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Jerry West hits hole in one in Lakers' charity golf tournament

As a way to temper his anxiety, frustration and competitive fire over basketball, Jerry West often hit the golf course.

With little pressure to succeed on the links and no attention accompanying the former Lakers star, West has often found golf to be a worthy outlet. His perfectionist nature and competitive spirit surely kicks in, so one can only imagine the stress West felt when he participated in the Lakers’ golf tournament Monday at Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades.

But, hey, they don't call him Mr. Clutch for nothing. West hit an 8-iron 138 yards on the 16th hole for what Lakers forward Pau Gasol believed was West’s fourth hole in one.

"He plays pretty often," said Gasol, who played for Memphis when West was the team's general manager. “He’s very competitive, as we all know."

The hole in one came with a prize. Lakers spokesman John Black said that the tournament, which raised more than $200,000 for the Lakers Youth Foundation, reserved prizes for golfers who finished with hole in ones. They included a car for 4th and 14th hole, a $12,000 watch for the 6th hole and two Lakers tickets for the 16th hole, meaning West originally won a prize he could easily score, being the team's former GM and all. West traded the tickets for the watch. Black said West then donated the $12,000 watch and signed the golf ball worth $8,000 to the Lakers Youth Foundation for its live auction.

Did West beat himself up that he did it on the wrong hole?

"Yes," Black said, laughing. "He didn't sleep all night."

Given West's comments last month as the Northern Trust Open's executive director, it wouldn't be surprising if that were true.

"We've always said this is one of the hardest games there is," West said. "It was devised by the devil, by the way. It takes incredible discipline to play this game."

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Jerry West. Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times

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Who is stalking Justa JAMF? We have two police here who just keep on giving citations in exchange for graft money, now it's time to work diligently and find who is stalking our beloved lady. Island Priest thinks you're a couch potato bi tummies police who are good for nothing except in corrupting posters? lol!

I don't think Justa would remain silent longer than we thought especially during Chat time. It could be something personal happened to our lady. Let's help her Mr. RSP or PSP or Intern or Vice President (lmao! u have too many titles like those soldiers of Napoleon). We want our RSP and PSP to be a hero this time.

LRob, here is my entry for our hero:


Don't forget 2006 was also the season of kobes 81 pt game.. I mean the man couldve walked on water that year and he still wouldn't have won an MVP. Hate doesn't even fully encapsulate what these arrogant idiot biased and I hate to say it rascist sportswriters feel towards kobe. MVP trophy is a joke! You wanna look at real recognition look at any awards voted by the players themselves.


Don't forget 2006 was also the season of kobes 81 pt game.. I mean the man couldve walked on water that year and he still wouldn't have won an MVP. Hate doesn't even fully encapsulate what these arrogant idiot biased and I hate to say it rascist sportswriters feel towards kobe. MVP trophy is a joke! You wanna look at real recognition look at any awards voted by the players themselves.

Posted by: yellofever | March 29, 2011 at 05:28 PM"

The voters are very habitual. With only 45 wins, I don't think there was anything Kobe could have done to get it that year. There is some unwritten rule about players on teams with under 50 wins being ineligible and in the long run I think that's probably for the better.

Sounds like something Jerry West would do.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Edwin Gueco,

Justanothermambafan asked us not to contact her, so... I'm respecting her wishes, but it seems something weird is going on, because I don't see how contacting her would contribute to her being stalked. It's confusing.

I am concerned.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@LakerTruth & GG "As Laker Truth said, makes no sense why rookies, especially good future players like Caracter and Ebanks get squat from PJ while Luke Walton continues to play."

Well, Wrong. The "sense" is that Luke Walton is an experienced player who knows how the Triangle works. Yes, he is hampered by his original physical limitations and amplified even more by his injuries. That is why he doesn't play much anymore these days. But when you get down to where your 11th or 12th man is asked to play a few important minutes in a big-time game you really do want someone able to work within your offensive scheme and Luke can do that. Rookies? Not so much. Bottom line, you need someone in there who will not completely screw up your flow. Yes, Walton will make a bad play now and then, but he generally does not compound it on the following sequence. Besides, there is no way the Lakers would send Walton down to the D-League. I don't even think the player rules would ALLOW such a transfer for a multi-seasoned veteran. The reason for sending rookies to D-League is to GET THEM SOME PLAYING TIME so they can work on their game(s). They won't get it sitting on the bench and playing 2 or 3 minutes every once in a while, and the won't get it carrying Kobe or Pau's or Lamar's bags to the bus, either.

Yes, there is no doubt the Lakers would like to be getting more for their $$ from Walton, and judging from how often he's listed as "DNP - coach's decision" these days it's obvious PJ doesn't think he's in good enough playing shape to contribute much.

Posted by: Tax Analyst | March 29, 2011 at 05:50 PM

Exemplary post. Besides, if Phil Jackson trusts Luke, that's good enough for me. You'd think that after winning 5 championships in the previous 10 seasons he coached the Lakers, people would simply trust Phil's judgment. Is he perfect? No. At times maddening? Yes. But all he does is win. Was Luke obligated to retire before the season started or during this season? No. So for those people want to waste time expending energy on Luke, maybe you should just stay pissed off at Mitch Kupchak or Jerry Buss for exercising poor judgment when they signed Luke to that 6 year deal. Then again, if you want to blame those two for anything, or Phil for that matter, why bother being a Lakers fan.

A hole in one, huh? By the Logo, Mr. Clutch himself, Laker icon Jerry West? Sounds like an omen and harbinger of a another Laker title to me!!

Cavs putting the beatdown on the Heat! Poor Princess Jimmy ...


Department is over budget right now; too many employees :-)

PSP Solutions Architect

i posted this:

wow, i didn't think is was possible for the trolls to say even stupider things, but then they did!!!

Posted by: mud | March 29, 2011 at 05:23 PM

and they've continued to spout stupidity.

Please tell me that the Heatles didn't just lose a game at the Q against the Cavs on a night when Mike Bibby goes for 20+ and LeZero and Wade have to go the distance...really???

Sometimes the basketball gods decide to take the swagger out of a team. Tonight I was a Cleveland Cavalier fan as I watched them put a beatdown on LeBrawn and the Heat. That one was super-sweet for the Cavs and their fans!! Hell, for the entire city of Cleveland!! They have supported their team by being 3rd in the NBA in attendance. For one night, Cleveland rules!!

Please tell me that the Heatles didn't just lose a game at the Q against the Cavs on a night when Mike Bibby goes for 20+ and LeZero and Wade have to go the distance...really???

Posted by: jefe101 | March 29, 2011 at 06:39 PM

The NBA: Where owners pay off referees on Fan Appreciation Night! I kid!

It's official folks. No 60 win season for the Heat.

jefe101-it happened homie. i don't care how much of a team player Lebron is, i'd still take the mamba and his "ballhogging" any day of the week....

Well guys, today a few amazing thinsg have happened:
1) The Heat were down by as much as 16 pts tonight. I am so excited to see that the cavs just owned the Heat. It was so nice watching the highlights on to see the fans just go crazy. The fans really, realy deserved that.
2) D.C gets sent to the D-league. Well, this will sure give him experience! Nothing wrong with keeping your skills up, and hopefully this will allow him experience to play in the play offs if needed.
3) 72-73 in the 3rd between GSW and OKC. Lets go warriors.

Alright so a few questions.

Will Joe smith, DC and Devin Ebanks win a ring if the Lakers win this year? Can they all be waived before the play offs? I remember Adam Morrison sat in a suit all play offs... did he still win a ring?

Would Theo Ratliff win a ring?

If theo Ratliff is ready for play offs what are the chances of him playing?

Also, JAMF posted in the renegade chat what was going on. I am not too sure if I am supposed to post about, so I wont. I guess I don't know why I am bringing this up if I am not going to post about. She did bring it up because she wanted people to know what was going on. If she just wanted to mostly tell Phred, and others there. (I pretty much scrolled back and read it as I logged on after she had posted about it)

Then yeah, I dunno.

Is that a recent photo of Jerry West at the top of this thread? He looks great! Mr. West will turn 73 this year. That polo shirt he's wearing has The Logo on it. How cool is that?!

dude...lebronze didnt even come out for player introductions. the man-child has no mental toughness whatsoever. Kobe would have been using that as fuel for the game. sure he got a triple dub, but did it contribute to a win? nope.

888-i can just hear JVG giving excuses as to why he meant the heat would be a 70 win team NEXT year, not this year.


Where's the renegade chat? I could only handle few posts in theLakers Blog and it's already tiresome, what more if you exposed yourself to various chat sites, face book, twitter account, linkld, rss. That could really make hubby very uncomfortable especially when bills file up within the household. I wish Rick F. was still around to solve this puzzle, you know the late Rick was a ladies man, he could understand the problems of women. I only understand Luke Walton. lol!


Renegade chat is where people from the blog go to chat to avoid the annoying trolls. I am surprised you don't have the link. Does anyone have your email to email you the link?

Cavs put the smack down on the Heatles or Heat-les.If it wasn't for Mike Bibby the game wouldn't have even been close as it was at one point in the fourth quarter.
Now i don't feel to bad about the lost that the Lakers suffered up there before the allstar break.And it was only fitting that the last game against Lebron and the Heat for the season.And they come out with the win,especially after the got embarrassed the last time the Heat came to town.
Another eastern cof team the Lakers will extend their lead over for home court advantage.
Go Lakers!

The league is cracking under the pressure, tonight the Cheat. Must win game for us this Thursday night! GO LAKERS!

So the Lakers 12 men active roster and likely to be the playoff roster: Since Caracter is sent to D-League and Ebanks is injured, Ratliff should be on the "12" men active roster now.

1. Kobe SG
2. Fisher PG
3. Artest SF
4. Gasol PF
5. Bynum C
6. Odom PF
7. Barnes SF
8. Blake PG
9. Shannon SG
10. Walton SF
11. J. Smith PF
12. Ratliff C


I used to join the chat during AK/BK regime, well I stopped when LAT required to submit face book too. To us over the hill bloggers, blogging is already equivalent to chatting. At least in blogging we have time to pause and compose ourselves, still makes mistakes. lol! OK, maybe Justa wants a little space and a little peace from within.

Someday, she will be back, just like telling ET come home now.


Adam Morrison got a ring for last year's title.

Should the Lakers win the title this year, I am sure all 14 current roster (active and inactive) players, including Ratliff and Smith, will get the rings....but I am wondering if Sasha will get it too??? Maybe it's Lakers organization decision.


Sorry don't understand? We don't have to submit for facebook? Maybe they've changed. Edwin, you have an amazing command of the English language, I've always been super impressed with your posts. I guess that makes sense if you get to revise them a few times ;) I think the younger generation is terrible at writing and submitting something without revision, similar to how chatting works.

She will be back once she sorts the stalker otu!

Edwin sent me an email and I will explain the whole justa situation...

[email protected]

@Edwin - The G Snap game chat doesn't require you to sign in through Facebook.
@Diandra - I'd encourage everyone to come back to the game chat. There really aren't a lot of trolls there anymore.
@bronxlakerfan - I don't know specifically when that photo was taken of Jerry West. But to me I don't think it's recent.

Surprised that the only prize for a hole in one on a 138 yard hole was lakers tickets. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to win those, but hole in one's are so hard to come by.. maybe they were floor seats



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