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Lakers focus on Timberwolves, not four-game winning streak

Even though the Lakers have won four consecutive games, Coach Phil Jackson said after his team's shootaround Tuesday that it hasn't been discussed.

All his team his doing was looking forward to was playing the Minnesota Timberwolves later that night at the Target Center.

"We've got a good focus from the players about what we're doing," Jackson said.

Jackson admitted that his team appears more sharp since the All-Star break.

The Lakers had lost three consecutive games entering the break, this after winning the first four on a seven-game trip, including an impressive win in Boston.

But then came the embarrassing loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and things didn't look so good.

"We had a road trip that was 14 days long and you get road-weary after a while, so it's good for guys to get home and get rested and re-access," Jackson said. "We had a chance to make it a spectacular road trip and made a mediocre one out of it."

-- Broderick Turner in Minneapolis

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Personally, I don't have love for K. Perkins but fascinated with his stare and smirk when gets fouled. If his knees are already breaking up, then it is a good move, however if DA gets again into his fiddling mood in treating his players as a revolving door, then Celtic fans might regret his departure. Danny Ainge is like a painter, not as good as Michelangelo but a painter who is fond of using Spackling method for patch-up jobs here and there. Let's see, he went for Sam Cassell, PJ Brown, Leon Powe and won Championship in '08 next season let go all these players as well as Posey because he could not afford them and job is done. His reliable three are also getting older, KG got injured and therefore got eliminated in the 2nd round at that time he thought Starbury and Moore would put Celts in pedestal, well, end of season shipped them again, the patch-up job was not good. Last year, when Celtics took Nate and got rid of House, which was a mistake well he could not pay House but willing to put all the chips on Nate. End of the season, got rid of TA, Wallace who got fed up of being a Celt lol! so frantic Danny added more old foggies to fill the rehab team in Shaq baby the other frequently injured O'Neil. As soon as KP got down at the Finals, Danny Antsy got excited again, he went shopping for another patch-up jobs, got Green, Kristic and now Murphy. Tell me what is this Ainge philosophy of change? Is there a pattern or a plan or it is a combination of panic catch-up and lofty patch-up as long as it is cheap! lol

@LRob and Mamba24....

I've got to join the Anita-fest....she's my all time favorite female's one that is always in the CD changer in my car...

@boynamedsue...congrats and welcome to the blog!!'s one that is always in the CD changer in my car... Posted by: bronxlakerfan | March 01, 2011 at 11:38 AM
As well it should be!! I shall make sure it is on mine also. Thank you my brother!!


Looks like Troy Murphy has chosen to "take his talents" to Beantown rather than South Beach....

The Celtics have taken an interesting approach in approaching the upcoming playoffs. In spite of having the 2nd best record in the league, Boston has gone about making major renovations to their team in the days before and after the NBA's trading deadline.

Meanwhile, the two time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers have chosen to stand pat to date after making several changes in the off-season. No high profile deadline trades for The Show, whose front office seems to think, that with internal improvement and good health, that its product is good enough to Three-peat.

Two very different approaches to achieving the same goal. Time will tell if either franchise has the correct formula for success.

Mike Bibby's acqusition by the Heat is not too popular in the Arroyo household...

Watching recent Hawk games, Mike didn't seem to have much left in the tank or much interest. Maybe being with a true contender will revitalize him.

Final thought on Perkins. The Celtics have been trumpeting the importance of Perkins as far as proclaiming they would have won their 18th trophy had Perkins played. No wonder, even Perkins and his agent bought into that hogwash by asking for 42 mils for 4 years while the Celtics, not surprisingly, offered 22. Evidently, the Celtics did not put money on their own words. Just another excuse among a long list of excuses. However, it is ironic that Perkins career as a Celtic, came to a screeching halt because of imaginary excuse of his own coach Doc Rivers, appropriately nick-name for doctoring excuses, that made believers out of him and his agent who in turn asked for unrealistic salary.


Agree with the point that Kendrick over-valued himself. His career averages are not impressive:
6.4 ppg
6.1 rpg
22:18 mins. per game.
Not the stuff that dreams are made of.

I think that OKC will have reason to regret opening up its purse to Perk. He's not all that.

I guess I was hoping Mitch would land Bibby for a song. It looks like Pat got him. I have seen him hit so many big shots. Unfortunately, they were against us... ;-) I know his defense is suspect... He gets a lot of assists. I think we need a shooter. Sometimes these guys at the end of their career come to a team wanting a ring and they play like 20 year olds. Sometimes you get the Mailman and the Glove... ;-)

I hope the team isn't worrying about next week. I know I am. We have to stay focused on the task at hand - blowing out the Timberwolves!!! They haven't beaten us since 2007. Love had 37 points and 23 rebounds in their win against Golden State. Love is 5 games away from breaking Malone's record of 51 double doubles in a row. The streak started after the game against us where he shot 0-7. The streak must end tonight! Malone was once a Laker (OK briefly and not so successfully). Keep the Mailman in the record books!

I am a Lakerholic.

any news on kapono, or am i just that much out of the loop?

>>>6.4 ppg
>>>6.1 rpg
>>>22:18 mins. per game.
>>>Not the stuff that dreams are made of.

Unless they're Kwame Brown's dreams.

the lakers should not be that excited about a modest winning streak. they have to just take a game at a time or risk another loss to a bad team. if they need to remember anything, it should be the cavs game, which can still happen if they don't pay attention.i am really confused about the perkins trade. he was important to the celtics BUT he is no leader and mostly did what kg told him what to do, so i don't know what the thunder thinks they are getting with him

@lance - I'm with you. Current streak is no biggie. The Lakers need to handle their biz on the big upcoming roadie to really start getting some momentum.

@Edwin - excellent post. I didn't realize all the changes that Boston had made in the last 3yrs. Wow.

@mclyne – Great Keys selection – 10 Cent Pistols is a 10 in my book.

I've got to join the Anita-fest....she's my all time favorite female's one that is always in the CD changer in my car...
Posted by: bronxlakerfan | March 01, 2011 at 11:38 AM

Great selection. I couldn't resist dropping this last one. It's one of my favorites before Anita blew up as a solo artist.

LRob...loved that song from Miss Baker's roots...we could go on and on with her discography! Suffice it to say that Anita Baker has the rare talent of being able to make love to a lyric and of imparting joy to her audience.

Carlos Arroyo would be a nice piece for the future if MK can get him for a song!



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