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Lakers OK with keeping roster intact

The NBA trade deadline passed last week and the Lakers didn't make any roster changes. Players became available on the waiver wire and things remained the same. And that's fine in the Lakers' eyes, with Coach Phil Jackson saying he neither expected nor feels disappointed General Manager Mitch Kupchak abstained from making any moves.

"We're still very aware of who's been released and when Mitch gets back from Europe, we'll talk about it, said Jackson, whose team plays the Charlotte Bobcats Friday and has a five-game winning streak. "There's a couple of places we could use some backup help or insurance, but offhand there's nothing that stands out that I would tell you."

Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant after Thursday's practice

For now, the Lakers' only change is forward Matt Barnes' returning to the lineup, possibly against Charlotte, after fully rehabbing a surgically repaired right knee. He missed 25 games since suffering a lateral meniscus tear Jan. 7 in the Lakers' 101-97 victory over New Orleans. The Lakers expect him to provide the same aggressiveness, quickness and energy that resulted in season averages of 7.4 points, 4.8 rebounds in 20.8 minutes off the bench.

Kupchak had publicly said he'd consider making a trade even with a $91-million payroll, expressed dissatisfaction with the team after losing to the league's worst team in Cleveland in the final game before the All-Star break and admitted uncertainty on how the Lakers would respond to loss. But after the trade deadline passed, he also offered a ringing endorsement of the personnel to The Times' Mike Bresnahan, saying, "I do like the roster as it is and they certainly deserve a chance to defend their title."

Kobe Bryantwas indifferent about Kupchak's statement.

"I'm not sure," Bryant said what Kupchak's comments mean to the team. "I have no idea. I don't think anybody here is really concerned. I think everybody comes out there and does their job so I don't really know."

The Lakers are very well aware, however, of the possible additions the Miami Heat (Mike Bibby), Boston Celtics (Troy Murphy) and Dallas Mavericks (Corey Brewer) would do to bolster their teams.

"It should," Jackson said. "They are quality players, or have been in the past. They should still have something left in the tank to help out those teams. It's kind of a trend in the NBA. It's been going on six or seven years now with players transferring from other teams and getting buyouts and going back to their own teams. It's a new fad."

--Mark Medina

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Sometimes the best trades are the ones you don't make!

Three-Peat Is On!!


mm-Dude...If you like I can send you some promo material for the up coming plays. I'm not out to hurt anyone's feeling, may push a button every now and then.

GO HEAT...The New NBA Champions.

Dude...C'mon another TIRED bandwagon!!!!!REALLY.

GO HEAT...The New NBA Champions.

Posted by: G.Money | March 03, 2011 at 04:58 PM


WHAT...the season is over and the Heat won...must have been in hibernation and I woke up and all hell has broken loose...

Cali -

I had too many trade proposals...I cleaned it up, so your response should come through now...

The Heat are the ultimate bandwagon team in a city that doesn't care about basketball. Clearly certain players don't like to play in high-pressure cities.

Umm... is Theo Ratliff out for the season or what?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


LRob - those were 2 of the all time best car tunes. In that vein, Mercury Blues:

People seem to lump the terms 'ballhog' and 'selfish' together, as if these two terms carry the same meaning. They often do, but in many cases, these terms are polar opposites.

We never hear about a player being an 'assist hog'.

Is Steve Nash an 'assist hog' for accumulating so many assists? YES, he is an 'assist hog', but he is by no means 'selfish'. He is simply taking advantage of his elite passing skills to win ballgames. In fact, it would be 'selfish' of Nash not to fully utilize his passing skills.

Is Kobe a 'ball hog' for taking so many shots? YES, he is a ballhog, but by no means is he selfish. He is simply taking advantage of his scoring skills, and using his skills to WIN ball games. In fact, it would be 'selfish' of Kobe not to fully utilize his scoring skills.

If Smush Parker were taking as many shots as Kobe, than Smush would be both a 'ballhog' AND 'selfish'. On the other hand, if the person taking those shots is arguably the greatest scorer in league history, than it would be selfish of him NOT to take the most shots.

There are also instances where not taking the shot is 'selfish' to your teammates. We see this all the time with Luke, who is the exact opposite of a 'ballhog'. He passes up wide open shots because he has lost all confidence in his stroke. When Luke's defender ignores him to double team his teammate, not shooting the easy wide open shot puts added burden on his team, and hence, it is a selfish play.

At the end of the day, all that matters is winning championships. If you consider Kobe and Michael Jordan 'ballhogs', guess what? These two 'ballhogs' won ELEVEN of the last twenty championships. Instead of criticizing Kobe for being a ballhog, maybe we should thank him for being one.

Island Priest,

It must really eat you up inside that Kobe continues to win, and continues to prove critics like you wrong year after year after year. Let me guess. You used to think that Kobe was a ballhog, could not win without Shaq, was un-coachable, nobody wanted to play with him, was an MJ wanna-be, and was a poor leader. Is that about right? I thought these haters disappeared a few years ago, but I see there are still a few cockroaches who have survived the Kobe apocalypse.

Take it easy, and enjoy the ride. The more you hate on him, the more miserable your basketball viewing experience will be, and based on your constant and delusional hate, I am guessing that watching basketball for you brings nothing but pain and misery.



How many teams make the playoffs in our league? That will greatly influence my decision.


Also - I'll be away from the computer for a few hours. Just wanted to give you a head's up

Cali -

Top six teams...and the rest play in a consolation bracket...

I'm not sure but they already posted the playoff schedule on 'Gametracker' I wonder if this and next week even matter...

it really cheapens the game of basketball when players start to pick and choose their own teams and whatnot. the whole pleasure we used to take out of basketball was picking up a rookie and watching him turn into something amazing, or watching a trade get orchestrated between battling GM's. Today's free agents seem to be more concerned about the money and the title rather than the game itself.


So reading the comments of Island Priest & NorCal .... i became curious
about the whole teammate thing. some of y'all might have guessed this
would happen. :)

Even in this recent championship run, Kobe Bryant seemed to be talking to a teammate about something or the other almost any time he was out on the court during stoppages. On the bench he would give advice and guidance to players that probably weren't even going to play meaningful minutes.

Aside from everything else, I think we can look to three people to affirm or deny Kobe's transformation as a teammate.

1) Lamar Odom

Lamar has openly stated he wants to come back to LA, and will even take less money for a role. He loves the city and loves playing for this team.

He's completely happy in his current arrangement, the staple of which is Kobe Bryant. Lamar throughout the 2009 playoffs had praise for Kobe, both for his dedication, his ability to play long minutes, and how great a player he is.

2) Pau Gasol

Gasol has been asked many times about how it is to be Kobe's sidekick.

He was afraid at first after being traded from Memphis in the 07-08 season, and admitted that he was anxious to see how it would be. Even Shannon Brown has said that playing with Kobe is nothing like what people think it is.

Gasol has hammered home that Kobe's focus, dedication, and work ethic rubs off on all his teammates. Gasol says he has become a better player, more dedicated, stronger, tougher, and more focused on winning because of Kobe. Kobe's drive has been transferred to Gasol, who was even up at three in the morning when Kobe sent him pump-up texts through the playoffs.

3) Trevor Ariza

A player who just made a HUGE name for himself in the 2009 playoffs and is now a free agent, recently announced he wants to come back to LA.

Obviously he wants a pay raise and he surely deserves it. He's only 24 and has proved his worth to a championship team. He's made huge strides in his shooting and defense. You know who he credits with this?

None other than Kobe Bryant.

Kobe gave him guidance, tips, and even a video to work on his shooting and get better. Ariza talks about how Kobe had taken him under his wing and treated his guidance almost like a Bible.

[ note: by no means do I consider this source strong, however I think these
are some interesting points to consider. ]

je fait la pete a toi.


The was an excellent post.

I like the LAKERS, WIN , LOSE or WHATEVER enjoy them. Appreciate them, they have been near, or at the top for the past three years, now going on four.
I really enjoy watching them play ball. THANKS, LAKERS and LA TIMES.

Miami Heat just CHOCK away a 24pt lead to the majic.Way to go Heatles, good championship play.How many times this year have they done that.?s it time to push the panic button yet?Wow being down here in heat country its a beautiful thing to experience.Their going to have a hard time talking down these heat fans from the ledge tomorrow.Lol!

Go Lakers!


Have you ever read the "Elric Series" by Michael Moorcock?

Michael Moorcock came up with this idea of "The Eternal Champion" which is this avatar of humanity that is constantly reborn in varying lifetime in this eternal quest to fulfill incredible, world-saving challenges.

In addition to "The Eternal Champion" is "The Eternal Companion." The Eternal Companion is a "super-hero" figure in his own right, but not as powerful, nor as internally comflicted at the Eternal Champion, but he always has the Eternal Champion's back, and chooses to be the Eternal Champion's beta, even though he could be an alpha in his own right.

Without the Eternal Companion, the Eternal Champion would never be able to succeed and, in fact, might self-sabotoge himself in terrible ways.

Such is the relationship between Kobe and Derek. Sure, Kobe is amazing--the best--however, like the Eternal Champion he is only his best when accompanied by the Eternal Companion, Derek Fisher.

The two are a team. Be okay with that, man.

This song is for Derek!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Instead of criticizing Kobe for being a ballhog, maybe we should thank him for being one."

Nice write up.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


so the heat of course lost another game by which they were blowing the team out....anyway loving the fact the peeps continue to hate on the lakers. i mean lake show will always be hated...16 titles going on 17. black mamba and the rest of the squad will win another title, then our next prize will be d.howard. another magic center coming to LA....laker for life man. as for the rest of the league keep trying we in a class that only two other teams have been in...gotta give props to yankees and the hated celtics...ya had to right...rematch and we win again...this time we win in 6 or less!

And the Heat is.....dooowwwwnnnnnnn!!!!

At the end of the day, all that matters is winning championships. If you consider Kobe and Michael Jordan 'ballhogs', guess what? These two 'ballhogs' won ELEVEN of the last twenty championships. Instead of criticizing Kobe for being a ballhog, maybe we should thank him for being one.

Posted by: LAKER TRUTH | March 03, 2011 at 05:41 PM


Your entire post was just BEAUTIFUL!!! Well thought out and clearly explained!!

First off, MM, thanks for RCOTD even tho' I sure there were others much more deserving.:-)


@Edwin: I just hate so-called 'reality tv' in general. I think it's just part of the whole dummying-down of this society. Unfortunately, they seem to get fairly good ratings, so I guess they're here to stay for the foreseeable future...bummer.


@Jon K: I said they seem happy with each other, knowing full well that things could change in a NY minute. Hopefully, they won't suffer any 'real' drama as a result of doing the show but, if it happened I wouldn't be surprised even tho' I'd feel it was manufactured. Frankly, I'm honestly surprised they're still together, I mean they dated for 2 months or less before getting engaged. Never thought it would last this long but, sometimes it's love at first sight and for some strange reason, I've seen those kind of unions last for years, so I guess time will tell.


@LRob: Yeah, Anita and Howard should collaborate more often, 2 of the greatest voices in the music industry for sure.


For today's musical selection, I'm gonna go with a lil 'old skool funk' again. Enjoy!


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Well said.

HAHAAHAA...It was ME!!!

I got home and the MIA Cheat was 12 points ahead. As I could care less, went to the fridge for a quick snack b4 dinner, then computer. Cheat went to 24 points lead.

As soon as I seat on the couch, a 18-0 run.

Then Victory for Orlando...


PS: The refs were unbelievable fair. LeDone 2 times, Wade 1x and Bosh 1x tryed to bull their way to the paint waiting for the call...and nada. LOL!!!!


I've been thinking about this for a little while and I've discovered the secret to the Lakers success.

There are the obvious points...

The best owner in sports.

The best GMs in basketball.

The best players in the history of the NBA.

The best (real) fans (as opposed to those bandwagoneers claiming to be fans) in basketball.

And then there's the secret...

The secret to the Lakers' success is... hate and fear.

Not our hate and fear.

The rest of the NBA's hate and fear.

The rest of the NBA covets the Lakers success and this covetness creates fear and hatred.

As a result of this fear and hatred, EVERY TIME the Lakers play another team, our opposition brings their "A" game. Now the Lakers are human and they play more games than any other team because they've been in the playoffs more than any other team... so they can only play at an extended level of excellence that is the Lakers.

While other teams are often phoning it in... until they play the Lakers, which they play like a playoff game. So, every game the Lakers play, they play a team that is play at or near a playoff level of intensity. It becomes normal to them... while it is not normal to other teams.

So, the Lakers often lose games because they are playing normal teams who play at a playoff level of intensity and the Lakers lose and we as Lakeraholics cry and whip ourselves and adorn ourselves in ashes and dress in coarse haircloth and sceam to the Heavens, "WHY, LORD? WHY??!!?"

It's just the dynamics of the game... but we over-react.

Because of the hate and fear of the rest of the league it makes us stronger... it makes playing against teams playing their hearts out "normal."

But it's not normal for the rest of the league. It's not. When the playoffs come they kick things up to a "Lakers regular season away game" level of intensity, while we bring it up to true "PLAYOFF LEVEL" intensity. And other teams aren't ready for that.

It's what some have called "flipping the switch," but we don't really flip that switch, as much as it is flipped by the collective hatred and fear of the rest of the league towards us.

And their karma comes back to haunt them.

We are going to win it this year. It's destiny.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Miami goes down! Good for the Lakers. I fell asleep on that game and was shocked by the results. Orlando got BLUE-HOT from behind the arc...shooting 16-29. Live by the 3, die by the 3...tonight they lived it up! A team that hot from 3 is awfully hard to beat.

I am looking forward to next week. It will be good to see how we do against some of the NBA's best teams - on the road. Anyone who thinks winning a road game is easy doesn't know much. Your home court is your friend. You know all of the subtle nuances of its being. When you are on the road, everything is different. The crowd is booing you and laughing at your mistakes. The first thing to go is the bench. The younger, less experienced guys don't have the same spark without the home town love. It will be up to the veterans - Kobe, Pau, Lamar, Ron, Fish… They have played in all of these stadiums many times. It will mostly be up to Mamba. He will have to strike. He has ice water in his veins and he thrills in silencing a crowd. He will rip their heart out and leave it bleeding on the floor. Then, slowly, you will hear, towards the end... MVP, MVP, MVP...

I am a Lakerholic.

@bronxlakerfan: Your post made me think of this tune. Enjoy!


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

@bronxlakerfan: Your post made me think of this tune. Enjoy!


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

G in DC(aka GDUB),

I hope so. I'd like Lamar to be happy.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K,

After reading the past threads since this morning, man you are on the roll, I think you were accurately correct when u said: "Boy, did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed today!" Everybody got the wrath of Jon K. It is Mike T. reincarnation. haha...


We just have to pick and choose of what they offer as the fad of today by producers, directors and media honchos who have stretched the so-called sensationalism by exploiting emotions. This is what they found from survey on what sells? When there is drama, there's interest; when there is interest, there is an audience; and when there is audience, there are advertisers to peddle their goods and services. That's how the society works today, it up to you to pick and choose your preferences. At times, it is difficult to decipher what is real and what is fantasy? This becomes a dangerous media for some young people who are weak enough to embrace this as their literature. William Shakespeare, Robert Frost and John Steinbeck are a thing of the past, it's now reality TV, gps, facebook, google....they provided instant help and dissemination but may have also ruined or endangered one's privacy and identity.


Well said.

GO Lakers!


It don't get much better than the Isley Bros. and the Soul Train line...thanks for the link!

Sometimes when I click on the musical links that you, LRob, Mamba24 and others offer, I'm lost for an hour or two listening to song after song. Youtube is simply amazing!

Posted by: Jon K. | March 03, 2011 at 09:02 PM

Jon K....that was an outstanding comment!! Very insightful!

G Money - Just try to play nice and we'll be good. I respect the presence you bring, but I at least read some of the comments recently as combative toward others. But we're good now if we can just stay a little more civil

Posted by: LAKER TRUTH | March 03, 2011 at 05:41 PM


A ball hog is a derisive term in basketball for a player who tends to handle the ball so exclusively that his or her behavior is damaging to their team. For this reason, "ball-hogging" is generally considered unacceptable playing behavior at all levels of basketball competition, especially by the player's teammates and coach. However, ball-hogging is not a violation of the rules of basketball.
The main behavior associated with being a ball hog is excessive shooting, including frequent attempts at difficult shots (especially when passing to an open player would've made the chances of a successful shot to the basket much greater).
Ball hogs attempt to monopolize their play of the ball, frequently dribbling excessively and infrequently passing the ball to a teammate. The ball hog does this because of any combination of poor court vision, over-confidence in his own ability relative to that of his teammates, lack of confidence in his/her teammates' abilities, or sheer selfishness. Ball hogging tends to manifest itself statistically as an abnormally high percentage of team shot attempts by the ball hog and often low percentages of shot accuracy and assists. They also tend to have a very poor assist-to-turnover ratio (used as the main statistical indicator of how well a player "shares" the ball).
"Ball-hogging" can be detrimental to a team both immediately and in the long term. For instance, a player with ball-hogging tendencies may overlook or neglect a teammate who is open for a relatively easy shot, choosing instead to take a more difficult shot himself, often at the team's expense. Additionally, repeated ball-hogging by a player can damage a team's cohesiveness and alienate him or her from his teammates, coaches, and fans. Another example of a ball-hog, is a player that tries to look good statistically. This could be done even through assists. A player that tries to be the best at everything, holds the ball, executes all the plays, from scoring to assisting, can also be known as a ball hog.
The common offensive strategy for a basketball team is to have the better offensive player(s) attempting more shots. But when a player seems to be taking this strategy to excess, that player is often said to be a "ball hog" regardless of how good a shooter he might be. Therefore the term is highly subjective, and any individual player might be considered a ball hog by some observers but not by others. As explained earlier, players with the poorest assist-to-turnover ratios (lots of turnovers and very few assists) are the most likely to be in danger of gaining a ball hog reputation. Ironically, players usually must be quite talented to be considered a ball hog, especially at collegiate and professional levels; incompetent ball hogs simply do not go far in team basketball.

Posted by: LAKER TRUTH | March 03, 2011 at 05:56 PM

We are all lakers fans, including fan of Kobe. Kobe is a great individual player, unfortunately having to play a team sport so he accommodates the team spirit to a certain extent, often times gets side tracked by his burning desire to be the greatest, and is very cognizant of history and his legacy.

Historically when April comes around, suddenly the same talents LeBron took to south beach start to look shaky. He can't handle pressure, the pressure of playoffs, hence he fled to Miami to have others taking off that awful pressure.
So far in the regular season, in close games, he often missed the last shot that either won or tied games. Sometimes I wonder if he is related to Eddie Jones?

Coach Jackson and Mitch and Mr Buss say the Lakers are fine as they are and ready for the playoffs. Well I guess the Lakers are fine with the worst PG in the league in Fisher and a worse Bench to support the starting five. So we go into the playoffs with the worst PG in Fisher thinking we are going to go somewhere. Maybe they are right ?? An early vacation.

Mitch, get back from your vacation quick and sign Leon Powe for the rest of the season before another team signs him. Leon is tough, hardnosed, and a terrific rebounder for his size. He would make an excellent forward coming off the bench to spell Odom or Gasol in certain situation.

Where is G Money???? Miami....what????

"PS: The refs were unbelievable fair. LeDone 2 times, Wade 1x and Bosh 1x tryed to bull their way to the paint waiting for the call...and nada. LOL!!!!

Posted by: Magic Phil | March 03, 2011 at 09:01 PM "

Just curious, do you say the refs are fair when Kobe and Pau try to go in for a call and don't get it?

A foul is a foul and I hope the right ones are called no matter what player or what team is involved. I don't like when the refs reward players for going to the basket recklessly looking for mild contact.



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