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Lakers' Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Derek Fisher discuss 102-84 victory over New Orleans Hornets

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers forward Pau Gasol

Lakers center Andrew Bynum

Lakers guard Derek Fisher

--Mark Medina

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More Face UP Andrew!

First of all, I'm mildly concerned the Boy Beast was getting away with the kind of touchy fouls he's getting called for now before the 2 game suspension. Don't have any stats on that and if you do, hopefully you work for the league, but the refs seem to have him on a tight leash.

2nd: obviously, the sky hook didn't take with Andrew, but he's got a consistent weapon the Cap never really mastered (mostly because he didn't have to) his face up jumper. Man, it looks good. He seems to prefer banging his way into the paint, but he played so well with the 5 fouls in the 4th, going for the jumper to avoid fouling, it would be nice to see him add that to the mix a bit earlier. It would save wear and tear on his legs, and frankly, scare the will to win out of the opponent.

...Just one more weapon in the upcoming war of the 3rd ring.

Go Andrew, Go Lakers

@LROB... Your eyes did not deceive you. He played the last 20 seconds of the second quarter. I didn’t even notice that myself when I posted the EFF stats. I did think it was fascinating what a different picture the EFF stats painted versus the +/- stats.
@TROLL MAN... We will have to agree to disagree about MM and the job he has done moderating this blog. First, I never like to see anyone banned. In fact, the only ban that I completely agreed with was the decision to ban Mike T, which was based upon his wishing that Andrew Bynum get injured. Even in my most heated confrontations with other bloggers, I never asked or wanted anybody to get banned. Having said that, I don’t think that Mark plays favorites and I also think that KobeMVP888 has done a admirable job keeping his cool under a lot of fire from attacks from certain bloggers. Everybody needs to let the past stay in the past and move forward.


First off, my moniker Troll Man is tongue-in-cheek, I am not a troll. Most bloggers know this because I've been on this blog for many years and have been a Laker fan for over 40 years.
My previous post in your opinion is a personal attack, it is not. It is thought out with examples and concludes with an opinion. Feel free anytime to argue my position but don't ever think you can tell me to go elsewhere. That's the root of the problem here, people have different opinions and should not be censored if it doesn't coincide with your thoughts or the moderators.
Since I read most posts, I am acutely aware of what is going on, especially the dubious ways certain circumstances are dealt with. Though I have no control over the decisions I can voice my opinion on the way things are handled. Accountability is my main complaint, like I said, the arbitrary way certain posters are dealt with compared to others without explanation, ostensibly gives credibilty to my opinion.

He's not 100% and he's playing that well. Kinda scary, huh?

Posted by: bronxlakerfan | March 28, 2011 at 08:01 AM

Even 100% for Kobe at this point is not really 100%. Imagine how he'd look if he hadn't been fighting knee, back, and finger issues for the last 3 years.

Another beautiful monday morning in the lakers blog.. Looks like forecast calls for another turbulent week with scattered squabbling and name calling and occasional bannings. Get ur popcorns ready.. Or if u wanna get jiggy with it put on ur gloves n join the rumble!

get jiggy with it

Posted by: yellofever | March 28, 2011 at 09:35 AM

that's all i read -- na na na na na na na

morning all, kiss ya biceps. gonna be in the high 80's this week. our team = hot like the weather.. #BICEPKISS

**REPOST** from other thread....

Yellofever - I agree with your PTL assessment. PTL can win on any given night. But I just don't see them being able to win 4 against this Laker team.

PTL may provide hard, physical play right away but that will just serve as practice for the next round and next, etc. It will keep our Lakers focused.

OKC is pretty locked in to a #4 seed so that could be 2nd round. By then, the Lake show will be ready to be on the attack. And while Perk is their big guy to defend - he can't play 48 and he certainly won't be able to deal with our big 3.

Again - I go to my gut. No team can beat this Laker team in a 7 game series. They can beat themselves however... but it's NOT happening.

Also want to comment on SAS - they have two tough games this week.

Both are at home but PTL and Boston are both trying to position themselves and get some momentum heading into home stretch. If Manu and Timmy are still ailing, they could drop these two.

I'll keep my fingers PTL posts a great game tonight and steals one @ the Alamo.

Cheers all - PLG

@Troy B....Yes, you're right. Nobody's at 100% at this time of year, least of all someone with Kobe's injury history and 15 years of wear and tear on his body. It's amazing that he's able to rise above all those injuries you mentioned and continue to play at such an elite level.

LT,MVP, and MM

we can agree to disagree it's just my opinion, I know that MM has his supporters and I am being quite harsh in my opinion of him but if can just explain his actions now and then I would do a 360. But his way IS the safer way.

I know you never agree to disagree, remember I read most posts. Yes you have toned it down the last few days but not before you got your digs-in before that, or do you want to refute that? As far as giving it a rest? What, since you've become a kinder a gentler blogger you have a right to tell me what to do also?
You, as well as I, bring upon ourselves a certain response (whether that be positive or negative) among the faithful because of the positions we take. This comes with the territory and personally I embrace it but I try for the most part to respect differing opinions.

All I can say is that I would change my tune if you would be more responsive to questions about your decisions. I find it somewhat disrespectful that you will answer or respond to a select few but completely ignore more controversial bloggers. Like I told LT it is the safer way. Let me say that I do respect most other aspects of the work you do but this issue is important to me.
The JonK reference... I didn't get to it completely, but when he was talking about a sidekick I just thought of the K bros. Sometimes having a second/alternative perspective is a good thing.

i think it's wonderful that simmers points to the difficulty that some people have in appreciating dfish.say what you wish about the guy,he makes lemonade out of the lemons he is given.he works the refs like a good coach does. he has a calm about him that his teammates appreciate and depend on.i would LOVE for kobe to have the hand strength that fish has. he shows up when he needs to. i don't think that all fish-haters are IDIOTS, as simmers implied, but i would hazzard to guess that many if not most are fantasy guys wanting the numbers to demonstrate EVERYTHING about the player, and i'm sorry folks but the game , as well as life isn't so nice and neat. thats why it's called fantasy. life like comedy is hard

Troll Man - I'll work to make sure I'm more responsive to your concerns

This is an archived post from aztronut who is admonishing a new poster. I am reposting it because the poster (whose name is deleted) recently posted doing the same the same thing one year later. This Post could also apply to many here.

"I find it appalling that someone who just showed up for the first time is telling longtime residents, and discussion pot stirrers, to leave just because they don't consistently post "Ra Ra life is golden" comments... I've pretty well made it known that I get tired of DFish only posting to bag on Derek Fisher or JonK (though the last couple of days he has broken his string), but I'm not about to TELL them to leave."
So, can we get some clarification here...are you saying that there should be some rules about what people can and cannot say around here and that those rules should be the ones you set for yourself as personal moral values? Because it really does sound like that's what you're trying to get at to me...No one should be allowed to say what you wouldn't? Really?
Besides that, there is your interpretation of what our newest member has, in fact, said which I don't happen to agree with. My take on this is that he was simply offering up some conditional suggestions, but even if he was making demands it's not like anyone is being forced to pay attention to him or to do his it?
You appear to have more rigorous standards for "someone who just showed up for the first time" and "longtime residents" but I fail to see a distinction in the way we should all be treated on this blog. I can only assume that you consider yourself a "longtime resident" and expect "someone who just showed up for the first time" to proffer you more respect than you should be required to show them.
I've got a real problem with this whole attitude, the one that espouses that people need to earn respect. Because to me disrespect is what is earned, not respect. Respect is something that should be freely given, it should be the default response and not a pellet to be given out for pressing the correct levers. Of course that's just my opinion, but then I always try to avoid imposing my moral values on others. Perhaps you should consider this alternate path through life as well...
Posted by: aztronut | February 27, 2010 at 05:28 PM

I'm out for a round of golf, Feel free to comment whether aye or nay.


Mark, now surely you mock me. lol, I like that.

Best comment of the interviews was by Pau. To paraphrase he said, “15-1 was no big deal. Just like last year poor record down the stretch was not a big deal. It’s all about being healthy for the playoffs.”

The Lakers winning streak is at 7 games, so my musical selection for today is....

Dave Matthews Band - Seven

can anyone help me with this. i've tried, but cannot understand why boston traded away perkins for i guess green.did they think that either of the o'neils would be there something else?

lance from da' bronx

You might as well ask what existed before the Big Bang . . . some things are just beyond the comprehension of human beings.

The other issues people have raised are 1) Boston didn't want to pay Perk the money he was going to want at the end of the year; and 2) maybe Boston thought Perk had injury issues.

Lance - Greenies offered him 4 yrs/$22mm extend earlier this year which he turned down. Perk will be free agent and they know they couldn't pay him what he wanted since he is a world champion center and would probably be looking for a Bynum-like contract.

Since the Greenies are hamstrung already with big contracts, they felt they had to let him go and get something in return since he might have left them with nothing.

He got a 4yr/$34mm extend from OKC, signed while he was injured and said
"You talking four years, $30 million! Shoot, that's different. That's a big difference."

All about the benjamins...........

Cheers - PLG


I think Mark G and PLG....summed up the situation pretty well, but I'll also add Boston felt Green gave them more athleticism, youth and perimeter depth. I think Danny Ainge said something about not wanting this team to all grow old at the same time like his 80's Celtics did and take years to recover.

Bottomline is Ainge will feel the wrath of Boston fans..if/when this ends badly.

First of all, I'm mildly concerned the Boy Beast was getting away with the kind of touchy fouls he's getting called for now before the 2 game suspension. Don't have any stats on that and if you do, hopefully you work for the league, but the refs seem to have him on a tight leash.

Posted by: VMan | March 28, 2011 at 09:20 AM

He only had 2 fouls against the Clippers in his first game back. He did have 5 yesterday but I didn't see any that he didn't deserve. The fouls aren't really a problem, those work themselves out. He has more trouble when they're calling 3 second violations and traveling.

Troll Man,

I think the rules are generally common sense and can't be "too" exact or as to inhibit the natural flow of discourse.

I'm sure the rules are somewhat unevenly enforced, but that's part of life... and I'm sure those bloggers who have a history of intelligent and insightful contributions get more of a pass than a blogger who shows up, offers some retarded emotionally-driven complaint and then insults another blogger. It's just the way of the world.

The guy who dresses like a thug and talks like a thug is a lot more likely to be given a ticket by a cop than the polite young girl with a nice smile.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


That is one way the Bench should play, feature the bigs. The bench will good and get better out shot if they go inside out. Instead of just passing, passing in the perimeter and Brown taking shots. Blake and Barnes should focus on getting the ball to Bynum or Gasol, something Brown can't do, won't do.



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