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Kendrick Perkins calls Pau Gasol 'soft' and Phil Jackson 'arrogant'

March 16, 2011 |  1:10 pm

Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins has maintained some ill will toward his former team, the Boston Celtics, and his feelings toward the Lakers haven't simmered either.

Saying he considers the Lakers "yesterday's news," Perkins didn't bite his tongue one bit in a recent interview with ESPN the Magazine.

"I don’t like Pau Gasol or Phil Jackson," Perkins said. "Phil is arrogant. Pau is soft. Kobe tries to bring out his toughness, but he’s still soft.”

The substance of his arguments aren't much considering Perkins' characterization uses long-held stereotypes attached to Gasol and Jackson, qualities that have arguably been prevalent but usually overblown. But it should be interesting how the Thunder's dynamic changes, particularly when matched up with the Lakers.

Oklahoma City gave the Lakers a competitive first-round series last year, but the Thunder has maintained a respectful and admiring attitude toward the defending champions, with Kevin Durant saying in the same interview, "They're the defending champs and they play like it."

I'm curious how much Perkins' disdain for the defending champs rubs off on his teammates. 

-- Mark Medina

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