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Kobe Bryant a game-time decision Monday because of injured ankle

Kobe-bryant_350 Kobe Bryant, who sprained his left ankle Saturday night against the Dallas Mavericks, has been listed as a game-time decision for Monday night's game against the Orlando Magic at Staples Center, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said.

Bryant, who arrived late to the team's training facility in El Segundo, didn't practice Sunday, preferring to get treatment instead.

"We hope he'll be able to play," Jackson said.

Bryant declined to talk to the media.

Bryant had said after the injury occurred late in the third quarter that it was the scariest ankle sprain of his career.

If Bryant were to miss Monday night's game, he would have five days to rest the ankle. The Lakers don't play again until Friday night at home against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

-- Broderick Turner

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant grabs his left ankle after spraining it when he landed after jumping for a loose ball against the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday night. Credit: LM Otero / Associated Press

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Kobe's sprain looked like a 2 games out.

Hope Kobe doesn't make it worse playing when he should not.

I was amazed he was able to play after the injury.. Here it is in slow mo.

Phil should rest him. Kobe is stubborn and will probably disagree, but Phil should insist.

Obviously him resting that game after getting his ankle severely sprained would be optimal but it's a big game and most players in the league would have also played, you know the Tony Parker's of this world aka Mr "2-Weeks-Out", the Brandon Roys "Playoff-ending surgery" who play for the love of the game. This is a tough call for me and Kobe should be commended if he played that game, I think we can win it without Mr 24 and I don't know how he does it. I cut my left pinky finger by accidentally swiping it off a tape roller, it's a nice 1 inch vertical south of my joint, I managed to do things normally but I definitely had to change my normal routines working out etc, but I still had a hard time adjusting to it, I don't know how Kobe does it I just don't. But I do hope he doesn't play just to play, only because Shannon Brown has proven to be a great starter before and if Andrew Bynum plays like he has been for now getting those Dwight Howard-like numbers we should be able to neutralize him and make them perimeter shooters, then we just add more length having Barnes or Artest and Odom contesting Jason Richardson or stopping Jameer Nelson from penetrating, Bynum and Gasol should have another 30+ rebound combined night if we play like we know we can.

i say he rests until he's 100 % maybe they can play as a "team" and show some unity in his absence, it would be a good test.

He needs to rest that ankle and his body. We need the win but c'mon we much more need the healthy KOBE in the playoffs.

The team needs a couple of games without Kobe each year. They usually play well together and it acts as a reminder that the Team has the talent to win without him.


I hate this. That sprain looked soo bad. Kobe for the love of Star Trek, do not play the next game. I agree, the Lakers need a few games each season without you. The next game after Orlando is Friday. Take a couple games, weeks, whatever you need off and look at tape. We've seen Kobe doin work. Now how bout Bynum doin some work! Let's go Lakers!

Kobe-decoy mode................

One thing I noticed that no one mentioned is that Phil said he hopes Kobe plays.That in it self says a lot about the seriousness of this games,and games going forward.We know Kobe is a lot tougher than he gets credit for,it really looked bad though.Like pointforward mentioned though,we seen some guys come back alot sooner than they were supposed to.

BTw when will people lay off the Kobe getting old stuff,look at fisher,allen(most of boston),kidd,nash,etc..I think it's safe to say he's better than all those players,plus younger,and he takes his

sit the ball hog, jacking up bad shots narcissist down.
maybe he will learn how to play team ball.

@MUD… Your post late last night/early this morning was a work of art. I couldn’t help wondering as I was reading who the writer was because I was really digging what he or she was saying and how they were saying it. I have to admit that I didn’t recognize the style as you probably because your usual posts always seem to just a paragraph or two. Anyway, kudos for an eloquent take on Lakers fandom.
@CORNER J… Three straight swishes, CJ. I especially loved “The closer we get to "the real season", the more we look like "the real Lakers.” I loved Phil’s active late game substitutions, especially leaving Drew in at the end. He deserved it and proved it. Drew has come to define toughness for the Lakers.
@TODD … “Bynum made more believers in Dallas. If he is healthy, neither Chandler nor Haywood are his equal.” Right on, Todd. Funny, how the local media was talking about how these guys would give their teams a chance to beat the Lakers. Almost as funny as the misguided Bynum Bashers who were claiming the Lakers could win with a center like Chandler and Haywood and didn’t need AB.
@HOBBITMAGE… “Holy Crap! Bynum *seems* to be finally getting it. He's been playing well since the all-star break.” It has been wonderful watching Drew start to get his hops and athleticism back. Let’s just hope he stays healthy. It was scary watching Kobe come down on his ankle. Haven’t been reading the press as I’m still catching up on the blog so I hope he’s OK. Kobe’s still the key.
@FRMKT… I love your timing. On a day when Drew was the offensive and defensive star in a great win, all you want to talk about is trading him for Dwight Howard. Enjoy your fantasies if you want. I prefer to enjoy the reality of right now, which is Andrew Bynum. If Drew continues to stay healthy and play like this through the finals and next year, the Lakers will not trade him for anybody, including Dwight Howard. Meanwhile, I’ll go to bed dreaming of the reality of Andrew Bynum while you waste time fantasizing about your silly long shot chance of Dwight Howard in purple and gold.
“It's an improvement over Andrew in every way possible and with proper coaching and tutoring from Kareem along with Dwight's work ethic, he and the team can go on to win many more championships.” Yeah, you just click a button and not only get Dwight Howard in a trade and then click another button and turn him into a polished offensive player. Get real. This is the NBA not your local fantasy league. If the Lakers ran their business like you suggest, they would be the Clippers. Howard will not ask for a trade to the Laker and the Lakers will not trade Drew for anybody.
@RON J…. “Look at this roster and tell me who will lead this team in 4 years, Kobe will be 36, Pao 34, Odum 35, I believe. Drew will be 27, just hitting his NBA prime. Get used to it, this kid is the future. Finally, D. Howard is skilled but he's only 6-10. Mark my word one day, in the not too distant future, Drew will eat his lunch on a regular basis.” Outstanding post, Ron. And welcome to the blog. Always good to have another blogger who understands how important AB is even beyond this year.

Phil should sit Kobe 5 days rest will do him good.Its all about the long term effect.They need him for playoffs at his best,rest him we can still win tomorrow without him.I'm looking forward to the Howard, Bynum rematch it should be interesting. Howard got the best of our bigs the first time around,but this time a little pay backs instore.

Go Lakers!

Kobe should take a game off, no use playing less than 100%, there are more battles ahead.

@LakerTom - take a "chill pill." I was commenting about other posts regarding the "upgrade."

This break in the schedule couldn't have come at a better time. In a perfect world, Kobe would sit out against Orlando and the whole team would step up and get the win. This team has to win.

Don't let anybody fool you by telling you a loss against Orlando in March is meaningless. Not true. San Antonio has the best record locked up(which will be deem worthless down the road,) but the Bulls, Celtics, Heat, Mavs and Lakers all have pretty much identical records to this point. This race is so close that we can't afford any screw ups!!

With or without Kobe, this team must step up.

Laker team usually play fine without Kobe so maybe Phil shuld let Kobe rest this game. BUT EVERYONE HAS TO remember that Fisher is still on the floor. Fisher cannot make layups, cannot jump, cannot play defense, cannot shoot and definately cannot run. Mitch, Buss and Jackson keep saying things are fine though. Well, they passed up on alot of players that could replace Fisher and help the team Now let's see if things are fine in Lakerland ??


You're reading way too much into Fish's numbers in the box score and not seeing the big picture. Kobe will tell you himself that Fish is the glue that hols this thing together. What he brings can't be replaced. Derek is here for life baby!!

It's too great a risk for kobe to play tonight. Yeah I think kobe hogs the ball but he is needed come playoff time. Why risk the season for a regular season game? When you sprain an ankle it makes it vunerable for more serious injury. But now kobe being out is good for both sides. He will get some needed rest and he will see how the team will play without him. Remember last season the team went 6-3 without kobe. They almost beat Boston with it comming down to the last shot. LA has the talent without kobe to get it done tonight. Persons on the other thread are claiming that Bynum is having a few good games because kobe takes 20+ shots a game. That's nonsense! If you shoot 6 for 20 then you are not helping anybody. But forget about the shooting % for a second and realize that kobe is too predictable because he will shoot first and teams defense will be easier. There are probably too many games to mention where kobe shoots 20+ shots are the lakers struggle against the bottom of the barrel teams. kobe must realise that he is not playing with kwame and smush any longer and are playing with elite players. Kobe is like randy moss. Because randy is a deep threath it will force teams to double him. But because moss only goes for the deep pass he becomes too predictable like kobe. Now when kobe passes and shoots the lakers roll and i don't understand why people can't see that.

I'm not the only one who have this opinion about kobe. Two time champion kenny smith and hof Barkley both said that the lakers need facilitator kobe. Kobe must be a dual threath. I know kobe walks a fine line. On one hand he wants to prove that he is still as good as the durants, lbj, wade etc. On the other he has a team that are the odds on favorite to win it all if he plays the right way. Sometimes these two focus conflict. Bynum would be a superstar on any other team right now. Kobe is stifling his growth because he brings flashback of shaq. Remember kobe took bynum out couple seasons ago. After shaq you have the biggest active center in the nba and you don't regularly use him? That's absurd! Phil and his entire coaching staff wants the ball to go inside to bynum and not kobe jacking up 25 shots like he is a damn fool. If team collapse on bynum pass it back out. That's winning basketball.

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great, two guys who hate the Lakers with a passion from the ole playing days, and root against the Lakers at every chance(boy the Lakers made me happy when they killed the Rockets. the looks on Kenny and Charle's faces were priceless), wanna tell the Lakers how they should play.

yep, all those losing guys who root for other teams in the league will really tell you what's wrong with your championship winning and contending team. thanks guys.

yes, i can always tell people who follow the team but aren't really fans. instead of bringing the love, they try to be smart. smart these days means telling people who do things what they are doing wrong. it's easy to be smart when you can just criticize others. it's harder to be smart when you're the one being criticized.

don't get me wrong, critique is good, if you love the one you are examining. otherwise, critique is just thinly veiled harpyism and vulturism. it's just an attempt to make one's self feel better at the expense of someone public, and with an anonymous name, too. so it's also cowardice.

i yell at the tv sometimes and at the players, too. everyone messes up in life, and of course, i want the team to be perfect, which they DO strive to be(my only requirement for my love). i never feel like those players aren't "my guys" even when i'm mad at them. as long as they are Lakers, i pray for their success and support them in good times and bad. if they leave, they're in the cross hairs or sometimes, it's just a sigh of relief, but while they're there, i can't hate them. it's not like the cubs or a cleveland team. the Lakers are consistent winners. what more can i ask for?

i hope Kobe's well enough to go, and i trust him to know if he's gonna do damage by playing, or if it just hurts. i know that his presence makes the team better, even though they are capable of winning(but not quite as likely to win) without him. this theory is battle tested and proven.

don't get me wrong, critique is good, if you love the one you are examining. otherwise, critique is just thinly veiled harpyism and vulturism.
Posted by: mud

Absoultely Agree.

Others talk like they knew more, when in fact, they know NOTHING.


Changing my number temporarily in honor of the Black Mamba.


Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe




Guess that's enough to make the Haters puke... LOL!


Game Day!!!!

Drew vs Dwight.

Bynumite vs Superman.

Hoping & Praying Drew stays healthy all throughout.


don't get me wrong, critique is good, if you love the one you are examining. otherwise, critique is just thinly veiled harpyism and vulturism.
Posted by: mud

Absoultely Agree.

Others talk like they knew more, when in fact, they know NOTHING.


Posted by: JovBatz24 | March 14, 2011 at 05:24 AM

I remember when a couple of people jumped into the forums and said crazy stuff like "Let's trade Kobe for Durant". It's easy to see how great a player like Durant is but it's even harder for most casual people to appreciate what Kobe has done. I had an "are you serious?" moment because it's like people don't notice how 24 led our teams through grueling playoff matches, like Kobe's 30 or 15 rebounds on game 7 all of a sudden don't count or didn't even happen. People forgot his defense and that he, uh, got us 2 championships. It's comical to me, when people will deny Kobe's accomplishments and body of work and then use broad generalizations to paint him as some stubborn-stat-padding-attention-getting-athlete, he's a hard worker. Or when Kobe is the most hit star in the league next to Dwight Howard, no foul is called. Or when people use a double-standard slotting Lebron James ahead of Kobe in the MVP race eventhough you can make an argument for Kobe as an MVP every single year. You can make the point Wade is equally important to the Heat's success this year in collegiate-caliber basketball team can't you? So yeah there will always be haters. "K" will have 2 detractors for every sound basketball fan. My theory is people do it to "distinguish" themselves as "knowledgeable" fans, you know when they are exposed as detractors 2 sentences in..

I don't know but injuries if treated right often times make you stronger as a person. Adversity is something we all go through, it's how you handle it AKA not crying after a loss in early March, the team will learn how to cope without Kobe whether they win or not and it will help motivate our younger players to step up in crunch time.

Well Kobe already played right after he got injured and I know the whole story about the ensuing swelling that always happens and so forth. Personally Ive had 2 sprains on my left ankle, I was walking 15 mins after visiting a foot-therapist - he got me straight and I was able to run a marathon full bore if I wanted to, but I still from time to time you always have a "shot" ankle but if Kobe has one on each leg, correct me if I'm wrong, but you would never feel the same way even if you are 100% healthy. It's already tough playing with a hobbled ankle as it is imagine doing it on both.. I don't want him to play this game, I rather have him sit out and get an extended break-for the long run. I expect him to suit up though, he's just that tough.


"I like to see everybody involved in the game," Jackson said. "I've tried to preach as a basketball coach, even though we have a guy that dominates the ball in Kobe, basketball is not a one on one game — it's a team game."

Cue the chorus of fans declaring what Kobe should do.

Very funny.

As If, Phil never coached a guy by the name of Michael Jordan.


Without those so called "BALLHOGS"....


Yes. You said it right. NOTHING. NIL. NADA.


I watched The Fab Five last night. Very cool documentary.
The walk Webber did from the court to the locker room after he called his infamous timeout was chilling. Watching him do that gave me goosebumps.

@ mud - beautiful post brother...

@ mamba24 - Very early day today...checking in for game day Roll Call...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!


Police here; First and most important, let us keep our Japanese brothers and sisters in our thoughts and prayers!

Second, game day! Not just any gameday but a matchup between arguably the best centers in the league today. The PSP hope Drew opens up a can of whoop ass on Superman; we shall see.

PSP Vice President (In town for a meeting then back to Monaco on the Gulfstream)

Good morning all - GAME DAY!!!

I am present - back to a computer although for only a short time.
Hoping Kobe has enough sense to sit this one out. He can be a cheerleader and give pointers to whomever starts in his place.

We need this game, but Kobe can be actively involved which may be more important at this point in the season. Against a team like ORL, we need to have an inside game, so we might as well use our big 3 to make a statement tonight.

We are going to need our big 3 at times to step up in the post-season, might as well force them to do so tonight. It will send Kobe a message that they are all about TEAM. And for tonight, it will send the rest of the league a message that we are ready to dominate inside.


Cheers - PLG

I've never seen a great player and proven champion receive as much criticism as Kobe Bryant. And a good portion of this is among Laker "fans". I thought it would die down some after he led the team USA to the Gold. Nope. I thought it would subside after the first title without Shaq. Think again. Then I said for sure after the repeat. Wrong again. I don't get it.

NIRVANA and the key to 3PEAT!

"I like to see everybody involved in the game," Jackson said. "I've tried to preach as a basketball coach, even though we have a guy that dominates the ball in Kobe, basketball is not a one on one game — it's a team game."

@Magia32 - I haven't seen the Fab Five documentary yet, but I'm looking forward to checking it out. Even though they were at arch rivals of my school I always liked them individually and rooted for them to do well in the pros except when players the Lakers.

@JovBatz - Big game tonight. I see you're bringing the passion early (or late for you) :-)

I've never seen a great player and proven champion receive as much criticism as Kobe Bryant. And a good portion of this is among Laker "fans". I thought it would die down some after he led the team USA to the Gold. Nope. I thought it would subside after the first title without Shaq. Think again. Then I said for sure after the repeat. Wrong again. I don't get it.


I agree with you.
I think Wilt Chamberlain (although I can only base my thoughts on articles and books ) shared/shares the same perceptions from the media and fans.
Maybe Kobe is even more vilified.

In the case of Wilt they labeled him "Loser" since he lost the NCAA championship game, the Boston eliminations, etc.
But they forget to mention that he was the one that lead the only team to beat the Boston Celtics in 60's and the 33 win streak with the Lakers and Finals MVP with 36 years old.

And as you said well they also forget to mention Kobe's feats, always keeping the same talk of ballhog and selfish player.

I think the media/fans/NBA want to pass the legacy to another player but because the so called "New Superstars" haven't dominate the league as they expect they keep attacking Kobe, but this only gives him more strength.

@TIDAL WAVE, Good morning sir! Yes I have to say it...OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR! Carry On!!!

Good Morning LakerNation and Justanothermambafan...GAME DAY BABYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

@LEWSTRS, Thank you sir for such an early check in. That was very thoughtful of you my brother! Now get that Game Face on and go out and Represent!!!

@LEWSTRS, Thank you sir for such an early check in. That was very thoughtful of you my brother! Now get that Game Face on and go out and Represent!!!

Wins right now are very important so i think Mamba should start---on the bench. And be available to sub, depending on how he feels, depending on the score and the flow of the game.

Getting in down by 10 to heave up 27-footers? No. Getting in as a decoy? Sure. Getting in for a score near the basket, team up by 3 but having trouble scoring, needing a quick clutch shot? If he's not hurting and has the footwork going: Briefly. Keep him more off the court than on.

If he needs to repeat the above against Minnesota in 5 days, Good, rest at this point of the season will keep him fresher later, and the rest of the team should be able to carry them to a win over Love.

I didn't see why Kobe even came back into the game on Saturday. They were rolling pretty well without him and he rolled that ankle really bad to be taking a chance on playing on it again after that.



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