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Lakers Roundtable: L.A. Times' Mark Medina and Columbian's Matt Calkins preview Lakers-Blazers game

Among the highlights of my conversation with the Columbian's Matt Calkins:

-- How Andrew Bynum's two-game suspension and Kobe Bryant's nagging injuries affect the game from the Blazers' standpoint

-- What the addition of Gerald Wallace does for Portland

-- Why Portland would be better suited facing Dallas in the first round of the NBA playoffs over the Lakers and Oklahoma City

-- Why Blazers Coach Nate McMillan isn't a fan of "3 Goggles."

You can follow more of Calkins' work at the Columbian's website and on Twitter.

--Mark Medina

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Pfunk - I think the Phil thing goes without saying and is addressed with how Pau has to change his role as does the Lamar and the bench.

Posted by: Mark Medina | March 20, 2011 at 02:50 PM


With all due respect this statement suggest you are not a very good student of history when it comes to Phil Jackson.

When it comes to his beloved triangle Phil Jackson is one of the most illogical people to ever live..................I can remember in Feb. of 02' ...........when Jordan's Wizard's were in town for the first time and Shaq was out injured.............You would ASSUME without saying that naturally Phil would adjust the offense and tailor it more for Kobe..........right? WRONG!

Phil's instructions to the team was to enter the ball into the post 40 -45 times in the triangle...........although it was now MARK MADSON and SAMAKI WALKER in the post. Suffice it say the Lakers fell behind by as much as 20 points early in the 3rd quarter before Phil relented and swallowed his large ego and began taking advantage of "the talent" and ran the offense through Kobe.........better late than never as Kobe scored 18 of his 23 points in the 2nd half.

The lesson? When you're dealing with Phil Jackson.........don't assume anything

Check it out for yourself:

"Out of all our disciplines..........history is best qualified to reward your efforts"

MM, you're on rapid fire again with the" suspension" news three threads already. It is faster than a Tomahawk missile.

Our biggest issue today will be limiting Alridge. He is a fantastic player, and a pleasure to watch. He doesn't have what it takes just yet as the last portland and lakers game I watched he missed a few clutch free throws and brandon roy missed a great layup.

We have the size advantage still, if we can contain l.a and roy we will have this game in the bag.

Our biggedst issue is Gerald Wallace. That is why the Blazers got him. They know we can't deal with him, they know Kobe can't outplay him because he is too physical for him. One reason we could never beat the Bobcats was Wallace.
And Phil, please bench Kobe.

MM, you're on rapid fire again with the" suspension" news three threads already. It is faster than a Tomahawk missile. Posted by: Edwin Gueco | March 20, 2011 at 03:52 PM

I don't want to go out on a limb here, but i think it would take some sort of genius act of connecting human behavior to possibly link anything to do with a tidal wave and a few nuclear meltdowns in japan and a bit of blowing crap up in Libya to any realistic analogy or legitimate comparison to the Lakers or basketball in general, and I am not seeing any acts of genius here.

Lets give it a rest, huh?

Lakers will be crushed to pieces. After this portland game,a sad lullaby sings through every laker fan's hollow ribcage. No class. Dirty team.
Posted by: Putrid | March 20, 2011 at 04:19 PM
"Lakers will be crushed to pieces."...ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"After this portland game,a sad lullaby sings through every laker fan's hollow ribcage"...OH SWEET JESUS STOP IT!! STOP IT NOW!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"No class. Dirty team." *sniff* *Sniff* Now you gonna make me cry...On second thought...ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edwin - I can't help it. When there's news, there's news

Posted by: keen observer | March 20, 2011 at 04:11 PM


You're right, my mistake. I forgot they got him to be honest. I watched the lakers and trail blazers last game in portland and he wasn't there so my mind slipped :P

Phred there is no death. Life is just a game. Nothing is anymore serious than anything else. You go and come and go and come until you decide you are sick of the ISH and then you don't come anymore. Then you can have all the rest you want. Carry On!

There’s no justification for Drew’s foul regardless of the trash talking or previous fouls committed against Drew or the Lakers. Those type of fouls aren’t what the Lakers are about. A good “clean” hard foul would’ve sent the same message.

@Tom Daniels – congrats on the Friedman

@Lew and crew – Enjoy the game 2nite and bring back a W. I’ll be looking for the Lakerholics sign.

@Mamba – Theo’s last game was 4 ½ months ago (Nov. 9th). It’s great news that he’s practicing again. The Lakers sure could’ve used him tonight. Oh well…it is what it is!

@Triangular – Jody and Buffy…lol.

@LT – I agree that the Lakers need to use this to ban together and play two great games in support of Drew.

Laker fans lets support our team during the first round of playoffs by placing a billboard in the opposing team's city.

This would have been a tough game even if Bynum was playing. Portland has been playing very well. I watched some of the game last night where they took out Philly 110-101. They have a lot of weapons. Defensively, they can throw Wallace, Matthews and Batum at Kobe. They have been alternating bringing Wallace and Camby off the bench. They'll probably go small in the absence of Bynum and start Wallace tonight.

I think the key matchup is Artest v. Wallace. The Show also has to slow down Aldridge, who is capable of huge offensive numbers. Brandon Roy is coming off the bench for the Blazers, teaming with Camby, Fernandez and Patty Mills to form a solid unit. Should be a good, close game.

Belated Congrats to Tom Daniels on the Friedman....I got involved with my comments of the Drew situation and forget to salute you for a job well done!


Fans call kobe a warrior because he's still playing despite having injuries. But for me,it is called "BALLHOG" . A ballhog mentality.

Posted by: Putrid | March 20, 2011 at 04:56 PM

your point is?

my point is "who cares what you think?".

your only purpose to posting here is that your life is so sad, the only fun you get is trying to make others miserable too. i hope you get over your mental problem.

I'm not saying that Bynum shouldn't have been suspended for that hit on Beasly, but there's been several hard fouls committed against the Lakers this year, one a few games ago when Brian Cardinal took down Barnes(or Brown) threw him down with his arms(when the ball was up high so he definitely was not going for the ball) and not even a flagrant foul was called. Bynum repeatedly gets hammered on the body and the head(and sometimes the arms) but no calls. Same for Pau. And Stan Van Gundy was right to call out David Stern on the fact that Dwight Howard is tackled every night a few times and no flagrant fouls are called. That is why the NBA is such a joke. There's absolutely no consistency in play calls. Dwyane Wade and Lebrick hurl their bodies at opponents and the refs ALWAYS call a block. The only one time it wasn't called was when the Heat played the Lakers in Miami, Wade hurled his body at Gasol, and for the first time in many years, I didn't see a foul called, and Wade looked at the refs like what the heck??? because he's so used to getting that call. Or when Wade jumps to the side, sometimes away from the basket, and a blocking foul is called. Unbelievable. Don't even start me on how Garnett totally gets away with murder. He can scream at other players and no T. But Bynum says "Are you kidding me?" he gets throw out of the game. Or Kevin Love points to the score board and gets thrown out of the game.

This just in: the supermoon has been proven responsible for Drew's hard foul.


the reason why Kobe has such a low shooting percentage is that he tries to play while hurt. Can't really blame Kobe for that, but the management should be. Now, they should be conserving themselves for the playoff run by getting healthy. Bynum needs to be rested so that his knee can make it through the playoffs, so the 2 game rest is a must. Phil should have been playing Joe Smith or Caracter more even if it means a few more losses so that everyone can be 100% healthy for the playoffs. Now with Bynum with fluid in his knee again, it's going to be a very painful playoff run again.

"wade and lebron are respected"????? Best laugh I had all day. Lebrick is one of the most hated athletes in the history of sports!!! Is he your hero?? It's one thing if he's ever won anything, but someone who's never won anything. lord of NO RINGS? Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Now he's Robin to Batgirl. The refs will never let the Heat beat the celtics.



I agree with Diandra, keen observer and BronxLF that GWallace will be the key. LA is an all-star (whether the league recognized him this year or not) and will get his. GWall hasn't had to deal with Ron lately because he guarded Capt Jack when the Lakers played Charlotte. So I'm hoping Phil lets Ron stick GWall since he's currently a much bigger threat than Roy.

Mamba/Jefe/ChicNstu/Triangular/mclyne - excellent musical selections.


If, as I think they will, the Blazers start Aldridge, Wallace and Batum up front, then Lamar becomes key. Gasol and Aldridge will cancel each other out, but I don't see either Wallace or Batum being able to stick Lamar. Interesting matchups. We'll see how it plays out.

Wallace will have his way with Lamar. He is too physical and we know Lamar shy's away from physical contact. But if we move the ball, we win. It is that simple. I hope Phil has the balls to tell Kobe to sit this game out.

Lakers play dirty basketball at its finest. Drew's suspension and Ronron's trash talking. This team has no class.

Posted by: Putrid | March 20, 2011 at 04:10 PM
FAIL!!! You fail sooooo bad....Lakers is one of the "cleanest" team in the league. Trash talk? hahaha, you've been watching too much NCAA...

keen observer...

got to disagree with you on that one, my friend. Lamar is way bigger than Wallace and doesn't back off from contact IMO. Lamar was averaging close to 10 rebs./gm. when he was starting in Drew's absence earlier in the season. And again IMO, no Kobe in this one the Lakers lose. It's almost gametime. We shall see.

Our biggedst issue is Gerald Wallace. That is why the Blazers got him. They know we can't deal with him, they know Kobe can't outplay him because he is too physical for him. One reason we could never beat the Bobcats was Wallace.
And Phil, please bench Kobe.

Posted by: keen observer | March 20, 2011 at 04:11 PM

What an observation. Dude, you should change your name to astute observer!. I concur with you observation, and I'd go a little further than benching Kobe. He should be traded or forced into retirement.

I predict Kobe will "will" his way into losing this game.

You're welcome, Laker faithfuls.

Total bush league play by Bynum. He has been in the league long enough to start to mature. Quit complaining so much and just play basketball. He has learned from two of the biggest whiners in the league Kobe and Fisher to argue every call !!! Play basketball and shut up !!

Can anyone give me a website to watch the game?

Hey matter what you want to watch sports wise, go to baby...sorry I was late on this.

Nice win tonight baby, I really thought we would loose this game tonight without AB...Portland has been playing well and is pretty healthy for them. I know...I live in Portland after being born & raised in the SFV. Good job Lake Show!

P.S. I love to see Wallace and Artest in the ring...that would be fun!

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