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Lakers Q&A: Ron Artest answers fan questions about his biceps and the triangle [Video]

March 25, 2011 |  5:10 pm

Ron Artest of the Lakers answering your questions from Facebook After a while, the Lakers can get tired of answering questions from reporters. The endless probing on the state of the team, state of their own performance and anything else that we come up with on a day-to-day basis can strike a nerve sometimes, especially when the team isn't playing well.

The idea, of course, is that we're asking questions that most sports fans want to know. But in this segment, we're cutting out the filter. The Times' Facebook page asked readers to list questions for me to ask Lakers forward Ron Artest. Ron Ron did his part too, sending out an alert via Twitter.

Following Thursday's practice, Artest was willing to address a wide range of topics. He offered fun answers to offbeat questions, such as why he's reluctant to appear on "Dancing With the Stars" and how long he's been kissing his biceps. He also graciously tackled direct questions, such as what he learned from the Malice at the Palace in 2004 and his comfort level fitting in with the Lakers during his second season.

An excerpt and the first part of the interview can be found after the jump, which includes questions from some of the Laker fans who asked questions on Facebook.


A small excerpt from the video above:

Lakers Blog: John Sexton ... was wondering if you have always had [a lot] of respect for Kobe before you played for the Lakers, and how has that changed since joining the team?

Artest: I've always had that respect for Kobe because he was really, really intelligent. A really, really intelligent player. And anyone that intelligent -- I don't really look at how athletic they are, that's easy to defeat. But his mind is real strong.

Q: You say you don't look at how athletic they are. What do you look at?

A: How are they going to compete at the end of the game. Who's going to make the shots, who's going to make the right play, who's going to continue to play hard. And who's going to back down when they're going up against Ron Artest. Kobe never backed down. And that's one guy.... A lot of people back down. Kobe never, ever backed down when I played against him.

Q: Luis Flores was wondering if you feel comfortable in the triangle offense or if you need more practice with that?

A: The triangle is just a word, man. Basketball is basketball at the end of the day, and I always pride myself in being an intelligent player. So once Coach put me in the position and told me what to do, at the end of the day it's always going to come down to basic basketball. So it's not about feeling comfortable. I am a defensive player, so offense I don't really care about. But people know I can score. So people are like, "Ron, when are you going to score 20? When are you going to average this? When are you going to do that?" I don't really care about that; if it happens, it happens.

-- Mark Medina

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