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Lakers vs Orlando: Lakers run over Magic


Lakers 97, Magic 84 (final)

The Lakers' victory train just keeps right on rolling, this time getting revenge against an Orlando Magic team that beat them last month.

The Lakers have won 10 of their 11 games since the All-Star break, the only loss coming at Miami last week.

Four of the five Lakers starters scored in double figures.  Reserve forward Lamar Odom added 16 points to make it five Lakers in double figures.

Pau Gasol led the way for L.A. with 23 points.

Kobe Bryant had 16 points on seven-for-19 shooting despite playing with a sprained left ankle. Bryant left the game with 3:37 left and went directly to the locker room after playing 30 minutes.

Andrew Bynum had another monster game on the backboards, tying his career high with 18 rebounds, nine on offensive. He also had 10 points and four blocked shots.

Derek Fisher had 15 points and two steals in 30 minutes.

The Lakers opened a 77-66 lead early in the third quarter on back-to-back three-pointers by Shannon Brown and Matt Barnes.

Both were assisted by Steve Blake, something he has been doing a lot lately.

That was the start of a Lakers run and the start of the Magic calling two timeouts in a two-minute span.

The Lakers lead grew to 85-69 after Lamar Odom made a three-pointer, forcing Orlando Coach Stan Van Gundy to call a timeout with 7:14 left.


Lakers-Magic photos

Lakers-Magic box score

Lakers 71, Magic 66 (end of third quarter)

Kobe Bryant, who was two-for-10 shooting with four points in the first half, went to work in the third quarter.

Bryant had 12 points in the third quarter on five-of-eight shooting. 

Derek Fisher continued to contribute for the Lakers, scoring five of his 15 points in the third.

Andrew Bynum had just picked up his second consecutive offensive rebound, turning the last into a three-point play after he scored while being fouled.

But Bynum picked up his fourth foul with 8:16 left in third trying to help out on Ryan Anderson.

Bynum looked to the Lakers' bench, knowing that he was coming out of the game.

Magic 46, Lakers 41 (end of first half)

The Lakers got 11 points from Pau Gasol and 10 from Derek Fisher in the first half, allowing them to close to within five points at the half.

Kobe Bryant had four points on two-for-10 shooting.

When Andrew Bynum chased down an offensive rebound and kept the ball from going out of bounds, Dwight Howard patted his counterpart at center  on the back.

Bynum and Howard looked at each other and smiled.

It seemed as if the two were enjoying the challenge of playing against each other.

The only problem Bynum had was picking up his third foul with two minutes 54 seconds left in the second quarter.

He went to the bench with 12 rebounds, six points and four blocked shots.

It meant that Gasol had to deal with Howard in the low post.

Howard finished the first half with 13 points and eight rebounds.

Magic 25, Lakers 19 (end of first quarter)

Lakers fans were excited to see Kobe Bryant playing Monday night against Orlando despite a sprained left ankle.

But Lakers fans seemed more excited to see the job center Andrew Bynum did on Magic All-Star center Dwight Howard.

Bynum blocked two of Howard's shots in the first quarter, drawing cheers from the fans at Staples Center.

Bynum had 11 rebounds in the first quarter, six offensive.

He also had three blocked shots to go along with six points.

Howard had three points, four rebounds and one blocked shot in the first quarter.

It wasn't so much that Bryant's offense suffered because of his sprained left ankle. It was more his defense.

Bryant was assigned to defend Orlando guard Jason Richardson, who is a good three-point shooter.

The times that Bryant failed to get out to Richardson, the Magic guard made Bryant pay by knocking down three-pointers.

Richardson had eight points in the first quarter, making two three-pointers.

Bryant had four points on two-for-six shooting.


The big question presented to Lakers Coach Phil Jackson before Monday night's game against the Orlando Magic was whether or not Kobe Bryant would play on his sprained left ankle.

"I have a sense, but I don't know," Jackson said.

Was his "sense" that Bryant will play, or won't play?

"He will," Jackson responded.

Bryant, indeed, took the court with the rest of the Lakers' starters.

Before the game, Jackson said he hadn't checked with Bryant when the two arrived at Staples Center.

"I just trust the fact that he's going to be out there," Jackson said.

Bryant was injured during the third quarter of Saturday night's game against the Dallas Mavericks when he landed awkwardly after jumping for a loose ball.

-- Broderick Turner

Photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum snags a rebound in front of Magic center Dwight Howard in the first half Monday night at Staples Center. Credit: Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

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That's what champions do, they play all the time and are competitors. That's what Kobe is, a competitor.

Kobe Doing Work

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Whose the best?????????

So, there you have it. The overwhelming answer was - Kobe Bryant

I have a "sense" that Phil coulda just asked Kobe.

bench the team killer!!


I just read you previous post about Magic tweeting that the Lakers should use their size advantage tonight.

Here is a critical thought for you

What makes anyone think the Lakers have a size advantage against Orlando?

Howard is 6-11

Hedo is 6-10

Anderson is 6-10

Where is the advantage?

Bass off the bench is 6-8 and has the strength to play Gasol 1 on 1 and deny him post position

The advantage rest on the perimeter with Kobe.......if he's healthy

Will the Kobe hate ever end?

Is it me?

^ how's playing while injured killing the team?

Lakers has ONLY 3 three turnovers the ENTIRE game!!

I think that needs to be mentioned more than how much rebounds AB got or how well LO scored!!

10 of the last 11! I'll take that any day, week, season. Go, Lakers, GOOOOOO!

heat are too good.

they aren't even playing their best ball yet.

you scared laker fans? you should be.

kobe is too slow and old now. the time has passed.

you lose.

zelix . You have no voice. 1 ring(6 yrs ago) and 2 grown men that publicly announced that they are not good enough to take it to the next level of play( bosh and james) so we need to form what at the time sweemed to be a great team.. but as the world has and still is seeing you need great players to pour a great which you have one..we know who that is based on the 7oz on his stop worrying about the lakeshow. because you are guaranteed to be an early exit . with the worst bench in 22 yrs you have no chance in 7 against any keep practicing painting nails and braiding hair because cross dressing is the one thing that will always be in demand in miami...LAKESHOW BABY! ALL UP IN YOU!!!!

Zelix: Woooooo, so brave coming on after everyone is asleep to talk smack. The Lakers don't have anything to be afraid of. When was the last time a team (specifically a LBJ team) beat The L and beat the Lakers in the playoffs? Oh yeah, never. LBJ's Cavs beat us just like this season but when it counts the most (the playoffs), they come up short. I have no doubt that's what's going to happen this year as well. Better root for another East team cause I guarantee it won't be the Heatles (stupid stupid name). But then, that's what wannabes do, give themselves silly names while the realest are out there winning championships. Jus' sayin'.

Thats how Phil Jackson's mighty Bulls did it,thats how they won it,thats how they dominate all their opponents,by the contribution of everyone with Mj and Pippen at the helm.Its the same with the 1999-2002 Laker championship teams,the same pattern,the same game plan with everyone contributing even the bench came out massively Big Shot Horry,Brian Shaw and Devean George.These Lakers dominated every opponent that came their way.Everyone knew that the Lakers were in town,i used to be jumping and prancing out of my seat.They didnt have no fear for anyone,so too must these present Lakers,we should have have embarrass and demoralised the Miami heat,but they didnt.Come on Lakers,yes good win though.

Thats Lakers basketball everyone contributing,a little from Shannon Brown,a little from Matt Barnes and Steve Blake and it all adds up.Paul and Kobe doing their thing but keeping with the game,with Drew and Ron Ron providing great defence.And a watchful team of coaches on the sideline,all of them with the bling of many a years of championship basket ball,i want to know with all of those Lakers rings how much is it cost,wow wow,Lakers basketball.

This could very well be the last season we get a mostly in tact Kobe Bryant.

The years have taken their toll on this GREAT player, as they do with every great, Magic, MJ, Kareem, Bird...etc. One day (very soon sadly) Kobe will have to take the role of a support player...maybe Gasol and Bynum can fill that gap...and maybe not...either way I think that will to win will be the factor for these lakers.

IF they can keep the passion they are playing with now they can do it.

If they get lazy then it will be a banged up but yet still great Kobe against the league.

We already know they can't get it done that way.

Go Lakers.

From of Portugal

Go Lakers.



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