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Lakers vs. Heat: Lakers lose in Miami

Lakers1_350Heat 94, Lakers 88

The Lakers fell apart in the final minutes and the Miami Heat snapped a five-game losing streak Thursday at American Airlines Arena.

Kobe Bryant had two turnovers in the final two minutes, including one in which he lost the ball while going up for a shot down low with 40.9 seconds left and the Lakers down four. He finished with 24 points.

The Lakers had an eight-game winning streak snapped and fell to 2-1 on a four-game trip that ends Saturday in Dallas.

Andrew Bynum came alive after a forgettable first half, finishing with 13 points and 12 rebounds.

Chris Bosh had 24 points for Miami, Dwyane Wade had 20 and LeBron James had 19 points, nine assists and eight rebounds.


Lakers-Heat photos

Lakers-Heat box score

Lakers 70, Heat 68 (end of third quarter)

Andrew Bynum is starting to heat up, but neither team can really break away.

Bynum had a much more productive third quarter, getting four points and seven rebounds after having only six and one at halftime.

Dwyane Wade is having a miserable shooting night, scoring 12 points on five-for-16 shooting. LeBron James has 14 points.

Kobe Bryant has 18 points and Pau Gasol has 16.

Heat 55, Lakers 53 (halftime)

Chris Bosh is getting his touches this time.

The Miami forward complained about not getting enough shots earlier this week, but he has 16 points on seven-for-11 shooting so far against the Lakers.

The Lakers are also being burned by Heat backups Mike Miller (11 points) and Mario Chalmers (nine points).

Kobe Bryant has 17 points and Pau Gasol has 14 for the Lakers. Center Andrew Bynum has six points and only one rebound in 16 minutes. 

Heat 29, Lakers 26 (end of first quarter)

The Lakers' defense took a small step back in the first quarter, surrendering numerous open looks Thursday against Miami.

Heat guard Mario Chalmers had nine points, all on three-pointers.

Kobe Bryant had 12 points and Pau Gasol had eight. Andrew Bynum had two points and no rebounds in the first quarter.


 The Lakers are in much better shape than they were three weeks ago. The same can't be said about Miami, loser of five consecutive games.

An hour before the teams' meeting Thursday at American Airlines Arena, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson didn't seem enamored of the Heat's offense.

"I’m not a big fan of the style that Miami plays," he said. "I like to see everybody involved in the game,  so I think that’s very important in basketball. That’s what I’ve tried to preach as a basketball coach even though we have a guy that dominates the ball in Kobe [Bryant].

“That basketball is very much in standing with Xbox games or whatever those games are where you play one on one. Basketball is not a one-on-one game. It’s a team game.”

The Lakers have won six consecutive games, thanks to a sharpened offense and a solid defense. They lost to the Heat on Christmas Day, 96-80.

-- Mike Bresnahan, reporting from Miami

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant tries to stop a drive by Heat forward LeBron James in the first half Thursday night in Miami. Credit: Andrew Innerarity / Reuters

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"I thought the Lakers came out sluggish and kind of lost this game in the 1st quarter. They allowed Chalmers and Mike Miller to get their confidence. The poor rebounding and defense early in the game cost The Show tonight.

Posted by: bronxlakerfan | March 10, 2011 at 09:20 PM

EXACTLY! All good points. The bigs did not show up tonight before the Heat got their momentum and the poor/bad ref calls and non-calls should not have mattered if the Lakers had played even 70% like they had recently. Pau had horrid defense and Joe Smith could have done better than AB in the first half! Heck - so could I, and I am way over the hill!

Let me tell you about the lakers. They are the best team in the league. YouR HEAT has nobody. Lebum , Lewade and last but not least the tale end of the dog BOSH will never win a be a champion. Yes, YEs!! Your HEAT will win regular season games but I will tell this beware of the LOS Angles Lakers. This is a Team everyone hates because they know how to win . Sure you have to lose games but this game was better then last game correct? Yes.......!!! I know and you know that the LAKERS ARE PLAYING MUCH BETTER BASKETBALL THEN DEC 2010. PLAYOFFS IS COMING AND YOUR HEAT IS NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF CUBIANS LOOKING TO BECOME LANDED IMMGRANTS ON US SOIL!

as a heat fan im glad that we finally broke through with a win over an elite team. somehow it seems like we match up well against you in most spots. however, i think that in the one position, the five, where the lakers have the clear advantage they dont try to exploit it. either way an nba team is hardly measured by what goes on in the regular season. so here's to meeting again and some more highly entertaining games. cheers

Nice game! Good win for the Heat.
Too bad the Lakers lost the two regular season games to Lebron James and the Heat. But if I remember correctly the Lakers lost the two regular season games last year to Lebron James and the Cavaliers but they never got out of the East.
And the Lakers went on to repeat!
The same thing will happen this will be a threepeat instead!
Goooo Lakers!

Derek Fisher showed himself again. Starting off the game with a turn over. Do Mitch, Buss and Jackson watch the game films ?? Fisher is the worst PG in the NBA. He is too short, too old, cannot shoot, and his passing is bad, He plays no defense at all. Paul was out of it tonite. He looked dazed as Bosh trashed him under the boards. Bynum was his usual self with 1 rebond the first half. Barnes needs to practice lay ups. Does he know how to dunk ??

i also forgot another non-call, late in the game when wade almost knocked kobe into the bench. bryant air-balled that one by 5 ft. kobe said on espn that dwade fouled the heck out of else would kobe miss a shot that bad! yeah, the Lakers weren't great tonight, BUT neither were the "heatles". it looks like the turning point of the game was when the refs decided to SWALLOW their whistles!

All you band wagon heat fans ...heat are overrated and overpaid...your all happy over a win against lakers???? lmao....try beating chicago u bunch of cry babies!...LMAO

A Few Things To Take Away From Tonight's Match-Up

1. I hate the Heat.

2. Those "Los Lakers" uniforms are retarded.

3. Those "Los Lakers" uniforms are officially bad luck. We lose when we wear those ridiculous Spanglish uniforms.

4. Ummm... there sure a lot of questionable calls in the last few minutes. Yep. There sure were.

5. What sucks about playing the Heat is that you're not allowed to play aggressive defensive against the, especially Le Crybaby. You get in Le Crybaby's personal space, you get a foul. It's ridiculous.

6. We didn't get the ball inside enough.

7. The defense on Bosh sucked.

8. I'd write more by what is happening in Japan is amazing me.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


One last comment for the night....PJ takes a while to game-plan a team. Over the years, the Lakers struggle with the better Eastern teams that they only play twice a year as opposed to teams in their conference that they play more frequently. Give Phil and his staff a few days to prepare for Miami in a playoff situation and I think they could devise a plan to handle the Heat.

Good night, all!

All you band wagon heat fans ...heat are overrated and overpaid...your all happy over a win against lakers???? lmao....try beating chicago u bunch of cry babies!...LMAO

LMAO @ ^!

Miami won't be at the finals, but the lakes will. Shaq will probably be there too.

Should have saved the victory celebration for June, where it belongs... not like lebron would know anything about that.

Kobe is fouling LeBron in the picture in this article.

Yes being a Laker fan i can see there is another loss maybe to to the Maverick comming up.

putrid, and those other mistakes you brought with you..your team was gifted by the all mighty men in stripes and there is nothing you can say to change that. its right in front of you. stop spending your money on rootbeer and crack rocks and get tivo..or a tv for that matter. its a circus act people. this league is pathetic. the lakers were way off tonite and still was one FAIR call away from a win. lebron is artest new victim..its hilarious how a lot of crying pays off eventually...lakernation. we dont sweat we shine, we dont cry we laugh. we win. and we definately dont embarrass ourselves by going on and on about a team that has only 1..thats right 1 championship in its stick to football miami.oh wait you suck at that too..

Lakers lose and then all the haters come out of hiding. Where were the trolls when the Lakers were on a 8 game winning streak.? Basically all they post is garbage that gets taken out on the next win. It's surprising how happy the trolls get when the Lakers lose, instead of enjoying the win from the opposing team. Pathetic

Just so the Laker haters know, the Lakers lost that game, the Heat did not win it.

My prayers go to Japan and the citizens.

Kobe wanted that game real bad. As the black mamba he wanted to crush a wounded prey. But I knew LA would lose this game. Because kobe would try and shine instead of running the offense. Kobe is trying to regaing past glory but he has nothing else to prove and should focus on making his teammates better. Kobe should just feed bynum every game and play off him.

Bay to LA-are you sure that isn't a push-off first?

Never-yes, we were jobbed. i take some solace in that some poor play by the Lakers(can't be at your best every night) lost the game, that they had the chance to win in spite of the bad refs against a very potent team, losing streak or not. the Lakers are getting better, maybe by playoff time it'll all gel. it's close...

After the game kobe complained about the missed foul call. I don't like excuses and kobe should not have cried about a missed call. If he did play better basketball it wouldn't have came down to that play. I loved ron's comment that stated yes he was fouled but he should have made the layup.

Kobe taking shots after the game? Dallas better watch out, he is out for blood.


Miami needed every break and luck to win this game. They can watch this tape over again to feel good about themselves during the Lakers/Cletics Finals.

good call man. As I write this our hearts and prayers are with our Japanese brothers and sisters. I may not know them by name they don't know me but I will be praying for them. One of the worst disasters I've seen.

Now to lighten the load. One glaring thing I saw was the lack of rebounding, Chris Bosh once again had his way we've seen Gasol and whoever is close to the paint not smoke this guy, everytime Bosh pumped his chest it's like our bigs got punked. We had no stops going down the stretch when we all knew Lebron fricking James was going to dribble,fake-step and switch, Andrew Bynum didn't deflect that last shot, it was basically uncontested-owned. Next up we lost because we couldn't defend the paint if you notice when our sub PG's got in we kept getting torched from the 3. A lot of blame to go around, at the end of the day I was criticizing my man Kobe for not being more efficient, but it was clear to me he was fouled at least one time down the stretch. Not the reason we lost, there were a lot of things that went wrong, and referring at the end was just a small part.

We become the only team the Heat was able to sweep - at least they can hang their hat on this one when they get bounced in 6 on the first or second round.

Stop complaining bout the refs,u gat beaten..

ACB statistical evaluation

Chris Bosh 17
LeBron James 23
Erick Dampier 0
Dwyane Wade 16
Mario Chalmers 6
Juwan Howard 1
Zydrunas Ilgauskas 2
Mike Bibby 6
Mike Miller 14
Joel Anthony -1
Team 84

Ron Artest 16
Pau Gasol 17
Andrew Bynum 22
Kobe Bryant 9
Derek Fisher 3
Lamar Odom 7
Matt Barnes 0
Steve Blake 3
Shannon Brown -3
Team 74

Island Priest-
Who are you actually rooting for? Or are you simply delighted by the Lakers losing and or Kobe Losing? MJ is no longer in the NBA, get over it already!

After the game kobe complained about the missed foul call. I don't like excuses and kobe should not have cried about a missed call. If he did play better basketball it wouldn't have came down to that play. I loved ron's comment that stated yes he was fouled but he should have made the layup.

Posted by: island priest | March 11, 2011 at 02:11 AM

So, it's OK for Ron to comment regarding a foul which was not called but NOT when Kobe says the same? How can that be? Just wondering.


Kobe taking shots after the game? Dallas better watch out, he is out for blood.

Posted by: Joe_ Corad

Yes Sir. Kobe's outrage will be felt by the Mavs. I remember Kobe once outscored the whole Dallas team through 3 quarters.


Haters have been waiting for this. So, enjoy the moment guys! Carpe Diem!



We lost this game.

Breaks are part of the game, so, no excuses. NEXT!!!


I wonder if the Miami Heat players cried after the game againts the Lakers? That's the only team they have beaten with Championship credentials. Then again so did the Cavaliers ; they also beat the Lakers.
So to all the haters, how much does this victory count?

Once again I feel bad that i can't post early on this blog and share my thoughts about the lakers w/ dedicated Laker fans here. But in a way i take pride that i am the Troll Patrol in the night crew.

Once again I feel bad that i can't post early on this blog and share my thoughts about the lakers w/ dedicated Laker fans here. But in a way i take pride that i am the Troll Patrol in the night crew. Posted by: Joe_ Corad | March 11, 2011 at 03:59 AM
Yes you are Borther Joe and a grateful Laker Nation thanks you for your valient service above and beyond the call of duty sir!!!! Keep doing what you are doing my brother you are appreciated!!!!!!

Breaks are part of the game, so, no excuses. NEXT!!!
Posted by: JovBatz44 | March 11, 2011 at 03:29 AM
OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR!!! Good Morning to you and ...Carry On!

Yes Sir. Kobe's outrage will be felt by the Mavs. I remember Kobe once outscored the whole Dallas team through 3 quarters.Posted by: JovBatz44 | March 11, 2011 at 03:20 AM
SAY WHAT??? You mean one man, ONE MAN, outscored an entire team thru 3 quaters. Naw that's impossible!!! Even Wilt with his 100 point game never did that!!! Who is this Super Human person? Kobe Bean Bryant you say...Oh in that case routine stuff for him!!! LMAO!!!!! Preach JovBatz44, Preach My Brother!!!!!!

Stop complaining bout the refs,u gat beaten..Posted by: Louis tape | March 11, 2011 at 02:44 AM
Yes sir, yes we did...NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All you band wagon heat fans ...heat are overrated and overpaid...your all happy over a win against lakers???? lmao....try beating chicago u bunch of cry babies!...LMAO
LMAO @ ^! Posted by: alekesam | March 10, 2011 at 11:20 PM
Alekesam don't irritate the babies like that, you'll give them Colic!!!

Not sure if there should have been a goaltending foul on Ilgauskas, but I was watching the replay and he put his left hand on Artest's head to get the rebound.. Is that normally allowed?

I aired some grievances about someone posting comments, an imposter posing as Lew. They were not answered to my liking.

If I haven't yet, though I believe I have, shared my disgust with the blogger who posted inflammatory and disgusting language regarding a dear friend of mine on this blog as well. Those were not answered.

This is getting out of hand. Look, Mark Medina, if you're on vacation, fine. You obviously left someone to take your place while you're away. And I will say it behooves that person to show some guts and answer my grievances, instead of acting like a bunch of gutless moderators, who are afraid to step out of bounds. Show some guts, some conviction and stand up and answer for these outrageous things that are happening on this blog.

I've seen quality bloggers, quietly leave this site, I've also seen the quantity of quality posts/bloggers being absent. This isn't an aberration, this is a sign of a blog that's being punked by trolls and Ad Hominems and lack of punishable offenses.

I'm getting real sick and tired of this stuff and I'm getting real sick and tired of nobody not doing doing a damn thing about it. That's as polite and respectful as I can be under the circumstances.

Will someone stand tall before this blog and answer for these outrages?

I'm angry that my post was deleted. I'm even angrier that the moderators are doing nothing to squash these egegrious problems with trolls and Ad Hominems. This isn't right at all.

Turn out the lights, the party's over, they say that all good things must end, call it a night, the party's over and tomorrow and next year starts the same old thing again.

See ya around LAT, I'm done.

How the hell are you gonna lose to a team with a 5 LOSS streak and you have a 8 WIN streak!!!!!! If thats how its gonna be imma hate to see the finals if they both make it.

Where is our Queen Faith and our Goddess Zaira??????

After the Heat loss, we are more concerned here in the West Coast of the ripple effects of Tsunami as they're approaching SoCal.

I also hope our blogger, T Sensei who has been here with us since 2005 is OK as well as his/her families after the devastation befell on their beautiful country. Being the member of the global community, we are all affected by this disaster I wish not so much death, structures and things can be replaced, economy will be restored but lives are just precious.

Meanwhile, Lakers should go back to purple uniform and also go back to practice, next games are a must win in order to get #2 in the standing in the West.

I have to say after the effort in the first half I thought we would lose. Drew tried to bring it in the second, but it was too little, too late. We need to completely dominate in the beginning of games and crush their spirit, otherwise we are getting too old to win the long tough battles. Kobe kept us in it, but faded in the end. We had bad calls, but he lost the game plan and started trying to hot dog it. This is fine against some teams, but not against Boston and not against the Heat. He has to at least include Pau - who has shown over and over that he will get the key basket or key defensive play for the win. That one footed three point air ball early in the shot clock with the game on the line was ill advised. He said he was fouled. Of course, it was designed so that we would get the rebound - which we did. Unfortunately, Ron couldn't get it in the hole. Everyone else was beating up on them. We should have as well. Instead we started slow and let them feel they had a chance. I thought the officiating seemed biased – as if the league wanted the Heat to win and keep them as contenders. To their credit, they got the ball to Bosh and he did some good things with it. To Ron’s credit, James shot 7-17. To Miami’s credit, they gave the ball to the second best closer in the league – D-Wade – at the end instead of LeBrick. If we quickly get back to the energy and defense that we have been employing to win the previous eight and kick some Dallas ass, this will just be an unfortunate blip.

The Killer B’s were exterminated. They shot 0-6 collectively. Dallas has a very good bench.

I am a Lakerholic.

I won't over react to the loss last night. Obviously our last 3 minutes were horrible.

I often remember that Lebron's teams the last two years and this season have given us a hard time. I do thank the teams that took out Cleveland in the playoffs in the last two years because I am not confident we would have beaten them in the finals. I feel the same way if we met Miami in the finals this year. Until I see something different, I'll feel that way. We'll see what happens. Back to focusing on the west. One step at a time.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

Could somebody, anybody loan me some "talents" so I can take them somewhere? Come on, can you help a brother out?

With a PG like Fisher the Lakers will always have a hard time in winning. Fisher is the worst PG in NBA. I wonder if he ever watches the game film ?? Too old, too short, no defense, bad shooting, and too slow. But I guess Buss and Mitch was happy ?? Barnes is not ready and I doubt if he wil ever be ready. Missing layups is not too cool. Right Artest ?? With only two Lakers that can score how can one expect the Lakers to win ?? No bench to support the first team. Bus I guess Buss and MItch and Jackson are ok with it. They say things are fine.

See ya around LAT, I'm done. Posted by: Sean | March 11, 2011 at 06:26 AM
Sean get your @zz back here and get it back here now!!! This is nothing but that lakerholic depression. As high as we have been on that 8 win run is as low as we are now. Kind of goes with the territory. Let's finish off this road trip and then if you want to go the entire 27 or whatever will go with you. How about that?

Who in the he** are all these new bloggers? You would have thought Cryami won the championship? Geessh, get real! Orlando beat us twice in reg . season and we finished them off in the finals. Our real game is Sat. in Dallas , with a team that matters. Love that Black Mamba, most dedicated player in the NBA and HE IS OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, Mamba24, I'll come back. I'm mad we're not dealing with this crap they way we should. I'm not a quitter. Now, let's go get Dallas!!! beat 'em hard.

Disappointing loss, but I'm glad the losses to the Heat are happening in the regular season and not the playoffs. Lakers are a smart bunch and will adjust.

The real losses are what's happening in Japan right now - it puts everything into perspective.

Jovbatz the difference is that Ron said he was fouled but he still should have finished the play against the Big Z. But Kobe just complained about a foul by wade. No crying Kobe. News Flash I believe we will lose the game against the Mavs. The Mavs are an offensive juggernaut and they are plaing stiff defense. Now if Kobe is a playmaker and pick his spots we will beat them. I know people will ask why do I always pick on Kobe. The bible says whom much is given much is expected. He is our top player and the highest paid player in the league. I expect him to play like Magic most of the time and like Jordan when necessary. There is no doubt Kobe has the talent and ability to do this. But to him being Jordan is more glamorous. We went 7 games against boston last year I felt we could have won in 5 or 6 games. But Kobe shot us out of a game or two.

Attention everyone! Do you want to know the real reason the Lakers lost? Not Kobe. Not Bynum, Artest? It's those white jerseys! They are bad luck! We always lose when we wear those jerseys. Please somebody tell Jennie or whoever to get rid of those white uniforms...BAD LUCK!

>>>Heat has 2-0 record against lakers.

Ah. Another excited (though naive) fan celebrating about how great their team is because they beat the Lakers in the regular season.

Maybe we'll hear from you again during the finals. We'll still be blogging... will you?

Alright, Mamba24, I'll come back. I'm mad we're not dealing with this crap they way we should. I'm not a quitter. Now, let's go get Dallas!!! beat 'em hard. Posted by: Sean | March 11, 2011 at 09:19 AM

>>>Well Sir, my Heat beat the Lakers again. I know that just has to make all the
>>>people out there sick.

Actually, I'm feeling pretty good this morning. Thanks for asking.

I've got to ask... does LeBron hang banners on his trophy room wall every time he beats Kobe during the regular season? I know he doesn't have any championship banners or rings to hang there, so he's gotta fill the space with something.

Island Priest,

>>>Kobe is now 0-4 against LBJ in head to head matchup over the last 2 games.

Yeah, and they don't really give out rings for beating Kobe during the regular season, so I guess LeBron must hang the box scores in his trophy room.

>>>Bitter,eh? Take the loss.

What really amuses me is how all these Miami trolls (and Boston and Chicago trolls who want to ride the coattails of a Heat win) assume we're all crying in our cheerios this morning.

The Lakers lost. Miami won. so what?

Some fans jump on the bad calls wagon, but you know what? A hyper Miami fan could probably find 4 or five things that weren't called THEIR way in the fourth.

The alleged fouls/goaltending that weren't called didn't cause the Lakers to lose. Miami wanted it more and just slightly outplayed the Lakers. Congrats. Nice game. Kobe had a bad shooting fourth, so he worked on his shooting after the game. Hopefully Artest 94-11) and the Lakers bench (4-17) will work on their shooting before Saturday as well. And probably the bigs should work on their boxing out. You can't give up 18 offensive rebounds, half of which are putbacks or tip-ins and win.

The Lakers will work on a few things, regroup, and go on another long winning streak.

Enjoy your day Miami/Chicago/Boston fans! Just don't let it take the shine off your morning that most Laker fans aren't getting all weepy about the loss.

Great game. Back and forth. Close the whole way. Disappointing ending, but a fun game to watch for a regular season NBA game..

Every Laker played well in strectches, but they all made key mistakes as well.

On to Dallas.

We played tough all game but it fell apart right at the end...the Heat pose serious matchup problems for us. I thought Lamar played soft and our bench play sucked but we were still right there...on to the next game!

Yeah, and they don't really give out rings for beating Kobe during the regular season, so I guess LeBron must hang the box scores in his trophy room. Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | March 11, 2011 at 09:38 AM
Yes, My Goodness YES!!! PREACH LTLF, PREACH MY BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was 2 reasons the Lakers lost that Heat game! Number 1: THE REFS SUCK THEY JUST WANTED TO GIVE MIAMI THE VICTORY! Wade fouled Kobe OBVIOUSLY when he lost the ball; he was holding down his arms! Number 2: The Lakers big men did not show up I mean how do you get outrebouned by a team who depends on Chris Bosh who is 6'10 and a soft punk, and Dampier and Illgausgus are like 40 years old!! It was obvious(even though Lakers lost) who the better team is THE LAKERS. Because the Lakers played the worst basketball game they've played since the All-Star break and they could have still easily won that game if they just ran their offense right and not shoot so many jumpshots. Kobe should have been posting Wade up all last nite; Kobe settled for to many jumpers since he was hot as soon as the game started. Also the Lakers played great defense in the second half holding Miami to just 37 points but the Lakers offense was just bad in the second half.

>>>How the hell are you gonna lose to a team with a 5 LOSS streak and you have
>>>a 8 WIN streak!!!!!! If thats how its gonna be imma hate to see the finals if
>>>they both make it.


How will the Lakers with their 8 and 1 mentality beat the Heat with their 1 and 5 mojo?

Well, now that the disappointment is a distant memory, tomorrow is another game that must be won. Not for statements or bragging rights. You see, The Lakers are playing for HCA in the Finals. 2nd or 3rd seed in the west will not make or break this team because no one in their conference will beat them in a series which is why "a regular game a series does not make."

The team's real concern are the records out east; their potential foe in The Finals. Perspective everyone. Assumptions about The Lakers becoming WCC again? You bet. It's now about having a better record than Boston, Chicago, Orlando or Miami -potential opponents in The NBA Finals. See you then “Lakers Haters!”

"Everything about the Lakers is geared toward winning playoff games. It's what they do." J.A. Adande

"Even when we didn’t make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Buss

Go Lakers & In Buss We Trust!!


Thought we lost the game in the 1st half with our lack of intensity on defensive boards.
We didn't execute well or get any love from the refs in the last few minutes of the game.
Just a bump in the road to keep us grounded and hungry. On to Dallas.

There is something I like about the loss our team had last night, they lost in the last minute of the game despite not playing heads up basketball. I observe since the All Star game, the lakers are progressing, just picking up for the playoffs. I understand why Kobe wanted to win by himself last night against the 3 musketeers, he wanted to prove something which I think not really necessary at this point of his career for he already etched his mark in the sports, every time he played against Lebron or Wade somehow he lost his focus that is why his record against these were not good, but come playoff time Kobe will gather himself and allow to play intelligent basketball for he is so wise. You cannot beat any team if they are making a lot of 3's and at the same time controlling the paint, that is a recipe for a disaster, however we lost by 6 pts. and in the dying minutes of the game, that's a good sign for the Lakers for they already absorbed the Heat's best punches and I do not believe the Heat can beat the Lakers in a 7 game series. One way or another the Lakers can control the paint and protect the 3's, our team is also known to play good defense during the playoffs as well as the finals and we are also good in the ground and pound kind of game. So, just cheer up even we lost last night or even we lose some games against elite teams, it's not yet the playoffs...the atmosphere and focus is totally different in the playoffs and those who truly know basketball knows this...lakers 3 peat and beyond....

Cryami Heat Fans - Don't beat your chest too hard over this. Here's why -

The Lakers are 8-1 over the last 9 games.

The Heat are 2-6 over their last 8.

Numbers don't lie.

The bench was the problem last night above anything else. Steve Blake is not turning out to be the heir apparent to Fisher, or I hope not! He played awful last night . One play he had his back turned from Bibby who received the ball from Lebron (I think). Bibby was on the 3-point line. A foul was called at the point of the pass so the play stopped. But on the replay Blake was going toward Lebron, I guess to join the double-team that already was, and left Bibby wide open. I saw a couple more plays where he left Bibby behind the 3 point line to go and double/triple. Idoitic! One thing I have noticed about the Killer Bs this season, they do not play well on the road. They went 0-6 last night. Check the stats on road games, you will see Blake, Brown, and Barnes play terribly on the road. The game against the Spurs were one of few road games that Brown played well.

I rewound the last 2 minutes, from when they were tied, to specifically focus on what caused the game to get away. I felt that it was sloppy play more based on fatigue at the very end, more than anything the players (LA or Miami) really did wrong.

But the key reason for the loss was the very bad calls by the refs right there at the end, like the non call for the foul on Kobe under the basket. If this was a playoff game and it really mattered, I would have been livid. All Miami points at the end of the game were directly due to bad calls by the refs. All of them.

David Stern really needs to get a clue on this entire referee-ing problem. I don't get it. The solutions are so obvious -- use off-court refs that use the video feeds. Its simply impossible for three refs to correctly call 10 of the finest athletes the world has ever seen. The players have lightning fast reflexes and tremendous strength, and they all really know how to foul without being caught.

I love Gasol , but gives up too much on the defensive side of the floor. The whole league knows that weakness and it was exploited by Wade and lebron all night long.

Fish is mt favorite and yes he has always been Mr. Clutch, but he is alittle older and alittle slower, and needs to come of the bench now! He would be a spark to an unconsistent bench and a leader/veteran along with Odom and Barnes.

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