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Caught in the Web: Lakers prepare for Orlando Magic


--The Times' Broderick Turner provides a medical update on Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, who's a game-time decision Monday against the Orlando Magic.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding details Andrew Bynum's increased maturity and commitment to defense.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky previews the Lakers' upcoming week.

--The Orlando Sentinel's Zach McCann explains why Dwight Howard isn't on good terms with Marcin Gortat.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Stephen A. Smith wonders if the Lakers' bench is equipped for the playoffs.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford also focuses on the left ankle injury Bryant suffered Saturday against Dallas.

--Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen argues the Lakers look like a championship team.

--Silver Screen and Roll's Dexter Fishmore previews the Lakers-Magic game.

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz wonders if Bynum will match up well with Howard.

Tweet of the Day: "Lamar is sound asleep next to me... Man!!!! Why can't I sleep! Thank God for Family Guy! LOL" -- Khloe Kardashian, reality T.V. star and wife of Lakers forward Lamar Odom

Reader Comment of the Day: "Wins right now are very important so i think Mamba should start -- on the bench. And be available to sub, depending on how he feels, depending on the score and the flow of the game. Getting in down by 10 to heave up 27-footers? No. Getting in as a decoy? Sure. Getting in for a score near the basket, team up by 3 but having trouble scoring, needing a quick clutch shot? If he's not hurting and has the footwork going: Briefly. Keep him more off the court than on. If he needs to repeat the above against Minnesota in 5 days, good, rest at this point of the season will keep him fresher later, and the rest of the team should be able to carry them to a win over Love." -- Native Angeleno

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Magic center Dwight Howard drives to the basket against Lakers center Andrew Bynum in a matchup in Orlando last month. Credit: Phelan M. Ebenhack / Associated Press

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NorCal keeps harping on this:

"I like to see everybody involved in the game," Jackson said. "I've tried to preach as a basketball coach, even though we have a guy that dominates the ball in Kobe, basketball is not a one on one game — it's a team game."

my response: re: everybody involved in the game.

you mean like Bynum talking about "Kobe-dar" ?

you mean like Pau Gasol playing defense?

you mean like D-Fish going 1-6?

you mean like Artest going 2-7?

So as you keep beating that Dead Horse [ Kobe is a ball hog. ] ...

Why don't you try switching it up and tossing in: "A team game requires
everyone to play defense." or "A team game requires that players move w/o
the ball"

I thought I'd add a little spice to the otherwise bland dish of "Kobe is a ballhog
& I'm ignoring the 5 championships, 2 NBA finals MVP & 7 game winners
w/ a broken finger" you constantly serve.



it seems to me that EVERY game left is a statement game at this point in time. no one but kobe knows what his ankle is feeling like, but being the black mamba, he has to be humble and acknowledge that he is the black mamba with a damaged ankle and respecting what is in his TEAM's best interest and make the needed adjustments if any

Native Angeleno - congrats on RCOTD. But if Kobe can play there's no way in the world he's coming off bench.

I will be watching Drew and Dwight tonight. Dwight was talking about how he will have to dominate... Good luck with that... NOT. I think Drew will be serving notice on the league who is the more dominant player. It is going to be awesome!

Posted by: Lakerholic | March 14, 2011 at 11:27 AM
Lakerholic - where did you see/hear Dwight talking about dominating the Lakers? Please provide the link.

@NMLL... Thanks for the props on Drew. He needs to really bring it tonight from the opening tip and Phil needs to keep him in the game whenever Dwight is on the floor much like he keeps Artest on the floor when the other team’s top scorer is out there. Looking for Drew to at least play Dwight to a standstill. If we do, Lakers will win whether or not Kobe plays. Of course, we all know he will because he is Kobe. Wow, even Hollinger jumping aboard the Lakers bandwagon. Too funny.
@JEFE101... Glad you like the articles, Jefe. And I agree that tonight is the litmus test for Andrew and the result will not be pink or blue but purple and gold. I’ve really been stoked at how the Lakers have adjusted their defensive strategies to take advantage of Andrew. I think it shows how much Phil and his assistants want him to go out a winner. I predict Drew comes through with flying colors and the Lakers take down the Magic in a rout to start the home stand. Go, Lakers.
@TIDAL WAVE... Thanks and glad you liked the stuff on Drew. It’s been so great to see Drew finally starting to live up to his potential and everybody jumping aboard the Bynum Bandwagon.
@MM.... Welcome back, Mark. Just wanted to remind you of how many posts we had when the threads were kept down. The main thought that went through my mind is how good it would be to have all the multiple threads but only one discussion thread per day. That is a change we should consider. It was great having long discussions and we miss that when there so many threads.

Since Kobe most likely is playing tonight, do we add him to the Wheelchair crew.................JK.

one think i also watched when timmy plays is to watch his feet (footwork), tonight this is my main focus when i'm watching the bigs

This updated version of the Orlando Magic is not built to beat the Lakers (a la the Mavs). It is built to beat the Celtics. Do the math.

Somehow, I don't believe for a minute that Gilbert Arenas will drop 60+ on the guys again.

Also, let Slight Coward get his.... just stop J-Rich. Dude's got range. Wince (ouchy!) Carter is gone, so we're good there. Keep Hedo moving away from the arc. Bump Redick around some and he'll cave. Brandon Bass may be a little too strong for Pau, but we'll see. Nelson will be nuetralized by my voodoo doll I have at home.

TITLE HEAVEN IN 2011, baby!



1) Kobe will play his ego can't take it that the Lakers might actually do good without him it happened last year and before the lakers actually run the triangle without him

2) Bynum will get dominated Howard is just a much better player he's not Tyson chandler who is 224 pounds those who would not take Howard over bynum are terribly delusional

3) one decent game by blake or fisher and blind fans forget about 50 bad ones

4) changing a defensive scheme on P&R will be figured out by opponents (Miami already has) the only reason they are doing it now is because of laziness. the print wasted on this so called defense is like that rambis defense of a couple years ago that worked for 20 games and was exposed

5) PJ playing blake and bynum at the end of games??? what did phil have an ephiphany??? did he take a smart pill?? did hell freeze over???

6) if the lakers dont win a championship this year you can blame buddies artest and odom for putting their own little sub careers ahead of the teams.

Something tells me that not only will Kobe play and start, but that he and Bynum will have the inside/outside game percolating tonight!

Hey Reality Check, how about a little reality? Things no other team can say?

Like 3 straight trips to the Finals. Like 2 consecutive titles. Like 9-1 after the All Star break, beating a lot of playoff teams, even on the road.

Hey, everybody always talks about the Lakers' weaknesses, but here's the Reality. They are long. They are talented. They are experienced. They have the best coach in the game. Oh yeah, they have some guy named Kobe too.

They will be near impossible for any team to beat four times.



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