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L.A. Times' Mark Medina on Lakers' 97-84 victory over Orlando Magic

--Mark Medina

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Thanks Utz. I don’t know, but I think it would have meant a lot to Rick, and I think it will mean a lot to this blog.

FCM- sorry if I gave you a hard time tonight. I really do appreciate what you do and I think you are one of the better Laker analysts out there. What you lack in connections [van gundy you, Simers] you make up in talent and hard work. The blog is in great hands.



I think tonight’s game by Andrew Bynum clearly showed why the Lakers will not trade him for Dwight Howard or any other center in the league. Tonight was one of those nights where the stats didn’t tell the complete story because the truth was that Andrew Bynum actually dominated Dwight Howard, cleanly blocking two of his shots and intimidating and forcing Dwight to settle for awkward jumpers rather than attacking the rim. The only thing that saved Dwight from an embarrassing night was his uncharacteristically good touch from mid-range, basically shots that every team will gladly give him.
The thing that bothers me about Dwight Howard is the same thing that bothers me about LeBron James and Rajon Rondo – they cannot shoot the basketball. They are so athletic that they can score but trusting them to hit outside shots or free throws late in a game is not how you consistently win championships in my book. You often see these guys make their jumpers in the first half but when crunch time comes, their lack of form and true shooting touch usually come to the forefront, as we saw tonight with Dwight Howard. You can sometimes make these guys into reliable shooters but you will never make them into great shooters. That’s where posters who think Dwight will eventually become a great offensive player are wrong. If you were a shooter, you know what I’m talking about.
Game ball tonight once again should go to Andrew Bynum, who pulled down a career high 18 boards while scoring 10 points and blocking 4 shots, including 2 by Dwight Howard. Howard actually got credit for blocking one of Drew’s shots but replay clearly showed that the ball was goal tended. With the Lakers playing Dwight one-on-one with Bynum and usually doubling him with Pau at center, Howard lost his composure and ended turning over the ball 9 times while scoring 22 points with 15 boards and only 1 actual block, since the block on Drew was obviously goal tending. Bottom line, Drew kept Drew completely in check. There never was a moment you thought he would explode.
The Lakers team defense was outstanding again in the second half. I’m going to have to go back to the game logs to see exactly how many points we are allowing in the second half. I’m convinced that the numbers must be below 40 points. And while the refs did put Drew into foul trouble, they also let him play a little on defense against Dwight, which shows that refs are starting to respect Drew’s defense. I was also pleased to see Phil took my advice (JK) and matched Drew up with Dwight rather than following a preset substitution pattern. It was great to see Phil understand that Drew needed to be in the game when Dwight was in, much like Ron would be in the game when Durant or Pierce was.

LakerTom, I was thinking of you as I watched this game, thinking to myself, "This has to be Bynum's best all-around games EVER." He is becoming a true defensive force around the rim, and the guards driving the lane know that he's going to be there.

Fisher haters? I dare you to show yourselves.

Go Lake Show!

It has been proven several times that when the Lakers play good defense and Kobe commits very few turnovers, they could be unbeatable.

First of all, I didn't have the pleasure of ever getting to know Rick but I want to share my condolences with his family and those who knew him.

Secondly, FISHER HATERS WHERE YOU AT? I've been a long time Fisher supporter and tonights game was just great. He made some great 3s, some amazing lay ups to the basket. He stepped up tremendoulsy because he knew Kobe wasn't 100%. This just goes to show you that he still has it. How many offensive fouls did he draw tonight? Fisher, I can't wait to see you once again shut these haters up come play off times.

Third, if AB plays like this for the rest of his career, no one in his right mind would trade him for Howard. What an outstanding and tremendous game by Bynum. He has a bit of weight to shed still and a bit more muscle mass to gain but after that, no one will be able to contend with him.

What a great game tonight, nights like these I feel truly blessed to be a Lakers fan and glad that we have such a strong organization behind it all.
I am glad for the three day break, it couldn't come at a better timing as I imagine all our guys will need the rest.

oh yaeh and celtics lost woooo

Wouldn't be nice to have a cast / roster after Phil Jackson leaves simply because the Lakers really needs to have really really good talents and getting into transition for the next Lakers Dynasty since Pau & Kobe is getting older......then, I don't need to wait for at least 7 to 8 years to get Superstars to come and play for us..... Kobe can start LURING Dwight Howard and Kevin Durant to come play for us.

Both Kobe & Pau can start cutting their salaries so that they can easily get young guys (Dwight & Kevin) to help them while they are getting older and get more championship rings....

I would love to see Bynum (no trades) as Lakers Center, Dwight Howard as Power Forward, and Kevin Durant as Small Forward/Shooting Guard as Pau & Kobe gets older.... this would be a nice transition for the organization. Amen!

Center: Andrew Bynum
Power Forward: Dwight Howard
Small Forward: Pau Gasol
Shooting Guard / Small Forward: Kevin Durant
Point Guard: Kobe Bryant


Matt Barnes
Ron Artest
Shannon Brown
Steve Blake
2 Rookies

Possible Acquisition of Point Guard who wants to play for us for the sake of championship ring:

Derrick Rose
Deron Williams
Chris Paul
Tony Parker
Steve Nash

Dereck Fisher should join next year Lakers' coaching staff ALREADY!

I am saddened by the news of Rick Friedmans passing. My prayers and condolences goes out to his family and his friends. Like many fellow bloggers have posted, he was one of the first few who welcomed me to this site where we could all share the love for the Lakers. It is amazing how the love for something; for a team, can connect many strangers and have some care for one another.
It is unfortunate that we now come to realize that after the passing of a loyal, loving and classy person.
Rest in peace Rick, I have no doubt that you are smiling down from up above.

Go Kobe ,Go Lakers shut up pretenders and haters...

Where are the trolls?????? Lakers 3 peat and beyond.....

>>>Where are the trolls??

If you didn't notice, the Lakers sprayed out several cans of Troll-B-Gone while they were opening a can of whoop-ass on the Magic.

Nice second half, kudos to Fish & the bench...excellent!. I wish AB showed that kind of demonstrative fire every night.
OK, a nice home stand has arrived, lets hope the Laker's stay focused and don't resort back to bad habits and loses like the rest of this year has gone. I don't think they will but this has been the pattern all year. We are in excellent position to move up in the overall standings if we stay on track...GO LAKERS!

Well. I am from Spain. I don´t really know if you do Know, Spain is in Europe.
Not in South America or Asia, but just next to France or Italy ( where by the way Koby would like to finish his basketball days).

Just wanted to say, because nobody has mentioned......... today the best player was by far, PAU GASOL, and yes I say it with capital letters because he is 100% worthy of this fact.
Bynum, Odom,........great doubt....Koby Bryant the best ever but come on Yankis or Rebels or whatever, you must admit it , Pau is not just a simple Smalllllllllllllllll Forward............... he is an unbeliable person and player....

A little more respect for him.... for Chist Sake,

Jeremy from Spain



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