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Caught in the Web: Lakers preparing for matchup with Dallas Mavericks


--The Times' Broderick Turner previews the Lakers-Mavericks matchup.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding looks at Andrew Bynum's resurgence.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky reflects on Bynum's draft day.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin looks at the Lakers' chances of surpassing San Antonio in the standings.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford highlights Jerry West's hole in one at the Lakers charity golf tournament.'s Mike Trudell explains some of the bench's inconsistencies.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano argues Ron Artest should make the NBA all-defensive team.

--Silver Screen and Roll's C.A. Clark also looks at Artest's resurgence.

Artest also chooses the winners of a recent photo caption contest in the video below.


Tweet of the Day: "Watching TV w/Phil which means last 5 minutes of any NBA game gets priority over #DWTS elimination show. Life with a #Lakers coach. :-)" -- Jeanie Buss (Lakers executive vice president Jeanie Buss)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day: "It's interesting to notice that if the Lakers win the #1 seed in the West, they may have to play the #4 seed OKC in the 2nd round. I'd rather the Lakers play against Dallas than OKC in the 2nd round. And if SA gets #1 and OKC #4, then I believe OKC will win the series...So it could be easier for the Lakers to be in #2 seed, but to make sure they get the better records than any of the East teams to get HCA if the Lakers advance to the Finals..." -- LakerPeace

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, right, drives around Dallas guard Jason Kidd during a game on March 13. The Lakers are hoping to stay ahead of the Mavericks and secure second place in the Western Conference. Credit: Mike Stone/Reuters.

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S. Perkins is the cancer on this blog. He doesn't bring anything to the table. Don't talk to about this buffoon's intangibles as if they are worth something. He just needs to retire and go coach...his local geriatric YMCA team. Why can't you Lakerholics get that!!! Arrrgh, Anuerysm!!!!

Here's your obscure statistic of the day:

Previously, only three teams in NBA history have lost four straight games despite being at least 40 games over .500 at the start of the losing streak. Of those other 3, only one actually made it to the NBA finals.

The 1968-70 Knicks did it and won the championship.

The 1977-78 Trailblazers did it, and lost in the first round to Phoenix.

The 2009-10 Cavaliers did it, and lost in the second round to the Celtics.

A disturbing thought for San Antonio...

The other day, someone at one of the big media sites proclaimed that record following the all-star break meant next to nothing.

I couldn't have disagreed more.

Sure, small differences in W-L record since the break may not correlate too well with which team wins a series, but large variances from a season average absolutely would!

What do I mean "large variances from a season average"?
I mean winning like crazy or losing like crazy.

It's not an issue of momentum, although I believe there can be a psychological aspect of momentum. It's more an issue of what teams are playing well near playoff time and what teams aren't playing well.

In 1999, the Spurs caught fire towards the end of the season and went on tear and won their first NBA title. This season, they're going on a slide with weeks remaining until playoffs. While I still think San Antonio is strong, you can take it to the bank that they will NOT win the NBA title.
Conversely, the Lakers are ripping up the league since hitting rock bottom in Cleveland right before the All-Star break. This doesn't mean the Lakers can't lose, it just means they're playing excellent ball heading into the playoffs. You can take it the bank that the Lakers ARE the favorite to win it all.

Just so you don't think I'm getting ahead of myself, being a favorite to win doesn't mean you win. It just means you're the favorite.

Congratulations Laker Peace for the Peabody awards, oops I meant Friedman award.

It is logical to play safe by choosing teams but on this aspect I will go with KobeMVP888, let us prepare our own players not worried with any team. Let other teams worry about facing the Lakers. That is the mojo of every Laker team during the playoffs, a striking superiority as a feared team, we are the hunter not the one being hunted. Give me any team and we will mow them down in a 7-game series. Once u choose and avoid opponents, you're now planting the seed of doubt and running away from challenges. As a known Championship caliber, let us add two more practice seasons in the playoffs, the 1st and 2nd round. If Lakers could not pass the 1st or the 2nd round, then we are belittling the Laker winning tradition by backsliding to Sedale Treatt/Cebalos era; to Smush/Kwame stagnation. As Kareem used to say, why do they have to play 1st round against the lower seed teams, is the season performance not enough? It used to be best of 5, then Stearn saw more dollars into it they went for best of 7. Frankly speaking the most interesting to watch are the best four NBA teams who are still standing after a round robin series and go for best of 9 games. It is like the game of chess in deciding the real Champion Grandmaster. The winner of the US competition should face the best of the Euro League so that Ricky will have no more reservations on the term World Champ.

I don't want to "not lose" the Championship, I want to WIN the Ring. That means I don't care one frickin' bit WHO we go up against. If we stay healthy (knock on wood) and play Lakers ball... we WIN. Period. End of story. Sequel already shot, threequel locked and loaded, freakin' fourquel in line on the horizon.

Wanting to be #2 to play "lesser" teams. Are you outta your wombat-lovin' minds? Repeat after me: "WE DON'T CARE!"

@LakerPeace - congrats on the Friedman. I say make sure you're healthy and rested and let the chips fall where they may.

@LTLF - interesting obscure stat. I know Portland’s 78 team was 50-10 and playing better than the 77 championship team before Walton got hurt. Last year Cleveland rested Lebron and a few of the other starters at the end of the season. . I’m not sure of what the Knicks situation was but my guess is it was probably injury related or resting players also.

Tweet of the Day: "Watching TV w/Phil which means last 5 minutes of any NBA game gets priority over #DWTS elimination show. Life with a #Lakers coach. :-)" -- Jeanie Buss (Lakers executive vice president Jeanie Buss)

It's funny...I would have assumed that theirs was a two television household!

Congrats, Laker Peace....But I have to say I don't agree with your premise. I feel the Lakers should try to win every game for the rest of the season and let the brackets sort themselves out. The Show can beat any team in the Association in a series.

I agree w/ LakerPeace. I was thinking the same the other day. #2 seed might work better, let's see.


my response: While I understand your viewpoint, I disagree with this

The mind of a champion is: We want to play the very best. And we want to
beat the very best. In the worst way possible.

*I* wish to break the heart/spirit of EVERY SINGLE TEAM!

*I* wish EVERY SINGLE TEAM to feel like underdogs, like they have to
get lucky. And I wish it to be so for the next 3 years.

Strike hard! Strike clean! No Mercy!
To prove ourselves upon the corpse of EVERY SINGLE TEAM!

*THAT* is what it means to DOMINATE!

Those sad trolls [ Island Priest/Altar boy & Kobefan ] never did do well in
english. Oh, well.

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!!

Posted by: hobbitmage | March 30, 2011 at 08:49 AM


Great post! We agree on something 1,000,000% here. Besides, I think the the Lakers thoroughly enjoy the road in the playoffs. It's the ultimate challenge. Isn't that what this team is all about? Look how they responded to an otherwise "dismal" regular season after the All-Star break. They accepted the challenge. A barrage of road wins against top teams. The more difficult the challenge, the tougher their championship mettle! Bring on the best. Each and every one of them. Given everything that is HISTORICALLY at stake, there has NEVER been more pressure on an NBA team in the glorious history of this league to win a championship. Nothing even close. So let's do in in ultimate championship style so that this team will secure its place as one of the greatest in NBA history. I love this team!

I declare lakerwar on lakerpeace. J/K :-)

But I completely disagree.. Wrong mindset to have this time of year worrying about what other teams are doing... Lakers are redhot and should not let up but keep going full throttle all the way to the playoffs

Translation: you hate the triangle offense.

Translation: you hate Phil Jackson.

Translation: you hate Mitch Kupchak.

Translation: you hate Jerry Buss.

Translation: you hate the Lakers.

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | March 30, 2011 at 09:20 AM

Translation: you hate the triangle offense. Retranslation: No, just Fisher's game.

Translation: you hate Phil Jackson. Retranslation: No, just just Fisher's game.

Translation: you hate Mitch Kupchak. Retranslation: No, just Fisher's game!

Translation: you hate Jerry Buss. Retranslation: No, Just Fisher's game!! Don't you listen?

Translation: you hate the Lakers. I can't even retranslate this ridiculous comment.

I like KobeMVP888 and his blog game. Translate that:)

I live by the adage: To be the best, you have to BEAT the best. I don't want those Lowsy, whiney, obnoxious, Heat and Septics and the L-east coast media and their fans to have any excuses when the Lake Show thoroughly whoops some ass.


Ron likes "Thriller!!!"

The Sheriff should be proud.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


*Congrats to LakerPeace on the Friedman. I tend to disagree with his assessment though. I don't think that Lakers have anything to worry about as far as HCA anymore. I also don't think the Lakers have to worry about any opponent this year. The only thing the Lakers have to worry about is staying healthy. If the Celtics had kept Perkins, then I'd be worried about HCA in the finals. But now there's no team out there that really has a chance against a healthy, fully functioning Laker squad. OKC, maybe, but not really, they're not ready yet to handle an experienced grown man team like the Lakers.

*That was a pretty cool tweet by Jeannie Buss about Phil Jackson watching the last five minutes of every NBA game he can. I don't know why but I thought he focuses so much on his own team that he wouldn't have time to watch these other games. I can only imagine what types of things roll through his mind while watching these games.

*Kemba Walker is going to be the rookie of the year next year. He would look good in purple and gold.

Go Lakers!

Great Kevin Ding article on Bynum. A must read. It's referenced above by MM, but for convenience, here's the link anyway.

@ LongTimeLakerFan

@ Tim-4-Show

@ EdwinGueco

@ 63 Footer

@ bronxlakerfan

@ KobeMVP888

Kudos to you gents. Much appreciation for your opinions, insights, and posts over this season, and seasons past!

It fires me up to see that not only are the Lakers gearing up for an epic playoff run, the P & G BlogCrue is also upping their game as the regular season winds down and Winnin' Time approaches.

Something tells me that Lakers Nation is heading towards a historic and glorious postseason run this year -- culminating in Title #17 and the Mother of All Championship Parades this June!

P & G R

Laker Peace,

Congrats on the Friedman, but I don't agree with your assessment.

Dallas is MUCH more dangerous than Oklahoma City. While it's true that adding Perkins does shore up OKC's front court a bit, he's not really a great scorer. He's just a very good post defender.

So their top three scorers are still perimeter guys in Durant, Westbrook, and Harden.

In the playoffs, post scoring matters. Dallas has it. San Antonio has it. Oklahoma City doesn't have it.

OTOH, if you have any fear of San Antonio, then a 2 seed isn't all that bad, since San Antonio has had their problems with both Memphis (the current 8 seed) and Oklahoma City (the current 4 seed).

There's a reasonable chance that the Lakers could be the 2 seed in the West and still get HCA for the whole playoffs.

I'd like to see them get at least one game up on Chicago, but it won't be easy. Chicago and Dallas have the easiest schedules remaining and the Lakers have one of the hardest.

Cap's Goggles- Dude...I didn't think you'll ever give props, but thanks. I for one truly think the South Beach Crew going to surprise you in the PLAYOFFS, the Lake Show knows how tough they can be once they set their collective minds. Drew and Pau don't want to be around the RIM, it can get REAL UGLY. Hey...let just see how it plays out, Still DIGGIN the Lake Show.

Farmar update.. Uh oh.. Looks like he's had plenty of chances with early season injuries to devin and now newly acquired deron but so far let's just say auditions haven't gone so well.. Won't take long for nets to realize he's a career backup PG and nothing more??!!

From rotoword:

Jordan Farmar scored 12 points on 4-of-10 shooting (including four threes) with four rebounds, seven assists, two turnovers, and one steal in the Nets' 112-87 blowout loss to the Rockets on Monday.

Looks like a harmless line, right? Wrong. He was benched to start the second half for Ben Uzoh, and received at least three glares from Avery Johnson for poor decision-making and defense. We know that his status is in doubt for Wednesday's game due to the chance Deron Williams returns, but overall, tonight's game introduces a sliver of doubt that Avery is going to start messing with him.

@P & G R....thanks for the kind words and right back at ya! Interacting with some of the regulars here really satisfies my Laker addiction. I, too, am looking forward to a great run to # 17!!

To be the BEST we got to beat the BEST. Like I said last season. I want a battle tested Lakers squad in the finals.

MM, Ron picked my caption. Does that mean I get JAMF's All Star game seat?LOL.

........ and we're back.........

Hopefully, I won't have to hide out again. But all's well in justaland - at least for now. We'll see how long it lasts, right?

So.... how about them Lakers?? Gotta love how they're rolling right now. This team is special. # 17 is coming up strong - you agree?? LOL!!!

I also had a few random thoughts from the last week or so...

1. Thanks to everyone who was concerned. I'm coolio.
2. Cats rule, dogs drool. 'Nuf said.
3. Too much "hate" directed at Fish. The man is a 5 time champion doing everything and anything that needs to be done for this team. If he wasn't - he wouldn't be here. Or he wouldn't be on the court playing. If that's not good enough for you, well.... I feel sorry that you can't enjoy what he brings to the game.
4. The Spurs tanking is a beautiful thing. I hope it lasts. I'm not scared of 'em - it's just cuz I don't like 'em. They took something of ours and I will never, ever forgive. Ever.
5. Dallas Schmallas - no one's afraid of you. No one. Dirt No-win-ski is a GREAT choker. It's what he does. It's who he is.
6. Cavs whooping up on the Heat-less was FAB!!
7. Those Baby Bulls are good. Real good. But we can out-match and out-play them. Assuming they make it that far.
8. The Ceptic discombobulation is a joy to this Laker fan. It makes me smile and giggle to myself. That Perk trade was the best gift Ainge could have given us LOL!! He must have become a closet Laker fan when we weren't looking... OR someone's got compromising photos.
9. Most of the media (MM and a few others excluded) are complete morons. They all just want attention. Their Laker hate has blinded them to a truly remarkable team, and an unbelievably talented player. It's sad, really...
10. MVP? It's a TRAVESTY that the Bean only has one. Stupid popularity contest..... See # 9 above.
11. I don't care who we play in the PO's. I don't care what seed we end up with. It doesn't matter. IT DOESN'T MATTER. This team will take anyone in a 7 game series - anywhere. I pity the fool who doesn't believe that LOL!!
12. I missed you guys (well - most of you). It's good to be back.


While it's very true that SA has had issues with the youth and enthusiasm of Memphis and OKC in the regular season, I don't want to underestimate the Spurs. In their last game vs. Portland, they played without 4 starters and still gave the Blazers a real good game. They have a deep bench and are capable of several styles of play. Also, their defense is better than advertised.

Add Coach Pop's experience and savvy to the mix and you have a really dangerous team. I know it has become a popular point of view that the Lakers can easily beat the Spurs with or without HCA, but it's prudent to remember that The Show would have to actually beat the Spurs. They will be well prepared, play hard and they won't beat themselves.

MM, thanks for MikeTrudell's piece on the bench. Very interesting to hear Cleamons' view that they are playing too fast and not setting things up.

That explains why Luke was playing in the last game. A) He's naturally slow. B) He understands how to run the offense better than any other Laker.

So Luke was probably in for a purpose. And, lo and behold, the second unit finally starts to go inside and take of Bynum's huge advantage and they prosper on the offense end for a chance.

Ultimately they have to do it with the B's, but that is why Luke is around.



Cats scratch (and fever), dogs bark, wombats rule!

Phil has only one coach of the year, Kobe has only one MVP of the reg season. Kind of a perfect match, actually. Says a lot about everyone voting. Those two only care about the Rings... which everyone else is just envious of.

@ justanothermambafan

May I be (among) the first to welcome you back to the Lakers Blog?

It would be a massive understatement to say that you were missed!

P & G R

JUSTA!!!! Welcome back!! You were missed!!!
Glad to hear that everything is Kool and the Gang!

Welcome back JAMF!! You were missed.

There goes my seat. darn.

Justa! SOOOOO good to see you back online, as it were. I hope all is well - we've missed you...I missed you!
Nice job with your random thoughts - we have blog synchronicity there!
Playoff "positioning" is a tricky business - I say win out and let the chips fall as they may. The key is that the Lakers be playing well and maintaining their relatively good healthy in a strong close to the regular season and with some great momentum heading into the postseason. There will be no tip-toeing around the competition.
To be the best you have to beat the best - I expect nothing less from this Lakers team.

I agree with everyone who thinks the Lakers should try to get #1 seed. The Lakers players must focus to win each game and stay healthy. Those are the most important factors as the playoffs approach. I was only saying that the way the seeding has been shaping up as of now (as a fact,) I found it interesting that the Lakers might have to face OKC if they get #1 seed, and as a result, they could face tougher roads to the Finals. I just think playing against Dallas is "easier" than OKC.

justa's overrated in here.

I kid! Welcome back Your Highness!! You are hereby ACKNOWLEDGED!!




(By the way, cats are evil and incapable of love.)

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


By Kevin Ding for the OC Register
I have often said that it was close to a miraculous change in attitude that Phil Jackson was able to get Andrew Bynum to forget about worrying about his knees or lack of touches and focus his play on defense and rebounding. Pure Zen magic. Here is the definitive explanation of how Phil did it:
Leave it to Tex Winter, who while on the Lakers' staff was one of Andrew Bynum's harshest critics, to have the explanation for why Bynum has turned his career and this entire Lakers season around.
Winter espoused a theory that has always stuck with Phil Jackson's longtime mental-health consultant, George Mumford, during their years together building up all those Bulls' and Lakers' brains to win all those NBA championships.
According to "The Readiness Principle," as Mumford calls Winter's idea: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
The patient wisdom in that statement did not keep the passionate Winter from ranting and raving about what young Bynum wouldn't learn early in his Lakers career, but ask either Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, and they'll tell you how much they appreciated Winter's ranting and raving in a world of gushing and groveling around them.
For all of Bynum's massive potential, not even Jim Buss would dare to compare Bynum to Jordan and Bryant. When it comes down to it, though, there is only going to be one fully accredited graduate from the Phil Jackson School of Zen Thought moving forward for a full NBA career to come, bridging this era of dynastic basketball with whatever might be next.
The 23-year-old Bynum has throughout his six seasons been the baby of this family.
That also makes him the one and only rising son.
So it's downright fascinating – and impressive for them both – that Bynum has reached this point here before Jackson retires. It has not happened as much through medical miracle with Bynum's much-scrutinized physical health as because Bynum has made a mental breakthrough ... and that happens to be the sort of personal power Jackson harnesses infinitely better than your average coach.
In this case, it wasn't actually Jackson's coaching voice that triggered Bynum's leap from being talented to playing like a man.
Asked when things began to take off for Bynum, Jackson didn't cite the apparent answer of the All-Star break, at which time Jackson and Bynum had a meaningful talk about what changes Bynum planned to refocus his game on defense and rebounding. Jackson's answer as to the root of Bynum's revolution was one word: "Boston."
It was in Boston on Feb. 10 that Jackson sat the entire Lakers team like schoolchildren in the courtside seats of TD Garden before shoot-around – turning the floor over to Mumford to motivate. Bynum went head-to-head with Mumford, and a seed was planted in Bynum's head.
The Lakers beat the Celtics that night with Bynum playing well, though it wasn't until more than a week later that the beanstalk really began to grow ... after Bynum disappointed himself and the team in three consecutive Lakers losses.
The dire part of the motivation equation is what Mumford calls "A.O.F." – the last two acronym words being "on" and "fire," the first word citing the body part that must get in gear for any of us to be productive.
Bynum has always had an analytical mind and a curious nature, but his A. was O. F., and the advisory words from Mumford he'd found interesting and sensible suddenly crystallized into pure fuel for his 290-pound body to run like never before.
"The mind and body are not separate; they are connected," Mumford said. "Sometimes working on the body directly is not going to get it. And sometimes working on the mind directly is not going to get it. But if you can get the two to talk to each other, you're probably into some good stuff."
The specific advice from Mumford that got Bynum's mind to tell his body to break through the limiting beliefs and easy excuses was not groundbreaking or even new to anyone who has followed Jackson's career even from afar.
"To me, what it comes down to is being in the moment," Mumford said. "You've heard a lot of people say it. You've heard Kobe say it. You've heard M.J. say it. That's what it's about. It's about being here now and focusing on what you're doing – and not worrying about how you're doing."
Bynum said it was Mumford's way of connecting with him – it's not hard to see some similarities in their easygoing, easy-smiling demeanors – that made the message ultimately resonate. Even though Mumford doesn't stay with the Lakers for three entire months, as he did during their 2000-02 championship run, he said he and Jackson remain "kindred spirits" and Mumford annually meets the Lakers in Boston, where he is headquartered. Bynum said he has had "a bunch of good conversations" with Mumford over the years.
"It's just the way he goes about his explanation, because a lot of people can offer advice or try to put you down or do whatever," Bynum said. "But his particular style just fits with me.
"His big thing is he creates a space for you to be you. That's all he really does. He kind of takes away what everybody else is doing and just focuses on how to get you prepared mentally for a game, for a task, for anything it is that you want to do."
What Bynum wanted to do was surrender the predisposition that great players score lots of points and then help the Lakers dominate in the way Jackson has long preached to him: defense and rebounding.
Just like that, Bynum has done it.
Since the All-Star break, Bynum has averaged 12.4 rebounds and 2.5 blocks. He has added 11.8 points per game on 62.6 percent field-goal shooting. The Lakers are 15-1.
Even after the last game, in which Bynum was limited to five rebounds in 22 minutes because of fouls he definitely did not agree with, Bynum happily detailed how he's playing a whole different ballgame.
"It's how to focus, how always to reset," Bynum said. "If I got bad calls before, maybe I would've blown up or gotten a technical or done something crazy. I mean, I was mad; I was hot. But I just walked off the court, sat down and waited for an opportunity for the game to present something for me to do."
Sure enough, Bynum scored seven points in seven minutes right after he was called for his fifth foul and New Orleans had cut the Lakers' lead to six points early in the fourth quarter Sunday night. He stayed patient with his post moves in stark contrast to the way he has rushed through them and shot too quickly when feeling pressure in the past.
"All things will work out," Bynum said. "Just don't react so much. Just bring yourself back to focus, and you'll be all right."
Those who dismiss Jackson's mind games as mumbo jumbo can feel free to believe it's all about the cartilage in Bynum's right knee being more firmly reattached, his conditioning having improved or maybe even his nutritionist's lean protein and brown rice.
But only Bynum knows how much easier it is for him to sense which way a ball is going to bounce if he's really looking at it. He describes the high-speed, loud-arena NBA action now as "quiet" until the whistle blows to stop play.
"It's really quiet," he said.
He is simply locked in mentally, which also means no longer fretting over every twinge he feels.
Even early this season, Bynum's extreme caution in coming back to relieve some of Pau Gasol's and Lamar Odom's overburdens left many in the Lakers' inner circle losing faith that Bynum's grit last postseason was any sort of coming of age.
Now? Jackson could not put it any more broadly that this statement: "He's thrown out any concern he has on health issues."
The one bad thing that has happened to Bynum – his flagrant foul on an airborne Michael Beasley after just before on offense feeling frustration of missing a dunk and not getting a foul call, resulting in a two-game NBA suspension – was a reminder about staying in the moment, too.
"He carried a play from one end of the court to the other," Jackson said. "Basketball is really a game where you have to let things go."
And there you see Jackson's handle on the switch Bynum flipped.
Jackson is the most successful coach in NBA history, the guy whom Bryant credited even back when they didn't get along so well for teaching him that long-term goals were best achieved by letting go of them.
"It's him and Vince Lombardi," Bryant said in a quiet moment earlier this season: "As far as coaches, him and Vince Lombardi. That's it."
And what a beautiful thing it is to see a coach touch a player's career and life so meaningfully, even if in Bynum's case it was Mumford as the medium. Jackson is still making magic.
This is certainly not, however, just a credit to the teacher.
Winter, who stopped consulting for the Lakers in 2009, used to wonder if Bynum, the youngest player ever drafted into the NBA, was really motivated from within. We now have the answer.
Instead of resting on the laurels of titles and money, Bynum got his A.O.F. – and not because he was being called irresponsible for delaying surgery 41 days after last season, not because he was idly dreaming of being an All-Star, not because he was hearing the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors, not because he had let the team down and Lakers' streak of championships had already ended.
It says a lot about Bynum that he acted at this time and on his own.
"I just do what I do, man: I talk," Mumford said. "And people who can hear what I'm saying will hear it. People who don't, won't. It's really that simple."

BIG UPS TO JAMF. where are those all star tix?


Laker Peace - great job on the Friedman...

justa - Great to see you back master...I have to do a haiku for your return:

The Queen has returned
I acknowledge you

Is it game day yet...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!! The Friedman Season...


I respectfully disagree with ur thoughts on the thunder and O'neal... I assume ur referring to shraq not jermaine... Any rate we've had this exchange before so won't rehash but healthy o'neal?? Already an oxymoron.. And after over 8 weeks of no action on the court wouldn't count on him at age 38 to make any sort of impact... But I heard he fired his personal chef after he took a paycut of 24MIL so you never know!!

Justa... so glad you are back! Way coolio! We were worried about you. Sort of like when MM goes more than 4 hours between new posts... :-)

Fellow Lakerholics,

Concerning our play-off match-ups and home-court advantage. It is immaterial, insignificant, meaningless and any other synonym you can think of for "irrelevant" given our health and level of play right now. No team is going to beat us in a 7 game series. Period.

>>>the Lakers might have to face OKC if they get #1 seed, and as a result, they
>>>could face tougher roads to the Finals. I just think playing against Dallas is
>>>"easier" than OKC.

In the regular season, maybe. But NOT in the playoffs.

Dallas has post scoring. OKC has no post scoring. BIG issue in the playoffs.



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