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Photo Caption Contest: Ron Artest gets chippy with Portland's Gerald Wallace


No one should be surprised by this photo. This is what Ron Artest does, getting physical with opponents and adding instant toughness to the Lakers' defense.

In the Lakers' 84-80 victory Sunday over the Portland Trail Blazers, Artest and Blazers forward Gerald Wallace didn't back away from each other, prompting Artest to shove him away. The move drew a technical foul with the Lakers leading 80-77 with 44.8 seconds, jeopardizing their chances of salvaging a victory. But as Kobe Bryant said, "I'll take Ron against anybody any day of the week."

This leads to a perfect photo caption contest, and if you're looking for some ideas, here's Phil Jackson's play-by-play on the situation.

"Two guys getting after it and trying to out-muscle one another," Jackson said. "Wallace wasn't going to be out-muscled by Ron. Ron kept the action going, probably. I don't know if both of them should've been teed up. But [Danny] Crawford decided it was Ron's responsibility for the way it came out."

Photo: Forwards Gerald Wallace of the Blazers and Ron Artest of the Lakers get into a shoving match during the second half Sunday. Credit: Gus Ruelas / Associated Press

-- Mark Medina

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Never wake a Sleeping Bear. Enough Said Now lets Go Catch SA.

Even if the Lakers don't lose again for the rest of the season, the Spurs would only have to go 7-6 over their final 13 to win the conference. The Lakers would be smart to aim high with a goal like that just to ensure they finish ahead of Dallas but the chances of actually catching San Antonio are tiny.

I was genuinely concerned with that play because Portland was within "spitting" distance for the win; thank goodness it went L.A.'s way and it certainly wasn't due to luck. That was hardcore defense and classic must have offense at the end by Kobe and Fish. I predicted an LA loss but obviously I was pleased with last night's results.

Phoenix plays the Clips and then we get next tomorrow night so let’s hope Vinny's crew gives them a hard tough game so they'll be softened up for tomorrow night's "take down." No Mercy L.A. and Kobe announced last night -after hitting that fade away jumper late in the 4th - with a primal scream and pulling at his jersey that any championship hopes have to go through the Lakers.

We waited all season for this to happen but its official: The Lakers have arrived and the rest of the league is concerned. No One Wants To Play Them In The Post Season. No One! All hopes for a championship have been dashed.

This is L.A.'s year again. Everyone else will have to wait for the next season. And to think: there's more "fight" in this team to come. We "ain't" seen nothing yet.

"Everything about the Lakers is geared toward winning playoff games. It's what they do." J.A. Adande

"Even when we didn’t make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Buss

Go Lakers & In Buss We Trust!!

"Wait, what's that tattoo on your neck say?"

Yes, the team isn't winning to catch up with S.A.; it's all about staying in front of Dallas to secure the 2nd seed and finishing ahead of the ECC for HCA in The Finals. The remainder of this schedule matters and they will pull it off. The schedule is in their favor and they know it. Kobe won't admit that HCA is important but everyone knows otherwise. You take the edge wherever you can get it. They don't need it to win, but it sure makes life easier!

"Yo, talk to my forearm!"

frmkt-"We "ain't" seen nothing yet."

Ron: NO! You cant kiss my biceps.

My RANKINGS - nothing to do with the win-loss record, just how they are doing right now and into the playoffs.

1. 1.Lakers
2. 2.Bulls
3. 3.Trail Blazers
4. 4.Thunder
5. 5.Spurs
6. 6.Celtics
7. 7.Heat
8. 8.Magic
9. 9.Mavericks
10. 10.76ers
11. 11.Nuggets
12. 12.Knicks
13. 13.Pacers
14. 14.Nets
15. 15.Rockets
16. 16.Grizzlies
17. 17.Hawks
18. 18.Hornets
19. 19.Clippers
20. 20.Kings
21. 21.Suns
22. 22.Bobcats
23. 23.Bucks
24. 24.Raptors
25. 25.Jazz
26. 26.Warriors
27. 27.Pistons
28. 28.Timberwolves
29. 29.Wizards
30. 30.Cavaliers


LOL. I think you miss the point

Celtics & Bulls, yes. Obtaining HCA over them is important.

More important than any of this is prepping yourself for a strong playoff/championship run by doing the right things consistently.

"I'll lead"


Wallace: "Ron, I need a hug! Please hug me!"

Artest: "Hug your teammates instead because your team is about to lose!"

Wallace: "Why do you have to be so mean?!"

Artest: "Because we're the defending World Champion LA Lakers so back off Rambo!"

Never wake a Sleeping Bear.

Posted by: Alois Saint-Martin

Yes indeed never do that cause their going to be very angry.Love the little nasty side of their game their beginning to show first Bynum,Artest even getting into it abit with Wallace.That tells me the playoffs are drawing near to get busy and start winning and it doesn't get any better than that.

Go Lakers!


LOL. I think you miss the point

Celtics & Bulls, yes. Obtaining HCA over them is important.

More important than any of this is prepping yourself for a strong playoff/championship run by doing the right things consistently.

Posted by: Tim-4-Show | March 21, 2011 at 01:58 PM "

It doesn't matter if it's Dallas or if it's Minnesota. The more teams you can have HCA against, the better.

When Phil retires next year.

I would like Rick Adelman to be the next HEAD COACH of the Los Angeles Lakers. I remember Adelman's King's of Divac/Webber/Peja/Christie/Bibby almost beat Jackson/Shaq/Kobe era in their prime with Horry/Fox/Fisher if not for the last second rebound tap out by Divac to Horry's winning three.


Gasol/Bynum as Divac (passing skills, Gasol/Bynum length all the way)
Gasol/Caracter as Webber (strong offensive moves, mobile big, mid range game)
Artest/Barnes/Ebanks as Peja (peja's shooting all the way), replace it with defense, length and athleticism.
Kobe as Christie (kobe all the way)
Fisher/Blake/Odom as Bibby (Odom' initiating fast break)

Adelman is a highly respectable veteran Coach that runs fastbreak (entertaining basketball Jerry Buss style) that plays solid defense and has half court basketball that knows how to win big games in the playoffs.


A three peat NBA Champions can not experiment with a unproven young Coach such as Shaw or Rambis, continuation of the system or not.

Okay, so who leads? Let me see: It's one two, championship rings, three four championship rings. I dance, you cry. Rinse, repeat.

"You've got Ring-Around-the-Collar".

"Dude, I'm Ron Fricken Artest. Haven't you seen the Malice at the Palace video on YouTube?"

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"I thought women didn't have adams apples"

@LT – Thanks. I agree the post all-star game Lakers has to be very discouraging for the rest of the league.

@Jefe – Thanks. Double the pleasure tomorrow against the Suns. Sounds like a plan to me. Lakers still owe Phoenix from 06 and 07.

@Jon K – Thanks. How to get more lurkers to post? You know people love freebies. Maybe qualifying all posters before the playoffs to win an autographed jersey, bball or something?

@Laker Mike – Great post, but I would venture to say that the Aurebach/Russell led Celtics perfected fast break bball and coach Sharman simply brought the winning formula with him to the Lakers.

@Triangular – Thanks for the Menza. Very refreshing.

@ChicNstu – BTO…all smiles.

"Hey that's a great tattoo! Let me see that. I should shave that into the back of my head!"

This play angered me to no end! Wallace refused to let go of Ron's arm and left it there. Ron finally had enough after several seconds and raised his arm to push off of Wallace's chest. It got a bit higher, but that's it. When they called the T on Ron, I almost jumped out of my skin! It should have been Wallace and not Ron!

Ron: "Those dreadlocks make a good handle for practicing my hammer throw technique!"

Artest: "The switch is thrown"....


Ron - Say Queensbridge!

my psychiatrist says to keep this ball.

Did I miss the latest Henry Abbott article on how Kobe Bryant "clutchness" is overrated? Sorry Dan L - I couldn't resist.

"It's my ball and you can't have it Gerald!"

"my psychiatrist says to keep this ball."

Posted by: Ian | March 21, 2011 at 03:21 PM

DING DING DING... We Have A Winner!

"we'll go sailing on those cookies!"

Ron Artest: This tatoo is sooo ugly. Seriously, it needs to be removed. I know some guys--I'll call you later.

RA: Why, yes. This IS the hand on which my RING resides.

i loved ariza but the above photo alone should remind people of the way it was before ron ron got here. the fact that we have ebanks should be enough to keep the ariza fans happy because he is a mini clone of ariza and will come in handy down the road.
at this point no one calls lakers soft anymore.

"my psychiatrist says to keep this ball."

Posted by: Ian | March 21, 2011 at 03:21 PM

DING DING DING... We Have A Winner!

Posted by: frmkt

I second that ringa ding ding. hilarious.

Artest-nice tat of a tiger but I'm the only one with tigers blood around here, WINNING!!!

If the Lakers 3peat, Jackson is coming back for the forth one...........GUARANTEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only team LA needs to worry about for HCA purposes is Boston.

Caption :: "Say it...Just say it once for me, Gerry...Whose yo Daddy??"

As far as Staples 24's Comment :: I do not believe that Dr. Buss will bring in Adelman to coach (as much as BA as that would be and all!). With most of their players already buying into the Triangle (And Kobe knowing it so indepthly that he could prolly coach it himself!), the only way, I see, them straying from it is if they bring in one of their Post Laker Family, in Byron Scott to coach (but even there is unlikely). My money is on Brian Shaw or Kurt Rambis (if he is let go by Minnesota, that is)...

Finders keepers, losers forearm.


...What Would Ron Artest Do?...

We forget we have Ron artest on our squad. We think he's lost his edge, he's lost a step, he's old, and we generally believe that he's invisible.

We also forget that this is the same Artest who got up in kobes face on the Playoffs. You think it's easy getting into kobes face?!? Same artest who tackled pierce in the first 2 mins of the first finals game. If this guy can't be intimidated by Kobe, the celtics Team with garnett growling and scaring people, do you really think he'll be intimidated by the Gerald wallaces, Kevin durants, and lebron james' of this world?!

This guy INTIMIDATES the INTIMIDATORS. He bullies the bullies. We forget the mental confidence and edge that this sort of toughness brings to Kobe and pau and Lamar and the rest of the team. It also does tye opposite to the other team at tye same time. It's unreal.

Just Because the animal is tamed doesn't mean that he's not the same beast. This incident is just a reminder of the same intimidation that he brings to opposing players, and he's just beginning to growl again. I'd be mad scared playing against him. For real for real!



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