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Kobe Bryant sits out of Wednesday's practice

In what has become a customary exercise to ensure long-term health, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant sat out of Wednesday's practice to treat his sprained left ankle.

He did not speak with reporters afterward, but Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said he hopes Bryant can participate in shooting drills during Wednesday's practice. Bryant injured his ankle in the Lakers' 96-91 victory Saturday over Dallas and described it as his "scariest" left ankle injury. He still played in the Lakers' 97-84 victory Monday over the Orlando Magic, improving from a two-of-10 clip in the first half to five of nine in the second half. The Lakers had the day off Tuesday and don't play until Friday against Minnesota, giving Bryant time for extra treatment.

Thursday "he may come out on the court," Jackson said. "I asked if he can shoot tomorrow to get some shots in. We'll see about that. Today was just about therapy and strength in conditioning with what he can do."

--Mark Medina

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Practice? I mean we are talking about practice! After 5 Rings, Kobe don't need no stinking "practice," ha, ha!

MM: Thanks for the practice updates. Personally, I find whatever information that is available from direct visuals on the players and practice reports very illuminating. Wish they could come every day.

Haters will say that Kobe worked out on his off-day (according to Dave Mc's tweet) but didn't practice with his teammates the next day and try to use it to somehow discredit the Mamba. I say, hope you can play Friday, Kobe.

I believe that this is also called using 3 off days in a row to rest up and help heal an injury.

I heard a hilarious discussion on the Fitz and Brooks talk radio show in the Bay area. Fitz is the play-by-play announcer for the Warriors and his co-host Rod Brooks stated that he would prefer to be a fan of a team like the SF Giants who sucked for years but finally won a championship than a fan of a team like the Dallas Mavs, who win 50 games every year, but choked their only chance to win a championship. Rod’s point was that it’s all about winning championships. Fitz then replied that he guessed Rod would rather be a finisher than a fluffer. We all know what the fluffer’s job is and that is exactly what the Mark Cuban’s Mavs’ job is. Get the Lakers ready for a championship.

Like T-Mac said earlier today:

"I just didn't see how me practicing hard was going to take my talent to another level"

Maybe the Mamba was listening the Big Sleepy.

I hope Kobe rest his ankle against the Timberwolves and is ready for Portland game on Sunday. The rest of the Lakers players will play harder to beat the Timberwolves.

Kendrick "Turtlehead" Perkins will crawl back into his shell once Kobe & Co. Makes Turtle Soup outta him & his Thunder From Down Under...



Triangulator-Dude..."AND THE BEAST GOES ON..."

That's kind of a HOOK.


Nice call Gmoney.



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