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Lakers on 92-84 victory over Charlotte Bobcats

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers forward Pau Gasol

Lakers guard Shannon Brown

--Mark Medina

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Andrew Bynum rounding into form at just the right time. Let's see how the newly revamped Lakers look tomorrow against the best regular season team in the league.

Nice job by Drew. The question is: Is this just the start of one of his usual nice game stretches or can he start to become consistent? I'm not overly optimistic about it but hoping against my pessimistic judgemnet. We will be needing this "IntimiDrew" on the upcoming trip.

I was happy for the win last night, but I wasn't thrilled about the (lack of) execution. Every trip down should start with a pass to the post. Later in the game, the Lakers started forcing it into the post, and when the Bobcats doubled on one side, the Lakers were effective in swinging the ball to the other side and then into the post.

The Spurs should be a good litmus test. They don't make many mistakes, and they capitalize on the mistakes of their opponent. The Lakers will need to protect the basketball, execute the offense, and get away from the iso plays.

The way things are looking, we're going to HAVE to win at least one in SA in the playoffs... Now is the time to start moving toward that goal.

Jon K.: You know I respect you, my friend, but we'll just have to agree to disagree about the Charlie situation.

Go Lake Show!

Six in a row by the Lake show. It wasn’t pretty last night, but a win is a win. And it sure beats listening to all the complaints around here.

Like Linda sang “Everyone Loves A Winner” (nice remake of William Bell’s top 20 R&B hit).

Defensive efficiency has been constant, as has Ron's frustrating Defense that at times makes players feel like he's pulling teeth. Stephen Jackson did not want to be on the floor last night.

Posted by: Sean | March 05, 2011 at 09:06 AM

Sean - Good point about Ron vs. Stephen Jackson. In Capt Jack's 2 games vs. the Lakers he avg 8.5pts on 30% shooting compared to his season avg of 19pts on 42% shooting.

It wasn't a pretty win last night, that's for sure, but I guess any win against the Bobcats is a good win. The biggest concern continues to be our poor 3 point shooting. Watching the Spurs last night, you could tell they had role players who could consistently knock down 3's. You unfortunately can't say the same for our role players. The result will be teams continuing to clog the paint and daring us to beat them from the outside.

OMG video! I mean, v-i-d-e-o, folks!

Lately, it's like cornered the market on video recorders, or something.

Drew was awesome. He seems to be getting tougher and tougher.

Pau had a great game - 20 and 10. He has kept his focus since the all star break.

Lamar played well. He missed a few he should have made, but 12 points, 11 rebounds, and four assists off the bench is pretty great.

Ron didn't shoot well, but he is as tough as nails. He tied Kobe with a team high of +14 in +/-.

Our guard play, other than Kobe, was once again horrible. Now, we have a guard hurt. Hopefully, Fish can play on Sunday. I have been talking about our guard's poor play all season. Blake is a bust (1 for 7 last night and 0 assists in 30 minutes). Why do we only have four guards on the team? Why didn't Mitch get us a guard who can shoot a three? Why did we trade Sasha? He had 12 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists in his 29 minutes in a win last night - better than any of our guards (not named Kobe).

I am worried about next week's games. These last six wins have been nice, but we have four road games against above .500 opponents and then we come home to Orlando on Monday. If we think we can beat San Antonio on the road in the playoffs, here is our chance to prove it. We have won 6 in a row, but the last two games have not gone well. That level of play won't get it done against San Antonio, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, or Orlando. I am worried because...

I am a Lakerholic.

"Why didn't Mitch get us a guard who can shoot a three?"

We didn't need to get one; we had TWO of them. Now they're gone in NJ

We won for the last 6 consecutive games but like what EJK said, an ugly victory against a bad team like the Charlotte. However, Lakers get into this folklore superstitious belief that they can't win against Charlotte or Blazers and their fans buy it. Bad mojo for a Championship team, if you're Champ, you have to dominate everybody period.

Nice game from Bynum who executed terrific defense while his teammates had bad shooting night in the perimeter starting from Kobe. According to PJ, if they played like this on Sunday, then they will lose again in San Antonio. Well maybe they are reserving their A-game on Sunday.

I'm confused with all these PG , I've read that we don't need a PG in the triangle, how come it is immediately assigned to Blake? Odom could have been a good PG after playing ala poor Magic and poor Scottie all these years, yet he was never considered a PG. Well, it is understandable because last night he could not block or chase a lilliputian, Agustine. How will he be successful against J-kidd on the perimeter or against the speedy midget, Barrea? What about Shannon, he has all the features of being the speedy PG, very athletic but also makes bad decisions in distributing the ball? Under these circumstances, Blake is the option on hand while Fish is injured until Mitch Kupchak finds a young, good player in facilitating, good perimeter shooter PG in his european travel. Dragic of Houston is one example that can be developed into a good PG. How many better Dragic are there in Europe willing to play for the Lakers?

Sunday is going to be tough. SA offense is a thing of beauty when clicking like it was vs. the Heat. Here’s high praise from Lebron after yesterday’s beat down:

“They do a good job of forcing triggers,” James said. “They know exactly what you’re going to do defensively. Whatever you do or whatever you try to take away, they have a counter for.

“You take away the roll on the pick-and-rolls and they’ll hit the guy in the corner for the three. If you try to take away the threes, they hit the guy going to the rim. They’ve seen every situation and they’ve seen every defense and right now, they are clicking on all cylinders. Everyone on their team has confidence. They all believe that when they get the ball, they can make a play to help their team.”



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