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Kobe Bryant appears in Turkish Airlines commercial

If Kobe Bryant's commercial with Turkish Airlines has taught us anything, it's that 1) Bryant should avoid cooking or else Lakers Coach Phil Jackson will jokingly claim that Bryant's work in the kitchen contributes to his numerous finger injuries; 2) Bryant apparently does read his press clippings; and 3) the ad won't sit well with Armenian Americans.

Many of them are upset that Bryant made a two-year deal with Turkey's state-run airline. For years, Armenian Americans have pushed the U.S. government to recognize the early 20th century killings of about 1.5 million Armenians in what was then the Ottoman Empire as genocide, a term the Turkish government has strenuously rejected. Kim Kardashian, the Los Angeles-born Armenian American reality-television star and sister of Lamar Odom's wife, Khloe, tweeted in December for her followers to urge Congress to seek a vote on House Resolution 252, which would recognize the Armenian deaths as genocide.

"Kobe is a champion of national basketball and should be a champion of human rights," Caspar Jivalagian, executive member of the Armenian Youth Federation's Western region, told The Times in December. "We want to give him the benefit of the doubt and give him a chance to right this wrong."

Despite the controversy, Bryant and Turkish Airlines plan to host a launch party Thursday at Paramount Studios, with a red carpet celebration beginning at 8 p.m.

The commercial itself, which is promoting the March start of nonstop flights between Istanbul and Los Angeles, is pretty lighthearted. Bryant is on a flight the day after missing a potential game-winning shot, a topic the airline's chef brings up when serving him his meal. That sparks the ultra-competitive Bryant to challenge him to play basketball, while the Black Mamba cooks. Both fall flat trying out each other's profession, with the chef lacking athleticism and poorly fighting through screens, and Bryant nearly burning himself and cutting a finger.

"I've never been to Turkey," Bryant said in December on CNBC, which reported that Turkish Airlines made a $515-million profit in 2009. “But all the guys on the team in the league who have been keep saying it's one of the hottest places to go to ... and it obviously makes sense with them starting flights from L.A."

-- Mark Medina

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RSP - Those are some pretty funny commandments

Thanks MM, only 16 more to go. lol

11. Thou shall rebuke all trade suggestions till a trade is actually made then embrace it.

Jeez, what's that smell!?!?!

Oh, another Lakers stinker. Profanity time again infront of the screen, but this was expected. Why would our sweet boys get up for a game against little brother Minnesota? This game was UGLY though, man, the team looked mentally disabled in the first half. Bynum looked his overpaid self again and Ron Ron was up to his shooting "clinic" again. Gasol's shot was off but at least he rebounded like a man.

One more thing, it seems like certain players just disappear when joining the Lakers and of course Ron Ron would be the obvious example but another disappointment is Blake. Boy he looked good at the start of the season but he's been in a horrible funk for months. He seems a bit hesitant to shoot and his confidence seems low. Too bad, for a while it looked like he would take over D Swish's role as the starting point guard. Guess not. Hope he comes alive in the playoffs.

Well, at least we won this crappy game. But will our boys sleepwalk through the Charlotte game too and only set the alarm for San Antonio? Probably...

DIANDRA - you are so funny. We have so much in common. I LOVE FISH! His is the only jersey I own as well. And I bought the men's because the yellow is horrible with MY red hair and coloring. So funny. My FISH sister!!

Cheers - PLG

Ahahahahah I love it! Guess all us laker girls are one in the same ;)

We got the Practice Season Police...

We got the Regular Season Police...

Will the Playoff Season Police please stand up...

YES...What is that smell? The smell of death around you...


just my favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd song

1. I enjoyed Kobe's commercial.

2. The "controversy" around the commercial is histrionics. The Armenian genocide was over 100 years by the Ottomans. What does that have to do with a modern Turkish airline?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Contrast that with Kobe's hoop late in OT vs Portland. Fisher comes up and calls a play. He gives the ball to LO at the pinch post. Kobe curls into the lane, takes the pass from LO, and gets an easy, one dribble 10 footer in the lane.

Posted by: Tom Daniels | March 02, 2011 at 12:20 PM

I remember that play and yes Fisher didn't give the ball to Kobe right away, but Kobe instantly seen something, Kobe was the one that called for that play. Kobe called that play, not Fisher and not Phil.
Seriously people, when have you ever seen a play called out by Fisher?
Remember people, Fisher isn't the traditional PG. Let's keep it real here, if our nontraditional PG doesn't make layups, doesn't hit open shots and doesn't play on the ball D, he dang sure doesn't call out plays, he's nontraditional.
There's only 2 people on the Lakers who call out plays, Phil and Kobe, period.

I always read here how Fisher is the only that stands up to Kobe, but the truth is I have never really seen that (on the court). If this was so true, we wouldn't go thru dozens of MM's is Kobe ruining the flow threads.

I may be wrong, but I doubt it.
The truth is no one stands up to Kobe.
So that's one of Fisher's intangible we can cross off the list. How many does he have left?


I think some bloggers confuse Fisher taking shots with Kobe calling for the ball, as standing up to Kobe.

I think Kobe respects that tude as long as you make some of those shots.

I think some bloggers confuse Fisher taking shots with Kobe calling for the ball, as standing up to Kobe.

I think Kobe respects that tude as long as you make some of those shots.

Posted by: Regular Season Police | March 02, 2011 at 01:51 PM

Not sure if this was in the same Portland game, I can quite remember.
But I remember at one point Fisher going down court and throwing up 3 point shot.............airrrrballllll. I remember the commentators saying Kobe was giving Fisher one of the meanest murder 1 looks they have ever seen.

Jon K - I enjoyed the commercial too, but to clarify why Armenian Americans are upset is this. Turkish Airlines is a state-run company. Their grievance is that Bryant's endorsing the Turkish's government's airline when they themselves have refused to acknowledge that there was a genocide.

I think that ref that told Kobe to make the shot the other night, should be telling Fisher instead.




You are precariously close to breaking commandment #3 of the "27 Commandments"

3. Thou shall not take the name of Phil Jackson, Luke Walton, or Derek Fisher in vain.

just a friendly warning

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Anyway, the PSP bet that commandment number 3 will be like the "do not covet ..." bible commandment;

PSP Vice President


Fisher leaves me no choice.


please review the first 11 of the "27 Commandments" in the first and third comment of this thread. I would hate for the wrath of the 27 come down on you.

Also, any suggestions for additional commandments are welcomed

RSP - Magia32 broke that commandment a LONG time

Repost Compost

It's gotta be embarrassing for Wolve fans...
it was even embarrassing for me.
The only feed of the game I could get over here
was called by Minnesota announcers...

Those dudes are more at home in the Saints strap
than the Laker homies,
who at least try to hide their man-crushes.
Pathetic game calling to say the least.

the World Champs sure showed mighty Minnesota how the game is played,
didn't they?
Until the 4th quarter, even though they were shooting only about 30%,
I thought the Timberlings had a legitimate shot at picking up
their 15th win of the season. You set that record straight!

I was looking ahead at your schedule...on the ESPN site,
and discovered that the easiest and quickest way to find your games
is just to skip every other (and sometimes every third and fourth) day...
insomuch as you have so few back-to-back games.

Gee...wonder how that happened?

Just kidding...Dumb question.

It makes me so proud...

NOT to be a Laker fan.

Go Kings!
Go SF Giants!
Go SF Niners!
Go CSUC Baseball!



I had all 27 commandments at one time but as I was coming down the mountain I broke 2 tablets.

This is why I am petitioning suggestions for the missing 16 commandments to complete the "27 Commandments

Therefore the RSP request of the PSP an extension for completion of the "27 Commandments" because only those commandments deemed worthy shall be carved on the new tablets.

"I always read here how Fisher is the only that stands up to Kobe, but the truth is I have never really seen that (on the court). If this was so true, we wouldn't go thru dozens of MM's is Kobe ruining the flow threads.

I may be wrong, but I doubt it.
The truth is no one stands up to Kobe.
So that's one of Fisher's intangible we can cross off the list. How many does he have left?

Posted by: Magia32 | March 02, 2011 at 01:45 PM "

LOL! Thank you! Fisher standing up to Kobe seems like one of those things that was said so many times that people just started believing it. Where is Fisher in those games where Kobe is blamed for shooting too much and taking the team out of the game? I've never seen a single time where Derek is standing there with his arms crossed looking at Kobe.

lakerholic wrote:

MJ was a ball hog in the beginning of his career. That is why he didn't get a ring until he was 26.

my response:

1st year 18.6 FGA
2nd year 26.2
3rd year 25
4th year - last, never over 23.5 most of them were ~ 22

perhaps you might want to re-visit history?

fyi, Kobe generally took less shots than MJ.

I try to avoid Fish discussions, but it is time to step up in his defense. Fish is getting old and is a step slow, but he gets up for big games and without him we would have probably lost in the finals last year. He took over at the end of game three and got our home court advantage back. Without his effort, Boston would probably have closed us out at home like in '08 - they won the next two games. He is a huge hero and doesn't deserve the derision he gets on this blog. He ripped Orlando’s heart out with clutch threes the year before. The whole team chemistry changed for the better when he came back because Kobe listens to him and respects him. He bench presses more than anyone else on the team. He is also our best three point shooter since Sasha was traded (shooting 42% from the three point line when he was traded) – unless you count Ebanks who doesn’t get to play much. He is second on the team in steals behind Ron and second in free throw percentage behind Brown. He is having an off year shooting percentage wise, but come playoffs this always improves. He is a leader. He is clutch. I hope he stays healthy and saves his best for last because his best will get us another championship.

hobbitmage - Oh, come on. Stats don't tell the story of him trusting his team mates or not. Did you watch those games? In the fourth quarter it was all MJ all the time. He would score 40 or 50 and they would lose. He was the biggest ball hog in the league - at a time when Magic was the ultimate facilitator and winning championships. He learned to trust his teammates later in his career – as has Kobe.

Like the airline cook in the commercial, Andy L whines the Lakers stunk in Minne. I would [not] like to see Andy L play on the road, on a court he's barely played on, or even on his driveway. He's why basketball professionals have little respect for "knowledge" by the fans who seem to be such talkative experts, pointing out the pathetic weaknesses of these giants.

Any of us should have noticed how the Lakers looked, discombobulated, in the first half. Even the shot of the court on the tv screen didn't look right. It was alien. Novices should get that no one plays well on the road. Even good teams with winning road records look bad on the road. There's a good reason for that. Figure it out for yourself. Your homework assignment to graduate you to the 4th grade of NBA appreciation.

As for Armenia vs Turkey, everyone should be able to acknowledge mass murder, except the perpetrators.

And what in hell is "CSUC baseball"?


you wrote: My point is if Kobe had more of a facilitator DNA on him (like Magic Jonson) as oppose to always attack mode then this Lakers team would win not only more games but with ease. For Kobe it would equate to self preservation and longer playing career and maybe more MVPs. Oh well....!!

my response: With respect, your argument is flawed.

Allow me to clarify. Your argument assumes that if Kobe passed the ball
his teammates would make shots. I have pointed this out many times, so
I will shorten this. How many times have we seen D-Fish go 1-6+, LO go
2-9, Artest 1-10 & the bench score less than a 16 yr old with acne?

How many times have you seen the Lakers *NOT* display sufficient
motivation/effort over the years?

How many times have you heard Bynum talk about Kobedar?
How many times have you heard Odom talk about coasting?
Pau Gasol wonder why they weren't playing well?

Also, Magic played w/ how many all stars? Worthy? Kareem?
Are you really about to put any of this group of Lakers in that
category? If so, based on what criteria? Let's look at this a slightly
different way.

When Magic, Kareem & Worthy retired, there was *NO* doubt that they
would make the HOF. NONE!

You can't say that about a single Laker today, outside of Kobe.
[ Ricky may jump in with Pau, but he's mistaken about the certainty. ]
[ LakerTom may jump in with Bynum, but please. No all-stars yet. ]

The truth of the matter is that his teammates don't prepare to nearly the
same level, don't have nearly the same desire, don't have nearly the same
courage and frankly don't seem to be inclined to fix any of these things.

Open Letter to Sonny (Closeted Laker Fan) Belfast, written as a poem:

Sonny, thy wrath lie in histrionics,
Thy Kings in colonics,
And good is as good does,
Even in sonnets.

Conjunction junction, what is thy function?
When Sonny writes,
The form lacks unction.
What else can I expect
From a troll with gumption?

Your fate was cast
During seconds last
When a noble man named Horry
Stole your glory

Your hopes were dashed,
Teeth broken, cheeks gnashed.
Nothing left to do but bash
The thief of your dreams.

So troll you will, thine words to spill,
You'll choke forever on your bitter pill.
If we ever shall meet,
I'll share my swill,
For even fools have thirst to slake.

Go Lake Show!

Screw the Commandments!

Post whatever you want then the wrath of the 'Real' fans
will fall on the Trolls or idiotic posters!

No commandments needed,


Not like this even matters to the haters. But I have seen Fish not pass to Kobe when he's calling for it in the low post.

Fish is not stupid, he will not stop Kobe if he's hot and "takes over the game". But if Kobe is forcing it, and if Fish is on the court, I have seen Fish tried to "run the offense". But here's the other part of the equation, that someone else have to be able to sink the shot. When they don't, Kobe gets pissed off and wants the ball even more.

I don't know why people complain about Fisher. He's here to stay. Lakers got Blake to take some minutes off of Fisher. Perhaps they'll find someone else later if Blake doesn't work out. But Fish is here until he retires, so why don't you use your energy to hate other teams instead people who actual like the Lakers.


you wrote: Oh, come on. Stats don't tell the story of him trusting his team mates or not. Did you watch those games? In the fourth quarter it was all MJ all the time. He would score 40 or 50 and they would lose. He was the biggest ball hog in the league - at a time when Magic was the ultimate facilitator and winning championships. He learned to trust his teammates later in his career – as has Kobe.

my response: We're saying this wrong. You have a belief that he was a ballhog
based upon how many times you *remember* that he shot the ball &
how many times you *remember* that they lost. You have not cross-
checked that memory with what the historical record says. i.e. Are you
remembering facts or your opinion of the facts?

I make this point because in 2005-2006 Kobe averaged ~ 27 shots per game.
He was called a ball hog. None of the people who call him a ball hog say
anything about coach Phil Jackson or coach Brian Shaw saying: "We
asked/told Kobe to shoot the ball. We have no chance of winning if he doesn't

Those same people also don't talk about the skill/talent/performance of
Kobe's teammates. Is Kwame Brown getting a lot of playing time?
Smush Parker? Chris Mihm?

But back to MJ. Here's the meat of the issue:

Is basketball about ultimately about playing as a team or is it about winning
a game?

It's actually *NOT* both. The simple fact of the game of basketball is that
you have ~ 48 mins of play to accumulate points. Which ever team has
the most points wins. Period.

MJ averaged ~ 48% for the first 3 years. Karl Malone, as a PF averaged 51%.

Tell me who MJ's teammates were.

Did any of them become all stars after leaving his side?

Jordan shot 50% for his career and averaged 30.1 ppg tied with Wilt. Kobe career fg% is 45.5% and 25.2 ppg. MJ was a top end Mercedes Benz. Kobe is the mercedes C series. Still a good car but ... Kobe jumps but MJ floated. I used to say Kobe was as good as or better than jordan until I looked at the stats and remebered all of the heartache Jordan gave to me as as I futily hoped that someone would beat him in the Finals. Jordan used to spend the first quarter setting up his teammates and then at the half he had about 25 points. Jordan never had a bad finals appearance while kobe had a few. There was no way jordan would have allowed tayshawn prince to hinder him like how he did kobe. Jordan would have terrorised prince to the point he would need therapy. I remember when Jordan played Boston in the playoffs as a young man. The whole Boston team was trying to guard him to no avail. Jordan is the GOAT, Kobe is second.

Snakes are not politically correct. I always wondered how Kobe got that nickname The Black Mamba. No one gave him that nickname because the name of this snake is not common. From watching National Geographic i know they have the black and green mambas both are the deadliest snakes in the world. But no one was watching Kobe play and said man he is deadly like a black mamba. Yeah I am going to call Kobe The Black Mamba. Kobe gave himself this nickname because he is a loner. It is forced like how George Costanza of Seinfeld tried to get the nickname of T-Bone for himself. LOL. Some of the better nicknames are Air Jordan, King James, A-Rod, Shaq (Diesel), D-Wade, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Island Priest and The Rock. The Black Mamba is simply the worst self imposed nickname in the history of mankind.

There was no way jordan would have allowed tayshawn prince to hinder him like how he did kobe. Jordan would have terrorised prince to the point he would need therapy. I remember when Jordan played Boston in the playoffs as a young man. The whole Boston team was trying to guard him to no avail. Jordan is the GOAT, Kobe is second.

Posted by: island priest | March 02, 2011 at 04:18 PM

It wasn't about Tayshaun hindering Kobe. It was the Wallaces that were waiting on him at the rim. Once Kobe beat Tay off the dribble Sheed and Ben were waiting on him at the hoop to alter or block the shot, or take the charge. That was the biggest problem...not Tayshaun.

Also, MJ never went against a team as difficult to score on as the 2004 Pistons. They only gave up 84 pts per game that year. And if memory serves me correctly they held opponents to under 70pts for for 5-6 games in a row. I remember watching JKidd and the Nets celebrate (while losing) when they broke the streak and scored over 70pts in the final minute against the Pistons that year. Plus, the 84 pts per game is deceiving because their avg was much lower once Sheed joined the team in mid-Feb.

I'm not excusing Kobe's poor showing in 2004...just making sure you know Jordan didn't face a team as stingy as the Pistons that year. For example, the Bad Boy Piston team that MJ finally beat in 1991 gave up 97pts per game. The stingiest team he faced in the finals was Utah at 94pts per game.

I forgot about The Hit Man Brett Hart, Prime Time Deion Saunders, Big Game James Worthy, Showstopper Shawn Michaels, The Truth Paul Pierce, The Playmaker Michael Irvin . But the best of all Time is Earvin Magic Johnson. Air Jordan is number two. Kobe should have had a contest for the public to chose a solid nickname for him. My choice would have been Kobe The Island Priest Bbbbbrrrrryantttt.

From the words of a Blog Legend...and for those who want to spin or mock his post...Be nice...the guys is next to Chick up in Laker Heaven...attack someone who can defend himself...please note the day of this post...

TrueFan1947 (3/2/2010 at 6:00 AM)

If it appears that Kobe Bryant has elevated his game significantly over the past 5 years or so...we must attribute a large measure of Kobe's growth and maturation to the influence of Ten Rings (Mr Phil Jackson). He made as much of a difference in the performance of Michael Jordan as any coach COULD have made. Michael and Kobe have their own personalities, their own ego issues, their own killer instincts, their own ideas of what constitutes teamwork and team spirit. I dare say, especially after witnessing Jordan's H O F Induction speech, that the guy is stuck in a not-so-good place. It's all about HIM and always has been. With Kobe, he's still a work in progress. His basketball chapters are still being written. The human chapters with both men, as with all of us, will only end when they pass on. As a man, Kobe didn't do anything that Jordan didn't do. Yet Kobe is villified and Jordan was deified. Part of it is explained by the fact that society has become so much more cynical in 2010 than it was in the 1990's.

LRob first of all Tayshawn shut Kobe down. Kobe went in the corners and with Prince long arms he stymied Kobe. When Miami faced Dectroit Stan Van gundy had DWade attacked Prince from the top of the key. Secondly I am 40 years old and I watched when Jordan had to faced the Bad Boys from Detroit. The 2004 Pistons were good but they were no Bad Boys. You see how the league calls flagrant 1 and 2 today for incidental contact. THe Bad Boys used to try and take Jordan's head off. There were no flagrant fouls and the refs hardly used to blow their whistles because the bad boys were good marketing for the nba at the time. Trust me Detroit had brutes in Bill Laimbeer, Rick mahorn and Rodman. Jordan prevailing against them was no easy task. Jordan took a physical beating. Jordan was stronger than kobe because kobe can hardly keep the ball now without turning it over. Jordan had to keep the ball against persons who would have been charged with assault on the street. Then after jordan vanquished the bad boys he later had to face the brutal knicks. They had guys like Oakley and mason. They were not the type of guys you would like to meet in a dark alley LRob. Know your basketball history. Kobe is great but the league is a soft boy league now. You remeber mchale with the lariat of Kurt Rambis. Or rambis with the lariat of anny ainge. They were common fouls annd with no ejectioons.

Michael Jordan- 15 seasons

Did not make playoffs- 2
First round exits- 3
Second round exits- 2
ECF exits- 2
Lost in NBA Finals- 0
NBA Champion- 6

Kobe Bryant- 14 seasons (and counting)

Did not make playoffs- 1
First round exits- 2
Second round exits- 4
WCF exits- 0
Lost in NBA Finals- 2
NBA Champion- 5

Michael Jordan reached the NBA Finals (and won all 6) 40% of his career.
He got beyond the first round 66.67% of the time in his career.

Kobe Bryant reached the NBA Finals (winning 5 of 7) 50% of his career.
He has gotten beyond the first round 78.57% of the time in his career.

Michael Jordan averaged 22.9 shots per game and 38.3 mpg in his career.

Kobe Bryant's career averages are 19.3 shots per game and 36.4 mpg.

Michael Jordan averaged 1.6 3 pt attempts, making .5 per game for a .327%.

Kobe Bryant has average 3.8 3 pt attempts, make 1.3 per game for a .339%.

These are merely some numbers for ....

It was the last year's playoffs when The Cavs faced Boston in the playoffs. Lebron was on a one man fast break when Perkins bumped James. The refs called a flagrant foul and I was dumbfounded. The contact was so incidental. Today you cannot handcheck and can only use your forearm to defend. This is all to facilitate increased scoring. I am sorry sto say but I believe in truth Jordan is The GOAT. He played in an era that allowed handchecking and fouls back then would have resulted in several game suspension in today's soft game. See Jordan used to be my White Knight when he faced Detroit because the Bad Boys did just swept my lakers. But then His Airness went and embarrassed the lakers himself. Remember when in the final game he went into the paint against an already demoralised team and went to dunk and then laid it up with his off hand? I hated Jordan like no other and I hoped in subsequent years that gary payton, or barkely, or clyde or stockton malone would have put an end to this menace. But it never happened. Jordan recently said that he would have averaged about 50 in today's game. Guess what he is right. The Man at one point averaged 38ppg against real physical basketball I am sure he would have really dominated in this now soft game.

MJ 5 regular season mvps. Kobe 1 mvp. MJ 6 finals mvps and Kobe 2 mvps. MJ 33.4 playoff scoring average. Kobe 25.5 ppg. mJ 172 games he has scored between 40 to 49 points. Kobe about 50. Mj 32K plus in 1172 games and kobe 27+ in 1180 games.

Jordan's 33.4 career playoff average is the highest of all time in the nba. Plus his 63 points he scored against boston was the highest single game mark in the playoffs.

Jordan's 63 point game in the playoffs? Loss.

Kobe's 81 points in a regular season game? Come from behind win.

Jordan - 6 NBA Finals in 15 seasons

Bryant- 7 NBA Finals in 14 seasons

Jordan- the #1 option on his teams for 15 seasons.

Bryant- the #1 option on his teams for about 9 seasons, including this season.

Those who even compare these 2 all time greats don't see much of a difference between the two because otherwise they wouldn't even waste their time. That's because both players are in ....

Armenians only have to balme to Armenias, if you live in a country and take up arms and join the nemy to fire your host nation and kill many innoicent Turkish women and children in their sleep while the strong man in front figting the war with enemy you will get hurt ,Armenians are lucky Ottamon Turks stop the killing or they would have kill all Armenians,
now l ask any one if you come home from a long war and find your family is murdered by their armenian neigboors, what would you do? what any country would do.?
remember the Japanese here in US we locked them up and they did nothing of that, it is antionla security issue and it was a war,
Armenians should stop stealing American tax payers billions with fraud and criminal activities nd lear how to live decent in US

The Black Mamba is simply the worst self imposed nickname in the history of mankind. Posted by: island priest | March 02, 2011 at 04:42 PM
Yeah Priest I guess you are right. I guess that's why there are at least 20 people with some derivation of The Name Mamba right here on the Lakers Blog because it is such a terrible name. Speaking of which how did you get your nickname sir???

Jordan's 33.4 career playoff average is the highest of all time in the nba. Plus his 63 points he scored against boston was the highest single game mark in the playoffs. Posted by: island priest | March 02, 2011 at 06:02 PM
I believe they lost that game 63 point because of the "Ball Hog".

armenians are the biggest cry babies ever, they try to be like the jews of world war 2, what a joke Armenia has become!

"Yet Kobe is villified and Jordan was deified. Part of it is explained by the fact that society has become so much more cynical in 2010 than it was in the 1990's.

Posted by: LEWSTRS | March 02, 2011 at 05:08 PM "

I remember a lot of people calling Jordan a ballhog. A lot of people didn't like him as a person or as a player. A lot of people criticized him regularly.

Any arena Kobe goes to, he's getting MVP chants. He's routinely referred to as the best player in the game by analysts, coaches, and opposing players.

I don't see a big difference in the treatment between the two.

Mark Medina,

1. I see your point.

2. I stand by my statement.

3. The Ottomans did commit genocide against the Armenians.

4. The Armenian community needs to get over it. They've been beating this dead horse for decades now.

5. I had two great uncles die in the Holomodor where as many as 10 million (though probably 4-5 million) Ukrainians died due to genocide at the hands of the Soviets.

6. That's four to ten times the number of Armenians killed by the Ottomans and 20 years more recently.

7. And it is another "disputed" genocide (Soviets/Russians haven't taken full responsibility).

8. I don't wake up each morning freaked out because the United States has open relationships with Russia. It's the past let it go.

9. All this "outrage" the Armenian community is expressing towards the Turks is histrionics. Let it go.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Armenians need to move on AND fight their own battles. They're many more new and current genocides going on that the US does nothing about. Sudan anyone?


The reaction of the Armenians to Kobe once again shows that the ‘so-called’ genocide and Turkish hatred is made the symbol of Armenian’s national identity deliberately, unlike it is in Turkey. Such that:

I present the following excepts just to tell you about the other side of the picture seen from the Turkish side, which are presented by our grandmothers and grandfathers but denied by the Armenians: Massacres inflicted upon Turks/Muslims by the Armenians during the WWI:

-In Van, Çarikser Village, a child was bayoneted and was cooked on fire as if he were a lamb by the Armenians.

-In Van, Ahtucu Village, the six-month old baby of a woman Zeliha, was thrown into the oven (tandir) by the Armenians while she was baking bread.

Then the woman was ordered to eat her baby! When she rejected, her right leg was forced into the oven and burned [Telegram of Van Gendarme Troop Commander Ali Vasif (May 11 1916)].

- In Trabzon, the massacred Muslim folk were filled into wells and the bodies of people whose arms and legs had been plucked were thrown into the gardens. The mosques were defacated and even the fruit trees were violated (Telegram of Captain Ahmet Refik, May 1, 1918).

In the Eastern Anatolia, it had become usual to see dead Muslims of all ages whose bodies had been destroyed, with heaps of cut up legs, arms, heads, noses around. The bodies of women displayed overt signs of violation by force. Russian Lieutenant Colonel Griyaznof reported that gun rockets were installed into the vaginas of women bodies.

-The Turks who had been slaughtered like animals were buried in large holes in the Eastern Anatolia (Lieutenant Colonel Twerdo-Khlebof. I wittnessed and I Lived Through Erzurum, 1917-1918.
(Ahmet Refik Altinay. Iki Komite ve Iki Kital. Istanbul, 1919;p.71-72).
Alive children were also filled in these holes (Ermeni Komitelerinin Amal ve harekat-i Ihtilaliyesi, p 321-23).
-The Turkish History Association is continuing to open up these amss graves to bring out the bodies, as verified in eye witness accounts.

-The Armenians blinded 15 000 Turkish soldiers and burned their skin by forcing them into so-called ‘disinfection pools’ with excessive crizole, in 1918, in the prisoner camp of Alexandropol, Egypt, in cooperation with the English soldiers (Altinay Ahmet, Bir Turk Subayinin Ingiliz Esir Kampinda Uc Yili, 2004)’

-They murdered 40% of the Muslim population in Van, Bitlis, Erzurum (Ozdemir Hikmet. Salgin Hastaliklardan Olumler 1914-18. 2005).

Were the tragedies the Turks/Ottoman Muslims suffered, less than those of the Armenians?

Strikingly, the Armenians were the very responsibles of all the above events, which are only a few of all.

It is apparent that each one of the above event is a subject of a novel, a cinema or a documentary film or an essay.

However, why are they not the Turks but the Armenians who prefer to mourn for the events of 90 years ago continually, through novels, films, memories etc and spend extreme effort to keep these memories alive, as if they have rehappened every new day’s morning?

And why do the Turks not foster hatred towards the nations or people who make business cooperations with the Armenians and Armenia but why is it the Armenians who get angry with and foster hatred towards the people who make business cooperations with the Turks and Turkey?

It is not surprising that the Armenians fiercefully reject suggestions of Turkey to discuss these events in Joint Commissions made up of Armenian, Turkish historians and historians from other countries. Because they fear even of having a look at these events from other perspectives and therefore losing the freedom of their imagination to consider them. They seem to have liked the label of ‘a victim’ and do not want to lose it; or do not want to realize that the Turks were also victims; victims of the Armenians!

Is it just a coincidence that while Armenian population is continually decreasing due to external migration of the workless countrymen, the diaspora Armenians are living in high standarts in Europe and USA and wealthy? And is it not interesting that instead of providing financial help for their countrymen, they spend huge amounts of money to keep Turkish hatred alive and aggravate enmity against Turkey and every kind of thing that has even any little relationship with a Turk?

Is it not amusing that it is this enemy Turkey and the Turks who provided work for more than 100 000 illegal workers of Armenia who entered Turkey up till now, unlike the wealthy diaspora Armenians who are in deep love with their country and countrymen?

Therefore, it is inevitable to remember Churchill’s saying: ‘If a dispute arises between ‘today’ and ‘yesterday’, we lose ‘tomorrow’. The Armenians and the Armenian diaspora, unfortunately are not aware that they are losing their ‘tomorrow’.

In a novel of a Turkish novelist Selim İleri, a character says: ‘I killed you, while I was trying to present you my endless love’. The Armenians and Armenia are slowly killing themselves, while they are trying to express their endless love towards themselves and their grandparents….Moreover, those who support the Armenians in their inability to move forward from 1915 are in close cooperation with them to lose their tomorrow and share the crime of this ordinary murder stemming from a confusion of love and hatred. Unfortunately being American politicians, like Mr Schiff in chief!

P.C. 1 Dr. Armen Gavakian from the Macquarie University in Sydney, who is also co-chair of the Turkish-Armenian Dialogue Group prepared a petition campaign which would read "I apologize to the Ottomans and Turks for murders committed in the name of the Armenian people and I empathize with the feelings and pain of the Ottomans and Turks’ However just a few days later we learned that ‘Oath of Asala' which is a branch of Armenian terrorist organization Asala declared that they would spare GAKAVYAN's life in case he abandoned this apology project and disclosed the names of the people who urged him to do so, according to the Armenian

newspaper "Azg",

PC 2: Just like the Armenians, we Turks and Muslims too expect our sorrows to be expressed.

When I addressed Armenian commenters of such blogs long ago, that I was ready to shed tears for the sorrows their ancestors had and asked them if they were ready too to acknowledge the sorrows that our ancestors had because of Armenians, nobody answered me.

so called armenan genoicde is so great wtih turkish airlinees koby byrant is awesome fliying in the skies best dunker ever



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