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Do the Nuggets have the Lakers right where they want them?

Woody Paige of the Denver Post theorizes that the Nuggets will finish sixth in the Western Conference this season, leading them to a first-round playoff matchup with the Lakers. And as Paige wrote:

"I think they're stuck in sixth place and will play the Lakers in the first round, which, oddly enough, may be their best matchup. There is no way they can beat the Spurs or the Mavericks, and probably no way they can beat the Lakers, but they should win a couple."

So not only does Paige think the Lakers have little, if any, chance of passing Dallas to finish second in the conference, he also thinks they are the most vulnerable of the big three in the West.


-- Houston Mitchell

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I totally take it back. It wasn't OUTLAW, it was GUNNER. GUNNER was KL Beast's partner in slime. :-)

I have totally slandered your pristine reputation. My sincerest apologies.

@Lew - thanks, but I'm just one of many.

@Frmkt – nice Stevie/Elvis connection

@BronxLF – checking in with the “smooth” jazzmaster…cool. And of course the Heat ain't gonna do least not this year.

@mclyne – checking in better late than never….but Beck makes up for your tardiness…a little.

@Mark G - classic Stevie

@Mamba - Thanks for the double shot of go "Shake it Off" like Mariah said and report for duty later.

>>>...their best chance was a first round matchup against the Lakers.

The truth of the matter is that Denver's best chance is to start tanking games as fast as they can and try to get a lottery pick. They're not getting out of the first round this year.

wow, sock puppets everywhere...

the entire blog is being trolled.


Thanks for helping me clear my good name. Yes, I used to have heated battles with GUNNER (who still comes back from time to time, but only when the Lake Show is losing) and KL (who got banned by AK/BK, right?). I would say that I locked jaws with Mike T... but that guy is a mental midget whose Kwame fetish was matched in ludicrosity only by his inane and unfortunate poetry.

In sharp contrast, I'm the guy who has repeatedly professed that Kobe is BETTER than MJ, and is, in fact, the GOAT.

Go Lake Show!

It's disappointing that people are using these low, inane and immoral tactics to make someone look bad or create an unhealthy view from a imposter's perspective. I'm disappointed in the moderating and the lack of accountability by the staff to nip this stuff in the bud.

my bad, I guess my priorities were messed up a bit this mornin.' Coming back strong with these:

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