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Ron Artest continues trash talk on Minnesota

March 19, 2011 |  4:37 pm

There's always plenty of ways Ron Artest makes people laugh.

Sometimes he shares unfiltered thoughts, appearing nonchalant about the reaction his comments might cause.

Sometimes he just jokes around, knowing the logic behind them don't make any sense but still makes for great laughs.

Artest's session with reporters after Saturday's practice featured all of those types of comments. Instead of living up to the mantra in moving on to the next game, Artest sounded more than willing to hash out some of the details regarding the Lakers' chippy 106-98 victory Friday over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

It involved Andrew Bynum's flagrant foul 2 on Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley, who fell hard to the court after getting hit with Bynum's right forearm, jawed with Matt Barnes afterward and then limped to the sideline. "People say he didn't get hurt," Artest said. "But I think he really got hurt. He probably won't play next game."

It centered on Artest's never-ending trash talking with Beasley, a strategy Coach Phil Jackson thought was inappropriate at times. In one instance Artest kept yelling "airball" to Beasley after he missed everything on a three-pointer. Other times the two talked trash up and down the court, eventually earning Artest a technical foul with 1:20 left in the first quarter. "It was just basketball," Artest said. Unfortunately you can't do that here anymore in the NBA. But it was fun. Maybe me and him could play in streetball somewhere where we just talk trash. It's fun. It's fun. It'll be worth paying to see."

It focused on Artest's unspecified criticism on how the Timberwolves play defense. "They have a gimmick defense. It's hard to play them because they're a last place team and they're doing this gimmick defense. We're probably going to win anyway. They got this gimmick defense. I can't wait to get to the playoffs."

And it highlighted Artest's belief that Jackson and Timberwolves Coach Kurt Rambis, a former Lakers assistant, colluded and strategized how to get Artest a technical foul. "I think him and Phil set me up because they're friends," Artest said. "I think they say Ron is going to do this, so play him like this. I think he and Phil have dinner about me. I'm so happy I don't have to play against Minnesota this year. I hate playing against Minnesota. I'm happy I don't have to play against Minnesota anymore."

Always a good time.

--Mark Medina

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