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Would your Lakers' allegiance be affected if Kings move to Anaheim?


Kobe Bryant is not one to wax sentimental over his storied 15-year career, including his five NBA titles, four All-Star MVPs, two NBA Finals MVPs, one regular-season MVP and a current seventh-place standing on the league's all-time scoring list. So he certainly wasn't going to be giddy for a preseason game last year against the Utah Jazz at the Honda Center in Anaheim, a homecoming of sorts for the Newport Beach resident.

"Most of the people from Anaheim come down here," Bryant said at the time. "I know that because I run into all of them because I'm out and about all the time. But it's fun playing in the Pond because I know how badly they want a team down there in Orange County and they definitely deserve one."

Bryant made those comments leading up to the Lakers' preseason game Oct. 19, 2010, against the Utah Jazz in general terms. But it's fairly relevant now considering the possibility the Sacramento Kings would relocate to Anaheim. The NBA on Tuesday gave the Kings until April 18 to apply to relocate the team next season so that the Kings owners', Joe, Gavin and George Maloof, could discuss the organization's future with the NBA Board of Governors on April 14 and 15.  The Orange County Register's Randy Youngman noted that the Maloof brothers have negotiated for months with officials from Anaheim Arena Management, the company owned by Henry Samueli that operates the Honda Center, since they've struggled finding funding for a new venue in place of Arco Arena. 

It's not definite whether this would happen considering it would require a majority vote from the 29 other NBA owners. But it's safe to say the Lakers would vote no.'s Marc Stein cites unnamed sources that indicate the Lakers strongly oppose the possible move. The Times' Mike Bresnahan reports that the Lakers and Clippers "would get a small share of a relocation fee paid by the Kings' owners, but it wouldn't be as financially sound as maintaining an absolute grip on sales of pro basketball tickets and merchandise in the region." And Lakers Coach Phil Jackson, who's often taken digs at the city of Sacramento, argued the team should stay there, citing concerns of an oversaturated L.A. market and his wish that the team doesn't fold under. 

But what do Laker fans think? Would a move to Anaheim prompt you to change allegiances, or at least consider rooting for the Kings when they're not playing the Lakers? Would you feel more enticed to buy tickets to go to the Honda Center rather than Staples Center for reasons including location, affordability and demand? Or would the Lakers still remain untouched? 

That's how it's mostly played out with the Lakers and Clippers. Even with more buzz surrounding Blake Griffin, Clippers guard Eric Gordon told The Times' Lisa Dillman he'd like it if the Clippers played in a different venue instead of Staples Center so they wouldn't feel as overshadowed. Meanwhile, Bryant sounded well aware that even if the Lakers are the main attraction, another NBA team could somewhat diminish the team's thunder.

"It's a beautiful place," Bryant said of Honda Center. "You see how they support the Ducks and how they support the Angels. I think having a basketball team is well deserving. Hopefully it doesn't happen until I retire. That way, we can continue to have their allegiance to the Lakers. But I think it's a beautiful city."

So what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant is pressured by Utah guard Raja Bell during an exhibition game Oct. 19, 2010, at Honda Center in Anaheim. Credit: Jae C. Hong / Associated Press

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You can move 40 teams here, I'll still only root for the Lakers.

The O.C. would attract NBA players. Remember: you can't beat this climate with a STICK! I for one, would not drop a dime on a ticket. I prefer viewing my "thugs" from a safe distance - T.V.!! The best seat in "da house!!"

Maybe Stu Lantz will move with them to the OC, 'cause you know... he's Out of Control?

I hate it when he says that stupid line. Dumb.


They could call them the Anaheim Accords.


I'm all for the move. It's at least 2 more "home" games for the Lakers if it happens.


The better not be named the Los Angeles Kings to get us confused with the hockey team.

I already don't like the Los Angeles Angels name. Who names themselves "The Angels Angels"?

You can't possibly be serious, Medina. Either you're bored, or you truly do not get that being a Lakers fan is not about allegiances; it's a way of life! Why don't you ask us if we have ever considered becoming Communists!

Not to put a damper on things but judging from a big picture scheme of things considering young andrew is not in the DL and has avoided any serious season ending injuries I'd say its been a rousing success so far.

(Knocking on wood)

On a similar note considering luke waltons pinch nerve hasn't acted up after 43 games at 8minutes a game is also truly astonishing.. A medical breakthrough!

(Not knocking on wood)

There's already a Kings team in so cal. And they probably play better basketball than the Sac Kings.

Alright... But leave the cowbells behind please.. And remind the players we don't condone any cow tipping over here!

HAHAHAHA...Are you serious? Is this a valid question? Jumping ship to another team because they moved to a closer venue is a pathetic excuse. The only way I would jump to another team is if they assembled a team of my all time fave Laker players like Kareem, West, Baylor, etc. and called themselves Lakers II.

My crystal ball says that the move will bring peace to the world, forever. That's the era we're in now.

There is only one Lakers team...

Any real laker fan IS going to be a laker fan until he or she DIES!... Nuff said bout that. As far as the kings moving to anaheim, that woul benefit people like me that live in anaheim, cuz when the lakers would come to town it would give the lakers a couple more "home" games, AND also a "home-away-from-home". I think that the kings are better off going to seattle, cuz those people got robbed of their franchise, and that city deserves a franchise. But if they do end up here in anaheim, would they keep their "kings" franchise name? And if so they better not name them "the los angeles kings of anaheim"... Like that stupid owner moreno did with the angels... That is by far the dumbest name change ever for a team that didnt relocate

I'm a lifelong Laker fan and will continue to be, but having a team in the OC makes way too much sense.

Hey if the NY/NJ Metro area can support 3 NHL teams I don't really see why the Anaheim Royals (Sac Kings) wouldn't work in the OC. If ticket prices are affordable I for one would attend games. I live in the OC and work in LA. But on weekends and weeknights hate the thought of driving downtown to watch NBA basketball. There are more than enough fans in Long Beach, South-East LA County, Inland Empire, Riverside, and North San Diego County that would support an NBA franchise in Anaheim.

Frankly, I don't think the Lakers fanbase (or $$$ base) will be that impacted (hey look at that TV deal just inked with Time Warner Cable...also look at the increase you'll have on your cable bill as well...yikes!!!). However, this move hurts the Clippers more as now they have less leverage for a new TV deal. Donald Sterling has nobody to blame but himself. Anaheim has begged for years for the Clippers to move (even Mr Stern thought that it would be in there best interest to move).

So if this deal does fall apart, just maybe Mr. Sterling will at least consider playing a split schedule (if not a full) in Anaheim.

LATIMES sports writers must not have much to report.glorified typists!!

I live just 4 miles south of the Pond and it wouldn't affect me at all. I've been rooting for the Lakers since 1969!

It should just be cut short. They didn't meet the deadline and it wouldn't make sense for 3 teams in such a close proximity. I believe Sterling should realize the potential and relocate the Clippers to Anaheim, the Anaheim Clippers makes much more sense -since they have had at least a history attached to Anaheim playing games there before. Also it would take them away from being over shadowed, increase revenue and hopefully with a new court and as their team rises they can become a contender with out the disappointment of not being as good as the Lakers. Its just sad to be in a building with all those banners, surrounded by majority Lakers Fans and who just want to see highlights of Blake Griffin. It would be a positive for both OC and the Clippers to agree a deal there and can separate the 3 teams in CA.

lol yeah right...moving to OC would just prolong their demise. Socal is Lakerland; even when the Clips were in SD, everyone is SD routed for the Lakers. Vegas is where that franchise needs to go.


Get rid of
New Orleans

We would have a much better product and heaps lot better competition.
Those 7-9 bench players would become 10-12 bench warmers. About 70 sub-par players would be out of the league. There would be real war for those bench positions. And we could go back to having 'Real" super teams like those of the 80's! Each and every team would be stacked with quality players! The Development league would have quality players fighting for the few positions available!

Every game-Every night would be a much watch game, regardless if your team was playing!

Just imagine the playoffs!
Every round would be exciting with so many super players on every team!!!

Los Angeles Kings of Anaheim!!!

Oh and I'd never root for them. Laker 4 Life

if We get a team over ..damn right ima change teams

If they do move, dont call them the Kings. Please then? ?

Are you kidding? You know, every time I've had surgery, the doctors and nurses stand back in awe as they watch PURPLE AND GOLD blood come out of my body. Um, yeah, this lifelong Lakers fan won't be changing allegiance...ever.

When I lived out of state, I paid for NBA League Pass on DirecTV so I could watch every Lakers game. (The bad part? Being forced to watch the local Dallas broadcasts when the Lakers played the Mavericks. Ugh. Do you have any idea what it's like going from Chick and Stu to the local Mavs announcers?!)

Anyway, no, definitely no allegiance switching, and I don't care WHO moves here, I'll always be a Lakers fan. Period.

Medina, with all due respect, are you out of your mind?

Southern Cal doesn't need another bad NBA team. The Lakers don't need another envious little brother next door.

The rivalry with the Queens was great when they were good. Vlade's flops, obnoxious cowbells, Bibby draining big shot after big shot, Weber in his prime ... Sacramento provided some great playoff memories.

Even if they became competitive again, I don't see the same environment for the Queens in Anaheim. Not sure if that same attitude (ok, hate) could exist against the Lakers so close to home.

Combine Sacramento and New Orleans and then maybe it would work. Otherwise, they are better off in Tomato Town.

Heck no! I would love three teams in SoCal; however, if I had to choose WHICH team (Lakers, Clippers and Kings) to watch if the three scheduled a game on the same day/time slot, then I'd have to give the nod to the Lakers.

Oh, I see Times is too PC for a little humor? deleted my last comment?

I'm a lifelong Laker Fan and NBA fan, bring em to the OC, I'll go and root for a home team!! , doesn't mean I still don't love the lake show. I have two children and love them both!!

We don't need three teams. I say bring the Kings to Anaheim and contract the Clippers. LA, OC have a natural rivalry, and it makes much more sense to have So Cal teams at Staples and Honda Center rather than both at Staples. I've never liked the Clippers in Staples anyway. Donald Stirling is an abomination to the Lakers temple. Clippers in Staples is like the Pittsburgh Pirates relocating to New York and announcing they are going to play in Yankees Stadium. Blasphemy. Kings, Lakers have more of an historic rivalry than Lakers, Clippers anyway, and let's be honest, Blake Griffin isn't going to stay with the Clips. Lets avoid another Lebron James scenario and cut to the chase.

It's a bad move - Oversaturation of the Southern California market - three teams is too much. They should move the Kings either back to Kansas City where they came from, or to St. Louis (both huge basketball towns that would support an NBA team).

My heart wants Seattle to get a team back, but Key Arena is just as bad as Arco. They'd be back at square one. Also, any Seattle team legally has to be the Seattle Supersonics, so the Kings would also be somewhat giving up their legacy with that move.

I live in Sacramento been here 5years.Been a Lakers fan all my life. Will remain a LAKER FAN. The Kings suck. Say goodby to Sac and hello to Anaheim.They wont be any better in So Cal. They should go to Vegas.

Uhhh...Lakers=16 championships and countless hall of famers (and counting), Kings=0 championships and that one guy named Chris Webber who played a long time ago...yeaaaaaaaaah the Kings would reaaaallly cut into the Laker fan base, sure.

Go Minneapolis Lakers!!!

You want the real answer from "laker fans" or the answer they tell people?

The laker fans are going to stay with the lakers as long as they win and is competing for championships every year. The moment that the lakers fall from grace, many of those "die hard" laker fans will all of a sudden take a hard look at the Kings or Clippers.

Its just the way most laker fans have been all these years. Don't get me wrong, there are legit laker fans out there. But too many of them are bandwagoners, and this is coming from a LA native.


King could take the O.C fans, O.C fans are worse then the fake fans we've had for the past 3 years, all quiet and stuck up, and so lazy that they can't get up from their seat...

Are you kidding????? Any true Laker fan would laugh at that suggestion! I happen to live in O.C. and bleed purple and gold! No change for me - not now - not ever!!!!!!!

Seriously? Lakers fans could give less than a hoot about the Kings, no matter where they play. I'm a native Los Angeleno and have stayed a fan through the thick and the thin (remember Del Harris????????). Seriously?

I am a Laker season seat holder for 10 years from Orange County. I have made that 1 1/2 hour drive to Staples year in and year out. Been to the last two NBA game 7 finals. So I think I am a die hard Laker fan. But I will tell you this. There is a storm on the horizon. I dont think Kobe will be a Laker for more then 4 years from now. He is getting older, and even though he is still young, he has out wear and tear on his body since he was 15 years old. I think the Lakers dynasty will come to an end soon. And I for one would buy season seats for an OC team when that happens. I think once Kobe is gone, you will see Laker season seat sales plummet. That is what most season seat holders believe will happen. When we get together for private practices and events, that is what we talk about. Anyways, I think an OC team would do quite well. But hopefully we get the 3 peat this year.

Oh yeah, I find it amusing that Kobe Bryant, the greatest Laker (or soon to be) plays and works in LA, but lives in OC. Interesting.

Why are we getting a third NBA team but still no NFL team?



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