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Heat is making all nice just before game with Lakers

March 9, 2011 |  6:00 pm

It's amazing what a night to reflect and relax can accomplish. It appears all is right with the Heat again. Yes, they all love each other, just in time for Thursday's matchup with the Lakers. At least, that is what Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra would have you believe.

“Today, it wasn’t about talk,” Spoelstra said after practice on Wednesday. “It was about working and practicing.”

Fabforum All this comes on the heels of Tuesday's loss to Portland, with Chris Bosh whining, I mean, complaining about his undefined role on the team.

“Chris can always voice his opinion,” LeBron James said. “If Chris wants the ball then he can ask for it and he can get it. If Chris wants the ball and wants to be more aggressive and wants to be more inserted into the offense, all he has to do is ask for it. When’s he’s productive, we’re a better team.”

We shall see. Because the Lakers are playing as well as they have all season. And Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum and the rest of the Lakers certainly seem ready for the hype that will accompany their second and final regular-season matchup against the Heat.

 This is quickly turning into a trap game for the Lakers. If they win, then it will be dismissed as defeating a Heat team that is in turmoil. If they win, all they did was defeat a team that is in the midst of some severe personality problems. That shouldn't matter to the Lakers however, but don't be surprised when the Lakers haters and LeBron faithful trot out that line of thinking depending on what happens Thursday.

-- Houston Mitchell

Photo: It looks like Chris Bosh could use a security blanket. Credit: Associated Press.