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Lakers Chat: Talking about Lakers' 10-1 mark since the All-Star break

--Mark Medina

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I am so deeply saddened by the loss of our dear Rick. As I mentioned to both Justa and Mamba this morning; how easily the tears flow for a man I never met in person. I suppose that would be one measure of the man. Thank you Rick, for your contributions to this blog community, this blog family.

Here is my song dedication…


Dude...In memory of your fallen brother, Rick.

Hello my fellow Laker fans!

I am shock and sad to hear of Rick Friedman's passing. He was one of the original bloggers here and he always shows respect to the bloggers here. He was a die hard laker fan and a gentleman. My condolences to his family and friends. He will be missed!
Lakers are playing great. Here's hoping Bynum stays healthy. See how our team plays when all 5 starters are playing. I am one happy Laker fan! On to the playoffs! Go Lakers!

I just caught up in the days comments, and as I think bronxlakerfan put it, because of the respect you guys have shown to the passing of Rick, I know for sure I am in the right place to talk basketball.

I am still really touched and impressed with the way everyone has acted... MM you showed something awesome as well by renaming the rcotd.

Currently I am avoiding a paper on electoral reform and watching the bulls and wizards fan. My my my, I wish we could have Derrick Rose in purple and gold. But at the same time, it's nice to watch him restore Chicago to it's former glory (sort of)

I have a huge paper due thursday so probably wont be on much (just in time for lakers break, thanks for timing it so well prof!)

See you guys Friday.

As Rick's cousin, I just want to say that I (and I can safely assume the rest of my family) appreciates your many kind words about Rick. I know Rick made it easy, but it still ever so slightly eases the pain of his loss that he is so widely appreciated here. Pending a talk with my cousin (Rick's son) about with what he's okay, I plan on sharing a little more about Rick with you guys that I think will add something.

An amazing, AMAZING article about Darth Stern. High profile, pretty good stuff. Must read. Really it deserves its own post. I honestly hope it's the end of an evil empire.

You guys are lucky to be the Lakers fans to watch Lakers have more W than L, and many championships. Lakers blog community also has many bloggers who can provide meaningful comments about Lakers and BB such as Rick Friedman.

Mean while Clippers fans have to see more L than W. Not only that they sometimes have to hear some terrible stories about the owner.

Read this article from Yahoo: Players chip in to save coach’s life after Clippers decline medical coverage. Here is the link;_ylt=Aue9bYJtmC9F7kAh_oq4p_e8vLYF?urn=nba-wp184

Players: Corey Maggette, Elton Brand, Chris Kaman, and Marko Jaric, have chipped in 70k+ to cover the medical bill for former clippers head coach Kim Hughes’ prostate cancer surgery. Read the story to see how great some players are and then you can vote Donald Sterling for the worst person in the world. I'm sorry to use some bad words to label a human.

Rick has shown us the dignity of dying, nobody among us suspected of his malignant situation and he preferred to just disappear in the mist without interrupting our serious Laker conversations. He never alarmed anyone asking for bandwagon of prayers and wishes. That is the lesson I will cherish from Rick. Therefore, when temper flares up over a simple issue or trying to be a recalcitrant blogger in defending a basketball principle which u just concocted in a blog, perhaps it's time to ask: is it worth it? is it fair? what good would it do to others? Many of us in the blog have past midlife as such, we are susceptible to unknown dangers on our health; on our relationship with our family and on our employment or a panic retirement. Perhaps, Rick left us a lesson worthy of considering that conversations in a blog are just mere conversations for the sake of entertainment. Don't sweat on this stuff through prolonged debates with statistical support and so forth, don't insult your neighbors at feat of anger, it's not worth your time to get into unfriendly engagement. Learn to move on and enjoy the give and take. Treat the blog as a therapy to boredom or harnessed energy of thinking, exercise those brain waves of recall and reasoning to prevent dementia or Alzheimer at future age. When you constantly talk of turfs, trolls and euphoria in a basketball competition because we are the Lakers, it increases our blood pressure like those criss-crossing motorists get into gridlock on our clogged arteries, engage in excessive drinking as part of endless celebration. Wake up brother and sister, remember what happened to our brother, Rick F., we are all mortals that at some point we will meet our own destiny so let's enjoy one another in moderation while we are on our own journey.

A lenten!

wow, those last couple of posts really point out truths that are often pooh-poohed as "conspiracy theories", but are obviously true. actually, Sterling has been shown to be a crooked man in court more than once, but Stern only does stuff that is obvious, but seems to leave no hard evidence. we know that the league is crooked like boxing, but somehow we trust or at least hope that even with the fix being in, in the long run, the best team will be victorious...

My thoughts and prayers to Rick's family - I am very sorry for your loss. I enjoyed reading his posts on here.
~ Chris

Prayers definately go out to the bereave family.Always appreciate the great bloggers on this site even though i new at this .But stay strong.

To Rick!
We send our love and prayers.



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