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Lakers treat 102-84 victory over New Orleans Hornets with businesslike attitude

Lakers16_510 After placing his shoes by his locker, Lakers guard Derek Fisher walked past the television and shot a glance at the screen.

The Memphis Grizzlies were seconds away from securing an upset victory Sunday over the San Antonio Spurs, the team with the NBA's best record that seemed destined to have home-court advantage throughout the playoffs. But Fisher didn't flinch for one second. He simply walked past the monitor and headed toward the exit. There was a game to play.

Three hours later, the significance of San Antonio's loss came into perspective. The Lakers' 102-84 victory Sunday night over the New Orleans Hornets reduced the gap for first place in the Western Conference to four games and secured a one-game lead for the second spot over the Dallas Mavericks, which clinched their fourth consecutive victory with a win Sunday over the Phoenix Suns. Those that want to bristle at Fisher's one-of-eight shooting from the field against New Orleans should've been at Staples Center before the game where Lakers executive Magic Johnson stood in a nearby corridor adjacent to the Lakers' locker room. One by one, several Lakers filed out of that side entrance, including Ron Artest, Derrick Caracter and Lamar Odom. Each of them shared handshakes and brief small talk with the Lakers' Hall of Famer. Johnson reserved a more elaborate conversation for Fisher, however.

Expressing delight over a column penned by The Times' T.J. Simers that explained in great detail Fisher's value to the team, Johnson summed up his sentiments this way: "It said what needed to be said." Fisher smiled, nodded his head and walked away, before turning around and saying, "there's only one stat that matters," the obvious reference to his five NBA championships.

That's why it is fitting that the Lakers maintained a similar detachment to the latest ebbs and flows after improving their mark to 15-1 after the All-Star break. Lakers Coach Phil Jackson spent part of his postgame news conference pointing out the reserves squandering a double-digit lead for the third consecutive game and Carl Landry's 24 points. Those are all afterthoughts compared to how the Lakers' size advantage in Pau Gasol (23 points on nine-of-14 shooting and 16 rebounds), Andrew Bynum (13 points on five-of-six shooting) and Lamar Odom (eight points, four-of-six shooting) proved too overwhelming for the Hornets, which recently lost their leading scorer and second-best rebounder in David West to a season-ending left anterior cruciate ligament injury.

Even so, Jackson even went to say the Hornets' 17-13 effort on the offensive boards would give him cause for concern should the Lakers meet up with New Orleans in the first round of the playoffs. But that's just one example of Jackson ratcheting up the expectations as he hopes the team can sustain its consistency once the postseason approaches.

"I hope we can play as we've played tonight defensively and come back [Thursday] against Dallas," Jackson said.

 Lakers13_510 After all, Johnson acknowledged he's more worried about the Lakers meeting Portland in the first round because of the two teams' familiarity and the Trail Blazers have won nine of their last 11 games at the Rose Garden. Lakers assistant coach Jim Cleamons argued sweeping the regular-season series against New Orleans would strongly derail its confidence should the Lakers host them in the first round. And even if the Lakers remain split on the ability to earn top seeding over San Antonio, all acknowledge the importance of securing home-court advantage over the Dallas Mavericks.

Still, the Lakers expressed more importance in their play itself than how it affects their standing in the West.

"We're motivated about winning," Bryant said. "It doesn't matter to us whether we catch them or not. We try to win every game. If we catch them, so be it. If we don't, so be it."

There's plenty of areas the Lakers should like. Bryant scored 30 points on 11-of-25 shooting, marking the third consecutive game he's scored above his season average, a stretch Jackson said Bryant has played "more aggressively." That's why Bryant couldn't help but laugh when informed that his sprained left ankle remains listed on the team's game notes. "I think I'll manager," he said with a smile.

Bryant's  body movement and overall play suggested he can. He noticed a double team coming and switched directions for a fadeaway bank shot in the second quarter. Bryant also went one-on-one against former teammate Trevor Ariza in a sequence that perfectly captured his strong footwork. He jabbed right, drove left into the lane and then banked a shot falling down, giving the Lakers a 92-83 lead with 2:28 remaining.

"Just getting into playoff mode," Bryant said. 

In addition to Gasol's efficiency, Bynum maintained the same aggressiveness despite picking up five fouls. When he picked up his last foul with the Lakers leading 78-70 with 9:37 remaining, Jackson summoned Bynum over informing him he'd stay in the game and to remain aggressive, both said afterward. Bynum followed suit, scoring seven of the team's next nine points on plays that indicated his clear advantage in the post. He followed his dunk that gave the Lakers an 85-74 lead with six minutes remaining by performing a chin up on the rim. When New Orleans forward Aaron Gray attempted to shut him off baseline, Bynum jabbed twice and then pivoted to this left to convert on a seven-foot hook shot, extending the lead to 87-76 with 5:07 left.

"I wasn't in foul trouble. I don't think I committed any fouls tonight," Bynum said, joking. "At that point [in picking up the fifth foul], I was just thinking to go hard. If I get a foul, it's to be expected. Luckily, some good things happened."

And defensively, the Lakers' points allowed against New Orleans nearly mirrored the 87 points a game they yielded through the first 14 games following the All-Star break. They held the Hornets to 40.2% mark from the field, a clip that also pointed to them missing open shots.  Chris Paul also finished with a non-descript 10 points and nine assists, thanks to constant switching and communicating on screen-and-roll plays, though Jackson conceded he may be holding back for the playoffs.

Jackson had little praise, however, regarding the bench, which was yanked in favor of the starters with exception to Blake and Odom as they nursed an 87-76 lead with 5:07 remaining. Considering the Lakers held as much as an 18-point lead, Jackson sent a clear message he'll favor performance over pacing the minutes of his starters.

"We may not be particularly happy with our play, but we're definitely getting better," said Brown, who finished with eight points on four-of-10 shooting.

It's debatable whether that's actually a long-term concern since Jackson will play the starters heavier minutes once the playoffs begin. Case in point, moments after Bryant and Brown acknowledged the reserves' poor performance, they broke out in smiles when recounting Browns' second-quarter dunk that involved switching the ball in his hands in mid-flight.

The happiness over Brown's dunk and, more importantly, the Lakers' recent winning were all met with the proper dose of perspective. It appeared similar to how Fisher reacted when first realizing the Spurs' loss gave the Lakers a chance to close the gap in the standings. There's too much basketball to play to allow anything good or bad to consume their single-minded focus in ensuring a three-peat.

"We feel good about the way we're playing, but there's not a sense of accomplishment for winning a lot of regular season games at this point," Fisher said. "We obviously love winning more than losing, but I don't think we're patting ourselves on the back necessarily for having a good stretch right now. However, we finish this season, it's for naught if we don't go into the postseason we need to go into it and win a title."

--Mark Medina

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Photos: (Top) Lakers center Andrew Bynum hangs on the rim after dunking against the Hornets on Sunday. (Bottom): Forwards Lamar Odom of the Lakers and Carl Landry of the Hornets can't control a rebound during the game Sunday. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

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OK, I'll admit it. I watched religiously for Erin Grey's tight outfits. Great Bod!

Here's a link for you:

Too bad the Hornets Don't Actually Have Her at Center. With a body like that, she'd get every call. Even the female refs! LOL

Also, excellent post about your uncle. I never met him in person (that I know of), but I always could count on his solid perspective on the game.



I see Henry Abbott is trying to meet his monthly quota for hits on his page.

MM, Is Magic still a Laker executive even after he sold his interest in the team? I thought he completely left the Lakers' organization.




Thats all I have to say on that matter :)
good article and game summary as per usual MM

i can see 3peat coming...go lakers..

i can see 3peat coming...go lakers..

I trust LAKERS can go to the NO.1.......

So my wife,daughter and my good self got an invite to my best friends house for a BBQ on december 28 last year..after lots of beer one of the guests starts his Miami rant ... It lasts for about an hour.. He knew I loved the lakers ... I just mentioned a few things about timing and preparing for playoffs...ohhh and rings... Well last Saturday night we get together for another BBQ .... Let's just say that laker fear begins in April and ends in June ...... The fear has begun... Damm It feels good.....other NBA fans have laker bumps...not goose bumps...


Laker Bumps? HaHaHa. Fear the Laker Bumps!! Thanks for the morning laugh.

Laker Bumps is real but what the league really fears is Laker-induced shrinkage or LIS.

Okay,we get up too early here.

I Think the Lakers are definitely on pace for a threepeat!!


Sports Aholic

Congrats on another victory, guys. Since the All Star break, the Lakers have been playing the kind of b-ball I enjoy and WANT to watch. They have definitely kicked up their energy and focus They've finally taken playing - and winning - seriously. Their renewed desire/drive and the fact that they are finally beginning to play up to their potential have all been great to see. , and here's hoping to see them ratchet it up to yet another gear in the playoffs, e.g., I would like to see the Lakers actually dominate games from the start, fight for every rebound, strip the ball, close out games without letting it come down to the final seconds. I would love to see them play fierce defense, and to take the game from their opponents. Overall, very good improvement. Keep it up, and I believe a 3-peat is possible.

The Spurs are falling apart.

The Mavs are chasing us down.

The Thunder are 9-1 in their last 10.

The Hornets are done.

The Blazers are hurting.

The Grizzlies are moving on up (Shane Battier trade?).

The Nuggets are first round fodder.

The Western Conference Playoff picture is beginning to come into focus.


Please stop gushing over Fisher with his inconsistent offense and consistent lack of defense at the point guard position. Media write story lines and Fisher feeds quotes to support those storylines -- what could be better when Lakers win.

Lakers are winning so Fisher is the 1-8 fg, no defense indispensable veteran presence. STOP.

Lakers would be better if Raymond Felton played Fisher's position for the Lakers. Lakers would be better if they played Shannon Brown at Fishers first unit position.

Fishers consecutive game streak effectively prevented Farmar from showing he was a better option. No Wally Pipping Fisher.

Phil Jackson made decision to ride or die with Fisher, so be it.
But don't act like Fisher would be on the floor for any other team in the NBA.

And please don't say things like "Nobody is better for the Lakers than Fisher".


Lakers would be better with
Chris Paul, Andre Miller, Ty Lawson, Kyle Lowry, ...

Name a PG who may be worse than Fisher?

Steve Blake.

Dude...11-25 is NOT a good shooting %, when was the last time he had a 50% performance? And facing N.O. in the playoff, this team may NOT make it.
I can't believe the way you're discounting the HEAT in the FINALS, your 15-1 after the ASG...who was that LOST to? Also your bench!!!! last year performed MUCH better and were championship TESTED. This bench appears better on paper, but will LET you down come the POST SEASON.


NO doesn’t look very good without David West. I hope we get them in the first round.

Kobe and Pau were great. Ron is continuing to shoot well. We got another big brick night from Fisher, but he was the leader in +/- with a smoking +26. Steve was -8 and was Fish’s sub. 26 minus 8 is 18 – how many points we won by... ;-) Fish must have read TJ’s article. Lamar had a nice game, the rest of the bench – not so much… They were better than some recent games however… ;-) I always look at the guards not named Kobe stat – 7 for 23… ouch. The bench not named LO hit 7 of 20 shots. It was a drag that Drew was in foul trouble, but Pau took over on the boards. It was a nice win, but it would have been better if the bench had held the lead and gave the starter some rest.

The Spurs lost! Is it possible to catch them? We will have to beat Dallas on Thursday first.

I am a Lakerholic.

Most important thing for me to take away from the game was Drew being in with 5 fouls and playing well with 5 fouls. He's a ticky-tack foul magnet for refs (they give them to him like they're eating peanuts), but Phil leaving him in, and him responding can only bode well in the future. I think refs are always just a little more hesitant to give that 6th foul (even when calling a bad game) and Drew took advantage of that/played well with that fact. There'll never be another Wilt for playing with 5, but Drew's education continues.

Good morning crue!

Checking in with a W afterglow. Things to me are looking fairly rosy at this point.

The only thing missing right now is the Kobe scowl. QOTD - when does he start to show it? Is Kobe saving the scowl for the playoffs or will we see it Thursday against Dallas and April 12 against SAS?

Cheers all - PLG

I don't care what anybody thinks...Fisher played a good game last night. 1-8...meh, who cares? He and Blake held Chris Paul to 4-10 from the field and only 10 points. Chris Paul is an All Star. He started in the ASG this year. He could only find 10 shots against Fish's defense, Chris knew he had to score a little more to compensate for the loss of DWest, and yet he couldn't. Fisher deserves some of the credit for holding him in check. Fish also had some pretty assists to Gasol and the one shot that he did hit, the high arcing shot from the corner over landry, was so pretty it should have been counted twice.


Kobe was over 50% on Friday ...his last game. He's scored 109 points in his last 3 games while recovering from what he called a "scary" ankle sprain. That's 36.3 points a game. Unless I miss my guess, he'll be named WC player of the week. He's not 100% and he's playing that well. Kinda scary, huh?

In my opinion, the Lakers are slowly tuning up and rounding into playoff form. Businesslike is a very appropriate term to describe their recent play. They still have another level they can reach. That is reserved for when the playoffs actually start and every game is so meaningful and momentum changing. The Lakers are still not in "every possession matters" mode. When they ratchet their game up to that level, they will be very hard to beat indeed.

Dude...What a BLOW to Kobe's EGO if doesn't make the NBA first team, Taking a back seat to WADE and ROSE. I don't think Jordan had a back seat to anyone at that age, I can be wrong. But if your the BEST player in the association, you should be looked at as the BEST...Not second best.

But then again, he'll win another CHAMPIONSHIP and FINAL's MVP, conversation over.

@DIANDRA... The other stat that you can check for each game to compare how players performed is’s EFF or Efficiency stat, which basically is the total of the player’s points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals less his missed field goals and free throws and turnovers. It gives you a much better idea of how each player played since it is based on their tangible contributions. You can check each day’s games EFF results at Here for example are the EFF results for last night’s game, which show fish with a +1, which was not as good as 9 other players – quite a dramatically different result than produced by the +/- stats
Player MIN EFF
Pau Gasol 37 +36
Kobe Bryant 36 +25
Lamar Odom 26 +14
Ron Artest 33 +14
Andrew Bynum 22 +14
Steve Blake 21 +7
Shannon Brown 18 +6
Matt Barnes 13 +3
Luke Walton 7 +2
Derek Fisher 27 +1
Joe Smith DNP --
Devin Ebanks DNP --
Theo Ratliff DNP --
Derrick Caracter DNP --


So essentially you're saying this blog needs a K brothers theme. Agreed.

The problem with MM is he never takes responsibility for his actions. A prime example was earlier this week when 888 and others were having their usual blog wars, all parties were going after it pretty well but MM chooses to pick on the PSP. The common denominator was 888. He comes back and immediately the blog goes into agitation mode. Now don't get me wrong, 888 brings great things to this blog but also brings bad things with his authoritarian demeanor. Bloggers who take exception to this attitude have a right to voice their displeasure but MM disagrees and focuses on them.
This is the reason I do not, and will never respect MM. He makes arbitrary decisions concerning which posters can attack then never explains his actions to this blog. Instead, he hides behind the scenes making anyone with a complaint go through the red tape of contacting the LA Times complaint department which gives a standard reply in favor of MM without investigating any grievance. Talk about your Trolls and Chicken Littles.
MM's method is probably best for him because most of his decisions are head scratchers and hard to defend without looking foolish or biased towards his favorites.
His lockdown of the blog earlier this week was ridiculous and once again no explanation. Bloggers being punished like a 3 year old. Yeah MM we get it, you rule and don't have to explain yourself whatsoever.
At least with the K Bros they had the backbone and the integrity to explain their actions.

I expect this post to be deleted quickly

@63 Footer - I agree Drew's 4th quarter was my favorite part of the game. I loved Drew's determination for that 2-3 minute stretch. Phil trusted him & Drew delivered. Drew's ability to play with fouls will give Phil another weapon in his arsenal.

@PLG - Kobe broke out the scowl in the Portland game. I know it'll be ready for Dallas Thursday.

@BronxLF - I agree....very Businesslike performance.

To: All trolls, regularly whining babies and/or folks bent on constantly lobbing personal attacks: if you are so upset, go start your own blog where you can be the administrator, set your own rules, attack and eat your own kill and kick people off willy nilly.

Enjoy yourselves, you won't be missed here at LAT Blog, the home of real LAKER fans.

Cheers - PLG

@MM - oops I should give proper credit for the "businesslike" reference. Very good.

@LT - I thought I saw Joe Smith make a cameo? I guess the stat keepers are so use to him getting DNP's that they automatically list it.

Wow Todd.

While I certainly agree with you 100%, now isn't the time man. These Lakers are on a roll despite DF and can win it all despite DF. Once the parade is over, we can start dropping the hammer to discuss how to improve the team.

But yes, fans do tend to short circuit their objective brains, and fans are also prone to confuse correlation with causation... but different time, different talk my brother.

Lakers kicking butt and taking names!


Okay, Dirk... we have a special one for you coming right up

MM & Kbros have different styles. I like both, but I think I like MM's journalistic approach better. People gripe that he posts so many times in the day, and the only reason for that is it's harder to keep up with the discussion.

I think the personal bickering in general doesn't belong here. But hey, who am I?

So if Derek Rose makes first team (easy choice) - how can they put Wade above Kobe? Hmmm. Lakers = better record. Kobe = better player.

Yes, this will be a slap to someone's face. Wade has had a pretty good year

All I know is, don't make the Mamba angry. The NBA wouldn't like Mamba when he's angry.

@jonk.. good post.. Agree MM could definitely use a sidekick for some color commentary.. How bout someone like Lana the lakergirl didn't she have journalistic ambitions? Just sayin!

@trollman.. Wow ur post didn't get deleted afterall. Kudos!

And why is everyone so worried bout portland.. Roy is not half the player he was with injuries, artest already got gwallace on lockdown, and their up and comers matthews n batum are not playoff tested... our biggest threat in the west is OKC with perkins.. Now that's a big scary man.. Dfish better start workin on the speech for that OKC series right now! We're gonna need a good one.

But I still don't know what ainge was thinking but if boston makes the finals making OKC stronger against lakers could actualy turn out to be a brilliant move.. But I'm sure ainge aint that bright.

@LRob...Joe Smith did play a few seconds at the end of the first half.

Troll Man

Please give it a rest. My mere existence causes the naysayers to throw fits even when I don't say anything controversial. In terms of me having an "authoritarian demeanor," if that is yours and other people's perception, I must be doing something right. If your view is that I try to "impose my opinions" on others, then I am no different than anyone else. My points of view must be pretty effective to elicit this type of reaction. The fact is that I stand up to bloggers who choose to rip into our players, head coach and management and for some reason that is a faux pas in terms of "blog etiquette." So if I happen to rattle the cages of a few people who others choose not to stand up to, too bad.

The reality is that if you have read my posts since I have returned, you will see that my substantive posts substantially outweigh the ones that bother you. I guess I'm like Kobe .. divisive. The Haters will continuously bring up Kobe's rape allegations, the Shaq squabbles (Shaq's fault), the Summer of '07 and the fact that he shot 6-24 in Game 7. Meanwhile, in truth and in fact, the difference between Kobe and MJ is so microscopic as to be indiscernible, but the Haters are forever blind to that (think Bill Simmons). As that applies to me, the vast majority of my posts are designed to be contribute in a very positive way to the "atmosphere" in here, but because I have my own group of Haters, anything I contribute is automatically viewed in a negative light by them and they collectively blow a fuse! Consequently, my substantive contributions are read and appreciated only by those who don't harbor these resentments, while those who want to choke me out only read the posts where I call them out on their anti-Lakers sentiment.

So please give it a rest. In the last 3 or 4 days, I have said NOTHING controversial, yet you and NBA4Ever have chosen to raise ME as an issue. When I was on hiatus, I read a lot of hate directed at me and I wasn't even posting! I also observed a lot of squabbling that had nothing to do with me and there were multiple times that MM put this place is "monitor mode," most recently the other day. So please give it a rest.

Oh, and thank you for acknowledging that I have a strong influence in this forum. It is not my intent.

Troll Man - Hey how do you equate Jon K's suggestion to your ongoing biting criticism about how I moderate the threads? I put it on moderation because there was too much personal bickering for my tastes, so I thought it'd be better to play traffic cop. As soon as the contentiousness died down, I then put it back on insta post. I've explained myself but I refuse to get drawn into the endless name-calling.

G Money,

re: Kobe. you asked about the last time he shot 50%

Technically he shot ~ 49% 15-31 + 9/11 Fts


re: KobeMVP888. so ... per his own words and the multitude of interactions
b/n him and some of the posters here, including me, he does not care about
how he comes across.

ex: In terms of me having an "authoritarian demeanor," if that is yours and other people's perception, I must be doing something right.

That being said, since his hiatus he's been much less of a jerk.

My take is this: If you say something I find offensive, I give you the benefit
of the doubt the first time. Which is why I believe that we should communicate
about how we come across. If you repeat the offensive statement .. then
your actually doing it to be offensive. I should respond accordingly.

I would like to repeat myself, because people who use the word naysayer
tend not to be very good readers.

Since KobeMVP888's hiatus, he's been much less of a jerk.

That's my opinion and it won't get you anything at Starbucks.

Since KobeMVP888's hiatus, he's been much less of a jerk.

That's my opinion and it won't get you anything at Starbucks.

Posted by: hobbitmage | March 28, 2011 at 09:37 AM

But a jerk nonetheless! LMAO! I'll consider the source on that back handed name calling.

Yellofever - I agree with your PTL assessment. PTL can win on any given night. But I just don't see them being able to win 4 against this Laker team.

PTL may provide hard, physical play right away but that will just serve as practice for the next round and next, etc. It will keep our Lakers focused.

OKC is pretty locked in to a #4 seed so that could be 2nd round. By then, the Lake show will be ready to be on the attack. And while Perk is their big guy to defend - he can't play 48 and he certainly won't be able to deal with our big 3.

Again - I go to my gut. No team can beat this Laker team in a 7 game series. They can beat themselves however... but it's NOT happening.

Cheers all - PLG

Also want to comment on SAS - they have two tough games this week.

Both are at home but PTL and Boston are both trying to position themselves and get some momentum heading into home stretch. If Manu and Timmy are still ailing, they could drop these two.

I'll keep my fingers PTL posts a great game tonight and steals one @ the Alamo.

Cheers all - PLG

Somebody needs to lock Steve "The Brick" Blake in the gym for a couple of weeks, not to come out until he finds his shot! I'm not worried about Fish...
Nice job Lake Show keeping the pressure on...
Monster game coming up against the Mav's with 3 full days of rest...hope we don't loose our edge.

LT,MVP, and MM

we can agree to disagree it's just my opinion, I know that MM has his supporters and I am being quite harsh in my opinion of him but if can just explain his actions now and then I would do a 360. But his way IS the safer way.

I know you never agree to disagree, remember I read most posts. Yes you have toned it down the last few days but not before you got your digs-in before that, or do you want to refute that? As far as giving it a rest? What, since you've become a kinder a gentler blogger you have a right to tell me what to do also?
You, as well as I, bring upon ourselves a certain response (whether that be positive or negative) among the faithful because of the positions we take. This comes with the territory and personally I embrace it but I try for the most part to respect differing opinions.

All I can say is that I would change my tune if you would be more responsive to questions about your decisions. I find it somewhat disrespectful that you will answer or respond to a select few but completely ignore more controversial bloggers. Like I told LT it is the safer way. Let me say that I do respect most other aspects of the work you do but this issue is important to me.
The JonK reference... I didn't get to it completely, but when he was talking about a sidekick I just thought of the K bros. Sometimes having a second/alternative perspective is a good thing.

I'd like to see us overtake the Bulls for home court since they seem to be playing the best ball in the East. The Spurs I just think we overpower with or without HC. Clearly a better defensive effort tonight after a couple of off games.

Not worried about SAS. Bulls, yes. Pretty much no other team if the Lakers are playing this strong.


I know you never agree to disagree, remember I read most posts. Yes you have toned it down the last few days but not before you got your digs-in before that, or do you want to refute that? As far as giving it a rest? What, since you've become a kinder a gentler blogger you have a right to tell me what to do also?

You, as well as I, bring upon ourselves a certain response (whether that be positive or negative) among the faithful because of the positions we take. This comes with the territory and personally I embrace it but I try for the most part to respect differing opinions.

Posted by: Troll Man | March 28, 2011 at 10:14 AM

I made no bones about the fact that I was either going to be myself or not bother coming back at all. The fact that I have strong opinions doesn't mean that I don't respect other opinions. I never call people names; I just call them out in different ways. Only once has MM issued me a "warning" and that was when I decided to leave the blog because I did nothing wrong while he allowed the PSP to relentlessly mock me.

When opinions are in the form of name calling of players, PJ and/or management or relying on BS statistics or speculation to call a mere opinion "fact" or irrefutable "evidence," then I will come across more defiant and "authoritative" (as you put it). There's everything RIGHT about that. If someone wants to trash Luke or Fish or Bynum or or Pau or PJ (Kobe and Artest get passes in here for the most part and when they don't, people go ballistic), there's a way to do it without ruffling feathers. Mockin the Lakers, which is the usual mode, is MORE uncalled for than me tearing into the blogger who posted these disrespectful comments.

As I have stated before, "agreeing to disagree" is used to put an end to a discussion. So let's agree to disagree that you trashing me in your post at 8:45 AM was appropriate. I think your were out of line to do it.

How about them Lakers!!!

Another practice game win...I wish the playoffs started today...I will hold my breath for the remaining 9 games...and hope we come out 100% healthy...

I think MM does a fantastic job...I thought he had the perfect job getting to go to all our home games...but after seeing Mark at the Portland game...he is working constantly...even he gets 2 assistants for stats and so from the Lakers themselves, he still is constantly working, and has to be a reporter first, before being a fan...So cut the dude some slack...

888 carry on...You have had the same stance and message since I brought you here...The fact is...the concept of the "practice season" has panned out exactly how you have been explaining it since the summer...even so...people can't accept this...and not one post have I seen someone say, "OK I understand now"...but believe me...if it went the other way...there would be 20,000 posts of "I told you so"....

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!! The Friedman Season...

Troll Man,

This is an example of how perspective alters our perception of "truth."

I remain, to this day, the most post-deleted blogger in the history of this blog. Why? Because I would take issue with many of the Kamenetzky Brothers' threads which seemed generated merely to provoke debate/controversy instead of actually responsibly reporting on the subject matter. If I annoyed them, I had my post deleted.

That much said, I also have to take personal responsibility for some of my content. I often did get overly emotional and SOME of my posts were rightfully deleted/not posted (though, in my opinion a minority of them).

The Kamentzky Brothers let a quasi-troll like Michael Teniente run amok in the joint for years. Mark Medina would never have fostered that kind of environment.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Cheers vt laker

LEWSTRS - Wow you are very observant. That's really the life of any sports writer. They're watching the game, while also trying to write. Of course in this day of multimedia, we're also tweeting and in my case, hosting live chats. But I enjoy every single minute of it, for sure.



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