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Poll: Which centers belong in a Lakers Hall of Fame?

If the Lakers had their own Hall of Fame, which players would you select for induction? That is the basis for our next series of polls, in which we ask our readers to vote on who is most worthy of this honor. We will break down the history of the team by position, nominating those who spent at least three seasons with the team as a starter and played well in their tenure with the Lakers.

Only consider what they did with the Lakers. So, don't be upset that Karl Malone isn't a nominee: Obviously, Malone is a Hall of Famer, but he was only on the Lakers one season and would not be a Lakers Hall of Famer.

We start with the centers. To make the Hall of Fame, players must be named on 75% of the ballots. Before the ballot, there are links to each player's bio and stats on our new All Things Lakers database.

Last time, you voted for guards. You can see the full results here, but only three guards earned 75% of your vote: Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and Jerry West.

The nominees at center:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Wilt Chamberlain

Vlade Divac

Leroy Ellis

Darrall Imhoff

Jim Krebs

George Mikan

Shaquille O'Neal

Elmore Smith




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I voted for Snaq-heel O'Meal strictly out of pure gratitude for helping bring the trophy back home. No rings, no vote. Consider yourself lucky, Mr. O'Neal. He is like the ex-wife you hate, but must respect because she can kill you.


Don't get it... 21% not voting for Wilt? 25% not voting for Mikan? I get the Shaq thing, you're angry - but 4 titles + MVP = shoo-in

Tim-4-Show - yeah, that is kinda weird. What 12% DIDN'T vote for Kareem, too. Really? Seriously?

DBDH - I guess we ended up with two of the three kids (and going for the third)/rings with the ex though. And it's always nice to see that the ex has gotten fat and is hangin' with someone much uglier than ourselves. (Oh, come ON! You ALL know you want your ex, female or male, to secretly tank after they split up with you. Be honest!)


it's March, 2011, do you know where your shooters are?

Can't get it into the paint if no one respects our shooters.

(Oh, come ON! You ALL know you want your ex, female or male, to secretly tank after they split up with you. Be honest!) Posted by: 63 Footer | March 02, 2011 at 08:46 AM
No, No, No! I ‘d want her to remain fine because…I’d probably end up marrying her again if…She didn’t kill me!! Carry On!

Sheesh, I'm with you guys. If Kareem (5 rings) and Mikan (5 rings) don't get 100% of vote from Lakers fans then something is seriously wrong.

No love for Chuck Nevitt?!?

@Lakerholic - I'm not for bringing Bibby in. Yes, he's a more reliable 3pt shooter than Blake and Brown. But I like Blake's defense better (which is saying a lot about Bibby cause Steve's not a world class defender either), and ability to set up the offense. Shannon's explosiveness can't be duplicated by Bibby. Plus, I don't want to discount the time it takes to understand the triangle.

I think anyone the Lakers bring in should be a defensive minded player. A 4th big to play 3-4 minutes a half is my first preference. And a guard that can also create and distribute is the second choice. The Lakers have enough scoring and offensive minded players.

I always associate HOF to a class act so....


Here's your morning cup of coffee to get you going...

Dennis Coffee - Scorpio


I miss the passion of the game. Kobe "ice-water-in-his veins" sucks the joy from the souls of his teammates. Black Mamba, Assassin, Closer, etc. All monikors that are dark and joyless. Where is the spiritual energy of "Magic" and "Big Game" and "Baby-B"? No love of the game in the Latrell Spreewell glares and KG-V-Jaw clench. This business-like attitude has been elevated to a level that makes fans more passionate than the players. The crowd more into the roles than the actors. The investors more attentive to the product than the employees.

I miss when regular season games were part of the season rather than relegated to dubious "pre-season" labeling. When "Mr. Clutch" & "Stumpy" poured every drop of effort into each game. When Showtime was as much a show-stopper in November as it was in June. When schoolyard children spent recess time talking about regular season wins and losses rather than egocentric, fantasy-league stats.

I miss the thrill of the game unfolding through the voice of Chick & Lynn, Chick & Pat, Chick & Keith, Chick & Stu. Today's dominance by national networks provide commentary harlotries as "play-by-play" banter is better known for off-topic dialogues that drown out the game action rather than amplify it. Goofy debates and "shock-jock" opinions have replaced the Enbergesque "OH MY!" and Chickisms. Great plays at times are treated as intrusive to the mind-numbing banter between 2 or 3 fellows who easily could be mistaken for the boys up in the nosebleeds with a few too many beers in their systems and a view of the game nobody cares to share.

"The Real Season" philosophy of playoff dominance has bombarded fans with the take-it or leave-it realization that a 6-month, 82-game long infomercial must be paid for before the real product be delivered. Once upon a time the legends of the game limped into post-season play with the battle scars of regular season madness. The Logo's hammy. The Big Dipper's wrist. Bird's back. McHale's foot. Today's stars "pace" themselves as if they are entitled to greet the playoffs with the refreshment of an employee returning to work after a few weeks of R&R.

More to come... from the

What?? No Mike Smrek??

How come Drew Bynum's name was not included in that survey? Nobody in that survey was referred as the beast. It gotta be socks because 5-peat is coming soon. lmao!

What?? No Mark MacNamara?

What?? No Joe Klein?

What?? No Sean Rooks?

What?? No Chris Mihm?

What?? No Kwame Brown?

What?? No James Edwards??

What No

Mel Counts

James Edwards

Chris Mihm


No Mel Counts on the voting list?
--His exclusion cannot be because he is white ~ other white guys on the list.
--His exclusion cannot be because he was not a big winner ~ Jim Krebs?
--His exclusion cannot be because he spent many of his productive years with other teams ~ Wilt? Shaq? Vlade?

More to come, from

What?? No Benoit Benjamin?

What?? No Travis Knight?

No Travis Knight?

No Rings No Vote!!!!


On behalf of our comrad at arms now buried in the trash-heap of banned contributors. . .




More to come, from

Where is Elden Campbell?

I think this is a lesson to those composing threads, you ask people to respond to a fantasy survey, then you obtain ridiculous responses. Was it worth our time?


I am giving you a warning to appease the 27 who feel that alternating handles is a gross misdemeanor. This infraction requires no response on your part just a friendly reminder that you could come under ridiculous scrutiny if you continue such behavior.

I will reveal shortly a partial list of "The 27 NO No's of Laker Blogging"

PsychedLakerGirl - I hope you are right and Barnes is the ticket. I like his game. He plays with a lot of energy and passion and seems to really want it. I think he is a nice fit with Kobe - both tough defenders. I don't think he is really a shooter however. His career 3 point average is 33%.

LRob - Our defense is pretty good. We are 9th in the league in opponent’s points with 95.8 and 5th in the league at opponent’s field goal percentage at 44%. We are also #7 at 3 point defense. Kobe is first team defense almost every year. Ron was defensive player of the year. Drew is becoming a beast. Pau plays smart, with great court vision, and plays good help defense. He stood up to Dwight in the finals. Lamar has been stellar defensively. Fisher has his nights... ;-) We don't have a great shooter on our team. We always use to have a great shooter that kept our opponent’s defense honest.


@RSP... I can hardly wait for your next post.

More to come, from

I am not sure why PJ never puts Drew, Lamar, and Pau on the court at the same time. Lamar and Pau are both fast with great ball handling skills.

Line up I would like to see to lock down opponents:

Kobe - 1 guard
Ron - 2 Guard
Lamar - Small forward
Pau - Power Forward
Drew - Center

Lamar can play any position, so you can switch this around a bit.

The triple towers with the lock down D. They can't win if they can't score. If they go small, take out Lamar and Ron and put in Barnes and Brown - two of our guys who can run.

Once we are up by 15, clear the bench and see what they can do.

The Triple Towers! Maybe PJ thinks it would be cheating?

C'mon Sean, the Triple Towers! Shoot me down!

C'mon Sean, the Triple Towers! Shoot me down!

Posted by: Lakerholic


With the second unit, we're left with an outhouse, a doghouse, a poorhouse, a waffle house, and a guest house. The Triple Tower theory produces a severe imbalance in the Force. Me no likey.


Elmore Smith? Pau Gasol would be a better choice.

I have no problem with someone having a different opinion, but how can anyone justify not voting for George Miken? 5 Titles in 6 years then retires. He was arguably the most dominating center the Lakers ever had. Compared to the other centers of his prime.

Wasn't Bob McAdoo considered a center? Not a traditional center, to be sure, but I think, like Pau, he played both 4 and 5 with the Lake Show and gets my vote at either slot.

If Wilt, Kareem, Shaq, & Mikan don't all easily make it, this poll is useless. It means the people answering the poll have no sense of history & are not using the tools you have provided right here on this website.



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