears Ron Ron doc needs to up his dosage, he's starting to wig out again. "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE"

Is anybody posting comments on this blog anymore? Nice to see you, Scott.

Anybody else?




Today Miami won, but Wade and LeBron only had two assists each.

What a couple of FREAKIN ball hogs. I'm sure the Kobe haters must be grinding their teeth at the thought of Wade and James takin' all the shots for the Heat.

Greetings fellow Lakeraholics!

Just got back from the desert watching the Full Moon. Beautiful. And cold.

Ron's comments confuse the heck out of me. Minnesota? Really?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Ron, you should keep your mouth shut and concentrate on playing your best or in 2011/12 you will be talking to the empty air and no one will be listening to you.

Nice to see you, LTLF and Jon K.

I don't think Ron puts an amount of thought into his comments that is proportionate in any way to how much the media pay attention to them. I'm not sure how strongly he really feels about Minnesota. Either way, his comments are largely entertaining but irrelevant, so basically they are what the Blog can and should aspire to even on its best day.

wow, people really hate Beasley. he must be one heck of a trash talker.


I'm here. Ron Artest, um, it's best not to try to make too much sense of him. I think it would be like when Fox Mulder tried to get deep into a guy's head to profile a guy or like in Manhunter when the guy does the same thing and it makes the guy trying to do the understanding crazy.

Leave madness alone!

Ron Ron was out here at Zeldas in Palm Springs this past week doing what he does best, talking. Very cool though that he is one of the few to interact that way with the fans. I remember LO used to till his life got scripted. Anyway, Lakers are looking great, peaking just at the right time. Phil is genius.

Ron Ron can trash talk all he want. If scrubs can talk trash, why can't Ron? Besides it's just talk.



Lebroom 25 fg attempts 2 assists 5 TO.

Wade 20 fg attempts.

WHOLE Bench with grand total 14 fg attempts.

Starting 5 not named James/ Wade, has a total of 12 attempts.

Talk about BALLHOGS.



Mark Medina, Ron is not incoherent as you alleged. You just have a problem understanding coherent people. You're not a psychiatrist so stop judging and trying to understand Ron Ron. He's on a different level in which you haven't reached yet. Your quotes of him looked horrible until I watched the video and understood that he was joking.

Yeah, he should have held back on his comments by looking out for Andrews interest by trying to avoid suspension but not everyone is a genius like you. He's a professional athlete who does his job well. You can't expect him to write a speech for the president too. Hell, most of us can barely do one thing right.

If Bynum were a small guard, the call/play would have been different...might have been...some idiot out in a NYC paper...I think it was on Berman's blog, said the elbow was to the that why Beasles is so ugly, cuz he keeps those body parts in foreams???? Bynum could take a game off, but could hurt the rhythm he is building.....Looks like Lakers will only NOT have HCA against one team....the Spurs...Hope the new defensive scheme really does work and hope that Duncan's vertical jump halves, from 8 inches to 4 inches....

Out of the blue, IMHO...the stupidest and most irritating sounding colorman is Walt Frazier for the Knicks....he has a certain "softness to his voice" ... would be better as a Christmas Time Mall Santa...however they would probably do background checks....and he probably hung out too much with Marv Albert....ooohhhh, that's grosss....

Walt Frazier for the Knicks....he has a certain "softness to his voice" ... would be better as a Christmas Time Mall Santa...

Posted by: humanomaly | March 20, 2011 at 02:29 AM

That's the funniest thing I've heard all day.

Just shows that if you take on Artest, you take on the entire team.

Seeing Minnesota come to town reminds what a great organization the Lakers are and how lucky we are. Rambis is a great guy and a possible candidate for the best head coaching job in basketball, the LA Lakers, when Phil retires.

But there he is in Minnesota where, the FO trades Garnett and dumps Al Jefferson and signs a bunch of very young castoffs. Then they say, win, dammit. And Kurt has to endure rumors of his firing and take the heat for what is, in fact, just a non-competetive roster.

Actually, he has done a decent job of coaching there, and, though they are still losing, you could see them executing a hell of a lot better than earlier in the year. They probably executed better than the Lakers Friday. I don't know if Rambis deserves 2 more years there, it seems more like a sentence than a reward, but he seems to want to see if he can't grow these young guys into a real team, which is admirable.

At the least Kurt deserves more time in Minnesota to make it work. But it might be better for him to get a chance with a real franchise. He could, as PJ pointed out, end up like Jim Cleamons. Coaching is important, but you have to have the players first.

GAME DAY BABEEEYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh well...


@Tom...good points re Rambis. It's ironic that Rambis is leading a team that includes an assistant coach that once flagrantly clotheslined him in Detroit: Bill Lambeer. I guess they made up. Just saying, it's strange.

I thought Kurt's substituions were good but I don't know why they have not tried the Triangle...

Good Morning Laker Nation,

Checking in for game day. Another day we've been blessed with on this earth is always a day to "smile". Of course, watching the Lakers beat the Blazers is a bonus. Blazers are playing great...GWallace was off the charts last night and the Lakers will need to bring the energy tonight.

Kirk Franklin - I Smile

@humanomaly - I enjoy Walt Frazier on the Knicks telecast....diming and rhyming.

@DocPappy - I don't remember Laimbeer clotheslining Rambis...but that is a strange trio...Rambis, Laimbeer and Theus. I could've never imagined that grouping.

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga GO LAKERS ! ! ! ! ! !

Ron Ron and Charlie Sheen should interview eachother... would be great viewing


They tried the triangle in Minni. The players didn't get it and the team really struggled so they got rid of it. I'm not sure they could count on the player stability needed to do it either. Takes most players two years to learn it decently.


LOL, that's brilliant. MM, please make that happen.

Ron Artest interviews Charlie Sheen interviews Ron Artest.

You know those two wouldn't be able to stick to their respective roles.


Sorry for the lack of posts this morning. Kind of came under the weather last night. So I enjoyed March Madness with plenty of Nyquil. I'll get up some links soon

kcbon - I wasn't being as self righteous as you think I was. I clearly knew Ron was joking. I made that pretty clear in the post. I'm not really criticizing him either. I'm just highlighting his goofy comments

WTH? Why didn't somebody wake me up???????????

Good Morning Crue' and The Fabulous Justanothermambafan...GAME DAY BABYYYYYYYYY!
@JovBatz24, Lakers All Day??? HELL YEAH!!! LAKERS ALL DAY!! LETS' RIDE AMIGO
@Tom Daniels, Great Post as always sir!!!!!
@DJ LROB, very Good song for a Sunday Game day sir! And I too like Walt "Clyde" Frazier!!
@StocktonShowtime...Ditto! LOL!
@Doc Pappy, Where ya been?
@P ang...Heeeeeeey!!!
Humanomaly....Clyde is to cool to for that man!!!
@Benjamin, What's up my brother? Good to have you posting more often. Stay strong my brother!!

LAKERS (49-20) vs. BLAZERS(40-29)_6:30 PM_ TV=NBATV/FSWEST RADIO = 710/1330 ESPN
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Sorry for the lack of posts this morning. Kind of came under the weather last night. So I enjoyed March Madness with plenty of Nyquil. I'll get up some links soon Posted by: Mark Medina | March 20, 2011 at 10:07 AM
MM just relax Blog God and take a percoset chaser with that Nyquil. You deserve a break, even Blog Gods do! So relax and as Stevie says...Don't ya worry about a thing:



oh well...

As Corner J says...Laker Nation...LET'S RIDE AMIGOS !!!!!!!

When he retires some day I'd like to see Ernie, Kenny, Charles and Ron break down a game at halftime!

KOBE should sit the next couple of home games, he needs it and the LAKERS needs, just like last season--it made the bench much stronger and more confident. I believe the rest of the regular season games is the best playoff practice they can have. KOBE time to step back and watch your LAKERS grow more without you on the floor just for a few games, this might help your team wins another game 7 cause it maybe on the road.
what PACQUIAO a celtics ?

Ron ron took a few marketing classes especially the twitter-age promotional type. It doesn't really matter what you say, just talk a lot and often and people will follow.

To me Artest is like a jazz concert - you can't use cognitive abilities to dissect whether they hit the right note or not. The music is stream of consciousness and is a freedom of expression. Just like some music critic said Dizzy Gillespie hit a few bad notes, (and they don't know jack), so what. Focus on the feeling and don't be so cognitive. Similarly some journalists and fans say that Artest said something foolish. So what - the dude is just entertaining us, like Shaq did only better. I would love to see Ron on TNT like Sir Charles does.

Kobe talks smack too but gets a free pass. BTW which laker has the most technicals this year?

Artest is pure entertainment which the team needs since Shaq left. I hope he plays out his contract just for entertainment purposes. (and we all now know he is a warrior that will play his best under the bright surrender no retreat).

Can anyone say the Lakers would be more enteratining with Ariza?

Ron maybe getting psyched for the playoffs.
Go Ron!



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