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L.A. Times' Mark Medina discusses Lakers' 84-80 victory over Portland Trail Blazers

--Mark Medina

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Nice sweater! Purple Laker color. Laker fan after all? Ha, ha, ha.

Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Clutch Laker veterans! Kobe & Fish! I loved it! As it should be in the world...............

Win despite not getting a call! Apparently it will be 5 on 8 for the rest of the season. This ring will be the sweetest if the gritty Lakers are able to overcome this unbelieveable 'rig' that Stearn and minions have thrown down!

Go after it old-school Lakers!

Nice recap, Mark. I thought that Pau and the Lakers were able to hold LaMarcus Aldridge somewhat in check as well, particularly in the 1st half.. As I was watching the 2nd half, it seemed Aldridge was going off, but the box score shows that he had 18 & 6, which is well below his seasonal averages of 22.8 & 8.7.

The Show did give up an unacceptable 17 offensive rebounds. Combined with Batum's breakout game, that made for a tight contest. Luckily for them, the Lakers were able to limit Brandon Roy and Wallace as well as Matthews, who didn't score.

All in all, the Lakers sent a couple of messages. They showed they can beat the Blazers without their starting center and Kobe and Fish showed their championship hearts down the gut of the ballgame. As Stu Lantz would say..."NOOICE"!!


@MM - Nice recap. Kobe's intensity was incredible. He wasn't going to lose today.

@LT -congrats on coaching your team to the title.

@MM… Thanks for the props, Mark. I had to leave for my grandson’s basketball game today so I didn’t get a chance to respond to your article, which mirrored many of the same points I was making. Not that agreeing with me is any litmus test because I do like to be out there on edge at times, but I have been consistently impressed with your insight and understanding of the dynamics of the game. And I love that you’re not afraid to express an opinion rather than just parroting the media usual.
You’re also talking to the coach of the 2010-11 CYO 5th grade B Boys basketball champions. My grandson’s team won their championship showdown today over their fellow Mill Valley team 26-23, coming from behind in the fourth quarter to win their fourth straight playoff game. At the closing ceremony for the Mill Valley CYO league, I and the 3 other Mill Valley 5th grade B Boy’s coaches whose teams comprised the league-first all Mill Valley Final Four shared Coach of the Year honors. Nothing sweeter than taking home a Mt. Carmel Lakers championship and then watching Kobe show why he is the greatest player in the game today. Too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow. lol.

The sign of a great team is being able to beat a good team when you don’t play your best. The Lakers only shot 17% from 3pt land, drew just 11 fouls on the Blazers (that were called) and was outrebounded by 10…yet found a way to win. Scrappy defense in the 4th holding the Blazers to 14 points on 5-17 shooting and forcing 4 turnovers.

Kobe’s intensity was off the charts. That baseline J over BRoy was as good as it gets. Kobe and Fish made the big plays down the stretch, LO was solid all game and Ron shut down Matthews and Roy. Pau shot was off…I think all his baskets were layups or dunks, but he did a decent job on the boards. Bynum’s presence was definitely missed…especially on the boards and getting easy baskets.

Here's the theme for this team and this blog throughout the rest of the regular season and into June:


BronxLF - I don't ever think I saw as many cross matches as the Laker-Blazers tonite...

Fish guarding Batum, but Batum guarding LO.
Kobe checking Miller, but Miller checking Fish.
Ron on Matthews, but Matthews on Kobe.
LO on GWall, while GWall checked Ron.

That was strange indeed.

That baseline J over BRoy was as good as it gets.

Posted by: LRob | March 20, 2011 at 10:58 PM

I thought BRoy's defense on that shot was superb, as well. Great defense, better offense. That's Kobe!


Agreed the cross matching in tonights game was very unusual. I think both coaches may have been doing a little experimenting with the Playoffs in the back of their minds. Portland's heavy use of the zone also surprised me.

If the second unit would've been executing the triangle, the zone would've been busted through fundamental passing and cutting.

They have plenty to work on at practice tomorrow...


@ The Triangulator...

Great selection! I love Ella and I love that message!

The most important play in the game tonight was not Kobe’s baseline fade-away over Brandon Roy but his scorching missile of a jump pass to Pau for a layup earlier. That play epitomized Kobe not giving up on Pau because of a couple of earlier muffs. Many star players would’ve looked elsewhere but Kobe not only trusted Pau to make the play, he challenged him by firing a pass that required Pau to make a great play to catch. I’ve seen Kobe do this with Pau numerous times, going back to him not with easier plays to make but with harder plays, demanding that Pau elevate his game. I give Kobe great credit as a leader for doing this and to Pau as a player for stepping up and accepting Kobe’s challenge. These are the kinds of plays we can expect due to Kobe setting greatness as the standard.

@BronxLF - yep I don't blame Nate for going to the zone. The Lakers not only couldn't hit a shot from the outside, but they also didn't take advantage of the zone on the offensive boards.

@Triangular - Eliminate the negative...and watch out for Mr. in between. Great rendition. I was listening to several versions a few weeks ago...Bing with Bette Midler, Sinatra, Cash and this one...

LT - excellent observation. One other play I loved was Ron's block on Batum's corner 3. Vintage Ron.

LEW, 888, JAMF, whoever else:
WOW! Great game for you guys to attend!! Looks like we've all lucked out on seeing down to the wire portland games this season eh? They've all seemed to be pretty fantastic.

Lew and JAMF hope you were near Kobe when he made that killer shot over Roy.
I missed the game to study (gross) but it seemeed like the ending was friggin fabulous.
threepeat is ours.. no darth stern can get in our way.
onto the suns!

I can't believe I didn't comment on Fish's play in my post. Good, Gosh that man is an excellened player. Him and Kobe making those plays together down the stretch, well not together but one after another. Just beautiful. Fisher is gearing up for play offs season.


Thanks for sharing that Aretha Franklin rendition.
According to the notes on the Youtube page, that was done in 1962 and she was 20 at the time. Amazing. That woman can sing Gospel, R&B, Jazz and Pop with equal ability. Miss Franklin can do it all!

What is that yellow thing rising from the court over Mark's left shoulder?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I don't think the Lakers would dare lose a game with JAMF and the rest of the crew in attendance! I know they represented and saw a heck of a game to boot!

Does anyone play the NBA league legend game on facbeook / It's so addicting >.>


Another great rendition. Can't go wrong with Aretha either.

My Fave Five Female Vocalists:
1. Ella
2. Sarah Vaughn
3. Carmen McCrae
4. Aretha
5. Dee Dee Bridgewater

Runner Ups: Rosemary Clooney, Doris Day, a young Billie Holiday


DerekJeter -- It might be the lighting, but the it was actually blue.

Jon K - I noticed that after the fact. It very well could be a munchkin hanging himself like in the Wizard of Oz



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