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Lakers vs. Heat: Lakers lose in Miami

Lakers1_350Heat 94, Lakers 88

The Lakers fell apart in the final minutes and the Miami Heat snapped a five-game losing streak Thursday at American Airlines Arena.

Kobe Bryant had two turnovers in the final two minutes, including one in which he lost the ball while going up for a shot down low with 40.9 seconds left and the Lakers down four. He finished with 24 points.

The Lakers had an eight-game winning streak snapped and fell to 2-1 on a four-game trip that ends Saturday in Dallas.

Andrew Bynum came alive after a forgettable first half, finishing with 13 points and 12 rebounds.

Chris Bosh had 24 points for Miami, Dwyane Wade had 20 and LeBron James had 19 points, nine assists and eight rebounds.


Lakers-Heat photos

Lakers-Heat box score

Lakers 70, Heat 68 (end of third quarter)

Andrew Bynum is starting to heat up, but neither team can really break away.

Bynum had a much more productive third quarter, getting four points and seven rebounds after having only six and one at halftime.

Dwyane Wade is having a miserable shooting night, scoring 12 points on five-for-16 shooting. LeBron James has 14 points.

Kobe Bryant has 18 points and Pau Gasol has 16.

Heat 55, Lakers 53 (halftime)

Chris Bosh is getting his touches this time.

The Miami forward complained about not getting enough shots earlier this week, but he has 16 points on seven-for-11 shooting so far against the Lakers.

The Lakers are also being burned by Heat backups Mike Miller (11 points) and Mario Chalmers (nine points).

Kobe Bryant has 17 points and Pau Gasol has 14 for the Lakers. Center Andrew Bynum has six points and only one rebound in 16 minutes. 

Heat 29, Lakers 26 (end of first quarter)

The Lakers' defense took a small step back in the first quarter, surrendering numerous open looks Thursday against Miami.

Heat guard Mario Chalmers had nine points, all on three-pointers.

Kobe Bryant had 12 points and Pau Gasol had eight. Andrew Bynum had two points and no rebounds in the first quarter.


 The Lakers are in much better shape than they were three weeks ago. The same can't be said about Miami, loser of five consecutive games.

An hour before the teams' meeting Thursday at American Airlines Arena, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson didn't seem enamored of the Heat's offense.

"I’m not a big fan of the style that Miami plays," he said. "I like to see everybody involved in the game,  so I think that’s very important in basketball. That’s what I’ve tried to preach as a basketball coach even though we have a guy that dominates the ball in Kobe [Bryant].

“That basketball is very much in standing with Xbox games or whatever those games are where you play one on one. Basketball is not a one-on-one game. It’s a team game.”

The Lakers have won six consecutive games, thanks to a sharpened offense and a solid defense. They lost to the Heat on Christmas Day, 96-80.

-- Mike Bresnahan, reporting from Miami

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant tries to stop a drive by Heat forward LeBron James in the first half Thursday night in Miami. Credit: Andrew Innerarity / Reuters

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At the half, this one is simple. The Lakers are losing the rebounding battle and giving up too many second chances. BB(Baby Beast) Bynum has 0 rebounds. That has to change.

What happened to that new defensive scheme running 3s off the shot! And it looks like our bigs had too many late hours on South Beach! Terrible box outs and no rebounding position at all! Bynum had three good games, so I guess he thinks he can rest on those laurels!!!???!

Kobe has kept them in the game,. but the rest need to show up! Ron has been decent also. Bigs --- nada, including LO!

If Fisher would ever go home and watch himself he would definitely RETIRE !!! What a total CLOWN !!!!!!!! Just a horrible excuse for an NBA player !! It's frankly amazing that the Lakers can overcome his patheticness !!!

Oh yeah? I can sense a miami loss too along with the crying.

the heat are so much better than lakers i am watching the game now its the fourth quarter and there is 5:31 minutes left

lakers nationn or diee

Damn Pau! Useless defense on his part the whole game!

Nice try Fakers. Now all the Lakerholic crybabies can say that they Fakers had the game stolen by the refs.

Phil Jackson better get on his players after this game. You can't lose to Cryami right now. The Lakers were horrible at the end of the game. Did they even score one point in the last minute? They have some things to work on. They of course won't win every game but they have a great win streak going. Why let Cryami end it?

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watching the lakers toniight made me want to vomit, bynum, shannon brown and blake all played rubbish. gasol not there on defence
kobe deep 3's ???

im not buying league pass next year spending money watching this laker team put no effort in

"the heat are so much better than lakers :

Get off the drugs. Cryami sucks. The Lakers just wasted a chance to beat a mediocre team.

This is a perfect example why Fisher sucks. He might be clutch once a year...but you need a guard that can produce consistently so you don't need a bail out jumper all the time. Fisher with out a doubt one of the worst ballhandlers, worst passers for a guard to ever play the game !!!

Refs gave game to Heat....Gasol and Kobe were both fouled late in the game. No call. Shame on the refs!

I'm not too shocked at the loss. The team played hard and played well for the most part. When it was 88-88 and the Lakers got two possessions and didn't manage to score, that really hurt.

And with respect to the things that I predicted would be deciding factors...

Ron Artest - 4 for 11. Not terrible, but not good

Steve Blake - definitely afraid to shoot

Shannon Brown - missed all of his shots, including his only 3

Lamar - definitely not Lame-ar. Good Game Lamar

Fish - pretty good, actually.

Miami's 3-point shooting "other guys" - 7 for 12... 58%

So with the Heat's question marks mostly coming up positive and the Lakers not so much, Miami pulled off a close win. Good game overall, too bad they couldn't close it out.

The biggest negative is actually that it puts the Lakers another game behind Dallas in the loss column. And Dallas has an easier schedule from here to the end.

We've gotta hope the Knicks can beat Dallas tonight so that the Lakers get back their chance to tie Dallas in the loss column on Saturday.

this is why the Lakers need both DWIGHT HOWARD AND KEVIN DURANT especially next season Phil Jackson is no longer Lakers coach.

Center: Bynum
Power Forward: Dwight Howard
Small Forward: Pau Gasol
Shooting Guard: Kevin Durant
Point Guard: Kobe Bryant

Possible Acquisition of Point Guards who wants to come and play for the Lakers:

Chris Paul
Derron Williams
Tony Parker
Steve Nash

Bench :

Matt / Odom (should not be traded) / Artest (Back up for Dwight Howard)
Shannon Brown
Dereck Fisher (Should retire already and work for Lakers Coaching Staff)
Deven E
Derrick C

**** get players like Carlos Boozer or Karl Malone Type that can shoot and post up...

Then, I am sitting pretty for the rest of 3 to 6 years.

anyone see the new lebron iphone... it only vibrates because it got no rings

we can have it all Bynum & Dwight Howard PLUS KEVIN DURANT...



Oh, so suddenly the tunnel dwelling bandwagon Heat fans come up for sunlight huhn? Where were you guys when they were crying their eyes out over a regular season game? At least it seems Spolestra figured out three fourths of the way into the season that LeChoke isn't the go-to guy in the fourth quarter, it's DWade. Putrid, since you want to call out Kobe, where was Lebrick?


Lakers had two point blank misses that really hurt. One by Pau and one by Ron. Once they missed those shots, that gave Miami just enough cushion. Good, tight game. Let's go, Knicks!

Y'know what? I'm not worried. You know why? Lebron's team can hang his hat on beating us in the regular season, I could care less. Beat us in the Finals/playoffs--ooops, that's right, you haven't and you never will.

Never ever?


Black Swan?!

Lakers should be contented having 52-30 record.

Posted by: Putrid | March 10, 2011 at 07:00 PM

"contented" eh?

So who learn you how to spoke? You really must be from Miami. I suggest you get lost and take that other troll bag "Weak"ling with you


this is the NBA.... NBA Slogan: Where everything is possible / Where Amazing things happens.

LOL..... When playoff comes, we'll beat the HEAT then!!!

How bad does the officiating have to be before something is done about it or maybe Stern likes it when the officials are inconsistent. In the final minutes of the Laker / Heat game Kobe gets screened from behind, knock completely off his stance and gets a no-call. .... Next possession Kobe drives, Wade grabs his arm dislodges the ball out of bounds off Kobe, no foul. Final play, LeBron gets contact going up for a rebound takes a dive on the floor, foul Lakers. ... I didn't know I was watching Pro? At least in Pro Wrestling the officials are part of the act. NBA officials have become pathetically inept. It's enough to make you turn the tube to ... American Idol or Dancing with the Stars or even daytime soaps.


only if your team is lucky not to get eliminated by Boston, Chicago, NY.... they always choke!!! LOL.

It's those damn white uniforms!

for the Nth time this season, Gasol finished with 1 PF.

Miami was 12-18 on the FT line.

Gasol left Wade 4 times to make layups without trying to challenge him

Is he saving his fouls for retirement? Spanish economy is not recovering?

and in the first half he did not box out ONCE. What a piece of crap.


Lakers play Dallas twice. 2 wins and the record is the same with Lakers having the tie-break

Lakers have most of the schedule at home. The only difficult road trip is in Portland. (and at home vs. Portland, OKC and SA).

Well, Putrid, since you're a Bulls and Celtics fan (curious which one you like more), then how do you feel about Perk not coming back? You accuse Laker fans of whining, you shoulda been here when all of your C fans came on here with their "If we only had Perk" and "Your starting five has never beat ours" crap. Then you'd have seen who the real whiners were. When we lost Bynum and Ariza that year the Cs beat us, you didn't hear us spouting that mess. But anyways, if the C's and Chicago end up playing against each other in the Playoffs, who you rooting for?

don't wanna sound like cryami,I meant a crybaby,but you gotta point. Was watching making the call with ronny nun this morning.Funny enough the spurs game b4 last with the tip-in,when parker drove the lane he actually charged on kobe. It was replayed over and over,it sucks,and it makes the refs and league look stupid. With all the money and tech these things shouldn't happen,or at least happen less,way less....

don't wanna sound like cryami,I meant a crybaby,but you gotta point. Was watching making the call with ronny nun this morning.Funny enough the spurs game b4 last with the tip-in,when parker drove the lane he actually charged on kobe. It was replayed over and over,it sucks,and it makes the refs and league look stupid. With all the money and tech these things shouldn't happen,or at least happen less,way less....

@VI Lakerfan:

If Stern would just let his refs be held accountable for their actions, good or bad, then the officiating would be a lot better. But since they know there's no serious repercussions they're cavalier with the calls they make. And unlike virtually every OTHER sport, these guys don't practice/train in the off season so they never really get any good at it.

Putrid. That's cool. I didn't peg you as someone who did constantly bring up the past. I would say if the Bulls could get one more big, I'd put the edge on The Bulls over The C's.

At the expense of Lakers, the Heat reversed all the curses they have had all season:
1. Miami cannot win the close games.
2. Miami barely wins against the teams who have the better records than them.
3. Bosh cannot compete with big guys.

It's a disgracefull game for the Lakers! They played without confidence against the Heat and gave them too much respect. See if the Lakers can recover from this loss and beat the Dallas, or fall into bad habit of playing mediocre games again. They could easily lose the next two games if they dont focus.

OMG! It was NOT a terrible game. Wade and Lebron shot poorly throughout the game. Bynum did not have a bad game. Cut out it and stop using him as a scapegoat. It was a trap game. Sorry but they can't go undefeated. Other than the final 2 or 3 minutes when the Lakers couldn't score it was a wll played game. They were outrebounded but that is rare. They don't need to look back at this game and make any changes. They will not see the Heat again this season. Go Lakers!

Dude...All the YAPPEN all day from the morning crue about how the Lakers were going to do this and that. Thoses 27 blogger, a few are CERTIFIED how in the HELL do you play GAMES on a blog for hours EVERYDAY, unless your in a PADDED ROOM on know who you ARE. CARRY ON...

LOL you all funny trolling and talking about the loss. Lakers loss the game big whoop, they're not gonna cry about it in the locker room, on to the next one, it aint playoffs its just regular season. All i know is the Heattles and Cryami will be watching the Lakers in June while they win their 3rd title.

Well Sir, my Heat beat the Lakers again. I know that just has to make all the people out there sick. My friends have been teasing me all throughout our five game losing streak. But, I wasn't worried because I know that cream always rises to the top. And, some things you just can't stop. The Heat are a good team in the development stage. I said from the begining that they would be a 50 and 32 team during the regular season. They may end up with a few more wins than fifty. And, I thought that they would end up in third place at playoff time. That's where they belong and I think that they will play for the Eastern Conference Champion ship. They'll beat the Lakers if they are fortunate enough to get to the finals. However, that the Lakers will make it is not guranteed.

G. Money,

Congratulations, your team needs the win badly. Miami Heat is in a delicate state, did u see the face of Pat Riley, ES needed to win before the head is chopped by next week. oh-oh my poor compatriot he won a game but he might be losing his job soon. IMO, the Heat will not be in the ECF.

In the games of probability on a roulette table, after the 8th consecutive wins, black usually wins over the red or vice versa. It is also true in card games, after series of losses, the closer you'll be on a winning side.

8-1 after ASG, not Laker amigos, let's beat Mavs on Saturday and Orlando next week, we're back in business.

Kobe, Lamar & Ron combined for 37.2% from the field tonight while Bynum and Gasol were a combined 12-21 for 57%. Inexcusable down the end to not get the ball into the Bigs tonight.

"I consider lakers to be lucky when they beat celtics in the 7th game "

"Celtics got that game but they just wasted it."

Posted by: Putrid | March 10, 2011 at 07:31 PM

make up your mind. the logic is PUTRID.

Posted by: Troll Man | March 10, 2011 at 11:26 AM

Troll Man- Dude I wasn't referring to you with the Self Entitlement statement, They know who they ARE. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Putrid, welcome back.

Well, there was resurgence of confidence lately in the Laker nation, not really being arrogant but more on tremendous improvement vs. the first half. Of course, nobody is sure of the future but if they play in this manner, we can go to the bank and bet on the Lakers. Let's see for the rest of the games.

Good game, I am proud of our team. Nobody expects to win every game. So keep up the good work.

Go Lakers Go

I agree BronxLF, why are the Lakers wearing a white uniform as visitors? Isn't it the home team gets the light color while visiting team the dark color. Please burn those white uniform, Lakers are purple and gold. White is too soft and pure, even Shannon is so uncomfortable with his shooting while Blake kept on deferring shots arghhh, the 24 second got them in return!

EG- Dude thanks for the props, I feel the Lakers are the better team. And will SPANK Dallas and Orlando.

Take that to the BANK.

Thanks for the FIVE huge rebounds, Pau. We sure did need them.

Both teams played horrible bball...

They both should be concern...

cant believe the Heat won but the Lakers will won next time

kudos to the lakers atleast they played hard tonight.cant
win them all pau and bynum need to wrench it up a notch on in the world you get out-rebound by miami.let's
get back on the wining streak by starting with dalas.go lakers

Putrid and Transparent swan,

No matter your age or for whom you root, breaking down into name-calling is not acceptable on this forum. You can disagree on Lakers' problems, strengths, weaknesses, etc., but please stop the personal attacks.


Dan Loumena
Assistant Sports Editor

Edwin...LOL....any port in a storm. The uniforms were selected because of the Latin Night festivities. Los Lakers and El Heat. The Lakers also wear white at home on Sundays and on holidays. By my best calculations, they have won 4 and lost 5 in white this season.

The Heat played well under pressure. They needed this W badly. For the Lakers, well I really didn't like the effort especially on the rebounding department. No hustle, no urgency, etc., I'll take the L but i know we'll win next time. Bad 2nd half for kobe.

Again, I'll take 8-1 after ASG any day.

LAKERS for three-peat!!!!

stop all of you miami crying baby,everyone knows thats not lakers best game i know we all know lakers can beat miamis funny,joke trio anytime,lakers just dont want them to cry anymore.

the trolls been waiting this for so long.. Let them celebrate for a while.. lolz!

although i would have loved to see a Laker victory tonight, it just wasn't in the cards. 40% shooting, bad shot selection at crunch time. artest blowing a cripple layup that would have tied the game AND lastly, poor officiating! wade fouled kobe and it went un-noticed by the refs.....that's why he lost the ball out of bounds! dwade yanked his left hand off the ball! then, the bogus flop by lecrying james with less than minute to go. artest didn't even touch him. still, a good trip so far. L.A. will be looking forward to saturday game at dallas. i believe they'll come through! shrug off the loss and move forward!

Putrid: That's what the players in Chicago are playing with. That's why I said if you added a big there they'd really be scary since they're already playing hard and with confidence.

Kobe is now 0-4 against LBJ in head to head matchup over the last 2 games. LBJ had a bad shooting game but he almost had a triple double. Kobe also had a bad shooting game but only had 2 rebs and 2 assists. Come on kobe you are better than that. At this stage lbj is a better player than kobe.

Thats 0-4 over the last two seasons.

Last 2 seasons: Kobe got 2 rings vs LeBron 0 ring. That's all I can say...


Tell me if I'm wrong, here is the disadvantage of having no legitimate good and fast PG, Kobe has to bring the ball from the back court, by the time he reaches their court, double team comes in, plus triple when he gets to the shaded area and he's still holding the ball. No matter how great he is with his moves there is too much cover to avoid and too many hands surrounding him. If Lakers have a good PG like a Paul, a Williams or a Westbrook, he could take to the hoop or give it to Kobe or feed the two bigs down low or to Artest on the side. It would spread the triangle rather than constricted to the point man in Kobe.

i knew it was all fool's gold

Trolls are out again, let see what happens in the playoffs.....The Cavs beat the Lakers twice in the regular season last year and the Lakers end up the what else is new??? No team in the West can beat the Lakers in a 7 game we are just waiting who will emerge in the East...let see who is the best team in a 7 game series....lakers still 3 peat and beyond

ya,forget about this lost because the more i thought of lamar,artest,and the rest of the lakers bench i feel like crying like bosh, i just hated it everytime my lakers playing so stupid sometime.

Oh well, can't win 'em all I guess,:-) tho' I did REALLY want this one. No worries, just start a new win streak on Saturday.

It's comical how the trolls come out in waves after a loss. Where were you during the win streak, huh?...chumps!

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

It is what I want to see !

what i meant was obviously the lakers seems did not play all their best tonite tho the crying miami need this win more it will make me happy to see the ego big head lebron and ego big head bosh to loose tonite anywayyy lakers have to kick dallas behind on saturday i hopeeeeee.

One team played hard, but the other played desperate. Advantage Heat. They were the more aggressive team when the game was on the line. I know the Lakers are kicking themselves and there's certainly enough blame to go around. Anyway, time to get back on track Saturday. Enjoy the victory Heat fans.

@S.Perkins – I thought you were a Laker fan that just despised Fish. Who is your team?

@island – congrats for citing the most meaningless stat of the night. I’m sure Bron would trade those regular season wins for a ring.

B & F are our PG's Putrid. It is only a wish that if we have a good facilitator, then we cover the holes and open more opportunities. Our Fisher is still a great player not all the time but on some moments. He could still lights out but not as deadly when he was in mid-twenties. Blake is reluctant to shoot but in my book he should not be a facilitator but a selfish shooter. He should be given the go signal or at least prepare a play of screen & pop for him. Well, the shooting tonight was relegated to Shannon but shots were bricking, not his good game which is really rare. Most of the time, he is our attack and defensive player.

@LRob: Desperate is right, you could see it on their collective faces. If they had lost this one, their spirits woulda been TOTALLY crushed.

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Edwin G....

You certainly make a valid point as to how a top point guard would enhance the Triangle offense. Another ball handler to facilitate the offense couldn't hurt. Sometimes, Kobe has to score and facilitate. That takes its toll.

Tonight, Fish, Blake and Brown combined for 8 points and 5 assists. I'm not pointing fingers, just stating facts.

If Lakers have a good PG like a Paul, a Williams or a Westbrook, he could take to the hoop or give it to Kobe or feed the two bigs down low or to Artest on the side. It would spread the triangle rather than constricted to the point man in Kobe.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | March 10, 2011 at 08:48 PM

very good point

i will present you just 2 cases of the top of my head.

CP3 and the All star game this year and the previous one when kobe/shaq were the MVP

Jason Kidd for the Olympic Team

Kobe moves and positions himself impeccably without the ball. his place and timing are unmatchable. unfortunately, none of the Lakers are great passers. and Fisher is the worst.

It's ok we lost this game but we will win the finals.


It is funny about the trolls....I'm sure our friend Sonny Fastball will be waking up soon in the Far East to regale us with his insights! LOL!

who cares if lakers lost. at the end we are gonna be the 2011 camps again. so all of this talk don't mean nothing. people its still time to come and be a lakers fan. Ur Miami ain't going no where.

Barnes, Blake and Brown did not have a FG tonight.

indeed, Killer B's.

No BIG stars want to come here. No one wants to play with ballhog Bryant cause there'sd not enough basketballs. But once again EVERYBODY gets blamed but Bryant, it's Bynum this and Gasol that, and poor Lamar. This even though Ballhog went 8 for 21 with more turnovers than assists (as usual).

Dallas bench had 53 points tonight against the Knicks.

Lakers bench needs a paint job.

I thought the Lakers came out sluggish and kind of lost this game in the 1st quarter. They allowed Chalmers and Mike Miller to get their confidence. The poor rebounding and defense early in the game cost The Show tonight.

The most meaningful stat: Kobe 2 rings vs LeBron 0 ring.

Opps...Kobe 5 rings

Remember when Dallas was falling apart too? The Lakers are the perfect confidence booster for faltering teams!

The good news is Dallas got an easy win tonight. That means the Lakers are almost guaranteed to win Saturday!

Kobe begins to read his own press and doesn't play team ball. I said it all season if we are depending on kobe's shooting to win the chip then the lakers will go down in flames. And when we do I will remind some of the delusional fans about my insightful comments. The only way lakers win is with a facilitator kobe and not someone trying to compete against better offensive players like lbj or pierce. I must remind some of you mentally challenged fans that lbj and pierce are 1 and 2 respectively in +/- and shooting 50% from th field.


The ballhog diatribe is bogus. No BIG stars are coming to L.A. because the Lakers don't have cap room to sign them.

espn just interviewed kobe for 5 minutes after kobe put himself through a shooting workout after their loss to miami. that's why the mamba is still the best player in the game. always looking to improve his game! on to dallas saturday, let's punk the mavs!

Heat just held serve. BFD. We'll see who laughs last.

espn just interviewed kobe for 5 minutes after kobe put himself through a shooting workout after their loss to miami. that's why the mamba is still the best player in the game. always looking to improve his game! on to dallas saturday, let's punk the mavs!

Posted by: Lakeshowinphx | March 10, 2011 at 09:30 PM

Some folks will never appreciate Kobe and will always find fault with him. One guy here says he doesn't like Kobe because he doesn't sit on the bench when he is injured. It never occurs to him that Kobe may have been following doctor's orders or that he might have been taking treatment in the lockerroom in order to rejoin his team that much sooner. Don't waste your time.

As a Boston fan, you know I'm not going to take sides on this one. I personally think the Lakers lost mostly due to the Bigs on the LA team from the parts of the game that I saw. The major advantage they had, size, was squandered. Pau and Bynum did not focus enough on hammering the boards. They gave up a lot of offensive rebounds which is pretty inexcusable, given that the Heat lack size. But the Heat didn't choke this time in the 4th quarter, so that's good news. However, they should be wary of resting on their laurels just because they beat the Lakers in a regular season game. They have to play with the same spirit in the next stretch, because they're going to be facing some really good teams. And I think that Bosh has taken the most heat (no pun intended) for the Heat's troubles, which I think is a bad assessment. It's the stagnant offense and isolation plays that are to blame. Whoever's fault that is.


Please refrain from the degrading comments. I understand there is going to be some back and forth but demeaning people for their opinions is not what this forum is about.

So, have your dialogue but please stop the incessant derogatory remarks toward one another.


• Tied score, LeBron moving screen on Kobe (knocks him over) and Wade scores.

• Other end, our shot is still ON THE RIM, Iggy knocks it off. No golatend call.

• Next possession, Kobe gets a pass, has his arm grabbed and ripped away from the b......all. No foul called, Miami gets the ball.

• At the end, LeBron runs and trips over Artest’s foot (Ron isn’t even looking). Foul, Lakers. Lebron free throws.

Miami needed every break and luck to win this game. They can watch this tape over again to feel good about themselves during the Lakers/Cletics Finals.


Good post.

The same old story, Lakers making a struggling team became a suddenly "reborn" team. Remember when the Mavericks were on a 6 game losing streak? They beat the Lakers convincingly. Now the Heat is on 5 game losing streak, and what happen? Lakers lost to them. When any team is struggling.....WHO THEY GONNA CALL? the Lakers. This 8 game winning streak and a win over the Spurs got erased by this lost over the Heat. Why? it shows that any struggling team will beat this Lakers on any given night. It shows that the Heat inspite of losing 5 straight can still beat the Lakers. It means that the Lakers can't beat the Heat at all. If they can't beat the Heat while struggling to win, how can they beat them if they are back to their truest form. I hope Boston will beat the Heat in the conference final. There's no way the Lakers will beat the Heat on any given day or night. On to their 3 games losing streak again beginning tonight, against the Mavericks on Saturday and against the Magic on Monday. Ohh Lakers, when you think they're back to a championship form.....

• Tied score, LeBron moving screen on Kobe (knocks him over) and Wade scores.

• Other end, our shot is still ON THE RIM, Iggy knocks it off. No golatend call.

• Next possession, Kobe gets a pass, has his arm grabbed and ripped away from the b......all. No foul called, Miami gets the ball.

• At the end, LeBron runs and trips over Artest’s foot (Ron isn’t even looking). Foul, Lakers. Lebron free throws.

Miami needed every break and luck to win this game. They can watch this tape over again to feel good about themselves during the Lakers/Cletics Finals.

Is it possible to edit your comments...i could have sworn....

great post EVER.....totally forgot the goaltending "non-call" on ilgauskas.....guess i was still frustrated that we lost, ha ha. david stern won't be happy when he sees the last two minutes of the game with all of the brutal calls and non-calls by the REFS!

I thought the Heat was supposed to have a lousy bench but check out the plus/minus for their bench players and ours. Think you can see where the game was won and lost.

Simple game to analyze. Kobe single handedly lost it for them. His 2nd half play was horrible. He couldn't have peed in the ocean if he was scuba diving, but he made up for it with terrible ball-handling and pathetic decision making. Every time they get a little run going everyone decides they are over the hump. After losing to Dallas they will have turned another golden road trip in to crap and nearly guaranteed no better than third in the west.

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