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L.A. Times' Mark Medina on Lakers' 112-104 victory over the Clippers

--Mark Medina

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Like Mamba24...DFish is the glue that holds the Lakers together...

Adrian - anong balita pare...yes the Flips love the Lakers and Kobe very much...

S.Perkins - I have met Jon K in person, and your are completely wrong about the guy...maybe if you met him you would know better...

MM - It was a pleasure to finally meet you at the Portland game...and yes, Mark works very hard during game time...always got his head buried in his laptop...the rumor of MM just chasing Laker Girls during game days are

Last note: If Rondo keeps pouting over the trade of his best friend, Perkins, Orlando will over take them in the standings and playoff seedings...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!! The Friedman Season...



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