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--Mark Medina

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Photo: Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest #15 is defended by Minnesota Timberwolves center Darko Milicic #31 at the Staples Center. The Lakers defeated the Timberwolves 106-98. Credit: Kirby Lee / US Presswire

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Bear with me here. I'm going to try to get the coding up so it works

I think we should panic.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Another chat with Mike Bresnahan, siiiiiiiiigh. MM, you just couldn't wait till game time to put up another thread could you?

PSP Intern

@Laker Tom
Thanks for the recap of the memorable night in Rick's honor!

Where in Irvine is Ron Ron going to be on sat? The Spectrum?

you can add this one to the list of songs for our brother Rick:

Jon K-

thanks for the description of the Rick Friedman wake. it's stories like that that make this blog special.

Jon K, That was a great post. I wish I could have been there. thank you for representing the Blog Family.

This time it is my turn to return the praise of Jon K, a very personable, intelligent, warm and a handsome young man. For all the single ladies out there, he is ur dream date(much better than Fabio). We talked of the blog, Lakers, Cleveland and his new job as a copywriter.

I came late at the memorial service so I missed Faith's eulogy. It was dark, cozy as Jon K alluded the name speaks for the room, a lair for Hollywood vampires and it was a STO (standing room only) for about forty people mostly friends, neighbors and relatives of the late Rick. I was touched by one of the speakers who is very close to Rick, he gave a long speech with lots of stories about Rick and this one particular individual by the name of Tony Alvarado. In his speech he described Tony's notorious past and his transgression with the law, often shadowed by FBI as well as the immigration. At the end of a long speech ((Adam, Rick's son approached him in the podium and probably whispered to conclude it), well he reserved the important punch lines why he has to describe Tony's life because it has something to do with Rick F. He introduced Tony A. who was in attendance at the memorial. Tony really felt the lost of Rick whom he believed that Rick was responsible for his transformation and supported all the way of his messy past. He did not condone his activities but was there as a friend of Tony. Because of Rick Friedman he became a different person today. He was given a loud ovation after the speech.

It was at this time when I approached the bar & met another Filipina by the name of Tess, a neighbor of Rick F together with her husband. As I mooched some appetizers chicken, pizza, salad, I overhead the name of bob. I talked to bob during Smush era so I remember her name and also her hubby. I interjected, "if you're bob then you are Faith," I said. Correct! I was about to tell them that I was JovBatz24 , sorry Jo, instead I gave my real handle. I didn't expect Jon k was beside me and immediately we hug each other as though we were long lost friends from the arctics and found each other tonight. Indeed, the friendly "blog word relationship" started in preseason 05 when Lakers were traversing the arctic zone while bloggers analyzing their journey in the playoffs. That warm hug was also meaningful in the sense, the blog acquaintance became a reality tonight meeting the real person, not just handle that was often disrespected. Then I turned to my compatriot Faith, "I finally met Florence Nightingale of the blog." She didn't get the joke perhaps of the noise. Faith is a registered nurse whom we have known here as a student until she became a full pledged nurse. Miss Nightingale is the heroine of modern nursing. We talked of the parades where I almost met them in two parades but didn't happen. This time I made sure I'd meet them unfortunately, it was a blessing in disguise that Rick's demise was the reason why we all met. I think this should have been arranged by LAT a long time ago during the Championship parades.

Then, I met Benjamin, the younger cousin of Rick, very nice guy who acted as the representative of the family very thankful of our presence. He is a very intelligent laker fan and a product of CAL (Berkley) I knew off hand that he is no longer posting in the blog because he thought I was a Brazilian, haha! I said NO I came from the Phils., in return I asked why he is no longer posting he said because of time, work and I sense because of trolls and complications in blogging. However, I think he will be back again after witnessing the blog sensitivity on Rick F's passing.

I enjoyed the energy of bob but sincerely, I could hardly hear nor understand what they were saying because the music was loud, the friends or relatives were equally loud and I have a strong accent so it is just fitting and proper to listen to what was going on. I overheard bob hates anything green referring to the Celtics. I was wearing green because of St. Patrick's Day and it's also the colors of my alma mater of which I was wearing that hat too. I failed to explain to bob that Celtics are no longer green which is associate to a young leaf and Spring. Celtics are already in their twilight or fading Autumn. The only thing green is Jeff Green, the others are all old and bald. From Jon K's previous posts, I finally got it that they were discussing about KBros. No doubt we were all unanimous in pointing at Bynum's rebound and defense as the reasons for Lakers upsurge in the 2nd half. LT should include these comments in his enumerations of why Bynum is the man of all seasons? lol!

At 8:45pm, I was worried of the parking meter where I parked, it is about to expire so I said goodbye to everyone. Again Jon K heard that I'd be heading to Rolling Hills, it could have been the noise in the background or probably my accent, actually I told him I lived in Rowland Heights. another lol! We took some pictures at the cell of bob and Faith, something for posterity. Faith also showed us on her cell the pictures with Rick, bob, Cbuck during the parade.

When I got to my car, too late an envelope stuck on my windshield at 9pm, can't believe it expired after putting $1.50. Normally around Staples area nobody observed parking meters after 6pm, not in West Hollywood. Well, it was worth it and a very enjoyable evening.

mclyne - he's going to be at Living Spaces on Technology Drive in Irvine. Hit MM up for my email - if you're going, we should all try to hook up. Plus I want to take that drive LOL!!

Great read Edwin and Jon K; thanks for representing the blog familia. Rick will surely be missed by all around here. Hope the fine wasn't too bad!

PSP Solutions Architect

Oh and by the way - MM??? Another Brez chat?? Oh joy... oh bliss... oh sarcasm font working overtime....

@EDWIN... Great recap of Rick’s wake. Sorry you got a ticket for your efforts. Just a little tax from the municipal gods responsible for balancing local budgets. In NorCal, a parking ticket will cost you $50 and rolling a stop sign $100 as the local governments stick it to their residents. It’s times like these that I do miss living in SoCal. I went to high school in Monrovia, lived in Arcadia, Pasadena, Sierra Madre, San Gabriel, and Long Beach as well as San Diego and Riverside. Wish I could have been there with you. Rick was a great friend and blogger whom we all loved. RIP.

Posted by: Practice Season Police | March 18, 2011 at 03:02 PM

Well glad to see PSP back to protect the poor and the oppressed from the likes of KobeMVP888 who I hear is lurking in this blog, waiting to go in an attack mode just like the mamba

PSP is the Robin Hood of this blog.

I can't keep up with all these machine gun posts!

I hate to be a bit behind the 8-ball or insensitive, but who first found out about Rick's passing and how? I thought there was a certain amount of anonimity here and was surprised about it. Anyway, anybody know?

NuggetCountry, This was posted by Annanotherthing.

Hi all,

It's been a while. I wanted to share an except from an email I sent to Adam Friedman on his dad's (our friend and blog regular Rick Friedman) passing.

"I “met” Rick through the LA Times Lakers Blog a few years ago now, which led to Facebook friendship and we eventually met in person in December of 2009 when I was holidaying in LA.

Rick and I went to a sports bar in Hollywood to watch the Lakers play the Pistons, he introduced me to sweet potato fries and we talked about all sorts of things, from work to our love lives, the nature of friendship, music and of course the Lakers. The game was a blow out, so we sat and ate and talked and talked and talked. As I’m sure you know, your Rick was a great conversationalist.

Over the past few years, Rick has provided me with great advice, was a comfort, and despite being 9000 miles away could always pick me up when I was feeling down. I was looking forward to seeing him again on my visit to LA next month. Instead I will head to the Rainbow Bar & Grill and raise a glass in his honour. "

Rest in peace my friend.


Posted by: Annanotherthing | March 14, 2011 at 03:06 PM

PSP, the fine not much. I paid dearly because of my frugal immigrant ways I could have parked at $7 charge across Rainbow but tried my luck on parking meters at wee hours. Would u believe we also talked of the police, we think ur funny and creative with your new found handle.

LakerTom, yeah we should have a Big Party in the future especially those who are in the state of CA or perhaps we could find a suitable place to meet with everyone. On the other hand, it might become the venue to settle blog feuds. lmao! Don't worry my friend, I will be there to protect your back. It means I'll hide behind your back and u handle the one in front of you. lol!

Nuggets Country, nobody here knew about Rick F. passing not even his close friends like Faith, Justa and Benjamin was quiet about his passing too. It was another blogger who befriended with Rick F, and it was Anna (handle of Annotherthing) who posted his passing. Try to review 10 threads back. Well, threads have short lives under the administration of MM, equivalent to 20 winks and there's new one. Sometimes, it is really hard to recall the links of stories here, you've to invest time to be here at all times. haha another assault on MM's style.

@Lakerfanforever – Good post on Bynum.

@mclyne – Consider it done.

@Jon K – Rick met Ringo and Joe Walsh. I know he thoroughly enjoyed that. Cool.

@Lew – My only other suggestion is bring us back a victory on Sunday or you and the crew attending will have some splaining to do.


That was very thoughtful of you to attend. Thanks for sharing your report. I enjoyed it

ChicNstu & Edwin Gueco:

Thanks for filling me in. Hard to know out here in the high country of Colorado sometimes what is happening in SoCal where most of my kids reside............& of course, the Lakers.

Edwin Gueco,

It was great meeting you!

I loved Faith and Bob telling me the story about CBuck (another girl) when we beat the Magic in the Finals, she made up a story at work that she had a family emergency so she could get out of work and flew from St. Louis to see the victory parade.

Faith then chastised me for not flying out to be there.

It was very cool seeing two women who were such diehard Lakers fanatics talking about another Lakers fanatic... who was also a girl.

It's clear that guys don't have a monopoly on sports enthusiasm.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Already posted on the previous thread, but then I realized nobody's reading that. What's the point in blogging for the first time if it's not going to be read?

Hi folks. I've been reading this blog for a couple years now, but have been inspired to start posting by Jon K.'s tribute. Grew up in LA, currently living in Costa Rica and following Laker games on NBA broadband (which is actually a step up from living in Utah where they black out some games).

I'm optimistic about LA's chances this year. Nothing different from every year. I remember being optimistic when we were down by fifteen to Portland game 7 in 2000 and I still thought we were going to pull it out in those five minutes. I was right that time, haven't been right every time...

Anyway, some thoughts: seems like if there is a "switch" on the Lakers, it's in Bynum. I think he was holding back on the effort a little before the All-star break- justifiably so- worried about hurting himself the same way he has every year. When February rolled by without an injury, he's decided to pick it up. I think it's that more than him "finally getting it"- Bynum seemed hesitant earlier in the season to jump for loose balls- not worth the risk, I guess. I think he'll keep up the effort into the playoffs, though. I'm not worried about him slacking off, I think he's making up for lost time. Still a little worried about him getting hurt- again.

Can any0ne tell me WHY Kobe's playing against the T-wolves? I know he's Kobe- die-hard competitor and all that, but still- I think the Lakers could handle Minnesota without Kobe, and he's risking another chronic injury. I admired his guts playing through the broken finger, but I suspect he wouldn't have arthritis in it if he had rested at least some (of course, the Lakers might not have a championship, too). I wish Phil or someone could get him to take a game off, so that I'm not worried that he'll get some other injury compensating for the ankle. I know the standings matter, but still- I'd rather have a healthy Kobe for the playoffs, thank you.

By the way- did I pick this name because I'd seen it before? if this is someone else's handle, let me know.

16 to 3peat-- Go Lakers!

@MM... Thanks for fixing that. Just didn’t want to have a Bynum Basher come back at me with your quote. LOL. Great to have you back for the stretch run in this SEASON FOR THE AGES.
@EDWIN... When I retire in a few years, I may just pack up the car and follow the Lakers around the country during the regular season. And get together with all the great Lakers fans in every city with an NBA franchise. The next time a bunch of you are going to a game in LA, let me know and I will fly down to join you. I’m hoping Hobbitmage joins the NorCal event in May when Lewsters comes up for his daughter’s graduation. It would be good to bury the hatchet over a few brews.
@JON K....“Are you suggesting that REAL basketball is different than FANTASY league basketball?” LOL. Darn, Jon. Now you’re really going to confuse the insta-traders and trolls who always thought that basketball was basketball without realizing that you cannot play without a ball.
@LAKERFANFOREVER... “Trade a 7 foot rim protecting beast that can gobble up rebounds like taking candy from a baby?” Loved that line, LFF. Superb post about Andrew Bynum. Thank you. I also loved this line: “Trade Bynum.....are you freagin kidding me? Hahhahha it's almost laughable.” You have to love how Mitch Kupchak shot down the Drew for Dwight trade rumors. No way do we trade the NGLC – The Next Great Lakers Center. Unleash the Beast !!!!!!
@LAKERFANINEXILE... Welcome to the blog. Yes, it’s easy to get your post lost in the avalanche of threads as the LA Times tries to up the hit meter. At least this year, it’s obvious that the switch is Andrew Bynum and it’s a switch that Bynum Boosters have been waiting to see pulled for three years now. We’ve always said a healthy and dominant Drew elevates the Lakers to another level.


Welcome aboard. I think it was a combination of Drew getting back in shape and him really wanting to leave his impact on the game.

You know why Kobe's playing. Because that's what he does. He loves the game, so he's not going to rest if he's healthy enough to go!

Love your optimism and yes sir #17 is on the long the Lakers stay healthy

Edwin Gueco....

Thank you so much for representing the blog at Mr. Friedman's wake and for detailing your experiences there. It seems that Rick Friedman, even though his body has left us, had a generosity of spirit that is still bringing people together.

Edwin Gueco all I can say is OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR!!!! You make me proud to be a Laker fan and a member of Lakers Nation. You and Jon K. are LakerHolics in the finest tradition and The Nation owe you both a debt of gratitude. Between the two of you it is like the whole Nation got to attend as I am sure we all wanted to. I salute you my mentor.
LakerfanInExile you are no longer in Exile. You are now part of the finest Nation on earth...Lakers nation. Welcome aboard.!!!

Jon K, I know you enjoyed meeting Edwin but control your enthusiasm! LOL!

I mamba24, would myself like to meet Laker Lass and Justanothermambafan one day. If that day ever occurs I will never ask for another thing again. Truly!!

Welcome home Glenn and LakersFanInExile.

Edwin - LOL sorry to disappoint you

"Living Spaces?????" HAHAHAHAHAHA! Is he trying to hitch his name to a new style of Lazy Boy or somethin'?

I'll be there, you can recognize me by the white dude with blonde hair, wearing the black "amazing is 16" shirt.

By the way, don't call me white:

Edwin, the meter maids downtown are ruthless. I once got a citation for a expired meter, so I walked over to the officer to explain that I put coins in but the meter didnt register. Of coarse she didn't care and told me to take it up with the court. When I returned to my car, I had another ticket on my then I almost got a ticket for littering as I shredded the ticket. I cant remember how much the fine was, but i only paid for 1 ticket.


"Can any0ne tell me WHY Kobe's playing against the T-wolves?"

1. Thanks for posting. Nice to have you on board.

2. Yes, he's Kobe Bryant. He's a lunatic.

3. This is another example of Kobe's leadership style. He leads by example. By "toughing it out" he's showing his teammates that he expects the same from his players.

4. Kobe has mentioned multiple times that people pay a lot of money to see the Lakers AND KOBE BRYANT play. He feels like it's his obligation to perform for the fans as a result.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@Jon K.- I know, I know. And I admire him for it. Kobe sometimes reminds me of the 60 year old guy who's been working on the assembly line for the last 40 years straight and hasn't ever missed a day of work. That kind of work ethic is laudable in a factory worker, but in an athlete it's unheard of today- and it brings results. It's funny- there was a discussion on one of these boards (perhaps it was on the Kamenestky's blog) about Kobe (or athletes in general) as "role models." While that topic was hotly debated, I can personally say that I do view Kobe's attitude towards the job as something to look up to. For someone who picks up a multimillion dollar paycheck whether or not he plays, the fact that he shows up for work hurt or sick is admirable. It's why I disagree with @Island Priest- I don't think Kobe's selfish when he shows up for a Minnesota game so the fans can get their money's worth, even when he doesn't practice.

Of course, that doesn't mean I don't want to yell at him and beg him to call in sick for once. Just like I would that factory worker if he showed up to work in a traction splint. I want Kobe and the Lakers to have a long title run- I want to be rooting for the Lakers into June every year. Moreover, I want to see Kobe's work ethic pay off every year with championship banners. That means not getting long-term hurt. Though, knowing Kobe, he'd play through that too.

16 to 3peat- Go Lakers!


How can you get me justa's email confidentially? We want to meet up for the Ron Ron appearnace in Irvine.


Kobe's focus and work ethic make him a role model.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Edwin - LOL sorry to disappoint you"

I know we're not on No-Thread zone on a game day, hold on the trigger for a while till ur Chat time will be in progress. lol!

As soon as I arrived at the room at Rainbow Bar, my first instinct is to look for you MM. We're looking for our moderator, what happen? I have been describing you as a blog-aholic moderator, I know u have to moonlight some other jobs as well at LAT. j/k Being an insurance man, my advice to you is to mix business with personal touch with your market and you'll enjoy more the value of what you're doing. haha again, take that with a grain of salt.

Very interesting thought by PJ that he will play more Stve Blake in the playoffs. I also have a feeling that Blake will have some big moments in the playoffs. His calming personality will help him to play well in crunch time.

Here is the an excerpt from

"...Lakers coach Phil Jackson said Wednesday that there is one player whom he expects to play a bigger role in the playoffs than he is now.

Surprisingly, it was Steve Blake.

He is noticed when he makes the occasional 3-pointer, but his greatest value is keeping the ball moving safely and smartly on offense, and being a pest defensively – contributions that the coaches may appreciate, but not many others have."

LakerFanInExile - welcome. Looking forward to more of your posts.

mclyne - I emailed MM asking him to forward you my email addy.... Hope to find you tomorrow. White dude. Blond Hair. Black T. Amazing is 16. Got it !


Nowadays, that's the kind of service we get from our cities, state and federal just su*cks. All of them are in need of funds to fill in their largess in the past. Fines are now means of revenue, no police will admit quotas but they are part of the merit rating. In these recessionary times when gas hits $4 per gallon; and jobs are scarce, the gov't services we used to know are now less; junk phone calls sing robots are now rampant ; utilities are on the rise; I-pad, smart phone & techno gadgets to access blog, tweets, facebook, gps - u pay, pay, pay to be ahead of the flock. In this day age of high technology, low employment, the phrase "a sucker is born every minute" is again a reality. You really have to watch your finances, will u be the sucker or suckee of the day? getting a parking ticket is the least damage that could happen to you on any given day.

Realistically, tonight's game is very tough game to play for the Lakers. After tough 5 games stretch and 3 days rest, it will be hard for them to get motivated and focus to play against a team like the Timberwolves. It could get ugly. Very curious game to watch and to find out the Lakers players mentality.

Another interesting game to watch tonight is SA vs Dallas. I cannot decide if I should root for SA or Dallas to win.

Half time score: Houston 64 Boston 40, WOW!

Wow, I'm always so far behind and playing catch up on these threads. I was most saddened to read last night about the passing of our dear blog brother Rick Friedman. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family, friends, and loved ones. When, I think of Rick, I also think of the boxing referee Joe Cortez who always says "I'm firm but, I'm fair" when instructing opposing boxers, and that's the way I saw Rick's comments on this blog. He was tough on the guys when he felt they weren't playing up to their capabilities, and yet, he was always fair. He also would forcefully defend various players who he felt were unjustly attacked on the blog by fellow bloggers and trolls alike.

R.I.P. Blog Brother Rick Friedman...your insights and input on this blog will be sorely missed.


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Mamba24, my friend beware of what u print on the blog. Curiosity often kills a cat. you said:
"I mamba24, would myself like to meet Laker Lass and Justanothermambafan one day. If that day ever occurs I will never ask for another thing again. Truly!!"

-remember what u promised to wifey the third time around, no more gallivanting husband from now on and she will be the one and only. They have extra sensory imagination, aha, so it is not only me, the Lakers and more.

Anothder one is going to bite the dust.

Go Lakers!

Edwin - Funny you asked. I actually intended to be there, but on my way back from practice I had a flat tire. Ran over a nail :(. Anyway, had to get my tire replaced at the dealership in Culver City. By the time it was done, it was too late to venture out to West Hollywood. But I'm planning to get lunch with the family at some point....



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